The RGX 821 pickups were directly mounted to the guitar's body. The bridge was a TRS-Pro locking tremolo. The series has become one of the company’s best-selling entry-level electric guitars. The neck is straight with low action and a wide fretboard. Great deals on Yamaha Vintage Acoustic Guitars. Additionally, in … Supposedly most of them were sold in Japan, and only a few were exported to the US. It had a version of Floyd Rose tremolo's bridge. Pickups were a diagonally mounted single coil at the neck and a humbucker at the bridge. The yellow cells are what I consider to be the true vintage models, 1966-1981, models that had the truss rod adjustment in the headstock. Initially the headstock logo was the 3 tuning forks inside of a circle, but at the beginning of November 1973“YAMAHA” was added, assumed for brand recognition. Amazing versatility available from its H-S-S (humbucker/ single coil / single coil) pick-up configuration. I made this site to share my passion for vintage Yamaha guitars. The RGX 420 S was introduced in 2003. However, the electric guitars sales were dropped in 1968-71. This feature was intended to help fast and accurate fingering. It’s become a modern surf classic. Your email address will not be published. The body was alder with figured Veneer. As for the roller controls, the mysterious 3rd thumbwheel nearest to the bridge pickup is a balance control for the two bridge pickups. If you want to purchase a great guitar that comes with all of the bells and whistles, an acoustic guitar starter kit from Yamaha is available. Most of these instruments were generally known as RGZ, including the RGZ820R, a custom plaid graphic model with two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose licensed locking tremolo, played by rock guitarist Blues Saraceno. There were three SG eras - the first era SGs, lasting from 1966 to 1971, saw guitars with double cut-away bodies with similar features to the Fender Jazzmaster. The company's founder, Torakusu Yamaha, first built a reed organ in 1887, and three years later in 1900, the company began production of upright pianos. switch. - All three pickups are identical. Artist Voices. RGX Series guitars often have 24 or more frets and a bolt-on neck. All hardware was black chrome finished. Their many years of experience translates into each guitar that they make. A humbucker the bridge for fat lead tones, a single-coil in the middle position for traditional Stratocaster tones and a humbucker in the neck, for treble tones. And this isn't actually a neck plate because it doesn't hold the neck on. 3-way pickup selector switch w/ coil tap and three way tone(?) Its bridge was a non-licensed "Fender Synchronized tremolo"'s clone. [4], The SG7 was the first Yamaha electric guitar unleashed in 1966. Introducing guitar products that offer a guide to the history of Yamaha guitars. Because of all these great design features, many artists have used and still prefer to strap on a Yamaha guitar on tour and in the recording studio. The first guitar in the Pacifica series designed by Yamaha Guitar Development at our North Hollywood R&D center, which opened in 1989. Buy yours today and receive free shipping and the lowest price, guaranteed. This site is not affiliated to the Yamaha Corporation. In 1966, they started to make the electric bass as well. The black and silver areas that you see are actually the tops of the pickup bobbins themselves. The Yamaha Model History Section offers photos and specifications of Yamaha models from 2007 through the current model year. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan. - the round Yamaha logo on the headstock is not a decal, it's a die cast metal piece with chrome tuning forks (the Yamaha logo) raised above a black background. //-->. However, while the likes of Gibson and Fender lead the way, Yamaha does enjoy a portion of the market and is still a respected name when it comes to guitar production. This model has been developed based on the specs from that year, recreating a modern version by applying Yamaha’s latest technological expertise. This allowed players to customize the action and feel of their guitar based on playing style and string gauge preference. Manufactured by the same time of the RGX 120 D model, it's essentially the same guitar, but with a different pickup's layout design: H-S-H style. In 1887, Torakusu Yamaha made his first reed organ and began taking orders to make more. Features H-H Pickup's layout design: a humbucker in the bridge for fat lead tones, and another one in the neck, for traditional treble tones. The fretboard is quite thin. Fingerboard: Rosewood. See details on this product in the museum google_ad_width = 468; - Yamaha was obviously proud of this guitar, and put their name and logo all over it. Yamaha Acoustic Guitar Starter Pack. They featured a bolt-on 22 fret maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard and abalone dot inlays, a pointed headstock with 4-in line tuners (4+1 tuner layout on the RBX5 and RBX755A 5-strings), except for the RBX800 and RBX1000 which feature 24 frets and a deep-joint bolt on neck (just the RBX1000 had the deep-joint). Middle - single coil Since 1966, the Yamaha FG has been synonymous with great playability, tone and build quality. The Yamaha guitar has been around for over 60 years and the company itself for over 100 years. The signature bass of the singular Billy Sheehan, the Attitude was one of the first production instruments developed by YGD. Every guitar must have a balanced tone and response and the bass and treble must complement each other. However, in some cases, the serial number informa- tion is no longer available and/or, for the lowest priced models, is not listed. Later 1960s models in Yamaha's SG series have far cruder appointments. The RGX 821 was made between 1994 and 1996. technology. I found that the pickups are not held in place with springs at the height adjustment screws like normal pickups, but instead had a large foam rubber block under the body of each pickup. Yamaha have existed since 1887 and have been making guitars since 1940. The Yamaha AES620 SH was the former signature guitar of former Van Halen and current Chickenfoot vocalist Sammy Hagar.The guitar was designed by Hagar together with Yamaha's custom shop in Hollywood California and based on the AES620 with modifications designed by Hagar. Text that is bold black are models with no US distribution (not imported). Another important part of construction of the Yamaha guitars is the types of lacquer that they use. Bridge - Humbucker The outcome of blending these quality woods, are the highs last longer and the guitar player is able to control the note texture at all times. This functions whether the slide switch is in the up or down position. Origins of the Yamaha Brand. Welcome. Pickups were two humbuckers (neck and bridge positions) and one single coil (middle position). See Museum. The RGX 821D and 621D model variants had custom scalloped fretboards from the 20th to the 24th frets. All hardware was gold plated. The history of Yamaha begins many years prior to the initial production of their innovative, affordable, high quality guitars. Yamaha began using the "SG" (solid guitar) prefix for their solid bodied guitars when they introduced their first solid-body model in 1966 and continued using the SG prefix up until 1981. Artist Voices. The RGX 621D's pickups were directly mounted to the guitar's body. Controls were a single volume knob, three-way pickup switch, coil splitter, two mini switches for the pickups. Shortly thereafter, he successfully completed the first reed organ to be built in Japan. In the mid-sixties, Yamaha started manufacturing of bass guitars, electric guitars, and steel-string models and were the most preferred guitars in the United States. Chrome Hardware Body with a Fender-style plastic pickguard. The controls were a five position pickup selector and master volume and master tone controls. It had 24 frets. Bolt-On Neck Construction: The RGX312II (1988–1993) is a double cutaway rock style guitar available in Red, Black, White, or Silver Pearl finish. 2 Tone Controls The RGX 821D had a Yamaha height-adjustable locking nut. It came in red, black, white or yellow colors. There are two sheet metal springs on the ends of the bridge pinching the saddles together so they don't move side-to-side.

yamaha guitar models history

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