$139.95. With the help of only a few materials required to build this design, it’s pretty cost effective yet extremely sturdy! They are extremely heavy, and would severely injure a small child or pet. Hook your tape measure to the top edge of a side panel, extend the tape and place marks at the following dimensions: 3/4, 10 1/4, 20 3/4, 31 3/4 and 44 1/2 in. Your books will be casually resting on a metal hook without anyone knowing about it. After the cut, untape the cleats and reposition them so the marks on the opposite side are aligned for the next cut. Sturdy on flat surface. Though this design will look great, while hanging on the wall, and might also catch the attention of your guests, it wouldn’t be very practical to install this for a large number of books. Make the vertical pieces 48 in. To join the sides and shelves, first lay a side panel on a few 2 x 4s placed on the floor. Choose the same wood species to trim the edges, using glue, and nails if needed. Apply glue to one of the vertical members and nail it to the case so its edge is flush with the side. If one doesn’t desire to keep it in its natural tone of the wood, it can be simply spray painted into vivid hues to match the interiors or to bring life to a wall. It’s even more exciting if it can be created! We would love to hear from you ! It can be made to use in a girls room, to add that feminine touch for the space. Interesting looking, cosy design, that enables you to just warm up and grab a great read from within the shelves placed at the bottom of this chair. – “add 10 percent to the length, and it’s 10-percent less rigid” False: 33 percent less rigid assuming the same weight; in realty probably 46 percent less rigid since you will probably use the remaining space to add 10% in weight A fun design, shaped like a tree, which your child and you would love! Your email address will not be published. If the basic brown of the crate doesn’t appeal, they can spray painted in vivid hues to brighten up the room. the best architecture books that they must read and daily use. It can be hung near their bedside, for encouraging night time stories and to get them in the habit of reading later on. It gives a very country-furniture appeal, that helps it to gel with modern- contemporary and even traditional setups. Use 2d nails and glue to attach the shelf cleats to the sides. Crates DIY Bookshelf. Upholster it with a fabric of your choice and you’re ready to make the most of it! We made the case out of materials available at most building-supply dealers and lumberyards, including 1/2 x 3/4-in. Though in its actual design it doesn’t have the capacity to hold many books, not more than five or six, but it can be customised according to ones need. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 2x12 vertical solid Pine, Raw wood Guitar speaker Empty cabinet G2X12VSL RW. Designed with legs, it can be easily placed on the floor, without it being wobbly, due to the strength it holds. They could be either wooden (as suggested in the tutorial) or one can utilize any leftover metal pipes or brackets from previous home renovations. As far as the productivity goes, it can house a variety of things, such as decor items, frames, or even tiny storage boxes and most of all books. Not only does this design look chic in a house it’s also very simple yet eye-catchy. With a combination of wooden shelves and two leather belts, it’s a simple hooking the bookshelf onto the wall that comes into play to build this one. With divisions within the round table, books can be easily accessed, making the pleasure of reading more comfortable. All you have to do is just cut each crate into half, and there you go! The looks of this one is very formal when installed in any room, hence, it’s suggested to limit it to a living area, a study or your home-office. The result, cost effective and strong! If you’re looking at a twist in furniture appearance for a particular space of your house, then you might want to consider it. VHT AV-D-212E D-Series 2x12 Open-Back Empty Speaker Cabinet. Education and fun! long and glue and nail the parts in place. If looking for a fun yet productive element for your home, this one will surely appeal to you. Then this is the one for you! Rough cut and mark the back cleats in pairs. Plane the side pieces first, working from front to back to avoid splitting the corners of the front piece. }, Billy Bookcase IKEA Hack. Especially if the family is midsized to a large one! "@type": "ImageObject", Lift the side off and apply glue to the endgrain of the shelves. { Ideal for a children’s room, where their books need a compartment, but not a heavily projected one, this one is a hit for such areas. Jan 16, 2012 - If you have children or pets in your home, it would be wise to secure these to the wall. Rope Bridge Bookshelf. Assembly is quick and easy with glue and nails, and when you're done with construction you have the option of a painted or clear finish. If you do happen to make up your mind to use this wood, be sure that it wouldn’t wither away with time! DIY Stenciled Bookcase. You must be smart enough to get more out of floating shelves when you need to achieve your targeted home decor and storage goals. Then, prime and paint the bookcase according to the manufacturer's instructions. Finally, add the remaining vertical member with nails and glue. It’s another great way to use the old skateboards lying around your house, and convert them into a bookshelf! This bookshelf is a perfect example of something like that. The baskets could be organised and labelled according to the objects in it, or if one is using it only for books then they could also be sorted according to interest. Not only do they solve the purpose of storing decor objects but also daily utility things. A classic piece for displaying all things pretty like precious curios, charms, photo frames, tiny trinket boxes and last but not least,  a prized collection of books. Then, attach