Martin Stranka is a self-taught professional photographer, born on April 13, 1984 in Czech Republic. You’ll find that many techniques involved in sports photography are also useful in this niche. The Kodak Ektar 100 gives out a nice vibrant color, especially in red and blue tones. A metro tunnel, a curving staircase, or a box-like building can become alien structures without people around to show their purpose. Common photography problems can really take the enjoyment out of taking pictures. At times it can seem like there is absolutely nothing around to photograph and you are left with the dilemma of what to photograph.We have already done all of the regular photo subjects, from the birds on our backyard fence to our states or countries most famous landmarks, and we are having trouble coming up with ideas of things to photograph. 32 Totally Not Weird Non-Sexual Fetishes You Might Have. Sometimes you just really love something inanimate, intangible, or non-human... by Dan Dalton. The only difference really, is that it’s just a few clicks away and there’s no German bouncer in a clown wig guarding the door (once again, I am so sorry Rolf).And while you might think you know what stirs the primal urges in your mind, there’s a good chance you’ve only scratched the surface. The DxO ONE digital camera is a weird one as it doesn't work as a camera in its own right, it needs to plug into an Apple iPhone in order to work. As one of the more technical pastimes you can pursue, it can be pretty confusing at times. This smartphone add-on … Go-to film for landscape and architecture photography, your photos will definitely pop. Wildlife photography typically takes place in challenging conditions in some of the most dangerous and remote parts of the world. Achievable using a variety of methods, macro and close-up is a fun way to get some really special and unique photographs. The internet is basically like the weirdest underground kink club. Beyond classical painting and sculpture, today's avant-garde artists often experiment with unexpected materials and unconventional methods of creating. 12 Weird & Disturbing Photography Genres You Didn't Know Existed. Martin's distinctive vision of photography etched as a unique space located in a balance and serenity, while his sophisticated and rewarding images exists in that narrow space of a few seconds between dreaming and awakening. Disturbing, enlightening and totally offbeat. Their curves, colors, and shapes can verge on the bizarre when you remove people from the scene. Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur, or just taking a picture with friends, the proper use of … Consider as you read the ways in which these angles may come into play in your future photographs. Some types of architecture seem like they’re meant for abstract photography. Disturbing, enlightening and totally offbeat. Ximo Michavila – CPH Architecture #31 Type: Color negative film Price: $5.50 per 36-exposure roll. Not all fetishes are sexual. Types of Caterpillars – Big Headed Caterpillar. Different art mediums open up a host of possibilities. Macro photography has the potential to bring us into a whole new, tiny world. In this article, we have a variety of both standard and unique angles in photography. Not everybody can be a wildlife photographer, which is why people pay a good amount of money for these types of photos. Image: This bizarre creature is found below the altitude of 600m in undisturbed, subtropical rain forest, and survives entirely on the vine Carronia multisepalea , a collapsed shrub that provides the food and habitat the moth requires in order to breed.

weird types of photography

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