I hope you enjoyed! It gently but effectively removes the dirt and toxins on my scalp and it also smells like a piece of heaven. Pantene Rose Water Shampoo/Conditioner Review. Pantene’s Rose Water sulfate-free shampoo gently cleans and soothes dry hair by infusing it with the nutrients hair needs to hold onto moisture. The shampoo comes in a 300ml plastic reusable pump bottle with a flowery pink wrapping that can be taken off once the shampoo bottle is empty. I thought it would have been something I liked as I am normally a fan of rose water, but not in this instance. Pantene Pro-v micellar series blends rosewater conditioner. Even after using the conditioner I felt that my hair had become poofy and frizzy. Pantene Pro-V Micellar Series Blends Rosewater Shampoo is a shampoo that provides instant relief for dry hair by hydrating and replenishing strands. The Pantene Pro-V Blends Rosewater Shampoo and Conditioner formula combines extracts of the hydrating rosa gallica plant with the power of Pantene’s legendary Pro-Vitamin B5. So this shampoo is great for everyone who just wants a simple shampoo. Ingredients: 0% Silicones, parabens and dyes. The shampoo contains rose gallica extract, pro-vitamin B5, and is infused with a blend of nutrients and antioxidants to replenish hair from the inside out. It is designed … The thing that impressed me the most however, was the cleansing power without stripping. She has thick wavy hair and now wants me to buy it all the time. My hair. One pump. So I love the smell of rose, like I mean LOVE it. Reviews reflect the honest opinions of beautyheaven members. The formula is more of a gel like consistency and lathers up nicely. Is there are no. It lathers well, leaves my scalp feeling clean and nourished, and smells Amazing! I wash my hair twice a week, and this shampoo was good in that it didn’t irritate my scalp, and my hair didn’t feel oily between washes. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. NEW Product Review Club® Offer / NOUVELLE Offre Club des bancs d'essai:... Downy Unstopables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster, Pantene Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner. I did love the scent ,maybe could have been a bit stronger as it didn’t seem to last long on my hair. Have helped remove the days. Micelles are clusters of molecules that are formed when surfactants are dispersed in water. It felt very clean. The bottle is easy to use and looks great in the shower too. I am a big fan of rose water so I was pretty excited. The fragrance. I don’t think the Pantene Pro-V Micellar Series Blends Rosewater Shampoo is for me. I absolutely loved the consistency of the shampoo, a little went a long way which is great for providing value for money. Nutrient-infused Pro-V formula with Pro Vitamin B5 & B3, anti-oxidants,micelles and rose water extract from Rosa Gallica. It lathers well but is also very easy to rinse out. The Micells. It works well sometimes. Pool day. We would like to send you notifications on the latest Product Review Club offers. The shampoo provides a gentle lather without stripping the moisture from my hair. Due to the lovely rose water fragrance, this range is particularly suited for women. Depending on the amount of hair. I have thin hair so can't have heavy shampoo or conditioner and found this was very light yet effective. Pantene Pro-V Micellar Water Shampoo is uniquely designed for hair that’s prone to greasiness and oiliness, helping to gently cleanse tresses with a lightweight, fresh finish. CHICKS It comes in a slightly smaller bottle that other shampoos however if you dont wash your hair often like I do (only wash twice a week) it'll last you ages! But in doing my 2 normal runs through with the shampoo and rinsing in between, it seemed to clean really well. Nice having a different bottle. PANTENE’S MICELLAR DETOX & MOISTURIZE SHAMPOO. The Warehouse The shampoo has a beautiful, delicate rose fragrance that, used with the matching conditioner, lingered on in my hair for many hours, or so I was told. I like how this shampoo set smells, but the scent is not from the rosewater, which is the third-last ingredient. It contains vitamin b5. I received the Pantene ProVblends Rosewater shampoo to trial alongside the matching conditioner, thank you BH! I found my hair looked and felt lovely and healthy using this so I would confidently recommend it. 0% SILICONES 1st EVER rosewater SHAMPOO FROM PANTENE PURIFIES SCALP Size: 530mL KEY FEATURES • 0% silicones, parabens & dyes • Nutrient-infused Pro-V formula with pro vitamin B5, anti-oxidants, micelles and rose extract • Our Series has Moisture Restoring Shampoo, with rose extract. Even a few days on my hair feels soft and clean. On receiving this product I was excited to try it out as I have trouble finding the right shampoo for my thin hair, as the range claimed to hydrate and smooth. I tried it at least 3 times before writing this