I have a lightning bolt tattoo on my shoulder but on the right side. A name you probably won't forget - Funk And Good Pizza. Oceanside’s first pier opened at the foot of Couts Street, now known as Wisconsin Street. September 2019 Wickerd, described as an "extensive property owner and pier enthusiast", circulated petitions in favor of saving the pier. The Oceanside Pier is the longest wooden pier on the West Coast of the United States. Innerworld. Previous Next. December 2016 "You can surf, kayak, stand up paddleboard, rent boats and jet … Whether you are a first time traveler or avid visitor of this region of the world, this book is the perfect guide for you. I pray we both be blessed to visit this beautiful city once again Sis-but if not,we are destined for the City of Golden Streets!! In September voters  passed the bond issue by a vote of 56 to 9. Seeing an opportunity to attract more visitors to his stately hotel, Pieper suggested that the pier be built at the foot of Third Street. He stated, "The pier has been one of Oceanside's biggest advertising and tourist assets, and should be protected." In total there have been 6 different pier structures, with the present version being completed in 1987. The buildings placed on the pier were installed with sprinklers to protect them from fires and can also accommodate a fire truck. May 2016 He gathered the piling of the first pier that had washed to shore and stored it behind his hotel, which was near Third and Pacific Streets. On July 3, 1888, the city of Oceanside was incorporated. While there was some resistance against the Third Street location, (a site between Second and Third was favored), but with Hotaling donating $350 and Pieper donating $100 and offering to board the workmen free, the disagreement was set aside. G.M. In 1891, South Pacific Hotel manager Melchior Pieper initiated the rebuilding and collected the lumber from the washed off pier, storing it at the back of the hotel. Many nights spent fishin for Cpl. The city's redevelopment consultants recommended that a new, shorter pier be constructed at the foot of Mission Avenue along with the proposal of "spacious pedestrian mall and be planned around a new Amtrack station." Tickets were just a dollar but the Benefit, hailed as a success, raised $50 for the wharf fund. Starting off as a meager coastal town in close proximity to Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside developed fairly rapidly opening both the Oceanside Library and Oceanside High School before 1910; with the Oceanside Pier already on its third iteration. Coal for the Santa Fe railroad was shipped in; The Swift Packing Co. sent several tons of meats for Oceanside and neighboring towns and the Pacific Coast Biscuit Co. landed about two tons of miscellaneous groceries and meats. The total cost, including the demolition of the 1947 pier was estimated at $3 million dollars. In April of 1894 a committee was formed and plans for the new wharf began. My co-worker and her husband just opened a pizza place just west of that, behind where the old bus station use to be and across the street from the old PlayGirl. Explore from a Bird’s eye view of the pier. Work started almost at once and the $200,000 bond would build a pier 1,900 feet long--the longest on the West Coast. I grew up in Oceanside, I so miss it! Oceanside’s steel pier was advertised as a "pleasure pier". They still talk about it in some of my friend's circles; Terry ‘The Walking Dead Guy’ ~ LMAO ~ ~ ~. February 2016 Advocacy Opened in 1987 as the city’s sixth pier to be built (and fifth on this spot), it is located at Pier View Way and The Strand. 69 reviews. Hi can you please help us settle a debate. Aloha, Wow...miss O'side, a lot. Oceanside Pier in Oceanside, California Historic Oceanside Pier is one of the longest wooden piers on the West Coast, spanning 1,942 feet in length. Bank of Oceanside is built along with the South Pacific Hotel: 1888: City of Oceanside incorporates July 3, 1888 First pier is built on the end of Couts street, now Wisconsin First train depot is built: 1891: First pier destroyed by storm: 1894: Second pier built at the end of Third Street, now Pier View Way. 84 TO 94. Many people now assume the names carved into the wooden railing on the pier were sold to help build the pier. The American Bridge Company out of San Francisco started construction in May of 1888. Compromises were made as to the construction of the pier by building a concrete approach 300 feet long with the remaining 1,300 feet made from wood. Top Oceanside History Museums: See reviews and photos of history museums in Oceanside, California on Tripadvisor. My second mother (best friend's mom) recently passed away and she was one of the donors of the names on the pier. Oceanside’s sixth and present pier was dedicated and formally opened to the public September 29, 1987. Now that you mention it, I think it was bass; a very dense white meat. Nearly a dozen of the 500 pilings holding up the