It shapes your culture and strategy, casting a vision for the future and illuminating a path to get there. A consulting engagement to create a new strategic narrative for an organization. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. What is it? © Copyright People Lab 2013, All rights reserved. It can bring people together: align both internal and external stakeholders to a single mission and journey. Why do we need it? They created them. When I first saw that 'Strategic Narrative' was one of the enablers of Employee Engagement, according to David MacLeod and Nita Clarke's report, I was mystified. A strategic narrative is an intentional, compelling story that connects the enduring values of your organization to a story of change to demonstrate how you will not only endure, but adapt and innovate to thrive in new conditions.. Find the question/s on understanding… in particular the question about how well people understand your firm’s goals and/or strategy. While a clear purpose helps employees reaffirm why they should be part of an organisation, the envisioned future should inspire them with what can be achieved by pulling together. As of July 1, LinkedIn will no longer support the Internet Explorer 11 browser. This is where the strategic narrative comes in. A strategic narrative is an ongoing story and can come in all shapes and sizes. You can take a look at Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell’s the ‘hero’s journey’ when it comes to narrative structure, but for a more simple solution, try starting with these key questions: c)    Keep the story alive – personalise the narrative: A strategic narrative should contain some non-negotiable elements to keep things on track. That type of thinking poses a risk that companies don’t want to take. A strategic narrative centers on a leader’s ability to articulate a clear and compelling vision and strategy for the future of the organization. The 15 page article was titled A National Strategic Narrative by Mr. Y (a pseudonym for Captain Porter and Colonel Mykleby, reminiscent of the X Article which helped galvanize U.S. consensus on Containment of the Soviet Union from the 1940s up until the collapse of the Soviet Union decades later). Comms, leadership and Pim de Morree at the…, When the going gets tough, the comms gets…. Strategic narrative sets out a compelling case of where the organisation is going, and why. Strategic narratives also help develop the rationale for war efforts. 2. A great strategic narrative should provide a comprehensive and meaningful worldview. Strategic corporate narratives will be unique … b)   Build it up with a narrative structure: All good strategic narratives answer key questions about the journey an organisation is on, whilst good storytelling is an art, most stories have an underlying structure. There are numerous case studies out there, which demonstrate the value a strategic narrative has in improving employee engagement. Strategies outline a plan of action, and strategic narratives describe the journey a business is on. While the content here is specific to Uberflip, you can use the same structure to build a strategic narrative for anything you pitch to anyone: 1. Employees are more likely to ‘own it’ if they are able to bring the narrative to life in a way that works well for their team. In doing so, it also provides the dramatic tension the narrative needs in order to capture your audience’s attention. 3) Add – What should a strategic narrative include? It articulates the organization’s clear sense of purpose, identity and values to its audience. Strategic Narrative Embodiment (SNE) is an applied theatre methodology that has been developed for application in leadership and organisation development contexts. It’s the lens through which your small business perceives itself and the lens through which outsiders perceive your small business. One last thought, in really great strategic narratives, employees are the heroes of the story. Leader’s should aim their narrative at a clear vision to engage employees. It’s not a coincidence that the mantra of IBM’s founder, Tom Watson, was THINK ; IBM’s last marketing strategy was based on the idea of a Smarter Planet; and its current strategy is based on the idea of Cognitive Business. A strategic narrative is not what you say, it’s what you do. If employees believe in why change needs to happen and the benefits it will create, they will be more likely to engage in it, and a strategic narrative can help explain this change in a clear and inspiring way. In his book ‘Leading Change’, John Kotter identifies the need to establish a sense of urgency for the change, by showing understanding of the current reality of where the business is, and the challenges it faces. strategic narrative. While you and your leaders may set the direction and end destination of the narrative, it will take the engagement and energy of your employees to get your organisation there!

what is a strategic narrative

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