Who can forget the thigh gap craze? Die Süßigkeit Toblerone ist wahrscheinlich jedem von uns ein Begriff, nicht zuletzt wegen ihrer besonderen dreieckigen Form. A hidden message in the toblerone logo . This is 2018, and along with all of the other truly sh*tty news stories we hear every day, we now have to collectively deal with the concept of 'Toblerone Tunnels,' too. And probably a deal with appetite-suppressant lollies. Sie möchten gesund und schnell abnehmen? Shop 360g . Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. Coming with three keys, these are coded so as to spare you having to locate a very large angle grinder should you manage to lose them. 21 May 2018, 12:56. I suggest we all start posting pictures of us using our #tobleronetunnelnumber2 instead of nearly flashing our hoops for the ‘gram because, well, it’s just makes us all nicer people, innit. "Did you see the toblerone on that woman? Trend Thigh Gap: Warum du diesem Ideal nicht nacheifern solltest Toblerone Tunnel: das Dreieck unter dem Po. Wieder ein fragwürdiger Trend, der unheilvolle Folgen haben kann, meint Psychotherapeutin Harriet Vrana. “We’ve seen it before with the thigh gap trend, which saw many young girls try to conform to a beauty standard that’s not only unobtainable for the majority of them, but also can encourage them to use unhealthy methods to achieve it.”, He added, “It’s important that we celebrate different bodies and shapes and not thrive to look the same by following the latest social media craze.”. Dieser hat seinen Namen von der berühmten dreieckigen Schokolade aus der Schweiz. Immer mehr Ladies zeigen sich aktuell auf der Foto-App, natürlich von hinten fotografiert, mit dem vermeintlichen Schönheitsideal 2018. a beautiful end of the day... ️ . Credit: The triangle resembles the Swiss chocolate bar’s unique shape. Das hätte sich Theodor Tobler kaum träumen lassen, als er 1908 mit seinem Cousin Emil Baumann die Toblerone erfand. With summer on the way, some Instagram users are flaunting a “Toblerone Tunnel,” a name that indicates a triangular-shaped space where the top of a woman’s thighs meet her bikini bottoms. Mit "Toblerone Tunnel" ist nämlich die dreieckige Lücke gemeint, die sich zwischen den Oberschenkeln auftut und durch die locker eine Schachtel der ikonischen Süßigkeit passen könnte. Rendered in full CGI, this late 90s Toblerone ad was designed to run in the surreal style of some of the Beatles songs. The Toblerone logo meaning is not caught at a glance. Toblerone triangle change upsets fans. Admittedly my version is slightly different to the one I saw on the @dailymail today. Posts featuring the … Die mit Stern (*) markierten Felder sind Pflichtfelder. Das könnte Sie auch interessieren: So viel essen, wie Sie wollen - und dabei auch noch sechs Kilo abnehmen. Tap to zoom Click or tap to zoom. My version uses the gap between my butthole and thighs to both store the chocolate and gently warm it. Geschichte. Ralph Kerpa/McPhoto/ullstein bild/Getty. Now the new trend from Instagram is the slightly NSFW “Toblerone Tunnel.” Allow us to explain: the Toblerone Tunnel is the triangle-shaped gap at the very top of the inner thighs, beneath the…you know. Zu sehen ist nicht nur ein wohlgeformter Po, sondern auch eine kleine, dreieckige Lücke zwischen den Oberschenkeln und dem Intimbereich. . Social media users are showing off their Toblerone Tunnels, citing celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Katie Wright as inspiration. The "Toblerone tunnel" refers to a gap near the top of a woman's thighs resembling a triangular shape similar to a Toblerone candy bar. » Visual Dialogue » #snow #chocolate #chantaltvradar #triangle #toblerone by guidovoss Chantal Hoogvliet, Denis Vlasov, Eddy Ming, Fashion, Film, Gaspard Yurkievich, Guido Voss, Instagram, Justin Wu, Karen Inderbitzen-Waller, Paris, Photography, Radar, Visual Dialogue. Doch dieser kann fatale Folgen haben. Toblerone triangle change upsets fans. And really, the "Toblerone Tunnel" is just a variation of this bizarre trend. Published. Many Twitter users also poked fun at the movement, claiming the only Toblerone Tunnel they have was used for eating the treat. På Campingudstyr.dk finder du stort udvalg af kølebokse og køletasker til favorable priser. Basically, you can slide a bar on Toblerone through the gap without touching skin. This Madison Avenue plastic surgeon has the quick fix. Sie sollte dabei so groß sein, dass ein Stück Toblerone dazwischen passt. The triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps is commonly believed to have given Theodor Tobler his inspiration for the shape of Toblerone. My friends' families would go on vacation and they brought back this chic, European, long triangle-shaped chocolate. This week, the Toblerone Tunnel has taken over social media. Es bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass das Jahr 2019 gesündere Trends bereit hält - und mehr Menschen, die Fragliche aufs Korn nehmen: CHECK OUT MY #TOBLERONETUNNEL... . When people buy a Toblerone bar and see the mountain icon on the packaging, they are unlikely to have a good look at it. The latest body must-have is the Toblerone Tunnel, which is is the triangular gap