pier were gone and the joints were loose and worn out. Tulip, a member of the wharf committee, persuaded a resident in joining him in digging the first hole for one of the pilings to be used in the wharf's approach. But piers do not last forever and after nearly 30 years, it was rapidly showing its age. Health And Nutrition However, it would take over a decade to build a newer, better pier. 1798 Mission San Luis Rey Founded. Oceanside Pier: Oceanside Pier: Great Piece of History - See 2,003 traveler reviews, 1,273 candid photos, and great deals for Oceanside, CA, at Tripadvisor. My mom would also catch small fish (prob perch). Surfing. As a Beach Guard there, my stations included Main Beach, Tower 8, Harbor Beach, Tower 5, Pacific Street, and Tower 9, Buccaneer Beach. Visit Oceanside In a few short months the new wharf was out 500 feet and fishing from it became the favorite pastime. At one time carnations were grown in and around Oceanside. Oceanside Historic Sites: See reviews and photos of historic sites in Oceanside, California on Tripadvisor. 1834 Secularization of Mission property. Oceanside wanted a pier and if the old one could not be repaired then a new pier would be built. June 2016 This pier was to be made of steel pilings, 140 tons of second-hand steel purchased from the Southern California Railway Company. Later that year a fire broke out in the Pier Fish Market, located halfway out on the pier and in December the Pier Cafe was completely destroyed by fire. The cleanup was a slow process and mostly undertaken by the proprietor of the South Pacific Hotel and owner of the bath house, Melchior Pieper. Rebuilt and now has a Ruby's restaurant at the end. October 2018 August 2019 October 2020 The Blade noted, “It looks like a big year at the beach.” The beach, the historic Mission San Luis Rey, the beautiful weather, the Pacific Ocean and other amenities continue to attract tourists and visitors and help to make Oceanside where life is worth living! • The Oceanside Pier, first built in 1888 (and now in its sixth incarnation), is one of the longest wooden piers on the western United States coastline at 1,942 feet (592 m). Oceanside Pier – 2010 Explore from a Bird’s eye view of the pier. 1. The needed signatures were collected and the Bond Election passed. Many wrote the local paper, the Blade, to voice their complaints and requested the pier to be repaired, "... if the pier goes, with it goes all hope of the town having summer visitors." July 2016 Oceanside Pier — 2008. June 2018 Oceanside’s second wharf was not long enough to accommodate commercial vessels and although it captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike, it was still hoped that a more substantial structure could be built. Tri City Medical News February 2018 Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In 1975 the pier was faced with closures after severe storm damage and in October, Public Works Director, Alton L. Ruden said that the "pier could collapse at any time, and it would cost more than $1.4 million to replace it. May 2020 April 2016 Today during low tide one can still see the pilings left from this relic of the past. We are equally proud of the citizens who have persevered and have dared to dream. May 2019 I attended Mira Costa College and did research at Innerworld on Hill Street!!! We are proud of our beautiful pier and the history it represents. May 2018 By January 1891 the final blow was dealt when the furious storms finished what was left and swept away all but 300 feet of the wharf. December 2015 Miss that old greasy spoon. June 2017 Went there for the grand opening a few weeks back. Fund raising began immediately with the Oceanside Silver Cornet Band holding a benefit ball at the Oceanside Opera House. Education Marines Also, in 1977 we graduated there before the football field was completed at El Camino High School. I remember my parents fishing for bonita and tuna! Oceanside Pier Historic Photos & sounds of the surf - YouTube Apkins of Long Beach was awarded the contract for building the third pier in August of 1903. December 2014 It's on my bucket list to return there for a visit. The celebration brought thousands of people from all over Southern California. I'm looking for the date when they closed the pier because of large the biggest waves to ever hit the cost line. On September 27, 1987, the pier was dedicated and opened with the public invited to inspect Oceanside’s newest pier. February 2015 May 2015 Oceanside Pier was the longest pier in the world right up until then, or at least at some time or other it was. Go to the pier all the time. Oceanside’s first pier was built in 1888. Because this activity necessitated heavy equipment and cranes, the damage they did forced the closing of the pier for a short time after the emergency. Hotels near Oceanside Pier: (0.08 mi) Best Western Plus Oceanside Palms (0.06 mi) La Quinta Inn by Wyndham San Diego Oceanside (0.06 mi) Comfort Suites Oceanside Camp