Before that, she learned her way around professional kitchens as a pastry cook in New York. The best stainless steel cookware, including sets without aluminum and budget stainless steel that works with induction from brands like All-Clad and KitchenAid. Magic Line pans aren’t completely nonstick, but they do release cakes better than Fat Daddio’s, the only other brand to come in so many sizes. If the USA pan sells out, or if you’re really averse to the corrugated texture, go for the Calphalon Nonstick Bakeware, Rectangular Cake Pan, 9-inch by 13-inch (and the corresponding square pan). And at around $15, it won’t break the bank, even if you buy two or three. This is a heavy-duty item, designed to last. It also has an excellent 4.8 star rating across over 600 reviews on Amazon. The De Buyer fry pan is sold in six sizes to ensure … Your email address is required to identify you for free access to content on the site. Whether you’re an avid home baker or just an occasional one, a good set of cake pans—in a few shapes and sizes—will help you turn out better, moister, and more beautiful baked goods every time. The banana bread had a tall dome with an attractive crack running down the center; when turned out of the pan, the sides of this loaf came up higher than those of the ones baked in Farberware’s Nonstick Bakeware 9 by 5-inch loaf pan, Wilton’s Recipe Right Medium Loaf Pan, or Chicago Metallic’s Commercial II Uncoated 1½ Pound Loaf Pan. free shipping on orders over $19! The nonstick coating on T-Fals pots and pans makes them foolproof when it comes to turning out crepes, frittatas, and other sticky foods. 5.0 out of 5 stars FINALLY! Rose Levy Beranbaum says it’s her “favorite pan,” and Tish Boyle is also a fan. Both the Parrish Magic Line pan and Williams-Sonoma’s Traditional touch pan released the cake in one piece (though a thin layer of cake got left behind in both), but both cakes came out very pale and with a nearly underdone, slightly sunken center. Plus the wide lip jutting out from the rim of these pans makes them easy to pick up and flip over. Williams-Sonoma claims that the Goldtouch coating is more durable, but we don’t think it’s worth the extra money. You will also receive free newsletters and notification of America's Test Kitchen … I also looked at threads on forums like Chowhound, Food52, and Cake Central. If you already own a few cake pans but find yourself frustrated by overcooked edges or uneven cakes, it might be time to upgrade to a better pan. All of our cookware is manufactured in select factories in the USA, Italy, and France, so you know the environmental and labor standards are up to … But first let’s learn more about USA Pans: First and foremost USA Pans are really USA pans! A good alternative, this pan is durable but it’s slightly less nonstick than our main pick. The metal thickness of the USA Pan aluminized steel bakeware is designed to allow even distribution of heat. If you compare their 10-inch skillet to the tri-ply. The reflective aluminum sides will deflect heat, meaning your cakes may need a few extra minutes in the oven. To test the round pans, we first baked a simple yellow cake, using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, with a buttered and floured pan. The Cuisinart Easy Grip Bakeware 9-Inch Round Cake Pan was recommended by Tish Boyle and is the only pan with handles, but it wasn’t a full 2 inches deep and baked cakes too dark. If you can’t find this pan in stock, King Arthur sells a version stamped with their logo. All of the experts we spoke to agreed that this is the most common size a recipe will call for, and the best choice if you’re going to buy only one size. Bar Keeper’s Friend will work well and keep your pots and pans looking great. This pan (which also comes in a square version) is sturdy, and the nonstick coating feels durable. We started this guide with the basic shapes (round, square/rectangular, and loaf) because they're the most versatile and can work with both sweet and savory recipes. Some people are also reluctant to use nonstick cookware because of concerns that PTFE coatings (such as Teflon) can cause cancer. Vremi 15 Piece Nonstick Cookware Set. First was a basic banana bread recipe from Cook’s Illustrated (also available without a subscription from Leite’s Culinaria). Based on their performance in the round cake pan test, we skipped a few pans we would have otherwise tested: Williams-Sonoma’s Goldtouch Nonstick Square and Rectangular are made by USA, and they were the top choice of Cook’s Illustrated, but were too expensive at almost twice the price of the USA pans. For that reason, you’ll never see them in professional kitchens, and Nick Malgieri told me he “would never trust them.” He prefers uncoated pans, which may be prone to sticking, but will work just fine if lined with parchment. That being said, nonstick pans can be easy to scratch—you’re not supposed to use metal utensils on them, and most are not dishwasher-safe—and the coating can wear off over time. So, you will need pot holders to touch the short handles and open the lids while cooking. Expensive – The price of Viking Professional is close to the price of All Clad. Learn more. Certain qualities are unique to a particular type of pan, and we saved those for the individual sections on each below. Round corners are easier to clean and to butter, but they can be shallower than the rest of the pan, leaving you with a dry piece of cake or a burnt brownie. This is a good option, made by the manufacturer of our main pick, USA Pan. For one thing, silicone pans are floppy, and very difficult to maneuver in and out of the oven when full of batter. For that kind of variety, I’d recommend Parrish Magic Line, which makes pans in every size (the diameter increases by 1-inch increments) between 3 inches and 16 inches, at prices low enough that you can afford to expand your options. $22.49. Food don’t get stuck if you do things right and cooking is fast with the efficient heat transfer. The uncoated Fat Daddio’s Round Cake Pan stuck worse than any other pan. We baked cakes one at a time to ensure even baking in the center of the oven, and baked each for the same amount of time. Award-winning cookbook author Rose Levy Beranbaum wrote The Cake Bible, which is considered one of the essential resources for cake bakers. USA Pan Baking Extra Large 2-Piece Pan and Rack Set. Like the round USA Pan, a yellow cake baked to an even golden brown and popped out effortlessly when it was done. It seems that the uncoated aluminum of both reflects much more heat away from the cake, baking it more slowly. The uncoated pans weren’t scratch-resistant either, but it shouldn’t affect the lifespan of the pan or cause cakes to stick more. No clean up headache – While stainless steel is not nonstick, high quality stainless steel cookware like Viking is still relatively easy to clean and maintain. Overall, the 9-by-5 loaf pan (and, I’m confident, its smaller 8.5- by 4.5-inch counterpart) is another winner from USA Pan. In this stainless steel cookware set, you'll find both a 10- and 12-inch fry pan, 5-, 3- and 1.5-quart saucepans with lids, a 5-quart Dutch oven with lid and a 12-quart stockpot with lid. Even the 5-ply Professional series has nonstick fry pans in its lineup. Breads baked evenly, came out easily, and baked up tall and handsome. Tips. After several hours of research and two rounds of baking in eight different cake pans, we think the USA Pan Aluminized Steel 9x2 Inch Round Layer Cake Pan is the best choice for any baker. It is about the same price as the USA pan and has almost exactly the same shape and weight.

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