While pondering the answer, look for four crows among the clouds. It was a male, head and upper back black, rump or lower back, breast and outer corners of his tail orange, as bright as the early morning sun. Something was brewing in the sky below. It’s still not a normal year. The discovery came when I found the answer to Craig’s question: “Kate, why is the ruffed grouse population in decline in Pennsylvania? Broken wings or legs are rare. You could help next year’s monarch butterflies by planting milkweed in your garden. When it struck Pittsburgh’s bird community in 2002 it was fairly common to find dead crows. See Claire’s comment below. The males have a distinctive white patch below their eyes as seen in this selection of views from the Crossley ID Guide to Eastern Birds. Field marks in The Sibley Guide are: “The smallest most compact scoter, with relatively small bill and rounded head. Their buzz was too far away to catch by ear, and they were too small in relation to the leaves to show their motion by the naked eye. How about that collared lizard I saw in Beef Basin? I will have to go to Canada or Alaska in the spring to hear it. Though the cloud cover percentages are fixed the names are flexible and disappointing. Habitat destruction?”, West Nile Virus is still wiping out birds in North America, Visits to the Pitt peregrine nest by Terzo (blue) and Ecco (green), Oct & Nov 2020 (calendar layout from timeanddate.com), snapshots from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh, 1,470 at SGL 203 in Marshall Twp Allegheny County, 3,640 at SGL 95 (The Glades) in Butler County, 1,920 at SGL 284 (Schollards Wetlands / Pennsy Swamp / Black Swamp) in Mercer / Lawrence County. An Essay On The Outside View From My Bedroom Window With 250 Words. But. The females are brown but not boring. Would it be Mostly or Partly Cloudy … or Partly Sunny? This morning (well it's now early afternoon), there are some birds outside my window and they are chirping very rhythmically, with very specific counts to each string of tweets. Sitting in my armchair I’d have a perfect view of the TV and the front window. In 2016 the PA Game Commission studied the plight of the ruffed grouse and found that birds never exposed to WNV had only a 10% survival rate. They’re stocked every year by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Scene Outside Of My Window On A Rainy Day. He hugged me and holding my hands brought me near the window. What does “Partly Cloudy” mean? Others never developed that resilience. The popularity of picture windows, patio doors and double glazing has led to many injuries and fatalities among birds which fly into them. Throws head downward when exercising wings, a distinctive motion.”. I mourned the loss and had reported the leak but with my neighbors finally got them to fix the leak but the mother tree could not be saved. Specifically it’s the start of antlered deer regular firearms (rifle) hunting season which runs from 28 November to 12 December and includes Pennsylvania’s first ever Sunday rifle deer hunt on 29 November. Learn more about ABC's ratings. Surf and black scoters were seen on the Ohio (Leetsdale Boat Launch) and white-winged on the Allegheny (East Deer Recreational Park). Ruffed grouse (photo from Wikimedia Commons), Greater sage-grouse (photo from Wikimedia Commons), Yellow-billed magpie (photo by J Maughn via Flickr Creative Commons License), Warbling vireo (photo from Wikimedia Commons), Terzo, 20 Oct 2020 (snapshot from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh), Terzo before dawn. These are by Steve Gosser and Cris Hamilton. It is also logical to draw comparisons between Bird at My Window and Rosa Guy’s second adult novel, A Measure of Time (1983). I … (photos from Wikimedia Commons, J. Maughn, Steve Gosser and Chuck Tague,). She's afraid they will tear up the screen. Some such as wild turkeys, chickens and house sparrows had a die-off when the virus arrived and then recovered with apparent immunity. Click on the captions to see the originals). no, ponderosa!) I don’t think that’s something you can unsee. That was a long time ago and I don’t see dead crows anymore so I thought birds were now able to survive the virus. I began to wonder if he was the only male peregrine at Pitt but a look at five weeks of snapshots indicates Ecco has been present, too. Never not once. Native to Asia, ring-necked pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) were introduced as game birds in Europe, North America, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand (see map). It was so weird because I actually took the time last week to try to determine what type of bird it was and was telling my … No longer were birds a central part of my identity; instead, they became an answer when I had to state my favorite animal during a summer camp icebreaker. Last week it was again both cold and warm. A full grown peregrine needs to catch just one good-sized bird or a couple of small ones (blackbird size) each day to satisfy its hunger. The birds in the slideshow above are some of WNV’s