Moving the plant into a a warmer location will encourage growth, though too much warmth may lead to weak or floppy growth. After the flowers fade, cut off the flower stalk with a sharp knife. After these flowers fade the bulbs will produce more leaves. Grow the amaryllis as a foliage plant through the spring and summer until the leaves turn yellow. Cooler temperatures may prevent or slow growth. Do not remove the flower stalk until it has turned yellow. Anytime after that period the pots can be brought into the house and watered well. Seed formation will deplete important energy reserves in the bulb and reduce blooming. The secret to keeping amaryllis thriving for years is to keep the plants actively growing AFTER they have finished blooming. Then store the potted bulb on its side in a cool, dark room or basement to rest for 8 to 10 weeks. Make the cut 1 to 2 inches above the bulb. If your amaryllis has finished flowering, cut off the spent blooms to prevent the plant from going to seed. Proper cultural practices must be followed to successfully grow and reflower amaryllis bulbs. Keep the plant in a relatively warmer location. Let the bulbs stay in that cool location for at least 6 weeks. The ideal temperature for forcing an amaryllis to flower is between 55 and 65ºF (13–18ºC). They key to re-flowering is simply making sure the plant stays healthy and growing. After the flowers have faded, cut them off to prevent seed formation. After The Initial Bloom. Make a point of only removing the spent flowers and leaving the flower stalk until it turns yellow or begins to wither. How to Care for Amaryllis After Flowering See more “post-bloom” tips below. Place the dormant bulb in a warm, sunny window and wait for the magic to begin again! Don't damage the foliage. In order for the bulb to bloom again next season, the plant must replenish its depleted food reserves. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) plants are typically purchased around the Christmas holiday and discarded after the blooms have withered, but if the proper steps are taken they can continue to bloom for many years.

amaryllis after flowering

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