Pendleton Area (0.09 mi) Motel 9 Oceanside (0.08 mi) Coast Inn; View all hotels near Oceanside Pier on Tripadvisor Over 20,000 people from all over Southern California came to join in the festivities and to help Oceanside celebrate. Thousands of people walk out on the pier each year. I grew up in Oceanside (marine brat) until 9 then moved to New England. A petition circulated asking that the pier be repaired, strengthened and opened to the public. Business Resources December 2019 1610 Mountain View Ave. USMC,then PC POWER & COOLING for 6 years. It’s one of the longest piers in California, so don’t be surprised if your stroll takes a while. Named quite literally for its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Pinterest history board aims to explore the rich historical underpinnings of this beautiful and unique community. Lou Bertoletti, USMC!!! One of our slogans was the “Carnation City”. March 2020 The needed lumber was actually unloaded from the ships Starbuck and Olive P. Southard and rafted to shore. Women December 2017 Oceanside’s origins date clear back to the 1800’s, with its incorporation on July 3, 1888. February 2019 I hope you get to see it again too, Teresa. the history of oceanside Oceanside is situated on the Pacific Coast named quite literally because of its location. The pier would sway in heavy seas. By June over $1,000 was pledged and two weeks of labor donated. Events September 2016 Oceanside’s love affair with its pier began 125 years ago when the first piling was driven into the sand at the end of Couts Street. Pieper was said to have even stamped his initials on the pilings. With 3.5 miles of sandy beaches, Oceanside is particularly known for its surfing. In 2012 several pilings were exposed for a brief few days, which had not been seen for over 20 years. Jun 18, 2013 - Oceanside is situated on the Pacific Coast named quite literally because of its location. It was largely paid for by subscription, by pledges, by people hoping to make a buck. Four iterations of the pier were built and then destroyed by heavy storms. January 2016 A storm destroyed all but 300 feet of this pier in December, 1890. November 2016 Citizens urged the pier be re-opened during the day for fishing and then closed at night. The remnants of that first pier are still there, occasionally making a rare appearance during minus tides and low sand levels. The concrete portion was U-shaped and extended 1,900 feet into the ocean. With enthusiasm running high, J.A. Political Action March 2017 Oceanside Harbor Village. The names of locals who donated to the construction of the pier are engraved on the pier… In conjunction with the recent storm damage, the steel pier had taken more than it could withstand. See more ideas about Pinterest history, Oceanside, Pacific ocean. The town was slow to move at first, but, finally in 1894 a second pier was built with iron pilings at a length of 400 feet. This pier was made entirely of wood. April 2018 E.C. Oceanside is a true SoCal beach town with a tangible laid-back vibe. In the battle of man and waves, the sea had won. Not only was the present pier constructed with the most advanced technology, but innovative ideas such as placing the top decking in diagonal planks added to the overall reinforcement but added to the beauty of the pier as well. I love it. Pieces of the pier washed up on shore for weeks after that and we had to clear the water because of the potential danger a ton or 2 or 3 of pier decking was wishy-washing around in the surf lines. Thanks again! Traditional architecture and period features are typically preserved within the guestrooms or public spaces of these historic hotels in Oceanside, bringing the history to life. In 1978 steps had been taken and the planning began. July 2018 It has been closed several times due to storm waves. Oceanside In August of 1985 Good & Roberts, Inc. of Carlsbad was awarded the contract to restore the concrete portion from the 1927 pier. She would bring it home and dry it between screens. Spend some time strolling the pier, watch the surfers in the water, and see what the fishermen have caught. Wish Oceanside would make it easier to park by the pier. The city trustees met in July of 1900 to pass Ordinance #120, for the issuance of a $5,000 bond to repair and extend Oceanside's wharf. It was in 1974-75 when storm surf stripped all the beaches except for Strand Beach at the amphitheater and took 200 feet off the end of the pier which they never replaced (that I'm aware of). Sadly, a storm destroyed 900 feet of it in December 1890. Located on the Pacific Ocean, Oceanside city is known for beaches, its pier, harbor and other water sports. The 1,400 foot pier was now down to a little more than 800 feet. April 2017 Live In Oceanside I came back to Oceanside today 11/18/17 for the first time since I was discharged from the Marine Corps in 1971. June 2019 I can't remember whatever happened to them ~ lost in time I suppose ~ ~ ~ Yea, I remember