the vertical back cleats, leaving a 3/4-in. A large bookcase that can accommodate plenty of reading material, considering that it is 7 feet tall, this one is dirt cheap at this cost! "name": "DIY Bookshelf Plans and Ideas" But, its completely on your individual imagination, how you want to pattern them, as that’s what finally takes shape into something visually appealing and a great way to beautify those awkward corners. Looks great in a bedroom or a living area, and can be polished in a color to match the interiors of a room. One doesn’t need to begin from scratch in this one, but primarily mark out a built-in corner of the house where the placement of shelves could be done. Representing a diamond shelved design; it gels perfectly with modern interiors. The same can also be modified to suit your convenience, and can be made portable by attaching wheels instead of legs. Use this one for your DVD’s, books, or for displaying your succulents choice is yours! Garage storage and shelving solutions are abundant, but the prices can be shocking. Whether you hang it in your living room or in your courtyard, it looks really attractive, housing your favourite reads. Start a pair of 6d finishing nails at each shelf location so the points just penetrate the shelves. All we one needs to do is get hold of some really stretchable elastic, and you’re good to go. This one can easily work as a mural for your living room! Then drive the nails and set them below the surface. More details at extraordinareality.blogspot.in. An extremely portable option, this one involves are really simple building process too! The shelf looks delightful being placed on a bare wall, and if you’re able to design many such clouds to be places at a distance from each other, the wall would appear to be a mini sky! America's Aircraft Are Barely Ready for War, Intelligent Life Can't Exist Anywhere Else, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If necessary, tack a diagonal brace across the back to hold it while the glue sets. Before you get into these DIY furniture ideas and furniture restoration, we recommend making a list of old furniture like old doors, windows, dressers, ladders, curbside TV, old bookshelves, old chairs, and even the old baby cribs. This bookshelf displays a simple and concise design, which has an equally easy way of building it. The bookcase turned out to be magnificent, it’s designed to perfection. So, just pick out these 85 inexpensive and unique DIY floating shelves that are quick to build, with no visible supports and strong enough. These marks indicate the top edges of the shelf cleats. It is always best to utilise old furniture and refurbish it into something that looks as good as new, rather than discarding it. Suspended by ropes on either side for hanging on hooks, it gives a very marine-like look. }, When considering something for your home-office or a study room, this design will be a great choice. Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Can be considered as one of the classics in furniture, this one holds good amount books due to its sturdy property, once being built with solid wood and not ply. Distinctive in its look, this one looks extremely cute when hung in a child’s room. 2x12 vertical solid Pine, Raw wood Guitar speaker Empty cabinet G2X12VSL RW. Always use straight boards. Then, add each horizontal member with glue and nails, keeping the top edges flush with the shelf tops. As far as Kreg Jig project plans go, this is my favorite. plywood to 2 1/2 x 24 in. Also would look great in their room! the larger the book, the deeper is the shelf needed and vice versa. Then I built a set in my basement that could only be … parting strip, 1 x 2, 1 x 4 and 1 x 10 common pine and 1/4-in.-thick lauan plywood. With that regard, whether you tend to shift homes or just like to keep re-setting furniture from one room of the house to another, this one will totally work to your advantage. Multi-purpose in its design, it can be made to look ultra chic, when in contrast to the colour of the wall it’s placed on, along with keeping the upholstery of the room in mind. Another way of doing the books would be the ones with beautiful covers can be stacked together and the worn out ones be kept inside the basket, so that they don’t look ugly outside. long to match the sides and mark the horizontal members at 29 1/2 in. A fun idea for your kids’ bedroom, this design can be made by using a simple cloud design. Run it from the ceiling to the floor or just confine it to half a wall, it looks magnificent. (And Ramona agrees.) in front of the top shelf rear edge to provide room for the back panel. Keep in mind, though, that extending the width of the cabinet may require the addition of central shelf supports. It is an extremely simple, low cost design involving only 1% wastage of the material being used. Enjoy building your own! parting strip. Attach the back panels to the case with glue and 1-in. } It may seem that they are stuck to the wall, but they really would be not. A simple method to do so is by stacking them and arranging them in a way that they don’t fall off. As for basic tools, you'll need a portable circular saw, hammer, block plane, combination square, tape measure, metal rule, two clamps, nail set and putty knife. A simple, easy to build design, primarily introduced by Shanty2Chic- that is run by two DIY-professional- sisters who create attractive yet affordable furniture designs for homes. It seems one of our plans, the "Round the Corner" bookshelf has disappeared on us. "author": "Sudarshan Kar", Sand the entire bookcase with 120- followed by 220-grit sandpaper. If you are making shelves where the color and grain of the wood is an important part of the design, look for oak, maple, or cherry plywood—these options will still offer durability, but will help keep costs down compared to with non-manufactured hardwoods of the same species. The kitchen table can house your cookery books, which