I have yet to watch a Kim Ji-Woon film that left me disappointed and "I Saw the Devil" certainly doesn't disappoint - just as long as you can stomach all that gore & violence. If looked in this way, the movie was more comparable to "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" - the quintessential revenge flick for myself. I Saw the Devil is another great rep for the hard hitting Korean film that does not shy away from the evil nature of man. I Saw the Devilis a 2010 Korean Revengemovie directed by Kim Ji-Woon (A Tale of Two Sisters, The Good, the Bad, the Weird). Kim In-seo (Korean: 김인서; born 11 January 1984) is a South Korean actress, best known for her portrayal of Se-jung in the 2010 action thriller film I Saw the Devil. I've NEVER seen anything like this. Sementara itu, penayangan film I Saw the Devil dimulai pada 12 Agustus 2010. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; All rights reserved. It stars Lee Byung-Hun as Kim Soo-Hyun, a government agent who swears to violently avenge the murder of his fiancée. 1 Side by Side Shotgun; Side by Side Shotgun. Aug 25 2011 10:10 pm The Darkness Devil (闇やみの悪あく魔ま, Yami no akuma?) But nooooo, I was shocked at first because there are a lottttt of uncensored scenes. This movie provides examples of the following: one has its Achilles Tendon cut, another steps on a fishing hook. That is a real revenge. (perhaps minor spoiler here) - The flaw in logic is ... Why didn't he call his sister-in-law? raw download clone embed print report. The Future Devil's lower half resembles a tree growing from the floor with branches and a trunk extending up to a humanoid body with outstretched arms and a horned head. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); He was portrayed by Choi Min-shik. Usually family members who stay in the same household wouldn't mention it in such manner. Lee Byung-hun provided a powerful and heartbreaking performance while Choi Min sik would make even anthony hopkins envious, this is probably the most intense film i've ever seen, highly recommended for those seeking a raw and emotional thriller and certainly not those for the faint of heart, Richard Lim Jr Nov 29 2010 1:07 am I will kill you when you are in the most pain. https://allthetropes.fandom.com/wiki/I_Saw_the_Devil?oldid=5086. Said crime was commited by Kyung-Chul Jang (Choi Min-Sik), a psychopath to whom kidnapping, raping and murdering young women come as easy as breathing. W4GRB.user_rating=new Array(); Soo-Hyun gives this to one of the cannibals by ripping open his mouth with his bare hands. //]]>, //. Suggestion for the faint of heart who still want to try it: watch it during the daylight hours, not at night.... Bernard Oct 18 2011 12:49 am googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (409 votes) And of course not holding breath for the day a "banality of evil" like Spoorloos ever comes out of Korea...it's all in good fun, eh? I Saw The Devil 2010 (South Korea), also known as Akmareul Boattda is South Korea drama premiere on Aug 12, 2010 The film received positive critical reviews. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Ki Aug 12 2010 3:52 am The film stars Lee Byung-hun (G.I. the brown one specifically. Engaging Performance by Lee Byung Hun and Choi Min Sik. [CDATA[ Choi Min-Sik's performance in particular will likely be etched in people's mind.

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