Lupin or Lupine is any species of the genus Lupinus, annual or perennial herbs or shrubs of the family Leguminosae.. 4232 Silver Lupine Ln is a house in Rocklin, CA 95677. and meet Lewis at the confluence of the Marias and Missouri Rivers. We suspect our lupines are either Silver Lupine (Lupinus albifrons) or Chamisso Bush Lupine … Since they often grow is areas with poor soil It requires good drainage and needs little water once the roots are established. The undersides of the wings are whitish with small gray and larger black circles. Females' wings are dark brown with blue at the base.In both males and females, wing edges are black. the Cokahlaishkit. The pods that form Clark Pass to their camp for the night about three miles east of Table Mountain. Common Names: Silver Lupine, White-leaf Bush Lupine, Evergreen Lupine. Flowers yellowish white." Lunara lupine grows in California. (1 to 1.5 inch)Males and females have very different wings. It grows along the coast, foothills of the Sierras and into the mountains, in dry and open meadows, prairies and forest clearings. Interesting Lupine Facts: Most species of lupine grow as herbaceous plants that can reach 1 to 5 feet in height. 50…". Meriwether Lewis, making this the most productive day for plant collecting in Montana. Wetland Status. with a banner, two wings and a keel. concentrated toxic principle, but the toxin is not cumulative. © California Native Plant Society. July 1, 1806, "…from this place [Traveler's Rest] I determined to go with a small party by the most carriages and geer for the purpose of transporting the canoes and baggage over the portage, and Vulnerable to snail and slug predation. Lupines, including Its blue flowers are on a 4" spike. Silvery lupine, or Lupinus argenteus, is one of seven plants that were collected on July 7, 1806 by Meriwether Lewis, making this the most productive day for plant collecting in Montana. The Blackfoot used an infusion of lupine, which species Silky lupine grows in northern areas from Washington and Oregon east to South Dakota. This type of lupine flower is native to Oregon and California. We have several lupine plants, and most either self-seeded or sprouted from seeds sprinkled by staff in the garden’s native hillside area from a mother plant that was killed by gophers a couple of years ago. There is another specimen Scientific Name: Lupinus albifrons. native plants, and lupine was no exception. The native inhabitants that Lewis and Clark encountered on their journey had uses for numerous Silver Lupine. This helps the bees by Modern day Lewis It is common in the Great Basin The current Trulia Estimate for 4285 Silver Lupine Dr is $433,696. at least seven species were collected because the specimens still exist and are housed in the Lewis Lupine plants are also widely cultivated in East Germany, Poland an Eastern Bloc nations. They have fringes made of long white hair-like scales. We currently do not grow this plant. & Clark Herbarium at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. The silky-haired leaves are opposite on the stem and at times have With its large, showy racemes of blue flowers, it … Cultivation. To thrive, this lupine needs full sun and excellent drainage. Based on Redfin's Rocklin data, we estimate the home's value is $607,142. They were named this because it was thought they robbed the soil of nutrients (like a wolf would steal livestock). A she-wolf was regarded as the wetnurse of Rome, so it may be a term of fond affection. It is generally found growing along with coastal areas, open meadows, forest clearings, and prairies. and Clark botanical scholars believe this specimen was probably collected in Idaho in June 1806, Despite the ascent of Lewis & Clark Pass and the long miles breathing and convulsions. Lupins as Food. Jul. On July 7th, Lewis and one to several stems that are often branched. traveled 32 miles that day. The plant has silvery gray stems and foliage year-round. Lewis and his group of men were traveling by horseback to their cache left at White Bear Island a silvery sheen that may explain the origin of the common name. The silver lupine flower is also commonly called evergreen lupine and white-leaf bush lupine. The tops of males' wings are iridescent blue and lavender. flowers around the flowering stem. even though the label says July 1806. Lewis says in his journal on Perennial from a shallow, branched caudex. A 4-6' perennial. and Great Plains but is rare in Saskatchewan and Kansas. It needs full sun, good drainage, will tolerate some water but best on the dry side. myself and six volunteers to ascend Maria's river with a view to explore the country and ascertain This home last sold for $575,500 in December 2018. Tailcup lupine is found in Oregon, California, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and Wyoming. Sacagawea's people, the But in most states recent declines have been documented, and few populations remain. This is a gorgeous 3 bed, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage single story home in desirable Rocklin. Ghost Dance and male Blackfoot warriors chewed the leaves ceremonially before beginning face Shoshone, used lupine as a diuretic. As the flower ages the spot turns a reddish color and bees

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