most devastated victims. And finally, here’s an audio treat from the black scoter. What would the weatherman call this sky condition (below)? I stood baffled as hummingbirds argued over fields of flowers so rich with buds it could make them all too fat to fly, such is their territorial nature. I camp here, I swim here, I ride here—it’s not like I’ve forgotten that nature exists. Compare indeed! Peace and love. I think of this often, these days, as I imagine my favorite lands in the age of a pandemic and social distancing. What we need has always been inside of us. They are so clever and they get easily bored. Possibly, lol. After a string of chirps, one pauses for a length of time, equal to the time it … White secondaries unique and usually visible even on swimming birds. On our daily walks to the beach, through our neighborhood, across a now-deserted golf course, and along a wide greenbelt, I discovered American coots and their crazy lobed toes—I watched them squabble and fight and learned, thanks to Audubon, just how aggressive they are with one another, including with their offspring, which they may tousle by the necks. I see green, but it’s landscaping. Sometimes they can be a hassle but I still love them. I was thrilled to find Redbud Tree growing in my yard. Remove the floss and plant the seeds. So does the Greek Lophodytes: lophos = crest + dutes = diver. Because non-native plants are out of synch with our seasons late November is the best time of year to see them in the landscape. What are the mule deer doing on Cedar Mesa? All marking techniques should be applied to the outside of the window. no, limber! Required fields are marked *. I figured the reason I loved birds was shallower: I enjoyed the startling, colorful plumage and the joyous calls I heard outside my window. I am waiting for the little young ones to come. Now, I have never birded, or even felt comfortable using bird as a verb. If you wish to use a photo please leave a comment with your request. During courtship the males sing a one-note song which I have never heard. I love its heart shaped leaves and beautiful pink buds that appear on the bark before the leaves. Seemed more like something a person would do. The window of my room faces a busy street. Mostly Cloudy has two definitions (see italics) and Cloudy is an anemic word for Pittsburgh’s really Overcast skies. Blank calendar from timeanddate.com), “Outside My Window” These products are denoted with ABC's Saves Birds' logo. The mulberry is a generous plant—all spring … From my window, I can see a white mulberry, a tree I’m fascinated by—one of the reasons I decided to live where I live. Her behavior seemed odd to me, and it went on day after day. So crows must spend a lot of the day wondering what they are supposed to do now, what they are here for, and that seemed like a cruel existential dilemma for anyone who didn’t have TV.”. (photos from Wikimedia Commons; click on the captions to see the originals). T o my knowledge, no one has ever been killed by a plummeting bird feeder.Still, when you live on the 25th floor of a Manhattan high-rise, you can’t hang one outside the window … And then there’s us. Males are black with flashy highlights. 22 Oct 2020. Whenever I see crows now, I think, there goes a smart critter. That’s the day length on 21 October in Oslo, Norway. pic.twitter.com/FWmHjw9oWY, (photo at top by Steve Gosser. And the crows, so many crows. As their name implies Norway maples (Acer platanoides) were imported from Europe where their native range extends further north than Pittsburgh. and carry a tree identification book, birds other than raptors and owls left me…agnostic, I guess. Both sexes perk up when a human appears on the scene, pausing and staring as if to say, “What is that person doing?” Sometimes they run. Thanks, Steve. They’ve never become invasive because the pen-raised birds lack the survival skills they need to make it long term in the wild. The group invites people from all around the world to connect with others by posting a photo and a description, while people in the comments say a quick “hello” from wherever in the world they are. Thanks. Rapidly, the noise level in the canyon dropped almost ten decibels, and pollution levels plummeted. He rises high into the sky before rocketing down towards the earth. Be sure to wear blaze orange in the woods and fields every day of the week. What also happened was a return of birds—of species and numbers that had not been seen in the canyon in generations. btw, her window glass was raised. When the pods are about to burst you can pop them open, grab the bundle tightly and push the seeds off with your thumb. To deter small birds, vertical markings on windows need to be spaced no more than 4 inches apart and horizontal markings no more than 2 inches apart across the entire window. Because they could. On female, compare shape of pale loral-patch with Surf Scoter.”