I recommend them as they are good products. It always seems the steps are the first place to show wear. In the olden days, carpets used to be the only available option for stair covering. Floors. It can equally help in minimizing noise when people are walking up and down the staircase. Both hardwood and pine can be sanded and refinished. Besides, you can equally go complete arts and create a nature scene on the stairs. If you don’t wish to cover your staircase but also don’t want to leave it plain, then you might try illusions. Moreover, you can use tiles for both indoor and outdoor stairs as they are scratch resistant and durable. Now, if you have concrete steps, I would just recommend doing carpet. Formaldehyde emissions aren’t something you can see or smell, yet when they’re strong, they’re dangerous to your health. A well-designed staircase can take a contemporary living room back to the Victorian age or build a warm welcome at the entryway. It is the easiest, safest and least expensive option. You can equally lay glass tile to appear like a mosaic pattern. Either leave it in place and get carpet or get a professional abatement. This assumes you already have wood on the steps (even if it’s underneath the carpet. Your email address will not be published. If you have kids, carpet flooring acts as add an extra layer of protection in case of a fall. Linoleum is best placed in a kitchen or bathroom area of a senior’s house, or a place where there’s a lot of water and potential for staining, as it’s resistant to these kinds of issues. If that doesn’t work you, both carpet and hardwood are great options. Finally, try using a slate tile as it’s the perfect option if you’re covering exterior stairways or if you’re covering a small portion of stairs from the entryway. It’s a recipe for disaster. Pin Share Email The Spruce / Margot Cavin. You just need a few tools and the time to have a fantastic set of stairs. But after my dad broke his back, we added carpeting to these steps and wow what a difference that made for him. The best way to have your stairs flooring perfectly matching your floor (or as closer as possible) is to send one sample of wood floor to the staircases manufacturing company (it can be a piece of floor of 40 x 20 mm for example). Most seniors suffer from vision impairment of some degree. The low maintenance and long-lasting features of cork make it an ideal floor covering for stairs and landing. In my childhood home, we had 3 concrete steps to the basement and never really thought about it since it was only 3 steps. When it comes to steps in the basement, my first choice will always be hardwood floors and a carpet runner as it’s the best of both worlds – stylish and safe. The most critical thing to have in mind is that stairs are not just conduits between different areas of the home. The Best Residential Flooring Options for Aging Adults. And now let’s see seven effective ways to really make stairs safe for seniors: 1. Just don’t try to do this yourself. Mid-toned finishes and dark woods will be more forgiving in terms of showing up dust, while pale wood will demand more work but can help the space look more expansive. Basements can be a bit tricky if you have a concrete floor, so there is no one size fits all. I see them most often in homes that were built in the 1950s and 1960s when they used Vinyl Asbestos tiles quite often (before they knew these were dangerous). Well first, these are not very safe. Hardwood supplies – e.g. Learn about The Spruce's Editorial Process. It’s a perfect choice for stairs as the installation is easy. According to some experts: Carpet is the safest type of flooring options for stairs. Furthermore, carpeting gives the stairs an extra dose of coziness and warmth. This can be most helpful for long stairways as the art offers a beautiful distraction from the long journey up. To install […] For example, if your staircase is somewhat old and you don’t want to do a complete remodel, full carpeting will instantly cover the aging. By incorporating aggregates into the production process we are able to reduce the impact that contaminants can have. I’ve had more than one project where the carpenters told me, “I can save you a whole tread.” My answer is always an emphatic “No!” Saving space isn’t the goal; saving lives is. Required fields are marked *. Note:  If you just have plywood on the steps, you’ll probably be better off adding carpet on top, especially as plywood isn’t usually finished properly at the edges, especially if you have landings or pie steps. Laminate flooring is available in different forms – and it can be purchased in different types. Detail Trim Carpet to Vinyl Height Transition DT022. Many of the flooring types can be laid by any do-it-yourselfer. Floors for paws is the first flooring company to put your dogs needs as high as your own. This is what we normally recommend to our customers. The safest flooring option for steps By far, the safest option for the steps is carpeting. Provide Adequate Lighting. However, ensure that your stairs can withstand the weight as tiles are usually heavier than other stair flooring options. In addition, you need t use an overlap stair nose on the front to secure the material. And the cost of replacing the laminate floor is also cheaper than the cost of replacing other flooring options for your stairs. Stairs are the highest-traffic area of any home. You can always get an asbestos abatement and hire properly licensed experts to cordon off the area and correctly remove and remedy the situation. Feb 7, 2013 - Choosing the best flooring for covering stairs in your home should be easy. You simply want to find the one that meets your expectations without compromising on a budget! Additionally, it’s available in many options and you will certainly find something that perfectly fits your tastes and needs. If you’ve finally decided to use full carpeting for your stairs, it’s advisable to find a unique pattern that matches with the surrounding décor but is still appealing enough. Good design can substantially reduce the potential for mis-stepping by providing us with the means to retrieve our balance, but even the best design cannot eliminate falling hazards entirely. In this article, we’ll show you some of the best flooring options for stairs alongside the pros and cons of selecting each of the floor coverings for your home and stairs. If you have a light color, it can show the dirt…unless you choose the 3rd hybrid (and preferred) option