Not a member? March/April 2019. The presenter is focused on defining forensic engineering and is not presenting any information on investigation and applications of forensic analysis in civil engineering. When you become a member of ASCE, you can take 10 recorded webinars, each worth 1 PDH. Upon completion all attendees will receive a record in a form of a certificate of completion. Sites Offering Paid PDH Webinars or Paid Membership. ... “ The Civil Engineering IIT, Nashik is giving best coaching in ms cad, excel for civil engineers, advance cad etc & such other fields. The courses are available online and available 24/7. Technical Engineering Webinars At NTH Consultants, Ltd., our passion is to exchange thoughts and ideas that contribute toward improving our nation’s infrastructure and environment. Find out what each program is like directly from SLC faculty and students. Join/reinstate online or call Customer Service at 800-548-2723 or +1 (703)-295-6300, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., ET to take advantage of this exclusive member benefit. This 1 hour (50 min) webinar satisfies online live instruction required for Licensed Professional Engineers. Already registered for your free courses? 50, Radar Rainfall Estimation for Modeling and Design, Reach-Scale Design for River Rehabilitation with Large Wood, Stream Restoration Bioengineered Retaining Walls for Riverbank Stabilization, Sustainable Infrastructure Using Envision to Plan, Design and Rate Infrastructure Projects, The Importance of Floodplain Design in Stream Restoration, River Stablization and Flood Damage Mitigation Projects, Transforming Urban Water Management - a New Strategy Explored, Upcoming Revisions ASTME 1527 Standard Practice for Environmental sites Assessment, Water Balance Modeling for Alternative Covers, ASCE Canon 8 - Ethics Guiding the Profession to an Inclusive Future, An Introduction to Value Engineering (VE) for Value Based Design Decision-Making, An Overview of Geosynthetics and Their Major Applications, Design and Rehabilitation of Foundations on Expansive Soils, Energy Piles - Background and Geotechnical Engineering Concepts, Engineering Practice for Wetting-Induced Collapse of Soils, Geosynthetic Applications Accompanying Shale Gas Drilling Operations, Geosynthetic Basal Reinforcement Over Deep Foundations Including Geosynthetic Encased Stone-Sand Columns, Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Dynamic Shear Strength, Stability Analysis, and Case Histories, Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Hydraulic and Chemical Compatibility Performance of GCLs in Landfill Cover Systems, Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications - Static Shear Strength of GCLs and GCL Interfaces, Geosynthetic Clay Liners in Waste Containment Applications: Hydraulic and Chemical Compatibility, Guidelines for Inspecting Earth Dams and Associated Outlet Works and Spillways, Installation, Design and Performance of Prefabricated Drains, aka PVDs, Interceptor Condition Assessment and Sustainability, Introduction to Unsaturated Soil Mechanics, Long-Term Durability (aka, Lifetime) of Geosynthetics, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) and Gravity Retaining Wall Design Software Parameters, Recycled Base Aggregates in Pavement Applications, Seismic Assessment and Design of Water and Sewer Pipelines, Selected Topics Regarding Geosynthetic Clay Liners, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Coal Combustion Products – Part II of VI, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Construction Using Recycled Materials – Part I of VI, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Foundry Byproducts – Part IV of VI, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Recycled Base Aggregates in Pavement Applications – Part III of VI, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Sustainability & Life Cycle Analysis of Recycled Materials - Part VI of VI, Sustainable Geotechnical Applications: Tire Derived Aggregate in Geotechnical and Environmental Applications- Part V of VI, The Measurement of Soil Suction in the Field for Geotechnical Engineering Applications, The Seismic Coefficient Method for Slope and Retaining Wall Design, Thermo-mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Soils, Use of Geosynthetics for Waterproofing Critical Hydraulic Structures, An Introduction to HEC-RAS Culvert Hydraulics, An Overview of Unsteady Flow Simulations Using HEC-RAS, Calculation and use of Time Concentration, Culvert Design for Fish Passage - Concepts and Fundamentals, Culvert Design for Fish Passage - Design Steps and Examples, Designing Channels for Stream Restoration: Threshold Channel Design, Estimating Flood Flows Using Regression Methods, HEC-RAS Dam Breach Modeling - Level Pool Versus Dynamic Reservoir Routing, Hydraulic Fracturing - Best Practices for Environmental Management, Hydrology 101 - Understanding the Processes, Introduction to Design of Erosion Control Measures Using Riprap, Introduction to Runoff Analysis Using Unit Hydrographs, Navigation Engineering - Understanding the Basics, Pathogens in Urban Stormwater Systems - A Practical Guide for MS4s, Pathogens in Urban Stormwater Systems - Source Controls and Stormwater Control Measures, Pathogens in Urban Stormwater Systems - Understanding and Identifying Sources, Pipeline Condition Assessment Using Broadband Electromagnetic (BEM) Testing, Risk and Uncertainty Principles for Flood Control Projects - Getting the Numbers and How to Apply to Projects, Risk and Uncertainty Principles for Flood Control Projects - Understanding the Basics, River Information Services: Basics of RIS and Plans for U.S.

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