Souvenir is softer and more playful than many of its Old Style serif counterparts, while Futura Bold is quirky without being too dominant. Arquitecta. Add into the mix Source Sans Pro, and we start to push things that bit further into the present, creating an enticing combination that is discrete while still being very functional. The most straightforward way of guaranteeing that a font pairing works perfectly is by using different fonts within the same typeface family. Skolar's type foundry, Rosetta, describes it as "a typeface for … One should ideally be more prominent than the other. Establish a hierarchy using weight, size or colour – and when in doubt, you can always fall back on a trusty superfamily. Due to its versatility, the reliable Minion Pro appears a few times in this list. Serif fonts are slightly more old-fashioned and traditional (examples include Times New Roman and Garamond) and always have strokes at the edges of letters. Nova Mono is only available in one style, but that style is ideal for making a statement. This pair of sans serifs pair nicely to create a trendy, industrial look. Generate. Greek and Cyrillic were added in cooperation with Malou Verlomme and Sara Soskolne in 2015. Select a Category If you have some previous projects, then it can also be helpful to improve them because it can make a great pair with other font families. Any font combinations will work well together, so by keeping it in the family, you cannot go wrong. There's something about these fonts, which have never been made into an actual foundry type, which makes them feel like digital newcomers. The rather straightforward naming strategy within LucasFonts’ Thesis typeface superfamily makes the foundry's intentions pretty clear. Alegreya is a super-family that includes sans and serif sister families alongside this small caps version, designed by Juan Pablo del Peral for Huerta Tipográfica. With that out of the way, let’s move on to the 50 perfect font combinations to kickstart your next design. It was designed as a humanist interpretation of the geometric sans from the 1920s and features a double-story a and g, along with a low x-height and tall ascenders.Arquitecta is available in … Find the best matches to your favourite typeface. This will undoubtedly present Futura as your primary font, and Garamond as your go-to alternative for detail, extra information and support. Welcome to MyFonts, the #1 place to download great @font-face webfonts and desktop fonts: classics (Baskerville, Futura, Garamond) alongside hot new fonts (Resolve Sans, Larken,Juana). The neutral face font is a geometric sans-serif typeface font designed by way of Christian Schwartz and launched via house Industries in 2002. Get it right, and your poster, website or flyer design will become so much more dynamic. This is a famously harmonious duo, combining ubiquitous Neo-Grotesque sans serif Helvetica Neue for headlines with the classic Old Style serif Garamond for text. 4 Open the WINDOWS > Fonts … Font combinations of a neo-grotesque sans-serif and an old serif is a safe bet and works exceptionally well in corporate contexts. Luckily these differences are enough to set Century Gothic apart from Futura, who (in large part thanks to Wes Anderson) has become incredibly common. And here is a whole book of combinations: Trajan Pro vs Cinzel. These pair with Geometric sans serifs such as Avant Garde, Avenir, Century Gothic, Eurostile, Futura and Univers. Combine this font with a script for a wonderful highlighted feel. Please log in again. Our font pairing is popular web font Proxima Nova. Source Sans Pro is a slightly more modern typeface, which works nicely alongside Times New Roman, primarily if you are marketing a brand that's timeless, familiar and conventional. House Industries font software or documentation may not be rented, leased, sublicensed or lent to another person or entity.5. x. Together, they make a perfect pairing of old and new, with the understated Source Sans Pro letting Playfair Display really shine. If you need to brush up on your typography knowledge, take a look at our typography tutorials, and you can browse a huge collection of fonts that don't cost a thing with our free fonts roundup. Wow, this article was really helpful. A sans serif typeface with 30 styles, available from Adobe Fonts for sync and web use. Myriad and Minion have already cropped up in different font pairings elsewhere in this list, but this combination is definitely worth a look. Playfair Display is a great way to add that personal touch to something like a tagline, slogan or product description. Lora. The best website for free high-quality Neutraface Slab Text Book fonts, with 29 free Neutraface Slab Text Book fonts for immediate download, and 54 professional Neutraface Slab Text Book fonts for the best price on the Web. House Industries fonts and artwork are licensed for use on 6 rasterizing devices connected to the same network. A good super-family will include serif and a sans serif version of the same typeface: famous examples include Lucida/Lucida Sans and Meta/Meta Sans. These four simple rules will provide you with visual harmony in most situations. Logo Design in The Light of Human Psychology, Professional Logo Design Process From Start To Finish, 15 Creative Envelope Design Ideas & Examples for Inspiration. It’s always good to consider the essence you are trying to visually communicate with your audience. They’re both quite similar and quite different at the same time, each having its unique touch. This is perfect if you want to look sleek and modern, but not so good if you are branding as long-standing