But with a detachment of Chaos Daemons they can get a real boost: Their Discs give them the DAEMON keyword, allowing them to benefit from boosts like Flickering Flames and Heralds of Tzeentch (in addition to boosts from psychic powers that affect HERETIC ASTARTES units such as Prescience). Thousand Sons distinctive visual, with ourobouros, Glow visual on miniature; note the integration of Black Legion colours and heraldry, Re-release; compare the colours with the original, Current Chaos Space Marine sorcerer model, Plastic Rubric Marine miniature with Warpflamer. They roll either 2D6 or 3D6 and you can summon a Daemon unit of equal or lesser power level to the battlefield. With help from a Changecaster, they can throw out 40 shots at S4 the turn they drop and use a buff from Flickering Flames to get additional wounding before they charge in. The only reason you’d leave Ahriman out of your Thousand Sons list is to save the points for other great units (usually more Daemon Princes) or because you’re sick of fielding him and want to give some of your other painted models some time on the table. It should be costed at 8. Their defeat resulted in the loss of several of the remaining senior legion members, several squads of Rubric Marines, much of their fleet and nearly all of their mortal units. Use it to reposition a shooting unit. A free extra power, and most of them are, . If you roll over their Leadership, you can treat the model as if it were friendly in your Shooting, Charge, and Fight phases. Aaron Aleong 1st Overall MAGS Finals 2019 – Astra Militarum. The Poxbringers further boost them while the Nurglings start on and hold objectives. The Vortex Beast is best used as a Distraction Carnifex-type unit, drawing fire from other more important targets while still acting as a threat if your opponent doesn’t deal with it completely. Despite being written fairly early in 8th edition, the Thousand Sons Codex holds up very well–there are a lot of powerful units and abilities in the Codex, and almost nothing is outright bad. You might also use them as a tarpit for your opponents, where the ability to show up in squads of 40 works well with the Tide of Traitors Stratagem, though you’d need to include a Chaos Space Marines detachment in order to get access to the Stratagem, negating the benefits in most cases. You’ll generally want to give Magnus the Weaver of Fates power to protect him with a 3+ invulnerable save and help him get into combat, where he’s a powerhouse capable of putting out real damage, especially if buffed with the Diabolic Strength power. You can either pick one to attempt per turn or get one at random, which then lets you roll for a second. The Hades Autocannon is the better option of the two, and if you take these you want to babysit them with an Exalted Sorcerer to give them re-rolls and buff their shooting, but you shouldn’t be running these in your Thousand Sons army. As one of your only dedicated transport options it at least doesn’t have much competition. Even most of the less-competitive stuff is at leastÂ. Basically a Thousand Sons Orbital Bombardment. [3j] However later, they were joined by at least 3,000 lost members of the Legion that were dispatched before the Burning of Prospero. They’ve got a trio of interesting abilities, and are probably in the top half of Cult options power level-wise, but come in around 4th. With the TZEENTCH keyword, DAEMON units of their own, and the ability to cast spells that boost units in multiple factions, Thousand Sons have some strong synergies with other Chaos factions.Â, Unlike Death Guard, Thousand Sons got a full extra page of Stratagems, and were allowed to keep many of the Codex: Chaos Space Marines stratagems that Death Guard didn’t get, such as the. Tzaangors have 2 weapon options, tzaangor blades or a chainsword and bolt pistol. Pick a visible enemy unit within 18”. This got more useful with the addition of theÂ. Advancing to the Ultimate Gate, part of the legion held off Imperial counter-attacks while the senior sorcerers attempted to destroy the defences with psychic power and sorcerous ritual. There are currently two major Chaos Soup builds that compete at the top levels of the tournament circuit and Thousand Sons detachments are a primary component of one of them and often sneak into others. It’s just a very well-written book overall and avoids a lot of the pitfalls of the Death Guard book. [1], As a result, the Thousand Sons, while sworn to the Emperor and the Imperium in word and duty, found that at the moment of testing, their loyalty to their primarch and their desire to preserve their acquired knowledge was enough to lead them down the path of damnation. It takes D3 mortal wounds. Finally, the soulreaper cannon is a Heavy 4, S5, AP -3 weapon. However, as the Crusade entered wilder regions of space, more and more hostile forces were encountered that deployed powers similar to those that the psychic warriors of the Thousand Sons wielded. The Cult of Mutation specialize in the warping powers of Tzeentch, improving the strength and toughness of their units. The most iconic unit in the book is a really