Find out inside PCMag's comprehensive tech and computer-related encyclopedia. How to use fathom in a sentence. Did fathom Always Refer to a Measurement? Click the "Line Styles" Icon in the Line Format Toolbar and choose phantom. Or you could be asking how to INSERT a hidden or phantom line.. First go to sketch, draw your line(s). Meaning and definition of phantom line: A line used to show the alternate positions of an object or matching part without interfering with the main drawing. Now right click in the grey part of the Command Manager and add the "Line Format" toolbar. For the term phantom line may also exist other definitions and meanings, the meaning and definition indicated above are indicative not be used for medical and legal or special purposes. Set the visible and hidden lines to the desired line style, and choose the desired Layer to make the lines red (you'd need to … phantom – (not shown) are alternately long- and double short-dashed thin lines used to represent a feature or component that is not part of the specified part or assembly. They are designed to be used in situations where several BOMs would have the same basic components. Step 3: Hope this helps. SECTION LINE – Medium lines drawn at 45 degrees use to show interior view of solid areas of cutting plane line. The Phantom 4 expands on previous generations of DJI's iconic Phantom line by adding new on-board intelligence that make piloting and shooting great shots simple through features like its Obstacle Sensing System, ActiveTrack and TapFlyfunctionality. The part in one position is drawn in full lines, while in the alternate position it is drawn in phantom lines. In this way, the leader will not be confused with other lines of the drawing. What does phantom lines actually mean? 10. From this line the remainder of the leader is drawn at an angle (dog leg) to an arrowhead or dot. These items do not exist in the inventory. Phantom items are typically used in multilevel ‘Bill of Materials’ (BOM), where a single row of a phantom item serves the purpose of an entire sub-tree. 9. Phantom stocks are a form of employee compensation that gives employees access to stock ownership without actually owning the stock. PHANTOM LINES Phantom lines are used most frequently to indicate an alternate position of a moving part, as shown in the left-hand view of figure 3-36. E.g. billet ends that may be used for testing, or the machined product that is the focus of a tooling drawing. Like any genuine stock, phantom stock's value rises and falls in line with the underlying company stock, and staffers are compensated with profits incurred from any company stock appreciation on specific dates. LEADER LINE – Medium line with arrowhead to show notes or label for size or special information about a feature. Pick the line(s) you would like to make Phantom. Right-click on the part you want to show in phantom red lines and choose "Component line font" from the drop-down (as indicated by Patrick above). PHANTOM LINE – Long line followed by two short dashes use to show alternate position of a moving part. Power is the phantom force affecting the relationships at the center of Paul Thomas Anderson’s acclaimed period drama Phantom Thread, which last week received six … 11. Phantom Voltage or “induced voltage” is the result of wire or other metal components appearing to be energized when they in fact are not. Fathom definition is - a unit of length equal to six feet (1.83 meters) used especially for measuring the depth of water —sometimes used in the singular when qualified by a number. If the reference is to a line, the leader is always terminated at this line with an arrowhead, as shown in figure 3-33.

phantom line meaning

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