and authentic. Chaparral has a modern feeling but is a much more neutral slab serif. Montserrat is a Google font, meaning it was created very recently, specifically for use online. At the same time, the font features friendly and open curv The former is a pleasingly free and flamboyant brush font that's ideal for use in headings. One of the classic slab serifs, Rockwell was designed by the Monotype Corporation in 1934 and has a tremendous amount of personality and attention-grabbing potential when used in bold. Canva has taken the pain out of font pairing by putting together great font combos for your designs. Font pairing made simple. Times New Roman is so widely used (it is a standard font on Microsoft Word) that it is rarely found in web designs these days. Designed by Tobias Frere-Jones with Jesse Ragan and released by Hoefler & Frere Jones (now Hoefler & Co.) in mid 2002, initially in 4 weights plus italics, as well as 4 condensed (roman) weights, and later expanded to 4 widths with 33 weights in total, each with italics. It has been designed by Robert Slimbach as part of the Adobe Originals initiative, and to access it you'll need a Creative Cloud subscription. However, if you want to pick your own, below we've got some top tips for doing just that. Source Sans Pro is a modern sans-serif designed specifically for use in user interfaces. Elegant sans serif Raleway makes a perfect font pairing. Here we have another excellent example of this tried and tested move; Century Gothic and PT Serif. Based on choosing two very different fonts, Futura and Souvenir oddly work together don’t they? The thick inkiness of 20th-century type brings a natural weight to the sleek, almost intangible lightness of 21st century online lettering. r/typography: Typography and type design. For example, the Avenir superfamily includes the following sub-fonts: Avenir Heavy, Avenir Medium, Avenir Light, Avenir Next, Avenir Bold, Avenir Condensed, Avenir Roman, and Avenir Oblique, all of which come in italic, bold and regular. Meet the M1X, Pokémon gets an unpopular new logo for its 25th anniversary, Mesmerising optical illusion will fry your brain. BA1 1UA. All rights reserved. The final typeface has distinctive, typewriter-style details, and is ideal for use in headlines. If you are feeling bold, and you want to create your own font combination, just follow our guidelines: complement or contrast; never conflict. It has been designed to work equally well in print and digital. The latter is a sans-serif with rounded terminals and some quirky touches – including that distinctive descender on the uppercase 'Q'. Included in this third sub-category are Bodoni, Didot, New Century Schoolbook and Walbaum. The increasingly ubiquitous serifed Minion Pro does impeccable work as a headlining font in this delicious pairing. But if you're stuck on which fonts to choose, remember the age-old rule: concord or contrast, but don't conflict. Dax Bold is a great choice for a headline, and the understated Caslon won't compete for attention. Pair it with versatile sans serif Lato to stop things getting too crazy. 18. Gotham in use. Both are available in a range of different weights and variants, making this font pairing nice and versatile. Here's a brief explanation of each of these moods: Modern: Feels like it was made for the 21st century, and wouldn't make sense in any other period. The slightly innocent smile of Souvenir plays into the strident personality of Futura in a way that lightens the mood of both. However, with such a diverse world of professional typefaces (and a growing range of free fonts) to choose from, how can you possibly choose just two? If you need a bit of help choose the perfect font pairings, we're here to help, having trawled through the many typefaces available to bring you the best font duos right here. If you don’t, your pairings start to get into the uncanny valley, where something is just off and you can’t put your finger on it. In contrast, Futura is bold, optimistic, and serious, concerned with modernism and forwardness. Since Neutraface is a geometric it becomes this bold beauty, so you need a nice flowing text for copy. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Palatino Linotype. Montserrat offers a nice contrast; especially the Light version. The more geometric Archivo Narrow is a perfect match. These two simple sans-serif typefaces make for a clean and modern font pairing. It is still a great typeface; it is a highly readable, classic serif, that will also bring a sense of familiarity and tradition to your design. Its clean, condensed letterforms make Bebas Neue an excellent choice for headlines. Another classic font pairing, this time between an 18th century Old Style serif and a late-20th century Humanist sans serif. By combining it with Source Sans Pro, you will be able to keep your text grounded in a modern and clean presentation, that is inviting and easy to read. 3 click Start > Control Panel > Fonts. Lato designer Łukasz Dziedzic wanted something that was nice and clear at small sizes (as we'd suggest using it within in this font pairing), but revealed some stylised effects when used larger. The idea is that, if you get the combo right, the viewer is almost unable to notice what you have done. We are here to bring you ten perfect font pairings, to suit all your design needs. A strong superfamily will include serif and sans serif variations of the same typeface, as is the case with Lucida and Lucida Sans. We have thousands of free fonts available for you. Montserrat. 