solid troop choice, though the biggest challenge with Rubrics is going to be the high points cost on a per-model basis. [7], The dedication to the Chaos God Tzeentch resulted in several changes to the organisation of the legion, but had little direct effect on their combat doctrine. – Use when you attempt to manifest a psychic power with a Thousand Sons psyker within 6” of at least two other friendly Thousand Sons Psykers. The Cult of Change are all about disturbing the status quo. This is also where I’ll note that, in addition to being a danger to the PSYKER units around them, Hellforged Dreadnoughts don’t get much out of being THOUSAND SONS units, so if you’re including them as Thousand Sons in your army, it’s almost always going to be because you are playing a monofaction list. THE THOUSAND SONS ARMY LIST (VERSION 5.1) The name of the Thousand Sons was taken from the initial series of genetic imprints made from the tissue of their Primarch, Magnus the Red. The Forge World Indexes don’t have quite as much to offer Thousand Sons, owing to their Legion Trait being limited to boosting Psychic powers. On that front, Warptime can help you get there. Until your next psychic phase, add 1 to wound rolls made for that unit’s shooting weapons. Their followers comprise the raiding forces through which Tzeentch enacts some of his most violent schemes upon the galaxy. The Thousand Sons were the XV Legion of the original twenty Space Marine Legions. share. As TZEENTCH DAEMON ENGINES, they have access to a large array of buffs in the Thousand Sons army, and make good flanking units for a Winged Daemon Prince. Credit: Mike Bettle-Shaffer. The cult that’s all about getting you to do things you don’t wanna do. This is primarily because despite having T5 and 4W, they have only a 5+ save, and will go down pretty quickly once they’re shot at. 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 reviews $ 8.00. [12], See main article — Notable Battles of the Thousand Sons. They can close some of those gaps with Forge World units, though most of those tend to be stronger when paired with other Chaos Space Marines legion traits.Â, Thousand Sons have some solid melee units but it’s not really their strong suit. But sadly, here we are. They’ve also got powerful S5/AP-2 flamers as a variant option. These are some neat tricks, and ultimately because of the effect of their, The Cult of Mutation specialize in the warping powers of Tzeentch, improving the strength and toughness of their units. On their own they’re OK. When Magnus took command, his directions (influenced by his development on Prospero, as well as Prosperine culture itself) would cause some organisational and hierarchial changes within the legion. 0 comments. If rubrics are your backline objective holders, these are your vanguard, leading the charge. If you do want to take them, Thousand Sons offer you some better options than most, with the ability to take a squad of five Chaos Spawn and have them accompanied by a Mutalith Vortex Beast, which can give them a large boost by giving them the ability to re-roll charges or boost their AP by 1 (or both). If you are running a Tzeentch centric army consider two Thousand Sons units at most --one blob or two for the flanks. Thousand Sons have access to six relics. Bonus points if you can drop. HQ: Poxbringer [4 PL, 70pts], Troops: Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms Troops: Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms Troops: Nurglings [3 PL, 54pts]: 3x Nurgling Swarms, ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos – Thousand Sons) [63 PL, 957pts, 5CP] ++ Cults of the Legion: Cult of Duplicity, HQ: Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch [9 PL, 166pts] If you’ve been following along, I’ve been documenting how my list has changed through the 2018 ITC season. share. . [3f] The status of the formalized cult system after the Burning of Prospero is unknown. Although they’re slower, you now have a ton of options for redeploying these guys and getting them up the table mid-game, particularly if you have the Cult of Duplicity to work with. If you really want them as a melee unit, you can potentially load them up with spears and buffs from things like the Mutalith Vortex Beast and the Cycle of Slaughter Stratagem, but that’s an area where you may still be better off spending the energy on a large squad of regular Tzaangors. Biggest downside is that it’s WC 8. [1] Prospero would ultimately suffer the indignity of Imperial planetary bombardment a second time, ordered by the Inquisition in response to a large-scale gathering of Thousand Sons forces upon the planet as part of a sorcerous ritual. Magnus can manifest three powers per phase and attempt to deny three powers per phase, and gets to pick from any of the three Tzeentch disciplines. Magnus placed great emphasis on ensuring that legion officers could operate independently from him, going to lengths to ensure they were taught all that he believed they would need to succeed at command, including otherworldly skills. While Magnus himself remains the ruler of the Planet of the Sorcerers, for a time he