review. It does linger in my hair after my shower. It looks great in my bathroom and I am 100% would recommend. is your destination to rate and review your favourite products as well as receive some for free through the Product Review Club, 93% OF It cleanses well, it doesn’t leave hair dry, it’s safe for coloured hair. I have to say the fragrance is lovely, not too overpowering and it does linger in the shower making it a really luxurious experience. My hair is super duper dry during the winter and after 2 washes from this shampoo I feel like it has nourished my ends really well and using it together with the conditioner has made my hair really hydrated and light. The pump packs where super handy and easy to use, they’re a great idea. The Soothing Moisture Wash with Rose Water Pro-V Blend is a rich, creamy formula free of sulfates, parabens, dyes and … Pantene Pro-V Blends Rosewater Shampoo is a hydrating shampoo that provides instant relief to dry hair. Secondly, my hair is dry and brittle so I really did not want to use this shampoo which in my mind was going to further dehydrate my frail locks. Having recently delivered a baby, I've been struggling with hormonal changes and dry hair was a major part of this. The pump style of the bottle is easy to use and makes it simple to get just the right amount out to use. worked into a lather. The products are very nicely packaged I love the colours and the font on the packaging it’s very aesthetically pleasing. I was shocked at how clean but nourished my hair still was! Its definitely great purchase if you are looking for a shampoo that's free from silicone and parabens and you don't want to use high end products! The product came in a cute pump bottle with pretty roses on the packaging. The other has fine curly hair and she wasn't as impressed but will still use it. It's also curly which is why the ingredients are so important in the products I use. I've used it twice since then and I still enjoy it, but I wouldn't use it all of the time. I love the packaging. But I was so surprised by the lightweight feel of my hair and the soft bounce that returned (I also used the partnered conditioner to this shampoo) I am always so sceptical about products promises, but I have to concede, I was so wrong in my thoughts prior to using. The amount. Washes I used less. I have two daughters that also used it and one absolutely loved it. Click for Price Looking for a micellar shampoo for curly hair? Less dry. It lathered well. I was a little worried because by the time I had received the parcel, the deadline for the review was only a few days away. It is a cleansing serum, so it is not strictly a shampoo. I really liked this shampoo, it has a super nice smell, it is suitable for colored hair because it is colorless. I have medium length hair and I only needed to use a small amount. Ideal for most hair types, it may not be moisturizing enough for very dry hair. But is the perfect follow on from the matching shampoo. Buy it now. The shampoo is good. Now, my hair feels so soft and smells so amazing I even got my sister hooked! The rose smell is delicate and not at all overpowering, but at the same time is long lasting so you get little whiffs of it throughout the day. I’m back with another round of Pantene hair care review. I was able to successfully use 4 pumps on my shoulder-length. What a mouthful! Which suggests to me that you could use this for colored hair! I was very lucky to be included on the trial team for this shampoo. Pantene, Shampoo and Sulfate Free Conditioner Kit, Paraben and Dye Free, Pro-V Blends, Soothing Rose Water, 17.9 fl oz, Twin Pack 4.5 out of 5 stars 3,963 $19.99 Those used to no-poo shampoos will find this a good choice. I was pleasantly surprised however, because even after the first use, I noticed the shampoo left my hair, clean and very fresh smelling and looking. **(Valued at $1000 each, filled with the winning products.)*…. May 2019. I have never been a fan of Pantene. I used a little more than my normal amount but I think you could easily get away with a ten cent price sized amount of shampoo. What is micellar shampoo? DIG IT, Pantene Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner Overview, Dove Nutritive Solutions Daily Moisture Shampoo, Garnier® Whole Blends™ Honey Treasures Repairing Shampoo, Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Divine Definition Shampoo, Dove Nutritive Solutions Coconut & Hydration Shampoo. Really, I just thought this would be the old stuff re-branded, but I was very wrong. In addition, it leaves hair with a very soft texture. Soft. I knew Micellar Water Shampoo wouldn't work the same as regular micellar water… I was definitely testing it as non blonding shampoos do have the tendency to make my Grey's yellow. I shampoed twice and followed with the matching conditioner for the best results. I would definitely buy it again especially for the smell. Like a clarifying