Heat 1cm of oil in a frying pan until hot, then fry the tofu on all sides until browned and crisp, around 30 seconds – 1 minute each side. Browse our inspiring tofu recipes, packed with ideas for silken, firm, pressed, dried and sesame tofu, including vegan tofu aioli and a smoked tofu purée. Pressed tofu makes a delicious vegetarian alternative to chicken Milanese, with a crisp mustard and Parmesan breadcrumb coating, Simmer tofu in a Japanese-style marinade, then serve in a zingy Korean-inspired salad with colour and crunch, Not sure what to do with tofu? Tofu has for many the reputation of being a bland ingredient, thrown into dishes as a disappointing veggie option. Baked tofu is low-fat and low-carb, vegetarian and vegan.You can eat baked tofu as it is, or add it to salads, pasta or vegetarian stir-fries. Softer tofu can be used to make salad dressings, dips and pâtés, puddings, pie fillings, etc. Oct 27, 2020 - Recipes for curries and other Indian dishes made with versatile tofu. You can then cut into whatever size pieces you like, or even keep whole. Tofu is a soy-based bean curd that is incredibly versatile and a great source of protein for vegetarians. 4 Give the sauce a final whisk, add it to the vegetables. Nov 4, 2020 - Explore Nasoya Brand's board "Tofu Recipes", followed by 1799 people on Pinterest. Try it with smoked mackerel, too, A dairy-free vegan smoothie with fruit juice, tofu and oats to power you up at breakfast or provide sustenance for exercise, Healthy, light and quick - just what you need in an after-work meal, Crunchy veg, smooth noodles and soft tofu, combined with a sweet and spicy sauce, A low fat vegetarian kebab to bring out the devil in you, Blend a mix of pomegranate juice, soya, banana and honey for a nutritionally-balanced smoothie, This fragrant Thai dish is sure to get your taste buds into action, and is ready in under an hour, Good Food's associate food editor Barney says this is his favourite veggie summer dish, perfect for picnics, Give tofu a go with this low-fat, filling recipe with an Asian influence, Exciting flavours permeate this easy veggie recipe, Noodles and tofu make this veggie dish a filling supper, while the chilli and peanuts give lots of flavour, This healthy soup is full of fresh spring flavours and makes a sophisticated vegetarian meal for guests, This tasty tofu dish is full of fibre, iron, vitamin C and calcium. In fact, it's super delicious, extremely versatile, and packed with protein! Top tofu recipes *organically grown Product weight: 300g Clearspring's award-winning Tofu is a It’s made from cooked soya beans, is quite bland in flavour and responds well to marinades. From vegan to vegetarian options, we’ve got healthy tofu recipes to satisfy Use bold flavours and techniques with this veggie staple. Eat as a snack or as a starter or side dish in a veggie feast, Tasty tofu is a vegetarian's best friend and this cannelloni dish, packed with protein and iron, is sure to be a freezable favourite, An easy, vegan alternative to the ever popular pad Thai, This low-fat, superhealthy supper will have you feeling virtuous all week. Tofu is probably the most popular meat substitute in vegan recipes, so when I went plant-based, I decided to try it for the first time. Place another chopping board on top of the tofu, and balance something heavy, like a cast iron pan, on … Place a frying pan or wok over a high heat. The basil may be substituted with fresh parsley or mint. 477 homemade recipes for silken tofu from the biggest global cooking community! Stir well and 5 If you like baked tofu, try Silken tofu is fragile, so it won’t keep its shape through extensive It's also high in calcium and vitamin E and low in saturated fats. An easy vegan fried noodle dish made with a sweet and aromatic syrupy soy sauce (ketjap manis) and with as much of a chilli kick as you dare! The Best Sweet Tofu Dessert Recipes on Yummly | Taho (filipino Sweet Tofu Dessert), Tofu Tahini Dan Dan Noodles, Mamey Dessert Sign Up / Log In My Feed Articles Meal Planner New Pantry-Ready Recipes New Browse Guided Recipes Smart Thermometer The kidney beans and tofu make it a great vegetarian main, as well. Drain the tofu, wrap in 4-5 sheets of kitchen paper, put on a plate and put something heavy over the top, like a wooden chopping board, or a tray with a few tins on it. silken tofu, ice cubes, frozen blueberries, pure unsweetened cranberry juice and 2 more Eggplant Mapo Tofu KitchenAid bean paste, minced ginger, garlic, granulated sugar, Chinese eggplant and 10 more Whether you prefer it spicy, marinated or plain; in a curry, stir fry or even on a kebab; or Vietnamese, Thai or tandoori-style, we've got a tofu recipe you'll love! See more ideas about tofu recipes, recipes, tofu. It was really hard impossible to choose just 50 recipes to include in this roundup as there’s so much you can do with tofu! New! 200g firm tofu, patted dry and cut into 2cm cubes 2 tbsp flour Sesame oil, to drizzle For the dipping sauce 4 tbsp light soy sauce 1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped 1 tbsp agave syrup OrganicVeganGluten Free Product Info Nutritional Info How to Use Ingredients: Water, soya beans*(26%), firming agent: nigari (magnesium chloride). Tofu recipes (19) Tofu is a brilliant high-protein choice, being low in saturated fat and a great source of calcium and phosphorus. See recipes for Silken Tofu & Rum Raisins Chocolate Truffles too. The liquid cooks away to almost nothing and reduces to a shiny glaze. Firm tofu is best used as a meat substitute and is good for stir-frying, barbecuing and grilling. Heat a non-stick wok with half of the oil and fry the tofu cubes until golden brown on all sides. Recipes We're always exploring different cuisines to deliver the most delicious vegetarian and vegan meal ideas for you to cook up at home. Ripe bananas, coconut milk, and silken tofu make for a super creamy pudding with loads of flavor. Check out these great marinated and baked tofu recipes. Beancurd (tofu) is usually sold packed in water in plastic