that place. It was affectionately called the "little iron wharf". In August of 1888 the local newspaper reported the wharf’s progress week by week:  1,000 feet, then 1,100 feet and then 1,340 feet long -- close to its intended length of 1500 feet. It can go in an hour. World War II saw Oceanside grow from a sleepy little town to a modern city. November 2015 January 2018 At a cost of $5 million dollars the pier is 1900 feet long and once again the source of Oceanside’s Pride. The current pier was built and formally opened to the public in September 1987, at a cost of $5 million. The pier was closed while the city decided how to fund the building of a new pier and how it would be built. I didn't go swimming but I did walk out into the water for old time sake. Food Oceanside Pier In 1888, the local wharf company constructed the first wooden pier at a length of 1200 feet. Home However, the money raised by each name carved went to help fund Oceanside’s Centennial Celebration in 1988. After the demise of Oceanside's first wharf in 1891 the beaches were covered with its debris. The building contract was given to the Great American Bridge Company of San Francisco and its superintendent was J.P. Sheldon. Cloud Hotel was on the corner of Third and Cleveland, the South Pacific near the corner of Third and Pacific and the bathhouse was just below. Three hundred signatures were needed to get on the April ballot. In 1946, the people of Oceanside passed a $175,000 bond issue to build the longest pier -- 1,900 feet on the West Coast. The wharf fund was raised by subscription with $28,000 being pledged, amounts ranging from $10 to $5,000. When the end of the pier was ripped off by the storm surf, because of the danger the large pieces of the pier posed to boaters and people, we towed several VERY large pieces of the pier to Harbor Beach to be dismantled. Had a lot of perch as well down there. Photo Blogs By 1915 storms had damaged the pier extensively. One on each side of Hill St, (It's still Hill St. to us). Oceanside's second pier was known as the "iron" wharf. Read about all the amazing surprises you could find while strolling in the city and all the must see places. Oceanside has always loved its pier and it would not be the same without it. Originally constructed in 1888, the historic Oceanside Pier is a must-visit. The first thing I thought when I looked at the pier is that I didn't remember it being that long. July 2017 However, it appears that that the wharf was never built to completion and although it could be used for fishing and recreation it was never able to be used for commercial shipping purposes. 1 priority in the redevelopment plans for downtown" but it would be over a decade before a sixth pier was built. I'd like to book some shows but wonder if there is a good vibe and if any big names played there, ever. You can imagine the surprise when I showed up in places where people knew me well, like restaurants, bars, friend's homes, etc, and I was still kickin' rocks ~ ~ ~ So cool to get your diploma as you watch the waves coming in. Oceanside was founded in 1883. January 2017 Perhaps because more people can remember the fifth pier and our pride in it, it is often talked about wistfully and fondly. January 2015 Eventually this structure would again succumb to the merciless waves. Oceanside Tourism; Oceanside Hotels; ... south of SpringHill Suites to undergo some renovations and then it will be moved to the Northwest corner of Pacific and Pier View as part of the new resort that's u..." Learn More. Oceanside has had six piers since its incorporation in 1888. Rest in peace, mom. The Oceanside pier is a beloved landmark and although the relentless waves and violent storms have claimed our piers over the years, our city continues to repair or rebuild. April 2015 The pier was closed after being deemed unsafe by deep-sea divers and engineers. Cool place to see a concert. The same year saw the construction of the building which was to house the Oceanside Public Library until 1971. In April of 1976 a 600-square-foot section of the southwest corner behind the Pier Cafe collapsed during a storm. Its history begins in the agriculture-rich San Luis Rey Valley, which was first explored by the Spanish Explorer Portola in 1769, followed by the founding of the … Some bass. The wooden pier itself has been rebuilt several times, most recently in 1988. Very cool to have lunch and hopefully see a dolphin or two cruise by. Dec 11, 2018 - The rich history of Oceanside, California. Business In 1925 several designs for a new pier were proposed and the building of a concrete pier was considered. The bid was accepted and work began the same month. But it wasn’t until 1903 that Oceanside would have a new pier, its third. Resources My parents were owners of the original Pier Café. August 2016 I just returned to this area after being gone 39 years. Some day I'm going there just to eat that wonderful fish. September 2017 Citizens proposed extending