shampoo, Zipperian says, micellar water shampoos are solely removing the oils and dirt that need to go away. I suffer from dry and frizzy hair, and have had issues finding a shampoo that keeps my hair hydrated and healthy instead of drying it out further and I was pleasantly surprised to find how soft my hair already felt even without the use of conditioner. Number one bonus is that unlike the shampoo it is not clear. CHICKS After having the shampoo rinsed out I applied one more pump for a second wash. After shampooing and thoroughly rinsing I applied the conditioner. First try. It was truely devine. Thanks for watching! Not really good for humid weather. The Pantene Pro-V Micellar Gentle Cleansing Water Shampoo is pH balanced for gentle and effective purification and removes impurities while infusing fragile hair with the nutrients it needs. Will absolutely re-purchase. Love that it tells you that it is free from parabens, silicones and dyes! © 2006-2020 ChickAdvisor Inc. All Rights Reserved. I wasn’t super overly impressed by Pantene Pro V Micellar Series Blanca Rosewater Shampoo and most of the reasoning behind that was that it smelled like a bowl of dried up shrivelled rose pot purie you find on your grand mother’s night stand. These are cleansing molecules that cling onto the oils and impurities on your scalp like a magnet. It also makes your hair smell so good and it lasts a long time. And yes. We viagrameds give 30% off for the new…, Fildena 100 doesn't reduce erectile dysfunction and increases lost confidence, and sexually exciting…, I just saw the reunion on youtube of family ties stars in the house.I recommened any one who's a fan…, Hi beauties, I’ve been thinking lately about dermal filler‘s to address the lines that run from my…, #Win 1 of 10 Best In Beauty Prize Packs! However, I didnt find the conditioner that good. It left my hair feeling very clean and light, not weighed down like with some shampoos I have previously used. The shampoo itself is a clear, gel type substance and I could very easily distribute it through my hair. I was impressed with this, to say the least! The gorgeous rose scent was an added bonus and I found that the scent lingered in my hair until the next wash, which was amazing! I also loves that it had no sulphates and parabins and silicones it did make my hair feel clean, but for a a shorter time compared to other shampoos. Bonus for next time I want a change. My partner complimented the scent of my hair. I put 2 pumps on my hand and. This shampoo has absolutely no silicones, parabens, dyes or any other unpleasant ingredients. Unfortunately for me this did not happened my ends where still dry and would frizz up when dry. It lathered very quickly but took a couple of minutes to be completely washed out again. I truly enjoy the long lasting smell of the shampoo and conditioner product. I wish the bottles were a bit bigger (with my long hair I go through shampoo quite quickly) but I will likely buy again! Micelles in the formula work to detox the scalp by removing impurities, dirt and toxins. Pantene Micellar Cleanse and Nourish Shampoo, £3.99. However, it made my hair dry and frizzy too..... which is a huge no-no for me. Not only is it a cute shade of pink and quite a good shape for a lot of product - I LOVE the pump on this badboy! This soothing shampoo’s nutrient-infused formula combines a Pro-V blend of pro vitamin B5, antioxidants and rose extract to help gently cleanse and invigorate dry hair without stripping it. However, I didnt find the conditioner that good. I always look out for shampoo without parabens, silicones and dyes because its not good for your hair!! I thoroughly wet my thick, shoulder length hair and applied two pumps of shampoo. The usage instructions are written on the back of the bottle, the writing is rather small and I did have trouble reading it. Reminds me of my favourite sweet Turkish delight It left my hair feeling nice and soft however my hair was a bit more tangled then usual after my shower every time I washed my hair with this product. I have naturally dry hair and I do like that this shampoo is quite gentle and doesn’t leave my hair feeling more dry or frizzy after I use it. Pantene Rose Water Shampoo and Conditioner Reviews, OF Looks very indulging. I really like squeaky clean haair and this gave exactly that. The shampoo smells lovely - It's almost reminiscent of the original Herbal Essences Rose Shampoo but a little more "natural" and "real". Hey guys! In terms of whether I noticed a diffence in my hair I couldn't really but it definitely didn't do any damage to it. Pantene pro-v micellar series blends rosewater shampoo is a good shampoo for dry hair. I LOVE this product! The smell was beautiful, sublte but still noticeable, a lovely delicate floral that lingered even after washing out. All in all, a great product created by pantene, amazing for hair starved of hydration and in desperate need of an