you may want to refer to during your time in the kitchen. Lay both side pieces edge to edge with the marks on the outer edges and use a rule or straightedge to extend the shelf locations across both panels at once. Tack a straight strip to the panel to serve as a guide for your circular saw and cut the stock to size. A large cube with segregated box-like sections, this is a great way to display books along with other prized decor possessions. A fun fact, you can always take help of the younger member in your house to build this up, as it’s not too high, and they can easily reach it. Please read through the entire plan and all comments before beginning this project. Hidden cleats secure them to the walls. ), this one idea shall help you build what you need. Paint some old crates and then have fun rearranging them to a design of your … A great way to encourage reading in children, the simple apparatus would help you achieve it. However, you could use this in the children’s or your bedroom, in case you’re looking for something to support your night time reading needs. A tri-sectional bookshelf, with sufficient space to house books or can be used for storage too. Start with a simple framing lumber 2x12. Can be considered as one of the classics in furniture, this one holds good amount books due to its sturdy property, once being built with solid wood and not ply. The first look at this bookshelf would take you back to the popular game of Tetris, as the shelves are inspired by it. 16. Read this guide to know how to build DIY fire pits. It helps to lean the plane against the case to maintain a uniform angle. The productivity is plenty, not only can you use it only for books but also to stack stationary stands, picture frames and daily use trinkets, along with some house planters- the final product a perky bookshelf. Representing a circle, this design has spiritual origins. The final product can also be used as an entertainment unit, housing a television, books and things of your interest along with ample storage to keep other utility objects. "description": "You've heard of fire pits, but did you know that you make make one right now in your backyard? Thoroughly dust off the case with a tack rag. gap at the bottom of each back cleat for a shelf. The earlier one picks up the habit of reading, the better it is. Drink crates that have been discarded after a house party, can be made to use here. Can be placed under the staircase or on the front foyer of the house, it would look good almost anywhere. So, one doesn’t need to walk to a bookshelf situated in some area of the house, to grab a book, but can sit on this bench and pull one out from the lower section. This particular design gives an industrial look which works well with both contemporary and traditional home decors, with an extremely simple assembly. ... MAIN BOOKSHELF - CAN BE MADE ALONE OR ADDED TO SIDES. Our pine bookcase features simple construction and it's designed to be built with basic woodworking tools. How to build it? This bookshelf comes with plenty of curves that form shelves, giving a lot of storage for all sized books. "@type": "ImageObject", The books are made to look as if hanging from the bookshelf, since its inverted design is quite distinct in its own way. An out-of the box design, you may rarely see this in anyone else’s home, making it quite unique. Cut a piece of 1/2-in. Required fields are marked *. A dresser that can be extended by adding shelves on either side to store books, this design can be altered to suit ones book needs, i.e. No shelf appears to be of the same size that makes it a pretty catchy piece. "dateModified": "2019-02-13", recess for the back panel. How can you build your DIY Furniture with these Free Plans? Looks great with a smooth finish and a wood color of your choice, and can be combined with materials such as glass rather than going the all-wood way. Try this DIY for your house and you’ll love how useful it will be for you. Great for little children who love to pull each book out of the book rack in order to see the cover and then decide which one they would really like to hear the story to, as some of them may not read themselves. into the 2 x 4s. Free Floating Wall Shelves Woodworking Plan These easy-to-build floating shelves use crown molding and plywood cap for a refined look that is easy to accomplish. Then you might want to give this a shot. long. When cutting the back cleats with the T-guide, first gang them together so all the marks on one side align. Its low level design can be dually used as a bookcase as well as a bench. deep x 34 in. The design is so impressive and productive that it can house several books at one time. The bookcase involves using your old kitchen cabinets, and building new shelves on top of them. The inspiration for this Industrial bookcase plan was taken straight from … If you have an old guitar lying in your house that you just don’t want to let go of, due to an emotional attachment, here is a great way of re-using it, by converting it into a bookcase. We may earn commission if you buy from a link. This design makes for a distinctive coffee table, not worrying about the extra space required to accommodate a separate bookshelf. A great idea for kids who love to swim or just be near the water, this one can be used to display their books along with bright patterned photo frames. Simply built on a ladder with wooden planks going through each level, it can be made to look cheerful by painting it in a bright color and placing it in a living space. addicted2diy. Ana White has spent the last decade designing and building furniture plans, and sharing them on her website and YouTube. This corner could be below the staircase or the corner of a living room that hasn’t been used in a productive fashion. Go through this tutorial to learn how to do that, which will not only help you with instructions but also exhibit plenty of images for understanding the construction better. Ah, dollhouse