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I have a Marttiini Carbon Puukko and need some suggestions on working the blade. A puukko (Finnish pronunciation: ) is a small traditional Finnish general purpose belt knife with a single curved cutting edge, solid hidden tang and, usually, a flat spine. Bru, lets see a pic of the knife, it sort of helps people to remember the answer to your questions, kind of bribe them with knife porn, just a friendly tip, seems to work. It's well worth developing the technique of "first time putting the blade into shape" stuff, though. They provide great handmade products at very reasonable prices. ↳   Suggestions, Questions, Comments, Concerns, Alerts, Etc... ↳   Member Store Tips, Tricks & Instructions, Apply a lubricant such as mineral oil to the stone to prevent the stone’s pores from clogging up with grit. The knife whittled with authority. Blade Abbreviations Used by W.R. Case & Sons on Their Pocketknives, W.R. Case Knife Factory Pattern Number Reference Guide, W.R. Case & Sons Pocket Knife Age Identification, Remington Pocket Knife Pattern Number Reference Guide, European And Other Foreign Manufactured Knives. The rod allows you to let the edge guide you, while keeping the rest of the knife away from the sharpening device. Only sharpen the grind side of the blade. Hope you like and of course criticism is welcome too. The Puukko shape is more for me a “Coutelas de Rahan” shape actually (French people will understand but here is the link: Rahan in Wikipedia. It is a time- tested knife, ha! Choosing your knife › The Blade of the Knife Knife handle Knife sheath Instructions and tips › Sharpen regularly Marttiini Guarantee Blade marking Story of Marttiini. by Tony_Wood » Sat Oct 31, 2020 8:50 pm, Post Visit The AAPK Image Gallery To See All Of Our Member's Pictures >, Colin Paterson Reworks An Elephant Toenail (re-handle / scrimshaw / filework), Mike Hoover puts stone slabs on a knife! Everyone has a way they think is best, and men have all sorts of techniques and tools that they feel are essential in getting a sharp blade. by richard bissell » Mon Nov 02, 2020 2:36 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. 4 5/8 handle. To sharpen a knife, you need a basic but comprehensive set of water stones. Although it’s quite uncommon to see a single bevel pocket knife, this sharpening style is popular among Asian chef knives. When you use and sharpen a knife for a while the edge gets closer to the back of the blade and gets thicker. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. But I did remove a secondary bevel from both of them, so perhaps they really needed a secondary bevel. Also flexible fillet puukkos can be made of this steel. One of a cook's best skills is sharpening knives. My favorite was the MP Puukko, it handled tough work well but still wasn’t an optimal carver. I will give it a try on some old puukkos before trying an 'important' one. Handle is like you can see birch bark. A place to share, learn, & show off sharpening tips, tricks, techniques, & tools for sharpening edges of all kinds. Apr 7, 2019 - Handmade Puukko Knives. Lauri Within that scope they provide a great variety of folders and fixed blades, ranging in size and functionality. Marttiini knives generally have blades of suitable hardness for easy sharpening - so it might go faster than I've described. I have always used a lansky sharpener for all my other knives but due to the single angle this knife needs a stone. Bushcraft Knives will only Be shipped to the USA or Canada due to issues with Customs. Maximize Profits in Factory Manufactured Knife Collecting, Interview With Knife World Magazine Editor, Mark Zalesky, Traditional Pocketknives Come Full Circle. If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this program, contact us anytime! A knife sharpening rod works great due to the fact that every blade has a different degree of bevel or angle. The primary grind on both sides starts about 1/4 the way down from the spine and meet to make a razor sharp edge. This is the size I am looking for but I am in a toss up between the regular carbon steel or the SPT steel on the Wolverine. The "Puukko" is an excellent tool that will endure for many decades. Follow through to the tip of the blade… by Tony_Wood » Sat Oct 31, 2020 5:53 pm, Post NO Sheath. The higher grit sharpening stone would then work to finish off the edge of the pocket knife blade and make the edge smooth. You should always work from low grit to high grit to get a smooth edge. They are comfortable, practical, lightweight and durable. I believe having primary grinds meet at 'zero' is why a Puukko can edge hold better than knives with an edge grind. I am new to stones and need some pointers. What Are Puukko Knives Used For? Press the bottom of the knife’s blade (the thickest part) against the honing steel and, working at a 15-20 degree angle, pull the knife down and towards you. G10 Liners. The AAPK image gallery contains 7389 pictures for your viewing pleasure. Some are made for carving specifically and some are made for skinning and survival. A $5 Mora carbon steel knife will come sharp but the edge will go in no time with any serious whittling of hard wood. Marttiini 90 years Custom Design made by Lt Wright. Need an affordable and effective way to buy and sell knives online? Repeat the process on the other side of the blade. (Marty Stanfield Photography) Rich history aside, puukkos are first and foremost solid work knives. Thanks Tony. All you need to sharpen a pocket knife is a sharpening stone and some lubricant. making this little tough knife very appealing to bring it everywhere. (Art In Stone), Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife, All About Pocket Knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching, and discussing all things knives, Post Something different design in blade but otherwise very basic Puukko. I’m going to show you the way I learned how to sharpen a pocket knife. Some sort of spring steel. 