Raspberries are relatively easy to grow and will multiply on their own over the years. It is much easier to care for a tidy raspberry patch, and your raspberry plants will stay healthier if the plants are trained using a support system. Raspberries spread via their root system. You will use 2 to 3 pounds of 10-10-10 fertilizer per 100 foot (30 m.) of row. If you want to grow a row or two or you prefer a tidier look in the garden, install a wire fence with two or three vertical wires attached to T-bar posts at the ends of the rows so the canes grow up supported by wires on either side. A small bed is fine for a freestanding raspberry patch. After that, you can fertilize your growing raspberry bushes annually. But if you want to add more raspberry bushes or start a new patch, you can plant raspberry cuttings. A raspberry plant laden with fruit is top-heavy and needs support to keep it from falling over. Because we wanted our raspberry patch to last a long time, we began with a formal support system. Scale that down if you are only planting … When you take care of raspberry plants, you want to fertilize them twice a year the first year you plant them. In fact, they spread very aggressively. At the end of each row of raspberries, we buried a 6-foot post 1 foot in the ground. Red and black raspberries may be propagated from stem cuttings. New raspberry plants will start to emerge in your patch very early in the spring. This organization will help to keep away unwanted pests and disease by allowing proper air flow to the raspberry bushes. Red raspberries will … After only one year you will start to see small new plants coming up surrounding the mother plant.

planting raspberry patch

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