packets or containers. It's also available ready-flavoured - smoked, spiced or marinated. Pair it with big flavours and textures to really make the most of this versatile ingredient. Cube the tofu and cover in half of the sauce (setting the other half aside). Remove and drain on kitchen paper. Coat the tofu in the cornflour and fry it in a little vegetable oil until golden and crispy. Tofu stir fry is a brilliantly simple, flavour-packed supper for two. I’ve tried to include a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert; recipes for appetizers, main dishes, condiments, sauces, sides and snacks; and recipes from a variety of cuisines. Tofu recipes (176) We have tofu curries and chillies, vegetarian lasagne made with tofu, dairy free tofu cheesecakes, deep fried tofu, stir fries and much more. See recipes for Tofu Cheesecake too. Squeeze as much moisture out of the tofu as possible, and cut into cubes. If you're vegan, you could swap the honey in this for maple syrup instead. It’s a perfect food for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert. Hello Fresh special offer: Get 50% off your first recipe box, then 35% off the next three. Add the noodles, soy sauce, fish sauce and tofu to the wok, then cook, stirring, until the … Find all our tofu recipes including noodle dishes, curries This Spicy Tofu is made using a super easy 3-ingredient sauce, made with sriracha, which adds the most deliciously kaleidoscopic spicy flavour, tamari (or soy sauce) for saltiness and umami, and agave syrup, which adds the perfect amount of sticky sweetness to offset the heat. Vegan Tofu Recipes Once you learn how to cook with tofu, you will understand why people love it. If you don’t own a tofu press: drain the tofu for at least 15 minutes, then wrap the tofu in kitchen towel and place on a hard, flat surface like a chopping board. Only add a splash more water if it looks like the carrots will completely dry out before the 10 mins of cooking. Tofu is high in protein and other minerals and is cholesterol-free. These 20 tofu recipes will definitely change the way you look at tofu! Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. White and wobbly, tofu (also called bean curd) is extremely versatile and, with the right addition of flavours, can be delicious. Tasty tofu is a vegetarian's best friend and this cannelloni dish, packed with protein and iron, is sure to be a freezable favourite 1 hr and 25 mins Easy 8 homemade recipes for tofu cheesecake from the biggest global cooking community! Tofu Block Our extra-firm Organic Tofu is incredibly versatile, with the amazing ability to absorb flavours from the ingredients around it. Tofu is a versatile, soy-based bean curd that can go in your breakfast, dinner, or dessert — let's see a steak do that. Meanwhile, heat the rest of the oil in a medium frying pan and cook the tofu for 5 minutes or until crisp. If you can't get edamame beans, use broad beans instead, A spicy vegetarian dish which is great for feeding friends in a hurry. Whether you’re a new tofu eater or a longtime fan, these easy high-protein tofu recipes are sure to surprise and delight you with their bold flavors. Tofu doesn't have to be boring and plain. Silken tofu feels like custard or a pudding, and it has a light texture. Be sure to make this salad just before serving. For an Asian-inspired meatless side, try this panfried sesame garlic tofu from Table for Two. BBC Good Food online webinarsExpand your cooking skills with our online masterclasses. White and wobbly, tofu (also called bean curd) is extremely versatile and, with the right addition of flavours, can be delicious. Whisk all the sauce ingredients together in a large bowl with 100ml/3½fl oz water. If deep-frying, the tofu should be pressed between several layers of kitchen towel to remove any excess moisture. Only the thick part of the coconut milk is used and is blended with the bananas, tofu, maple syrup, vanilla, and sea salt. Read about our approach to external linking. Tofu is available in firm, soft or 'silken' textures. The perfect midweek health boost, Good Food reader, Julie Frankland, shares a recipe from her kitchen, inspired by a Japanese dish called Ganmodoki, Benefit from the slow-release energy of lentils and wholegrains combined with the rich flavour of smoked tofu, paprika and sweet peppers. A refreshing, light salad for any hot summer day! Find your favourite recipe today! Drain on kitchen For an extra-chewy, meaty texture, freeze firm tofu first, defrost and press before cooking. Once chilled, the pudding can be topped with dairy-free dark chocolate shavings and fresh mint leaves. Leave for 20 mins to drain … See more ideas about tofu recipes, tofu, recipes. Tofu recipes Not sure how to cook this protein-rich veggie and vegan staple? Get stuck in! Try coating it in sesame seeds, shallow frying and serving with a tasty Asian-style vegetable stir-fry, If you thought tofu was bland, this is the recipe to convince you otherwise, Fry tofu in a coating of smoked paprika, garlic and seasoning to make these crispy tofu bites. Tofu escalopes with black olive salsa verde, Miso-glazed tofu steaks with beansprout salad & egg strands, Soba noodle & edamame salad with grilled tofu. Each serving provides 461 kcal, 13g protein, 46g carbohydrate (of which 13.5g sugars), 23g fat (of which 2.5g saturates), 7g fibre and 2.2g salt. Heat the remaining oil over a … You can’t use this silken tofu in place of regular tofu, so you need to use specific recipes. I found a good recipe in a macrobiotic cooking book and rearranged it a bit. In this Japanese inspired recipe, you cook the carrots in mirin, a sweet rice wine. Once the lid is off, you want the carrots to catch on the edges and take on some colour; it all adds to the flavour. I was so excited, but I didn’t like it at all. Our collection of tasty tofu recipes includes soups, stir-fries and salads, plus a few genius ones that use tofu in exciting ways. Here are some of my favorite vegan tofu recipes.

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