instant pick me up! I always think this is a very good thing! I also really liked the smell, not chemically smelling at all and not headache-inducing overbearing. I love that the formula is free from parabens, silicon and dyes, and is enriched with pro vitamin B5, antioxidants and rose extract. One positive is that it does smell really good. This silicone, mineral oil and colourant-free formula blends Pantene active Pro-V nutrients, tested by the Swiss Vitamin Institute, with Micellar complex to purify and revitalise hair from root to tip. Nasties. Nutrient-infused and rich in antioxidants, it contains 0% silicones, parabens and dyes, replenishing hair inside and out with a blend of moisturising ingredients. My hair is thick, wavy, voluminous and tend to be frizzy if not taken care of. I can tell them apart when I shower. The very fresh smell is awesome too.... just loved it! Removed all the chlorine out. Normally when using a shampoo, it takes me a few uses to really decide how I feel about a product because I generally don't see much variation, but with the Pantene Rosewater Shampoo I noticed a lot of things I really liked right away! It is so easy to push down and use, without much force, which is super handy for one-handed use (or even those with reduced mobility and strength in their hands) I have been using this product for a free trial for the last couple of weeks - just in time for the sunny weather ! You have. When the bottle is empty, tear off the wrapping and reuse for hand wash lotion or liquid washing powder or whatever your creativity decides. Nutrient-infused Pro-V formula with Pro Vitamin B5 & B3, anti-oxidants, micelles and rose water extract from Rosa Gallica. Such a pretty floral sweet fragrance, and the fragrance lingers in my hair after I’ve used it, up until the next wash. Second time I. Pantene Pro-V Blends Rose Water Sulfate Free Shampoo helps soothe and moisturize hair to give you the ultimate look—moisturized, petal soft hair. I was super excited to try the Pantene Pro-V Blends Rosewater Shampoo as part of the trial team. Shampoos I found they made my scalp itch. I think the smell of roses is so nice and complements the formula very well. The pink pump bottle with rose petals is beautiful and eye catching, and I do find it handy that it comes in a pump bottle to make it easier to dispense the shampoo. They have a 'water-loving head' and a 'water-hating tail' and are claimed to lift dirt, debris and excess oil from your scalp, leaving your hair clean. It has Pro-vitamin B5 added as well as antioxidants, micelles and rose extract. hair and. The formula is gentle, non-drying and I find it interesting that it cleans the hair and scalp with micelles and also contains hydrating rosewater. The range also contains micelles that detox the scalp, with scientifically designed ‘micro-magnets’ attracting metal impurities from the hair’s core. It works well sometimes. I washed my hair. I love products that contain rose fragrances. The shampoo was easily washed out, where I repeated a second wash. After drying, my hair was so soft and smelt amazing. Other than that I found the shampoo to be thoroughly cleansing and my scalp did feel clean and degreased, possibly a little bit too much oil removal as I did find that the oils on my scalp did return quicker than usual and with a lot more vengeance. First impressions was the cute packaging that is a stand out compared to the classic Pantene packaging, I also really love that this product has a pump. Look no further. It washes away any buildup without stripping my hair color or irritating my scalp. Firstly, I have blonde highlighted hair so will usually opt for a colour shampoo, but this would be a great go-to for in-between colour shampoo washes. Pantene's Rose Water collection might be the answer you've been looking for! Kim Carpluk. The Pantene Micellar Detox & Moisturize Shampoo and Conditioner make use of the micellar water technology and it was a dream come true for me. I also found that I had to use a lot of shampoo and don’t have a lot of hair. So if you enjoy rose water products overall this would be the product for you! I would therefore recommend this shampoo to anyone who wants a gentle, hydrating shampoo that has a great fresh floral fragrance. The first time I used the shampoo the first thing I noticed was the smell. My daughter enjoyed using this product too, her hair is much the same as mine. I thought the packaging was a little ‘cheap’ looking in comparison to other Pantene products but I would certainly purchase this range. Will be all you need. I think it's worth the price! Don’t expect this to lather as well. I got this for myself, first off the price is way too high and the quality of the product does not match up at all. The range is affordable and the packaging is nice, however I don’t think this shampoo is for me. Even my growing out purple stayed the same. I had yet to find a sulfate-free