The location of the speakers allows the sound to come out in both downward and upward directions, which creates an immersive sound field that envelops the player. The Yamaha P125 is also a good keyboard with many fabulous features. Learn more in our review. The keyboard itself is fairly portable and can be easily moved around by pretty much anyone over 14. The Yamaha P-125 is a compact digital piano that combines incredible piano performance with a user-friendly minimalistic design, producing the dynamic, high-quality sound and natural piano touch response you've come to expect from Yamaha digital pianos. While other manufacturers are actively designing and introducing new keyboard actions, Yamaha seems to be reluctant to upgrade its popular Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action, which has been around for quite a while. The sound is a lot richer on the latest model. The buttons and keys are well labeled. Yamaha has also put some good details on this model. There are a good depth and richness to the sound, which I really enjoyed listening through my Sennheiser HD 598. The difference though can be rather heard than felt. So it’s only a matter of time before Yamaha introduces its upgraded action with an improved mechanism, ivory & ebony simulated keytops, and whatnot. If you’re looking for an even more compact and gig-friendly instrument than the P-125, this may be a good option to consider. Yamaha P125 Overall Score: 8.2/10 Here’s the direct link: Instead, two straight lines from end to end wraps the buttons. Hello, first of all I want to congratulate you for such a complete review, now my son plays a lot with synthesia on a tablet, is it possible to use synthesia? How can I cover up the P125 when not in use? While the P-125 does come with some new features and upgrades, I certainly expected more changes, especially in the piano department. Here are some of the useful links for a quick Amazon search: Headphones come in very handy when you want to practice in private, focusing solely on your playing and not disturbing others nearby. I think wireless technology is making its way to all keyboards in the near future. The pedal included with lower-end instruments is rarely of high-quality, so I always recommend upgrading to at least something like the M-Audio SP-2. Thanks for the update, I will make sure to add it in the article. Hi Lucas, thanks for detailed review that I need. I even tried to connect a couple of iPhones without success. This instrument would fit most modern decor style and you can use the P-125 as a focal point of the room.Compare to the entry level model P45, the P-125 looks much more premium and well-built. He is now happy to share his knowledge of the industry here, at Piano Dreamers. The Yamaha P125 is very user friendly. In my view, Yamaha P125 seems to have brighter and crisper sound than the P115. As a new upgrade, the P125 comes with redefined features and better performance than previous products in … Happy you found it helpful. The amount of polyphony on the P-125 has remained the same (192 notes), which is more than an average digital piano in this price range has (128 notes). While some piano upgrades can be a bit minimal and not worthy of your consideration, I actually think the ability to incorporate your iPhone or iPad into your piano playing sessions (and done in a very straight-forward and intuitive way), along with the addition of richer sound compared to its predecessors, makes the Yamaha P-125 an impressive and worthwhile digital piano for beginners and intermediates alike. After having a feel of the keyboard of this P125, and that of P-115, played simultaneously, I can say that there is no much difference between them, although the manufacturing company, Yamaha claims that, the Yamaha P-125 … Most of the songs were taken from the P-115, but there are also a bunch of new ones to enjoy. 2) The P-125 sits in a good spot with regards to the price/value ratio.

does yamaha p125 have bluetooth

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