Tefal kindly sent me one to review a while ago and I wanted to add another recipe. ActiFry, one spoon to reinvent your cooking! The Family Size book, as distributed in Canada and France, had 60 recipes in it / 52 in the UK. We now cook all chips, wedges and roast potatoes in one tablespoon of Extra Virgin Oil, (less than Tefal suggest for us and even healthier) It makes chips less fattening than most plates of mashed potatoes. The Actifry Classic recipe book, as distributed in Canada, had 33 to 35 recipes in it, depending on edition (see above for download) The Actifry Gourmet recipe book, as distributed in Canada, had 32 recipes in it. The 1.5kg food capacity ActiFry Express XL 1.5kg is supplied with a spoon measuring 20 ml. Application available in English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish and Dutch. Your tefal product. Viewing Recipes: Main Courses (144) Please choose a recipe from below or a sub category from the right menu if applicable: by: Elaine Thomas Actifry Chicken Chow Mein by: actifry Actifry Prawns with Celery Seriously low-fat and so VERY healthy. The Tefal Actifry has been so good both to us and for us. The majority of recipes will use 1 spoonful of oil, however this may change according to the recipe. Filter Recipes. Tefal Recipes and Meal ideas. For the standard capacity 1kg ActiFry, there is a spoon provided with a volume of 14ml. delicious Slimming World Recipes for your Tefal Actifry or Airfryer - all with syn values, Weight Watchers Smart Points and Calories. *1,7 kg of fresh 10x10mm fries, cooked to -52% weight loss, with 20 ml of oil 1,2 kg of fresh fries 10x10 mm, cooked to -55% weight loss, with 14 ml of oil The ActiFry application, your personal assistant to easily make hundreds of delicious recipes with your Tefal ActiFry. “The Actifry Cookbook was written in 2011 by M Scott, and has been providing quality recipes ever since” The Actifry is a table-top, low-fat fryer.

tefal actifry recipes

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