was increasingly aloof with the affairs of the Materium and is spending much of his attention waging the Great Game of the Ruinous Powers. This is the best of both worlds in a sense; the Rubric squad will benefit much more from -1 to be hit than the +6″ range on psychic powers, and still be a wonderful target for abilities that key off the Mark of Tzeentch or Rubric Marines. This is vaguely useful for adding daemons to an army without messing up the detachment keywords, but most of the time you’re going to just take a separate detachment of daemons anyways. This is a decent ability but you are rarely going to bring a single Chaos Predator with Thousand Sons, let alone three. Pick a friendly Thousand Sons unit within 12”. Most of the legion were therfore changed into Rubric Marines; little more than mindless automatons. Yeah, you read that right. For a time it appeared that Tzeentch protected the Thousand Sons from the corruption and fragmentation that most of the other Traitor Legions underwent, but eventually the Legion went through a crisis of mutation and de-evolution, seemingly at the wish of their patron-God. Dominic Metzger 2nd Overall Wars on the Shore 2019 – Astra Militarum. Another very powerful entry in the list of Cults, the Cult of Duplicity specialize in being a bunch of liars. Prospero would ultimately suffer the indignity of Imperial planetary bombardment a second time, ordere… Then you can use theÂ, The most surprising addition to the Thousand Sons’ Codex, the Mutalith Vortex Beast is one of the game’s strangest units. – Use in the Fight phase before a TZEENTCH Chaos Spawn fights. The upside is that Space Marines are everywhere now, so you can at least count on it being active for about half your games. This power is automatically successful. A S+2 AP-1, D3 Damage melee weapon that allows its bearer to shoot and charge during a turn in which it fell back. alongside a small release of new models (some being shared with Age of Sigmar Do you dream of drowning your enemies in a sea of mortal wounds? Were you the person who always played a mage in your Dungeons & Dragons group? to pick one, this is the better of the two, despite being temporary. They only get access to the Change discipline but that’s alright, you’ll probably takes Weaver of Fates to make your Tzaangors more durable. That said, he’s still a beast of a unit, even if he’s not quite the wrecking ball he used to be. He’s also got the large unit of Rubric Marines to zap around the table with Sorcerous Facade and Risen Rubricae, and they’re sized to do maximum damage when shooting twice. He works very well surrounded by Scarab Occult Terminators or Rubric Marines to benefit from both of his auras, and he benefits significantly from being around the Changeling, Fateskimmer, or a Changecaster, where the 6+ roll to ignore wounds and bonus to strength are significant. The most common thousand sons material is metal. If you kill a character with this, you can add a Chaos Spawn to your army. Defilers aren’t good enough at shooting, they’re not quite good enough at fighting, and they’re not quite tough enough to mitigate not being quite good enough at fighting. Hateful Assault makes them better, but you don’t have access to Lords Discordant to buff them, and Defilers will draw a lot of firepower and tend to die before they can recoup their costs. HQ Daemon Prince of Tzeentch – Talons, Warp Bolters, Wings – Warlord Exalted Sorcerer – Two Power Swords, Warpflame Pistol. This is pretty much the unit you want this on and for 2 CP it’s a steal. The first of these is that they get the psychic power from their cult for, . Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at eBay.com. This list, which MIchal took to a 5-0 2nd Place finish at the 84-player Prague Open event in late February, offers an alternate take that swaps out the Possessed bomb – which is very vulnerable to Grey Knights’ increased-damage smiting ability – in favor of Chaos Knights, who may have a little more push now that the entire meta is gearing up for destroying hordes of primaris marines and not 2-3 knights per game. If the unit didn’t have an invulnerable save, it gets a 5+ instead. The Cult of Scheming specialize in convoluted plots and plans that anticipate their foes’ moves several steps ahead. Tzaangor Enlightened. It’s a S User, AP-3 D3 Damage sword that doubles the bearer’s strength against PSYKERS or units with a Leadership characteristic of 12+. Welcome to the one Chaos Space Marines army where Hellforged Dreadnoughts are perhaps not so great. This is OK for Chaos Daemons, where you’d ostensibly use it to buff Pink Horrors. Pick a HERETIC ASTARTES model within 12” of the psyker. However, once the outer walls of the Imperial Palace had been breached, the Thousand Sons found themselves required to break down the final wards and fortifications of the inner palace itself. 