. But with my binos, well, wow—there were scores of them, all hard at work, gathering pollen, flying back to their queen, high-fiving the wren on the way. I’ve read of many instances where animals have regained their courage and curiosity due to the lack of human presence to venture out. This month bird photographer friends Steve Gosser and Cris Hamilton have not taken many pictures of wild turkeys in western Pennsylvania but they have certainly found photogenic ring-necked pheasants. My mother says she is soon going to lay eggs. Locations where thousands of birds gather on migration is prime hunting ground. Right now our native trees are bare or retain just a few yellow leaves at the very top (tuliptrees) or dried brown leaves overall (oaks and beeches). Pausing to stare is probably their downfall.(*). But on a sunny morning during the first week of formal lockdown, I perused a tree with binoculars and spotted it camouflaged in the branches: a softballish puff of a little brown bird, yammering away with its little brown beak. Thanksgiving Day was partly cloudy. Every year their populations decline in a downward spiral. That blessed, beautiful house wren. Or the bears, and the big cats that run at the mere sound of the human voice? The oceans are settling, a bit, to their more-natural state. It was 6 degrees below normal on the day before. With that knowledge, I am always kind to my ravens and crows in my backyard. The calendar shows that Terzo is more frequent: Terzo = blue, Ecco = green. A tufted titmouse flew in to the platform feeder outside my dining room window, and another and another cardinal. The first thing to do is to get rid of the reason that the birds are there in the first place. Essay On The View Outside My Window, monograph the visual arts, ib application essay template, professional resume writers sites us. Even though I assiduously scratch pine trees for the scent of vanilla (lodgepole! I’ve never forgotten Obi Kaufman’s message in The California Field Atlas, how there’s just the thinnest skin of human construct sitting atop of the vastly thick body of the earth. Dear the great and knowledgeable Ms. Lawson, While lying in my bed on a Thursday night, I came across the letter discussing the many complaints about the students’ grades and other claims in regards to the AP Language class. Over the course of the next week, using Audubon’s free birding app and some locally oriented bird sites, I discovered that we have a couple of mountain bluebirds, a few house finches, a Rufous hummingbird or two, and a pile of lesser goldfinches the color of Spongebob Squarepants, whose show my college-aged daughter has been comfort-watching. But when I look out my window I see houses, and a street, and a wall, and a street light. In 2000, Zion National Park instituted a mandatory shuttle for visitors heading up Zion’s main canyon; passenger cars were eliminated (except for those from a handful of lodge guests). Female has a pale cheek contrasting with dark crown. I usually sit in my window and enjoy the view of the street. See that tiny patch of blue, above? Fun fact: Pittsburgh’s latitude is very far south of Scandinavia. Best pandemic hair. Last week Terzo appeared almost every evening at 4:30pm, circling the Cathedral of Learning and zooming up to a high perch. The city is noted for its fine buildings and big shopping centres. Will we remember, two years from now, the difference between the song of the house wren and that of the house finch? Will the healing that we find from lying on the ground and looking for shapes in the clouds, like we did when we were kids, will that lesson stay with us? (*) The normal average on 20 November is 41 degrees F in Pittsburgh. Is there something appealing about your windows that birds really like? Enormous batches call for enormous solutions, as demonstrated by Monarch Watch. I’ve got a whole world Outside my door I ‘m gonna go places Like never before I’ve got a big dream To get to the big time I’ll make a big noise Do wonderful things I’ve got a blue bird Outside my window Just like that bluebird I’ve got wings. The sound is created by his tail feathers as he sweeps through the lowest part of his dive, no doubt performing for females hiding in the bushes below. I hope so. Field marks in The Sibley Guide are: “Heavy triangular bill distinctive, forming wedge-shaped head. This time of year, it’s common to see migrating whales spouting. So, it was with much surprise that in the early days of the pandemic I found myself, like so many others, turning to the most dynamic connection to nature that I could find within our ordered limits: to the birds. As Marina Koren reported in The Atlantic, after 9/11, “Researchers working in Canada’s Bay of Fundy—already making recordings and taking samples before the terrorist attacks—eventually found that over the course of just a few days, when the noisy waters calmed, right whales in the bay experienced a drop in their stress-level hormones.” There is nothing to celebrate about the human tragedy unfolding around us, nor reason to find anything good in the painful economic shutdown, but one can, I think, appreciate what it must be like for all creatures great and small to get a respite. Dylan - San