I started to look on YouTube for Skyrim's opening cutscene in German, I decided to use it to learn since I, and I'm sure all of you, know every word by heart. I generally don't like to do that, but I really love Meeko, so I don't mind flexing my PC powers to make him not die. Type: help "meeko" follower #4 Just do not finish his quest, or he leaves. please help. Or, dismiss him and (right away) tell him to follow you again, then go home with him. There's also a version called "Mini-Meeko" which makes him a cute little puppy. • Methyl ethyl ketoxime (MEKO) is an essential chemical used as an anti-skinning agent in paints and lacquers, as a blocking-agent for isocyanate in polyurethanes, and in the manufacture of oxime silanes (that are used as crosslinkers for silicone sealants). BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. You can bring him back by doing the following in the commands screen. Anyways if you do that, the game will recognize him as an essential character (just like quest peoples) so it won't die :3 (I wanted to use this, but my problem was I already had another stray dog with me I didn't want to dump :( Meeko at least has a shack. The dog has been left to its own devices, since his Nord owner died. I started learning on Duolingo but let's be honest here, that's not enough. So, I want to learn German. is there something else i have to do in CK to make him essential. Tldr at the end. Try showing up at home with him a few times. • MEKO is a High Production Volume (HPV) chemical produced at over 1,000,000 pounds please help - posted in Skyrim Mod Troubleshooting: I tried to make Meeko essential using creation kit, so i clicked on the essential box, and later on when i tried it in game i was able to kill him, than i checked unique and essential boxes and still nothing. Can't make Meeko essential. Meeko is a dog and possible follower that can be found in Meeko's Shack, south of Solitude (south of the sawmill and across the water).. You might encounter Meeko on the road outside of Meeko's Shack, and he will lead you to the shack. Essential characters are NPCs that, at some point during in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, cannot be killed in any way whatsoever.If their health is depleted, they fall to one knee, shortly recovering completely. I think adopting Meeko (or any dog follower) is a random 'event'. Try showing up at home with him a few times. On all my playthroughs except my first I avoid Meeko's Shack like the plague because I get too attached to that dog and then feel like a complete ass when I tell him it's time to go home. There definitely is, but most companions aren't essential anyway, just hard to kill. - Buy a war dog or find meeko. follower #3-Pick up the Deadric quest In Falkreath..Barbas is a talking dog (essential character to his quest, can't die.) You can make him essential so he won't die. For other uses, see Essential Characters..

is meeko essential

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