82. With full health and the bonus from the Cabalistic Focus Stratagem that makes only an 8+ to do 2D6 mortal wounds, which is an incredibly scary proposition. In this article, we’ll explore their key units, relics, warlord traits, stratagems, powers, and strategies, and discuss how to best use them to achieve victory. You will want to take this almost every game you play. One of the top three Cults you can devote yourself to in terms of raw power level, the Cult of Prophecy dedicate themselves to divining the future and in game terms, this translates to some pretty mean tricks. Great for pushing out multiple powers per turn, firing of D6-mortal wound smites, and making sure those WC 7+ powers go off. Posted by 15 hours ago. – Used in the Shooting phase when you have 3 Thousand Sons Vindicators within 6” of each other. Three of them are bad to middling, two are OK, and one is so good it that none of the others matter. Their unit champion is also an Aspiring Sorcerer, able to cast one power a turn. Posted by 1 day ago. Their Primarch is Magnus, oft called Magnus the Red. Those few who survive are born anew and become newly made Chaos Space Marines - Aspiring Sorcerers of the Thousand Sons. They’re still one of the hardiest troop options in the game, at, T4, 3+ save like all marines but with a 5+ invul on top of that and the All is Dust rule grants +1 to saving, if the weapon is D1, so even their invul becomes a 4+. You’ll still need the army list book too. – If a Thousand Sons Helbrute doesn’t move, you can use this in the Shooting phase to have it shoot all its guns twice, but they have to target the nearest visible unit. Troops [1] These warbands are said to seek out conglomerations of psykers, or traces of sorcerous techniques using artefacts known as Seer Stones. In addition to the free power, each cult has access to an additional Warlord Trait and Relic. – Reduce all damage suffered by your warlord by 1 (to a minimum of 1). The Thousand Sons have a very strong lineup of Warlord Traits — one of the strongest in the game — and they can use them to build some powerful HQs. There are just better options for you to look at, but most of them will involve souping in Chaos Space Marines to get better Forge World Dreadnoughts.Â. But sadly, here we are. $110.00 3d 14h +$19.99 shipping. It also showcases one of the more obscure tricks you can pull with Thousand Sons: Many of the stratagems in Ritual of the Damned are limited only to RUBRIC MARINES and not faction-locked, which means they can be used on the Rubric Marines in an Alpha Legion detachment. The upside is that they’re all pretty damn good. Rolling doubles happens on 1 in 6 casts, and at least one of those is going to cause you to spend a CP to re-roll the result, so the chances of this being useful aren’t real high. These Orders were more devoted to military matters rather than psychic craft or knowledge. , allows its wielder to duplicate the weapon of any INFANTRY model within 1” as long as that model has Ld 9 or less. Do note that we’re listed the range of the powers as printed – obviously you’ll usually have +6″ to that! The only reason you not to take these is because you may put your Warlord in a different soup detachment, but Thousand Sons will often be a strong choice for hosting your Warlord. The good news is that recent developments – namely, a points drop in Chapter Approved 2019 and a host of new stratagems to support them in Psychic Awakening – Rubric Marine are now much more playable. If you’re taking one, it’s to hold a large unit of expensive Scarab Occult Terminators, which means you’re dumping nearly half your army’s points into a single tank and its occupants. This is also a great way to spend a lot of effort to make a bad unit OK, but it’s not a massive points investment either. The nine cults are currently:[40a]. Winged Daemon Princes of Tzeentch saw a 15-point increase in Chapter Approved 2019, which hurts but isn’t about to prevent anyone from taking one of the best units in the game. In this section, we’ll look at a recent monofaction list that makes good use of the ability to take multiple Cults. While a T7, 12W body isn’t all that resilient once the shooting starts, the 5+ invulnerable save and wound regeneration give these guys a little extra staying power, and they can also be helpful for taking down enemy flyers if you can get in there with several of them and use the Daemonforge Stratagem to make sure more of your hits land. Elites. There are still a few units worth considering, however – The Chaos Decimator is pricey, but it’s got the DAEMON and DAEMON engine keywords, and so can benefit from a variety of options, such as getting the Str bonus from proximity to a Herald of Tzeentch. Its AP characteristic becomes -2. You can’t re-roll hits or wounds for the attacks and they have to go on the model you copied from, but it can be a fun way to turn your opponent’s favorite toys against them, particularly if they’re tooled out for killing big targets. Vindicators got a boost thanks to the recent Codex: Space Marines update, having their guns move to Heavy D6 from Heavy D3 with the potential to upgrade. I hope that is clear… Roll 2D6 and get a buff from the list that lasts the rest of the game. [33], Always a numerically small legion, the Thousand Sons rarely ever took to the field in great numbers.

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