Anselmo, California. This explains why I haven’t seen so many warbling vireos, purple finches and American goldfinches as I did a decade ago. That’s why young peregrines gravitate to the shore. (*) Pheasants are birds of open land. A couple years ago, on a crazy whim, I spent 18 months riding every major street and every trail in the southern half of my county, which gave me a from-the-saddle-up understanding of our topography, of the water that runs to the ocean and the soft chaparral hills that divide one course from the other. Fortuitously, I happened to be rereading Peter Heller’s The Painter two weeks ago and joyfully came across this: “One of the things I had read about crows somewhere is that they are much smarter than their station in life. Last weekend I found a target-practice deer taking refuge in the city. One of my favorite authors, Jim Harrison, talks of crows and ravens often. What I don’t see, what I haven’t seen until now, is the mechanism of nature taking place all around us, despite us. I look forward to the studies, if they are able to happen. The only thing city deer are afraid of are dogs off-leash. Entered on September 7, 2006. It was in our original design, though—pre-machine, pre-border, pre-pandemic. The only time I usually have rainy days is when it is July though.Rainy days are awesome to me sense I can do a lot of things in my own house. That was a long time ago and I don’t see dead crows anymore so I thought birds were now able to survive the virus. (If hummingbirds are a problem, the spacing should be reduced to a 2-inch by 2-inch grid.) Why are ring-necked pheasants so plentiful in western PA? An Anna’s Hummingbird is cycling through sonic divebombs outside my second-floor window. It affects each species differently. It turns out, fortunately, that cheap foam earplugs are quite effective at blocking out the high-pitched tweeting of the common house wren. UPDATE: Several people have recommended planting Swamp Milkweed instead of Common Milkweed because it’s a much easier plant. Others, it’s buried. They did well when much of Pennsylvania was farmland but now that the state has reverted to forest wild turkeys are doing well and pheasants are not. Lyrics: I’ve got a blue bird Outside of my window Just like that blue bird I’m ready to fly. I was still very scared to look through the window. Field marks in The Sibley Guide are: “The largest scoter, with long bill and concave forehead. Surf scoters (Melanitta perspicillata) have been the easiest to find this fall. it’s always near the surface. Yow! Amazingly, both of them were present on 22 October 2020. Terzo looks through the hole in the roof, 6 Nov 2020, Surf scoters in fall (photo from Wikimedia Commons by Andy Reago and Chrissy McClarren), Surf scoters (portion of illustration from Crossley ID Guide to Eastern Birds via Wikimedia Commons), Female white-winged scoter (photo from Wikimedia Commons), White-winged scoters (portion of illustration from Crossley ID Guide to Eastern Birds via Wikimedia Commons), antlered deer regular firearms (rifle) hunting season, Buck in velvet at Allegheny Cemetery, July 2015 (photo from Wikimedia Commons), Female hooded mergansers, crests down & up (photo from Wikimedia Commons), Steve Gosser on Facebook, 15 November 2020, interactive map of 2019 pheasant releases, Screenshot of PGC Pheasant Release Map as of 26 November 2020; click on the image to see the current map, help next year’s monarch butterflies by planting milkweed, “Kate, why is the ruffed grouse population in decline in Pennsylvania? In her piece, Koren also wrote, “A quick search for the phrase birds are louder on Twitter reveals that many other people have been wondering the same thing I have lately: Are the birds chirping more fiercely these days, or am I losing my mind?” I hear you, sister—at sunup every morning. Or have they? But, alas, the beach beckons as I shelter in the red rocks. Read more about West Nile Virus In Birds at kenyon.edu. It also turns out that the house wren isn’t the only species of bird visiting our yard. Your email address will not be published. It’s beautiful to see! Copyright 2020 Kate St. John Not nutty at all, IMO. With over 2.1 million members, the “View from my window” page is a social media giant. Overcast? When it struck Pittsburgh’s bird community in 2002 it was fairly common to find dead crows. What I saw, made me laugh too. He often repeated a raven funeral he was lucky enough to witness – where an “unkindness” of ravens (yep, that’s the name for a group of them) gathered for hours in a tree while an elder raven passed away. The crow probably doesn’t think the same toward me, though. Two days earlier we had our first daytime snow in the city. Yet I wish it weren’t at the expense of sickness and lives lost. After listening to my story, my father looked out the window and started laughing. By Friday 20 November the temperature was 17 degrees above normal(*). The Bird Who Broke Through the Window. Why Birds Hit Windows . By now all the leaves have fallen in the Pittsburgh area. Morela is a regular, of