between a woman’s upper thighs just below your bikini bottoms. Following the “thigh gap” and “thighbrow“crazes comes the latest superficial body-conscious social media trend — and it’s ironically named after a brand of chocolate. The latest one is called “Toblerone tunnels” and it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. The Toblerone tunnel refers to the little triangle of space between someone’s upper thighs. From the #thighgap to the #hipdip I now present you the Toblerone Tunnel. Published 8 November 2016. Das Problematische an der Sache: Ein Trend kommt und geht - und das oft in kurzen Abständen. Sounds like a bloody missed opportunity to eat @tobleroneglobal to me. Read more. Schönheitstrends wie Toblerone-Tunnel machen Druck, So viel essen, wie Sie wollen - und dabei auch noch sechs Kilo abnehmen, Thalkirchen-Obersendling-Forstenried-Fürstenried-Solln. The logo consists of a picture of a mountain that echoes the shape of the chocolate bar and the word “Toblerone”. Was Sie dabei beachten sollten. However, despite this indestructible construction, the Airlok is still a pleasing thing to look at. Alongside their excellent ingredients, Toblerone chocolate bars also feature an iconic and snack-able triangle shape that sets them apart from their competitors. War in den letzten Monaten der Thigh Gap im Trend, bei dem sich die Oberschenkel bei geschlossenen Beinen nicht berühren, zeigen sich jetzt immer mehr Frauen mit dem sogenannten Toblerone Tunnel. Wer also "en vogue" sein möchte, muss schnell sein. The 'Toblerone tunnel' - a triangular-shaped gap between the upper thighs named after the popular chocolate bar - is currently sweeping celebrity bikini pictures. Toblerone Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar, 360-g Product #051-4008-8. The mountain is believed to be the Matterhorn which is in the Swiss Alps. S tephen Mason said: "Toblerone is all about the triangle. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. “I always thought your toblerone tunnel was the one between between your nose and your chin,” wrote one critic. Nach dem Thigh-Gap - ein durchgängiger Freiraum zwischen beiden Oberschenkeln - war in diesem Jahr der Toblerone-Tunnel angesagt. Im schlimmsten Fall würde sich eine Bulimie oder andere Essstörung entwickeln. But the trend has plenty of detractors who point out the problematic and sometimes dangerous nature of these trendy “body goals.”, “Social media crazes like the Toblerone Tunnel tend to go viral pretty quickly and can have a damaging effect on young women’s body image and self-esteem,” the head of the Be Real Campaign for body confidence, Liam Preston, told Unilad. Entdecken Sie die faszinierende Geschichte von Toblerone im Zeitablauf! Also available in the XL size (360g). For some reason their’s just looked like a gap between girls legs, apparently used in much the same way as the Kardashians #hipcleavage, basically getting as physically close to showing your minge as is humanly possible without actually doing it, for likes. 2.4K likes. Back to Results Back to Results Christmas Shop All. So big that you need a knife to cut the triangles and then cut the triangles into smaller manageable mouth sized portions. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Find out what your cat is trying to tell you with a new cat app, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, Engineer Creates App To Translate Your Cat, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, Sean Connery's Cause of Death Revealed Weeks After He Dies at Age 90. Shop All. Introducing ... PEOPLE's Products Worth the Hype. Nutritious AND delicious. Dark Chocolate Swiss Dark Chocolate with Honey & Almond Nougat. Top Stories. The Toblerone Tunnel describes having a triangular-shaped gap at the top of your thighs, just below your bikini bottoms. However, according to Theodor's sons, the triangular shape originates from a pyramid shape that dancers at the Folies Bergères created as the finale of a show that Theodor saw. Cue massive eye roll here. Toblerone steht nicht nur für die wohl berühmteste Schweizer Schokolade, sondern auch für einen fraglichen Schönheitstrend. Now, they are taking it a step further, flaunting the triangle-shaped gap between their upper thighs, a craze the British press has cleverly called "Toblerone tunnel." With summer on the way, some Instagram users are flaunting a “Toblerone Tunnel,” a name that indicates a triangular-shaped space where the top of a woman’s thighs … Emily Ratajkowski and Kylie Jenner have the coveted tunnel. Also Schluss mit Hungern und schnell ein Stück Schoki essen, egal ob dreieckig oder nicht. . . 1,894 Followers, 285 Following, 82 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Feltet.dk (@feltet.dk) Bezogen auf den Körper ist das nicht selten gesundheitsschädlich. Ein paar weibliche Rundungen sind unerlässlich, damit sich der perfekte „Toblerone Tunnel“ bildet. . Triangle Rewards Wish List Cart Cart summary (0) View full cart. Thigh gaps, hip dips, thigh brows, hip cleavage — all over. Official personalised branded gifts Just add a name, we'll do the rest! Toblerone-Tunnel: Schnell abnehmen um jeden Preis? - results. Kolde drikkevarer er noget af det vigtigste, når du camperer. Following the popularity of women striving for "thigh gaps" or "thighbrows" as an indicator of fitness, a new body trend is gaining momentum on social media. It will last a long time.... only down side is it won't fit in any drawer or cupboard so the temptation is there and can't be locked away! Toblerone (/ ˈ t oʊ b l ər oʊ n /; German: [tobləˈroːnə]) is a Swiss chocolate bar brand owned by US confectionery company Mondelēz International, Inc., formerly Kraft Foods.Kraft acquired Toblerone from owner Jacobs Suchard in 1990. 