bookcase, I love you. "image": { The shelf appears perky yet productive and adds a charming look to the wall it’s hung on. Apart from having storage capacity within the bookshelf, things could also be displayed on top of it, and the best thing about this design is that the shelves can be adjusted according to the size of the object being stored. Simple stylish design yet functional and suitable for any... Material: Manufactured from Engineered particle board. Place the T-guide against the edge of the stock and align its trimmed end with the cut line. Also, if you are fortunate enough to be living near a beautiful water body, this design is ideal to be adapted with your surroundings. "height": "844", Be it a country looking stack of shelves or an industrial one, this unit shall be work for a lot of different things, especially books. long. This bookshelf takes zilch space in the room, and very little on the wall it’s placed on. Rip the four lower shelves to 8 7/8 in. Most of the ideas discussed earlier use trips to the market, but this one surely takes the place for grabbing something from your storehouse. This free media cabinet plan from Build Something is in a slightly rustic farmhouse style but it certainly can add different hardware and paint to give it a more modern look if you'd like.. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, How To Build This Great-Looking Storage Bench, 7 DIY Projects You Can Tackle This Weekend, Make a Kitchen Table That Will Last Generations, Garden All Winter With This DIY Hydroponic System, How To Turn Your Basement Into a DIY Utopia. Mar 4, 2017 - Explore Ashley Duevel's board "Bookshelf Plans", followed by 355 people on Pinterest. You can keep the books lying sideways one on top of another in case you think keeping them as shown in the picture might be damaging to the binding. It’s important to take care of your books just the way they continue to entertain and absorb you. Ana’s goal is simple – to help people improve their … The side panels on our bookcase are 48 in. Made of vinyl rain gutters, this is probably the cheapest of most bookshelves discussed above. The combination of metal and wood in this bookshelf gives it a very professional appearance. Then, plane the front piece to match. How convenient is that! For example, I used the same plans to build 2 sets only 3 feet tall on my wife’s side of the barn. Cut to length. "url": "https://cdn.homesthetics.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/logonew2.png" Have children at home? 12 Amazing DIY Furniture Projects by Student Builders, How to Build a Backyard Pergola: Simple DIY Woodworking Project, Know Your Stuff: The 110 Best DIY Tips Ever, How to Build and Install Raised Garden Beds, How to Start Woodworking in a Basement or Apartment, 5 Pro Painting Tips Every Amateur Should Know: DIY Guy. If you plan to paint your bookcase, first apply two coats of shellac over each knot to prevent the knots from bleeding through the final paint job. Butt the crossbar of the T-guide against the edge of a piece of scrap lumber, tack the guide in place and make a cut through the 1 x 4 with your saw base guided by the plywood strip. One is never alone in the world of books. Popular Mechanics participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Very inexpensive and affordable, this bookcase comes with four wooden shelves placed at a considerable gap, to house large to smaller books, not worrying about if a particular favourite of yours would fit or not! This rack is a great craft at home idea that is made of fabric, through which the child can see the picture on the book and pull it out. Due to that it makes it very practical for a small home-office or even a children’s room. It makes for a great centrepiece on a console table or a side-board. plywood to 2 1/2 x 24 in. While it's meant to rest on the floor, you can convert the bookcase to a wall-mounted storage unit by leaving off the baseboard. Take all necessary precautions to build safely and smartly. }, Your email address will not be published. Use a handsaw to cut the pieces slightly oversize, then gang the pieces together with masking tape. "mainEntityOfPage": "https://homesthetics.net/diy-bookshelf/", It’s designed in order to reclaim those old condemned drawers that you think cannot be used in any way. More details at smalltowncraftfair.blogspot.in. This one idea won’t let you down! Floating shelves provide a great, modern look, but they aren't always cheap, and it can be tough to find the exact wood tone you want. While the depth of the case is directly tied to the 1 x 10 stock, you can vary the height, width and shelf spacing to suit your needs. Use a putty knife to fill the nail holes with wood filler and let the compound dry. Other supplies include glue, nails, sandpaper, wood filler and varnish or paint and shellac. A great way to re-use an old piece, in this case a ladder, this one ensures that you make most of what is already available in your house. The detailed manual in the link below is very comprehensive in order to help for the desired design. 4. Use 1 x 4 stock for the front and two side baseboard pieces. Only by adding a few layers in this built in corner, one can convert it into an attractive bookshelf that’s way more appealing than leaving that area bare. The wood is popular for furniture to be handed down to generations, and one can never go wrong while building a piece with this heartwood. No matter how easy this sounds, it’s always better to follow the instruction guide for the same. Another marvel primarily originated from the DIY queens, Shanti2Chic, this one comes with wide shelf’s to allow a dual stack of books on one  level, or one can store books on one side and a decor object on the other to bring some character. Though it cannot store many books, but it still is a very concise design for few books displayed together.

2x12 bookshelf plans

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