4 1/4 blade. A cutout on the side of the base holds a single stone at 12.5° for sharpening straight-edge scissors (using the stone's flat side) and pinking shears (using the corner of the triangle). On the underside the base, two stones can be placed side-by-side (flat side up) to make a large benchstone surface for honing large sharps. Micarta scales. Clean Your Knife. In the end, much of it comes down to personal preference. JavaScript is disabled. I am new to Scandi knives and I am just learning how to sharpen and use them for bushcraft duties.,,, Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Only sharpen your knife to a 60 degrees inclusive bevel in situations that require the most extreme edge holding. Single Bevel AKA Chisel Grind Single bevel knives (also known as chisel edge) are only sharpened on one side. Marttiini Partner Program Use & Care. The Spyderco Ironwood Puukko is designed by an expert Finnish knife maker. Traditional Nordic knives are sharpened in a fashion that makes wood carving effortless - the blades don't wedge themselves in the wood, but rather carve feathers off the wood in a controlled fashion. Most people when re-sharpening a Puukko do so by making an edge grind, same technic they use for regular fixed … 3/32 AEB L Steel. Glide the knife down and off the stone at the bevel angle approximately 12 times to sharpen it. You make it sound almost easy. Official Sheath… Before we start, I want to make clear that there are dozens of different ways to sharpen a knife. The first 2 knives seemed too brittle and required a lot of sharpening to maintain the edge. The Spyderco Puukko carries in a fitted-leather belt sheath that pivots, moving with the body whether standing or sitting. AAPK has created a fantastic high value service for our members in good standing that includes: Visit our getting started page now for more details! Carefully remove the dirt, oil, and grime from your blade. Must be 18 to order. Puukko sheaths are considered an equal component to the knife, designed to protect the blade and its’ owner. For more advanced users a TORMEK grinder at home may be an option (they also have plenty of informative and educational videos available on YouTube). Hold the sharpener at the angle that matches the original edge angle. Get the best deals on Puukko when you shop the largest online selection at Set the tapered diamond sharpener in a serration so that you fill the indentation. Knife Sharpening Steel: This knife sharpening steel helps to slightly shape the deflected cutting … It’s very basic, good for beginners, and best of all, it works. Puukko Knife. See more ideas about Knife, Knife making, Bushcraft knives. Scandi Grind. Blade is 60SiCr7. Nordic knife, or puukko, traditions, live strong. by kootenay joe » Sat Oct 31, 2020 6:59 pm, Post A Puukko has no edge grind. In the Japanese grit numbering system, coarse stones are 220 to 600 grit, medium stones are 800 to … The design goes back around 1,000 years or more and has stayed a popular design. If you have an … The appearance of the Kellam Arctic Puukko’s blade is striking thanks to a two-tone finish of satin bevels and flats left with the carbon scale. Not only will it make for … These knives are razor sharp, have long edge retention, and are easy to re-sharpen. Nordic style knives have a distinct sharpness that is often imitated, but never matched. The Puukko is a Finnish knife design, it's made to be a well rounded knife with the exception of multiple blade styles and lengths. A forum community dedicated to survivalists and enthusiasts. I believe having primary grinds meet at 'zero' is why a Puukko can edge hold better than knives with an edge grind. Kellam is a Finnish based company whose mission is to turn top notch materials into beautiful, functional tools. Typically, a puukko's blade is ground with the so-called Scandi Grind (flat grind) where the primary grind is also the edge bevel without any secondary edges. I have always used a lansky sharpener for all my other knives but due to the single angle this knife needs a stone. Lithic tools resembling the puukko were already being made by the Sami in the Stone age, being used for the same purposes today. I have a Marttiini Carbon Puukko and need some suggestions on working the blade. Maintain your knife blades with our pro tips, including what sharpeners to use and how to store knives. So I guess I have it narrowed down to the Kellam Wolverine or Kellam Puukko then the Ahti Vaara or Ahti Metsa. Hold the knife with the edge away from you and the serrated side of the edge facing up. Its getting late, I will post a link for the time being and add a picture tomarrow. Pekka’s Puukko infuses equal parts artistic expression and tool while Spyderco’s kicks in a high-tech influence. Kellam Knives Co. was established to import these distinct puukko knives to the USA and the worldwide market. Sharpening and Accessories Business Gifts Army Course Novelties Custom Shop; Instashop; Marttiini Club. The rumours say that you can design the blade so thin that somebody careful enough can make it … Compared to the steels forged in the traditional way, the Roselli’s puukkos are so hard that you need diamond to sharpen them. Hidden Woodsmen Logo- NEW Laser Etched. Hi everyone! A Puukko has no edge grind. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. A lower grit sharpening stone will work to more aggressively correct any edge problems on the knife that you are sharpening. Exclusively for The Hidden Woodsmen. Using a Coffee Mug for Quick Results Place an old coffee mug upside down so that the bottom of … The primary grind on both sides starts about 1/4 the way down from the spine and meet to make a razor sharp edge. For an extra last touch, finish with stroping the knife on the back side of a leather belt. A diamond rod is for a knife … For the Sami, the puukko is the one, and only choice for the EDC knife. First Puukko in this year.

how to sharpen a puukko knife

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