8 November 2016. image caption The 150g Toblerone features larger gaps between its distinctive triangles. #wifey #polishgirl #sunset #honeymoon #picoftheday #bikini #ocean #beach #toblerone #tobleronetunnel #mahé #seychelles, Ein Beitrag geteilt von Marcin Adamczyk (@ma.marcinadamczyk) am Jul 10, 2018 um 8:03 PDT. Getty, Credit: Why couldn't you just lose a triangle at the end or make the triangles smaller? "Purchasing a Toblerone was very special for me. Toblerone is the last chocolate bar still produced in Switzerland. All other Swiss chocolates are produced abroad in developing countries. The name, as reported by the Daily Mail, comes from the triangle-shaped chocolate bar, and the idea behind it is simple: People with “Toblerone tunnels” could fit a bar of Toblerone between their upper thighs. Therapeutin Vrana sieht ein weitere Gefahr darin, dass die Fülle an Toblerone-Tunnel-Fotos in sozialen Netzwerken wie Instagram vor allem junge Mädchen unter Druck setzen könnte. Nach dem Thigh-Gap - ein durchgängiger Freiraum zwischen beiden Oberschenkeln - war in diesem Jahr der Toblerone-Tunnel angesagt. Damit meint sie die Hungerkuren, die viele Frauen in Kauf nehmen, um dem Trend nachzueifern. From NY Post: Want to achieve the “Toblerone Triangle” without hitting the gym? Ocean #toblerone #tobleronetunnel #like4like #l4l #follow4followback #czech #czechgirls #girl #boy #ass #sexy #sexygirl #f4f #world #love #couple #girls #body #followforfollowback #follow4followback #follow, Ein Beitrag geteilt von Toblerone Tunnels (@tobleronetunn) am Okt 25, 2018 um 1:31 PDT. Toblerone-Tunnel: Diese schlimmen Folgen kann der Schönheitstrend haben. Stars und Sternchen auf Instagram machen es vor: Nur in Bikini oder Höschen posieren sie vor der Kamera - bevorzugt von hinten. A minimalist Toblerone-like triangle done up in one of many bright powder-coated shades, once in place, it’ll swallow almost any bike in its rubber jaw. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? Wer sich etwa einen Toblerone-Tunnel "zulegen" und deshalb den Umfang seiner Oberschenkel verringern will, könnte in Versuchung geraten, zu schnell abzunehmen. It refers to a specific type of equilateral triangular thigh gap that makes the thighs seem slim and the butt appear firm and elevated. Comments are closed. « Manuela Tatjana Frey, 1% project by Eddy Ming Tights, legs and shoes » Periscope. Toblerone ist weltweit eine der bekanntesten Schweizer Schokoladen. Chocolate lovers know that Toblerone bars are triangle-shaped. Die Fachfrau sagte dem Portal netmoms: "Um so auszuschauen, muss man sich eigentlich krank machen". Did you mean ? This is not only one way to rectify any Luddite decision to store their chocolate in the fridge but also makes it just a little bit melty. "Es sollte nicht das Ziel von öffentlichen Medien sein, junge Leute dahin zu locken, wo es ungesund ist", so Vrana. The triangular space formed between the top of the thighs and genitalia on some women (shaped much like the famous chocolate treat of the same name). Die "A4-Taille", bei welcher die Taille nur so breit sein darf wie ein DIN-A4-Blatt oder die "Ab Crack", der die Linie in der Mitte eines sehr durchtrainierten Bauches meint: Ungesunde Schönheitsideale sind nicht auszurotten. And so, when it comes to transporting the ‘rone from tunnel 1 to tunnel 2 (I.e my fat gob) it’s ready to be digested and improve my heart health. Doch dieser kann fatale Folgen haben. Automotive; Tools & Hardware; Home & Essentials; Sports & Recreation ; Outdoor Living; Christmas; HOT SALE; No results found for . Werde kreativ mit Toblerone . She … The latest one is called “Toblerone tunnels” and it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. . Gemeint ist damit nämlich eine kleine dreieckige … If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: 'Toblerone Tunnels' Are the Latest Disturbing Body Trend Taking Over Instagram. The phrase refers to an unhealthy social media body craze that we can’t ignore. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Shop 100g. If you would put all the Toblerone bars sold each year next to each other the chocolate line you build would stretch for 62,000km which is longer than the circumference of the Earth. This increases the bioavailability of the chocolates flavonoids. It is produced in Bern, Switzerland and the bear symbol of the city is depicted in the logo. Ein Beitrag geteilt von Wellness Ted (@wellness_ted) am Mai 22, 2018 um 12:34 PDT. Becky Pemberton. O Megastore. Leider ist das dann auch schon alles, was die Nascherei mit dem Körper-Trend Toblerone Tunnel verbindet.

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