it yet again in 1900, but it was damaged severely in 1902 by heavy storms. Problems continued to plague the pier and by 1978 a storm ripped off an additional 200 feet, leaving the historic landmark a mere 1,000 feet. Spent many many winter nights on that pier fishing for Lobster when in season. The American Bridge Company out of San Francisco started construction in May of 1888. I heard the pier went down in a storm some time ago...this the new Restaurant that is there now. Closest thing to heaven!! Oceanside Historical Landmark The Pier has been an icon in Oceanside since the city’s inception, with the first iteration being constructed shortly after the city incorporated in 1888. In 1908 the Oceanside Electric Co. offered to light the pier free for one year if the city would agree to pay for the necessary wiring. The first pier was located at the end of Couts Street. Unused lumber blocked Pacific Street and calls to finish building were numerous. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Business Success Stories https://www.oceansidechamber.com/.../history-of-the-oceanside-pier We took her ashes for one last walk on the pier and brought back so many memories. Oceanside's first pier is gone but it has been written deep into the history of Oceanside. Camp Pendleton History Of Oceanside Within days several bents and stringers were put in place and 200 feet of the approach were ready for flooring. Discover Oceanside and California like never before. August 2018 March 2018 Workforce Development, November 2020 It would indeed be very beneficial to have a wharf at the end of Third Street attracting more business and more tourists, giving Pieper a very valuable monopoly. I love my city of Oside!! Oceanside Restaurants Records are missing and it is unclear as to if Oceanside's wharf was ever completed but winter storms had reduced the wharf to 940 feet in 1890. January 2020 Storms have always taken their toll on our piers, and one of the worst storms in Oceanside’s history destroyed 385 feet of the pier in 1942. If darker fish, probably tuna or bonita. For a while you couldn't walk out there at all, closed very close to shore. In early 1986 the construction contract was awarded to Crowely International of San Francisco. Oceanside Pier Went to Oceanside to explore a bit and find film locations for the tv show Animal Kingdom on TNT. It is one of the most photographed landmarks in Oceanside and San Diego County. July 2015 The first pier was actually called a wharf, as investors hoped that Oceanside would be a commercial structure which would bring much needed lumber and other supplies. June 2020 A wharf company was formed in March of 1888 and the proposal of building Oceanside’s first pier would soon become a reality. He involved himself in community activities and continued drumming up support for his wharf. The new pier was built 3 feet higher at the end than the previous piers, helping to extend the life of the pier because the waves do their greatest damage there. A brief history follows: A wharf company was formed in March of 1888 and the proposal of building Oceanside’s first pier would soon become a reality. Business Tips Couts street was changed to Wisconsin in 1927. The board is sadly now deteriorated. July 2019 Military Stroll The Pier. The pier was first built in 1888 at what is now Wisconsin Avenue. Pieper traveled to San Francisco in December of 1893 to meet with Mr. Anson P. Hotaling, owner of the South Pacific Hotel, (and considerable property throughout the city) to persuade him to support the building a pier that would be beneficial for the hotel. They used to have a series of concerts in the summer. I saw Eddie Money there back in the 90's. The pier that survived the roaring '20s, the Depression and World War II was weakened to a point where its safety was questioned. Is there any plans to replace them, or could we pay for replacement? McCullah Sport Fishing took enthusiasts out to fishing barges anchored over the kelp beds a mile out. Anyone know any of the history of live music that have performed at the oceanside amphitheater? A proposal was made for a Bond Election to reconstruct the Oceanside pier. In 1891 Melchior Pieper, owner of the South Pacific Hotel, originated the idea of rebuilding the wharf. 1896 In June the wharf committee ordered 440 feet of iron pipe, which arrived from St. Louis in August. Voters approved a $100,000 bond issue in 1926 to build a fourth pier. Entertainment In 1896 at a cost of $2,000 it was extended. We use to catch bonita at end of the pier when I was younger. So, they ID'd the guy as me and for about 10 days I was officially 'dead'. We can't find it any more I'm assuming due to weather. I will probably never see it again. August 2015 Pretty good food.Still walk out to the end of the pier for Ruby's. You won’t find Couts Street on any map, but it’s there--the name was changed back in 1927 to Wisconsin Street.

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