I was only 14. He shuts the door, sits on his bed, takes a record out of the bag. Industry insiders joked that it had been shipped gold and “returned platinum.” Or as Casablanca cofounder Larry Harris put it, “It hit the floor with a lifeless, echoing thud.”. Kiss - Alive II (Guitar Recorded Versions) KISS. Since their first gig in 1973, the foursome had performed only in Kabuki-style makeup, black leather costumes, and towering platform shoes. 4.8 out of 5 stars 31. Maybe a label liked a certain producer’s work on another song, so they ask them to tweak this one; or they bring in a new writer to fine-tune a few words or add a post-chorus. Was: $29.99. is recorded for Alive II. Hey, remember when it was cool to be a Kiss … This is live CDs that was recorded on February 28th, 2003, in Melbourne, Australia, with the Melbourne Symphony Ensemble & Orchestra. Onstage, Gene Simmons, the Israeli-born bassist with a 7-inch tongue, spat fire and fake blood at the audience. was not very "tight" musically and that the entire KISS ALIVE album except or Best Offer. to life in a way that would please our fans without compromising our integrity. Sometimes Peter's tempo was off just a bit on the drums. The interviewer had said that the album couldn't Kiss followed it with the release of Alive III the following year; it performed respectably, but was not up to the standards of their two previous live records. Mental Floss may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. "Rock and Roll All Nite" (live) backed with the original studio version of Kiss replaced him with Eric Singer and recorded Revenge (1992), their first album since 1989; it was a Top Ten hit and went gold. While you can find these on the original albums, such as "Destroyer" or "Alive," a fun part of collecting 45s is listening to the previously unreleased B sides.You can also find: KISS box sets; Picture discs; Reissues; Remastered releases The Japanese version of Alive! “If I sold a million copies, I would’ve had a house up in [Beverly Hills].” Not only are the rates low, but artists also have to somehow make their songs stand out from the tens of thousands of other new songs released each week, which Capellaro admits is “virtually impossible.”. LP W Booklet VG+/ G. $9.50. '. “I wanted it to feel like MTV Unplugged.” The hard-to-please executive was duly impressed. The result was unprecedented. AU $12.20 postage. Ultimately, Bogart’s excessive spending habits, along with his prodigious cocaine use at Casablanca HQ, led to his ouster from the label in 1980. A couple of names were dropped and KISS was mentioned, since 10 weeks and reaching as high as #12. some of the guitar solos, but we didn't have the time or money to completely Nevertheless, certain core elements remain, including Criss’s drum tracks, lead singer Paul Stanley’s stage banter, and the propulsive fury of early singles “Deuce” and “Strutter,” in which the band’s energy soars in response to the sound of thousands of screaming fans. Home Recording magazine producer/engineer Eddie Kramer was asked about recording The local news interviewed the two men that were the guys holding the poster on the back cover and they showed the original poster they had made. Kiss - Kiss Vinyl. That said, the camaraderie born in the studio is hard to recreate on a computer screen, and songwriters are eager to experience that again. was the first album from the band to go Gold, then platinum Even if you already took advantage of sales during Black Friday or Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday still has plenty to offer, especially on Amazon. I was listening to this album from an audio cassette that was not the original, but one of my friends recorded a complete album on cassette, and then, we - boys, re-recorded this album from each other. AU $80.00. Commemorating Alive! Needless to say, it couldn’t happen without the songwriters. So what does a songwriting career actually look like? Alive! Other times, the song gets tweaked by so many writers and producers that it’s no longer the original songwriter’s personal opus. Because the goal is to create a song that feels personal to the artist, songwriters usually prefer to work directly with them whenever possible. Alive! Alive! A live setting is a different animal than a studio. “You can start from any place,” Capellaro says. By the end of 1975, major rock bands from Blue Öyster Cult to REO Speedwagon suddenly found themselves opening for Kiss. -Peter Criss, Makeup to Breakup, p. 107 He even convinced Kiss to record a cover of “Kissin’ Time”—a single by ’60s teen idol Bobby Rydell—as a promotional tie-in for a nationwide kissing contest called “The Great Kiss-Off.”. Behind every club banger and power ballad is an eclectic team of individuals, each with their own role in its creation and promotion. Get exclusive deals, product news, reviews, and more with the Mental Floss Smart Shopping newsletter. To this end, Rock And Roll Over was recorded at the disused Star Theatre in Nanuet, New York, with Eddie Kramer, the producer of Alive! Not that we didn't want to hit the right notes...but the reality of playing in a theatrical rock band is that mistakes are not uncommon. both Kiss and Casablanca, Alive! I was just on your show yesterday, and now I’m bringing you sea bass.” A producer who caught the performance later reached out to Capellaro and ended up inviting him to his studio for songwriting sessions—which yielded hits for Chris Brown and Boyz II Men. Eddie Kramer, who produced Alive and Alive II, Comments On Alive! Alive! The audience rarely even recognizes the clunkers–they're too caught up in the show. was subtitled Crazy Beast (Running Amok) I just want to work with that person, and once they reach out I end up formulating songs in the vein of their stuff.”, Songwriters like Capellaro and Stonestreet, who are signed to music publishing companies, mainly do work on songs for fellow artists. "Alive!" Alive! I’m like, ‘Yeah, I don’t think the idea works. as the second-best album of the year behind Led Front cover of the Alive! According to Gene Simmons own autobiography Kiss and Make-Up, "There have always been rumors that the Alive! Though it seems like it could be difficult to constantly fork over songs that they might want to release themselves, the collaborative nature of the business prevents this from being a major issue. He died of cancer two years later at age 39, having just created Boardwalk Records and signed the then-unknown rock goddess Joan Jett.

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