17. The result is a highly distinctive text face that later spawned a sans-serif companion. Get it wrong, and things start to look messy. The reason for its astronomical success is simple: it is a nimble, sleek, sans-serif typeface that is perfect in almost any context. Download NeutrafaceCondensed-Titling font free in otf format for Windows and Mac. Together, these fonts create a modern sense of effortless elegance. It is very much knowingly inspired by the classic art deco font, but with very subtle differences. Finally, Modern serifs have an often very dramatic contrast between thick and thin for a more pronounced, stylised effect, as well as a larger x-height. It’s meh at best. Fast food chain Wendy’s famously uses Neutraface of their advertising cloth. Mixing two strong typographic personalities rarely works, as they end up fighting. Allan Haley described Souvenir as being “like Times Roman dipped in chocolate” – it is playful, goofy and light. The typface itself sports low contrast, a relatively large x-height and robust serifs, which means it remains legible even when used at small sizes. This time we have Trajan Pro, which is a premium font designed by Carol Twombly for Adobe in 1989, and Cinzel, a completely free and open source font created by Natanael Gama in 2013. Designed in 1990 for use in the Adobe suite, and inspired by late Renaissance-era type, this font is the child of two parents; the pinnacle of modern creative design (Adobe) and the most important artistic era in human history (the Renaissance). If you have a display face packed with unique personality, you'll need something more neutral to do the hard work. However, in the spirit of Richard Neutra's approach, a text version of Neutraface was conceived. The ever-popular serifed Minion Pro works perfectly as a headline font when coupled with the nimble sans-serif Super Grotesk for body copy. Incorporating multiple font combinations into one design is a tricky business. Its sans-serif variant is smoother. Roboto has a dual nature. Fast food chain Wendy’s famously uses Neutraface of their advertising cloth. A tiny change in a well-known font can even lead to the drop in popularity. Traditionally, this involves pairing a serif with a sans serif. This pairing is particularly effective when Trade Gothic is used in its Bold weight for headlines, to set off Jan Tschichold's classic Old Style serif face for text. House Industries fonts and artwork are licensed for use on 6 rasterizing devices connected to the same network. Here we have a pair of beautiful free fonts from Google in the form of Raleway and Lusitana. A device may be, but is not limited to, a printer, rasterizer, video display terminal, CPU, workstation or any device where the font software is rasterized or display of the House Industries Font is generated from font software outlines. The reader can often tell that these are new, because we subconsciously recognise older fonts, even if we cannot identify them by name. Montserrat's light, modern sans-serif letterforms offset Courier New's heavier, retro vibe perfectly. Display font Playfair draws inspiration from the period in the 18th century when quills were being replaced by pointed steel pens. Please refresh the page and try again. The Serif and Sans versions make a smart font pairing, but there are also other variations to play around with, including  Sans Narrow and Mono. It's free to download and open source – so you can edit it to your own particular needs through the GitHub repo, if you have the desire and skills to do so. One of the classic slab serifs, Rockwell was designed in the 1930s and has a huge amount of personality and attention-grabbing potential when used bold. Thank you for signing up to Creative Bloq. Google Font Montserrat was designed specifically for use online, while Courier New is a classic typewriter font. Myriad is famously used in Apple's corporate communication, as well as in the Rolls Royce logo. An Old Style serif typeface, Minion was designed in 1990 but inspired by late Renaissance-era type. Bear in mind that by using two Google fonts, you are straying into the realm of contemporary online aesthetics. 03. Font Pair helps designers pair Google Fonts together. Randy, This is so helpful! The last thing you want is for both fonts to be fighting for the viewer's attention. Contrast, when done right, is about finding surprising and bold oppositions in style, that brings out the best in each other. We reveal the font pairings that were just made for each other. Bembo is a neutral yet versatile serif; sleek, light and conservative. Generally speaking, Old Style serifs such as Bembo, Caslon and Garamond will combine well with Humanist sans serifs, such as Gill Sans and Lucida Grande. Click on the font file with the right mouse button, select "View" from the context menu, in the next window click Install. Sans-Serif / Serif Font Combinations It makes a great pairing with Lato (which translates as 'summer' in Polish), a  warm yet stable sans serif. This is a perfect font combination if your brand or product also straddles both past and present, and you want to signal that you are keeping ahead of the curve, without cutting ties to the past. Santa Clara, CA 95051. type pair finder. Creative Bloq is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Only available in all-caps varieties, Aviano has sharp, edgy serifs that give it a distinctive personality. If you opt for different weights and sizes, you will be able to establish a friendly hierarchy between the two neutral families. Bembo will slot perfectly beneath as a subtitle, body text or detail for one of the best font combinations.

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