of doing wood + a carpet runner. They are also harder on your feet (which is a big issue for dogs as they age…as well as all of us), they are colder, and they also look sloppy at the edges. Carpet runners are super stylish (check out Carpet and runner trends). Therefore, as you focus on the functional parts of your home, don’t neglect the aesthetics and décor parts. The best solution may vary based on the surface you currently have. My goal is to make the process simple. Years ago, the carpeting on the main staircase in my home was starting to look quite worn. Allows you to do white paint on the steps (for a lighter look) but not worry about it getting dirty (due to the carpet runner). If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Stair Nosing Uncovered Stairs AA125. It’s also low-maintenance, water-resistant, and cost-effective. Now, some people will choose to glue the material down. But, in my mind there are really only 2 good solutions (or a combo of both of these). Detail Trim Floor/Wall Junctions DT059. For instance, a hardwood tread with a riser made of stone or ceramic tile can be extremely visually appealing. Safety is a priority when it comes to stair coverings. It’s probably the best bathroom flooring for elderly people. Mobility: Linoleum has a flat, smooth surface and is laid directly on subfloor or wooden base, making it well suited for wheelchairs and rollators. Once you’ve selected the flooring for your entryway, use the same flooring on the stairs. For many of our clients it becomes the obvious choice to use our cork floating stair planks for the floors; however, then we are confronted with what to do with the rest of the components surrounding the installation. I would also recommend this in the master bedroom, by the bedside if the floor there is not carpeted. When it comes to basements, finding flooring solutions for your steps is sometimes a bit tricky. If they aren’t you probably want to repair or replace them first. And, it’s a major turn off if you plan on selling your home in the future. The style, angle, floor surface, and lighting of your stairs play a key role in how you will view and enjoy your home. Updated 09/29/20. Besides being soft and quiet, carpeting offers one of the best safety stairway flooring options. With just two 9-inch treads and three 8¼-inch risers, they’re plenty steep, a condition all too common in a world where builders pride themselves on how little space they can eat up with stairs. Interested in a new flooring surface for your stairs? This type of carpeting leaves the edges of the stairways visible. Aside from that, they’re also cheaper and easier to install. According to flooringtrends.com, the trend in 2008 was to return to the clean look of wood or laminate floors … But, the paint option usually looks much better if you do a paint//carpet runner hybrid. It might surprise you to hear that glass is an amazing material for stairs. Also select a high quality padding to increase the wearability. In addition, should a fall ever occur, carpet offers a much softer landing spot than wood flooring which could help reduce the likelihood of injury.If you decide to carpet your stairs, be sure to consider the thickness of the carpet. Stair Nosing Carpeted Stairs AA121. Carpet is the safest type of flooring options for stairs. Your email address will not be published. Now, if you have asbestos tile and it’s intact, leave it in place. And, these make your steps look sloppy and rather unprofessional. And, of course they are noisier. Inserts Subtle Colours Neutral Black - 106. And, you’ll be happy to know that regular carpet runners save your risers as well (the part your feed kick so that you don’t have to keep repainting. You can encapsulate it with carpet. Contact 50 Floor to Install Floor Covering Today 50 Floor offers many options so you can choose the safest and most beautiful surface for your stairs. Additionally, floor coverings for stairs not only add to the decorative feel of your home, but it’s equally a vital consideration when you think of the durability and general care you will need to undertake based on your flooring choice. *. There are many style options depending on the level of maintenance you want, your décor preferences, and your budget. Joseph Lewitin . Laminate flooring is an affordable staircase flooring option if you want a wooden look. Now, I am assuming that your base steps are in good condition/safe. The best wood flooring has lasting style and durability, and the advantage of wood flooring is that it can be refinished if any damage occurs over time. Here are a few ideas. A carpet's lifespan varies according to its fiber type, construction and daily foot traffic. In this article, I’m going to share my top flooring choices for basement steps as well as the ones you want to avoid. It’s usually more useful if the stair flooring is not too beautiful. Inexpensive…in fact, it can cost you less than carpet (assuming you have wood treads. Your stairways serve not only a functional purpose but it equally adds sophistication and style to your home. Clear Anti Slip Roll by EdenProducts is a great choice for anti slip stair treads on indoor wooden steps, bathroom flooring (tile, vinyl, linoleum, etc.) Design Details. The material offers a comfortable feel underfoot and features a wide range of high-quality, beautiful finishes. One famous strategy is to create a runner illusion. Clear Anti Slip Roll by EdenProducts (from Amazon) pictured on the right is perfect for indoor wooden steps, bathroom flooring (tile, vinyl, linoleum, etc.) Joseph Lewitin. The good thing is that you can use it for both the risers and treads of the stairs. Please note that this article contains affiliate links and your can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page. January 12th, 2015 | Posted in: News. From grand stairways and warm conventional styles to industrial and contemporary styles. Additionally, laminate flooring is scratch resistant, so if you have pets, their claws will not harm the flooring. Runners will add some color, warmth, and beauty without hiding the flooring. Now, if you have concrete steps, I would just recommend doing carpet. This is my favorite option, when you can do it (assuming you already have wood steps). Your options will be a bit more limited. It has all the advantage of carpet (safety, softness, less noise) and all the advantages of hardwood…and it looks upscale.

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