shampoo that checked all the boxes to what I was looking for until I tried Pantene Rose Water Sulfate Free Shampoo. Bonus! This shampoo not only smells nice but it is good. If you are not a fan of roses you may have to look elsewhere. The pump was really good to use, quite convenient, I wish most shampoo and conditioners had the pump. I did however like that my hair has a little bit less frizz which I appreciate. Our site uses cookies to give you the best user experience and to anonymously track web traffic. It also targets dry hair as well. Kerastase Aura Botanica Bain Shampoo, £16.55 My hair squeeked. It does make my hair soft, though. You need to log in or become a member to leave a review. And probably only needed half. Pantene Micellar Floral Bloom Shampoo & Treatment Reviews | 5.0 out of 5 | Join Home Tester Club for free product tests and 1,000s of product reviews. The packaging of this product is beautiful - I love the light pink design and I love the easy-to-use pump top delivery system. It is lightweight and easy to use. As part of the beautyheaven rewards program, all members receive 5 points for each review they submit. These reviews are the subjective opinions of ChickAdvisor members and not of ChickAdvisor Inc. Stay in the loop for the latest news, contests, deals and more! I have dry, damaged curly hair and was very pleased to see this Pantene Shampoo contained no silicones, dyes or parabens, yet contains nourishing, moisturising ingredients and antioxidants. Firstly, the bottle. The shampoo itself is nice. I have short hair. I took part of a trial team to test this product and was pleasantly surprised. So much so, that every day I was being told to please start looking after it Mum. Fell in love with the packaging. I was not disappointed, not only does it smell amazing, but it was awesome on my hair. My first impression was it smells absolutely divine! It leaves my hair soft, manageable, and doesn't weigh it down. Probably it will work for someone who wants more volume. Micellar water or micellar shampoo contains tiny molecules called micelles. The shampoo is good. The Devacurl buildup buster is 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free. The best part is that they rinse out quickly, taking the dirt and grime along with them. So of course I had to try this shampoo/conditioner. See 110 member reviews and photos. The scent of the product is so subtle and you can definitely smell the rosewater in the product. There is unnatral fragrance instead listed way above. I was so surprised. Fantastic value and I wish all bottles of shampoo and conditioner came with the pump, it really made it easy and quick to get the shampoo out instead of trying to fiddle with opening and closing a lid. It helps to transform even the most fragile dry hair into strands of strength. This Micellar Detox & Moisturize Shampoo is a rich formula … The best thing. It feels like it has. I therefore love the pleasant, fresh floral scent a lot! Pantene Rose Water Collection Review May 9, 2019 / FASHION & BEAUTY / 0 comments. I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review. It also has 0 silicone which results in your hair not being weighted down. The shampoo smelt amazing (like roses) and only a small out of product was needed to get into a lather. I would recommend this to family and friends. Lather was rich and. It comes in a handy to use bottle. Sebelum Cik Rose cerita lebih lanjut, jom kita kenali tentang Shampoo ni. The first time I've used this product it left my hair feeling so soft and luscious! Now you know where the smell comes from! You get plenty of lather. Shampoo. Here is a review on the Pantene rose water shampoo and conditioner, as well as tips on how to co-wash your hair like a pro. To be honest I stopped buying Pantene products years ago as I found them so generic and the chemical smell all became so yuck. Even though It is a drugstore brand, It feels so luxurious and like I am at a spa. In a super cute bottle with a pump dispenser so its easy to get the product instead of squeezing it out! Is lovely. My first impression of the product was how pretty the packaging is, the plastic bottle is a lovely soft pink colour with roses on, definitely a product you can happily display in your shower! This would be great for you. I was lucky enough to receive this product to trial. The handy pump pack dispenses enough of the clear formula to completely wash my long, past my shoulders, hair. Also totally love the “shabby chic“ colours . A neutral pH and large dirt-sapping micelles work to provide a gentle cleanse that doesn’t compromise hair’s condition. This shampoo used in tandem with the matching conditioner left my hair feeling soft, silky and moisturised - it's a super gentle, gorgeous product at an awesome price point - will definitely be purchasing again!

pantene micellar rose water shampoo review

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