Make sure you cut the broccoli florets into 4 parts so that you cook it evenly. Carefully drain once cooled and pat the spinach dry with kitchen roll. Leafy green vegetables, especially spinach, contain more nutrients than virtually any other vegetable. Add a small amount of olive oil or water to a preheated pan. First, place a large frying pan over low or medium low heat. It turns slimy when overcooked. Boil a full kettle. 400g-450g spinach or 250-300g baby spinach. Spinach leaves have soft, natural flavor that pairs well with most fresh herbs and dried seasonings. Add the spinach and garlic and cook until the spinach is wilted. How to cook spinach in a healthy manner without makin it lose its nutrients? “At higher temperatures, the spinach lost its nutrients at an accelerated rate,” the Penn State press release says. Use either a handful of fresh spinach in this recipe or 3 blocks of frozen chopped spinach. When using frozen spinach, you can reduce vitamin C losses by cooking it directly from the freezer without thawing it first. Vitamins A, E, and D: To reduce the loss of fat-soluble vitamins A and E, cook with very little oil. It will start to wilt down quite quickly, once it has wilted (about 1-2 mins) drain it through a colander and allow all the excess water to run out, pressing it with the back of a spoon or underside of a ladle will help force excess water out of the spinach through the colander. Saute garlic in olive oil for two minutes. When cooking spinach it is more popular to boil or steam the leaves. 35 ratings 4.1 out of 5 star rating. Many people don't know that the vitamin K and other nutrients in spinach are not released unless the spinach is … Force the excess water away from the spinach by pressing it down in the colander with the back of a spoon or ladle then season and serve or use in your chosen recipe. The … Select a stockpot with a 6-quart (6-liter) capacity or more. Simply fill a colander with your washed baby spinach and set it over the sink. Because all methods of cooking destroy some nutritional value, the best way to maximize nutrient intake is to eat fresh spinach raw. How to cook. A 100-gram serving of raw spinach contains 2.71 mg of iron, whereas cooked spinach contains 3.57 mg. Keep in mind that iron absorption is influenced by how much iron you already have in your body and by other nutrients that you eat with your meals. Cover the leaves with water. Answer Save. Boiling. Studies show that during deep-fat frying, fat penetrates the food and vegetables dehydrate. Stir the leaves while they cook and then serve them. 2. Favourite answer. Boil a full kettle. Generally leaves are boiled or steamed just … At 50 degrees, it took only six days for the spinach to lose half of its folate, and at 68 degrees it took only four days. Try this tasty spinach and halloumi salad as a light main or starter. A little grating of nutmeg also works well with spinach. Oil will prevent … Put the cooked spinach in a serving dish and add butter or olive oil and season well with salt and pepper. A 1-cup portion of fresh spinach leaves cooks down to just under 1/3 cup, so triple the amount if you would like to eat a cup of cooked greens. This is because spinach leaves do not take long to cook, and steaming or boiling is quick and effective. Place the spinach in a medium stockpot. How to Keep Iron Nutrients in Spinach When Cooking. Tip the prepared spinach into the boiling water. Place the measured portion of spinach leaves in the pan with the oil to sautee them or add them to the water. Simply fill a colander with your washed baby spinach and set it over the sink. As well as the fresh leaves, you can also buy spinach frozen, usually finely chopped and frozen into small blocks. I would just steam it for a few minutes. Add a bag of washed spinach, and cover pan and cook for one minute. These can be added to smoothies, or to stews, soups, curries and sauces straight from the freezer. If cooking, heat until defrosted and piping hot through. There are two main ways you can cook your spinach … Relevance. Spinach is cooked when leaves turn a deeper green and wilt slightly. Rinse the remaining spinach thoroughly with cool water. Eat locally grown food soon after it’s been picked. Spinach is at the very top of most superfood lists because the many vitamins and minerals it contains, which give it the ability to help prevent disease and provide a multitude of other nutritional benefits. For these reasons spinach is well-loved all over the world. Serena Styles is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, fitness and food. Fill the stockpot with enough water to just … Here are some quick and easy ways to prepare and cook spinach leaves. A mere cup of cooked spinach contains only 41 calories and has exceptionally high levels of … An Indian dish with plenty of flavour, saag paneer is … Lots of thanks! Add a small amount of olive oil or water to a preheated pan. Lv 5. If you are concerned that you have an iron deficiency, consult your physician immediately. If you want to serve the spinach cold (or you want to heat it through later in another recipe) plunge it into a bowl of iced water immediately after it has been wilted. For other uses, cook spinach (fresh or frozen) by steaming, microwaving, stir-frying or sautéing to retain folate and vitamin C. Boiling spinach in a pot of water can cut these vitamins’ content in half. 1 decade ago. 2 Answers. Red wine, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice are also tasty on spinach leaves. It contains just four ingredients so is simple and speedy to make. Add the spinach, stirring with a wooden spoon, this helps to evaporate any liquid and the high heat will wilt the spinach quickly. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Cooking spinach breaks down the plant’s cellular walls and increases the bioavailability of nutrients such as iron, which is an essential mineral that bolsters your immune system and facilitates oxygen transfer between cells. Cooking spinach is easy and can be done in minutes but it’s worth noting that the leaves contain a lot of water, which is released rapidly when heated. dogriver. Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. Place fresh spinach leaves in a colander. Shake the colander as you rinse to move the leaves around and ensure all debris washes away. Shake the colander as you rinse to move the leaves around and ensure all debris washes away.

how to cook spinach without losing nutrients

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