course. Yes, those are crows, not ravens (thank you again, Audubon)—cognitive as heck, with a language all their own. I've never seen anything like that. I had read about crows in California that ate the eyes out of baby seals and sea lions, for fun mostly. Take a walk and gather some milkweed pods. I imagined Dugar, in the Big Sur landscape of his dreams, witnessing such a thing. Female mergansers from Wikimedia Commons; click on the caption to see the original). But I’d like to think that there is a certain about of rapport between us and some of the smarter species. White-winged scoters (Melanitta deglandi) aren’t as flashy but they’re the only ones with white wings (secondaries). It affects each species differently. Excellent writing. In the City of Pittsburgh our huge and growing deer population has no predators. Morela and *Ecco*, 22 Oct 2020, Same day as Terzo. It was the old tree outside my window. There are still a few trees with bright yellow leaves in Schenley Park — Norway maples. (snapshots from the National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh. Notify me of followup comments via email. (2) Also Recommended products that were tested using other, peer-reviewed protocols that we deem sufficient, or which have been shown by experienced monitors to demonstrate a significant reduction in collisions. We are a lucky few who live where we love to be outdoors and could actually sustain this life of not traveling to get our fix for longer than those who must get away from home for this. Telling myself I’m not someone who can make a difference. Though they are sea ducks, all three North American species visited our inland rivers over the Thanksgiving weekend. Greater sage-grouse and yellow-billed magpies have such restricted ranges that WNV may push them to extinction. Hunting is prohibited and the deer know it. On assignment in Galapagos, I briefly sparked an interest in albatrosses, but mostly I always placed birding in the category of Not For Me. It’s ironic that we worried so much about West Nile virus when it’s actually a bird disease. I see trees, but they are planted trees. A phantom bird for attention, a way of controlling the tiny slice of world that existed outside our window. Looking for something to do this Thanksgiving weekend? Essays The Message of a Little Bird in a Tree Outside My Window By Steve Casimiro | April 10, 2020 It turns out that the bird that’s been waking me up at dawn every morning for the past four weeks is a house wren. For some—a few poets or farmers, perhaps—. Black scoter (Melanitta americana) females aren’t black. My hope is that we can remember this time with fondness for what we left them for a bit and continue to respect their space knowing we all can benefit. This fall has been surprisingly good for seeing scoters (Mellanitta) in the Pittsburgh area. That’s the sunny bit. “Hooded” refers to the crest, of course. Female shows two distinct pale patches on face, the forward patch tall and narrow.” Note the shape of the forward patch! The dirty bird, with its beak pointed directly at my beak through the window, jumped into the bird bath and splashed water above and around her, causing a flurry of almost mist-like quality. I typically just think to myself, " ah nothing different just the pool in the backyard." The air is cleaner, the soundscape is quieter. Here are some high counts of ring-necked pheasant releases in 2019: Click on the screenshot to see the interactive map of 2019 pheasant releases or here for the list of releases in 2020. p.s. I had seen it for a couple of weeks outside my window foraging on the ground and then today it hit the window so hard I through someone had shot at my window. Instead a 2015 study found that West Nile Virus is still wiping out birds in North America. Did you know we are on the same latitude as Madrid, Spain? She has built the nest with twigs and leaves. I talk to them and give them peanuts.. Descriptive essay of Scenery essays As I gaze out my rear bedroom window I neglect to see the scenery all around my brown and beige swimming pool. Ecco appears later. Give the bird a dark safe place to rest for a couple of hours, during which time it will either recover or die from its injuries. Milkweed seeds have to get cold before they’ll germinate (cold stratification) so late fall is the best time to plant them outdoors. The parent plant was killed by a gas leak on our street . Hooded mergansers (Lophodytes cucullatus) are twice named for their crests which they raise and lower at will. No, it did not rain. The official NWS forecast Sky Conditions ought to shed some light (copied below). Are the Joshua trees breathing easier with less carbon monoxide in the Southern California air? It’s a joy to see him. She introduced herself by flying against the window as if she were trying to get in the house. In the next door neighbor’s yard, I watched a pecking order develop on the seed feeder, saw how the lesser goldfinches were bold and unruffled by my presence, while the cautious red house finch flew away the second I peeked over the