Select a range of cells to place in your chart. This should be a description of each item, not the … Step 2. Steps 1. Note: In bar charts and charts that display a date axis, the data table is not attached to the horizontal axis of the chart — it is placed below the axis and aligned to the chart. This legend is in the least useful corner position. Step 3. Type the word “Legend” in the first cell of your range. In an Excel chart, the series is in a particular order, and the legend entries are listed in their own particular order based on certain criteria. By deleting the legend entries that you do not want. Figure 3. Spreadsheet Legend 8. Tip: If you already display a legend in the chart, you can clear the Show legend keys check box. How to show Excel legends on Chart. This wikiHow teaches you how to change the name or value of a chart's legend entries in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, using a computer. A chart legend simply […] Moving, formatting or hiding the chart legend. The main reason why a legend is in the Excel chart is to explain what type of data is being displayed in any of the colors. To hide the legend, click the Chart Elements button in the upper-right corner of the chart and uncheck the Legend box. Figure 2. You can then select where to place the legend. A good example is a chart that compares voter turnout for the last three voter seasons … To add a legend to a chart, select the chart, then from the Design tab in the ribbon, select Add Chart Element, and Legend. Even Excel knows this is an untenable position. When this position is selected, the chart scrunches up into the opposite corner, and the chart’s text autoshrinks to 5.5 pt. Step 1. When you click this command button, Excel displays a menu of commands with each command corresponding to a location in which the chart legend can be placed. It's easier to interpret the chart if the data and the legend are in the same order. 10. Click the Layout tab, then Legend. When you create a chart in Excel, the default legend appears at the bottom of the chart, and to the right of the chart in Excel 2010 and earlier versions. Example: Select Show Legend at Right . The range should be near your data, such as the top, bottom or sides of the data. Sometimes, there's a need to move the series within a chart or within a legend. Find the spreadsheet you want to edit on your computer, and double-click on its icon to open the worksheet. Legends are needed when you have more than one row of data in your chart. From the Legend drop-down menu, select the position we prefer for the legend. Click the legend box; now click the an unwanted entry; press delete Be careful to select the entire entry - it you select just the marker, the data series is removed from chart Begin by making a copy of the chart- hold CTRL and drag chart to do this-this saves … 9. Type each item you wish to include in your legend. How can I do this? Q. I’d like to provide a “legend” so people know what the different Conditional Formatting colors mean in Excel. Legend contains a simple square that shows the descriptive text and the color. In Excel, you can use the Add Chart Element→ Legend command on the Design tab to add or remove a legend to a pivot chart. Open the Excel spreadsheet file you want to edit. Add legend to an Excel chart. Adding a legend. The legend will then appear in the right side of the graph. Click anywhere on the chart. Legends explain what each color on a chart refers to.

what is legend in excel

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