wall. We know it’s temporary, but across the globe, many, many landscapes and the things that live there are getting a reprieve from the incessant pressure of humans. I wish I could build her a strong bird house. Click here for season details; they depend on location. A blue jay flew in and the other birds scattered. Males pheasants are bold and colorful with blue head feathers that they can raise like horns (click here to see). We present these products in two categories: (1) Those that have been tunnel tested by ABC and received a score of 70 or higher. This 9-minute video tells the whole story. Sounds a little nutty, but they DO remember your face for years and I think I’d rather have them on my side. You can also subscribe without commenting. Pittsburgh’s November cloud forecasts often leave me scratching my head. Photos on this blog are used by permission and are copyrighted material. My lockdown spring watch – a photo essay ... tap on the window – the angry birds. My binoculars revealed not just a talkative house wren, but a tree swarming with bees. p.s. When the first signs of spring appeared outside my window in March, there also appeared a female cardinal in all her ruby-red glory. . Get Rid Of Insects And Food Sources. I also have a Wren in my back yard and many other birds enjoy I sure do . I sit in my blue armchair looking out the window. In the near term of the next few years, it is impossible to predict how the world of humans will change. The Birds Outside My Window Sing During a Pandemic. Now that I live in Oakland I see the Pitt peregrines when I walk around the neighborhood. Quiz: What North American city is nearly the same latitude as London, England? Poking his head out of a pink dumpster on Bigelow Boulevard, he knew he was safe near the Cathedral of Learning (at top). We still have two male peregrines at Pitt. They have pale face patches like ruddy ducks but their heads and necks are a different shape. Even in these lockdown days, I hear the swish of tires rolling on wet concrete, or on weekend mornings, the growl of 20-something dudes ripping open their Ducatis over on Pacific Coast Highway. by Steve Casimiro | Apr 10, 2020 | Essays | 11 comments. A Baltimore oriole flew to a bird feeder outside my dining room window one morning last month as I was eating breakfast and watching the birds of course. I feel much like that crow…wondering what am I supposed to do now! How many birds are roosting in Yosemite Valley with the entire park closed? I live in a double- storeyed house in Connaught Place, the ultra-modern1 market of the city. West Nile Virus arrived in North America more than 20 years ago and spread across the continent in just five years, killing native raptors and songbirds in its wake. Today it is January, midmonth, midday, and mid-New Hampshire. As a student in this course, there are many assignments that I must complete. If you find a bird that has flown into a window, it may have suffered from concussion and could have internal injuries. Habitat destruction?” No, West Nile Virus is killing them off. Rainy Days Essay By Taylor Chance 11/20/13 Rainy days are wonderful to me. For small batches, shake the fluff+seeds with coins in a paper bag or a food storage container. I wished I could be. Mostly Cloudy? The sun will be up for 9 hours and 39 minutes today, 24 November, in western Pennsylvania. I mean, unlike other birds, it takes them about two hours every day to secure enough food to survive and the rest is play time, electives. The blue jay feasted for a short time, then left, and the nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, and cardinals promptly returned. As Steve said on Facebook: The last two weekends I’ve been driving around everywhere trying to find some of the rare winter finches currently moving down through our area, but all I keep finding are Pheasants. I’ve put their appearances in the slideshow above. Birds are intelligent about natural predators and obstacles in their environment, but they do not recognize glass as a solid surface and have no conception that it can be dangerous. This video is a sample of activity I see every day from my office desk. It turns out that the bird that’s been waking me up at dawn every morning for the past four weeks is a house wren. Females are brown with subtle markings. She has built a small nest on the roof outside my room. Here’s a quick visual guide to the three species in case you encounter them. Ice had started to form on Schenley Park’s Panther Hollow Lake. The answer is surprising. Really enjoyed this . Will we repudiate materialism and return to the “things that matter” like we promised to do during the Great Recession? Sponsor This Essay. Our short November days are the same length as those they experience in October back home. And that’s a big deal. At dawn on Thursday morning, 19 November, sunrise lit the clouds after a clear, cold night. My dd lives in Tulsa & called today to say that little birds kept flying up to her window and hanging onto the screen.

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