No explanation is available for this question! 7        What do you mean by minimum bend radius? blanking. Sheet Metal is the metal that is undergone many processes in industry to come out as final product which is thin. It is similar to As seen from this figure, the processes at the lowest level of the diagram are commonly described by the name of the product created by that particular forming process. Generally, it handless long workpieces in the © Copyright 2016. The tools used for such deformation are called die, punch etc. What is peen forming process? Describe the magnetic pulse forming process (ME8351 Important 16 mark Questions Manufacturing Technology 1) 3.What is deep drawing operation? Solution for State true or false with explanation. 5. i. forming ? Many metals are available that are used to form Sheet Metal like Aluminium, copper, tin etc. It works upon the theory of superplasticity, which means controlled by proper tool and die design. As mentioned friction tends to decrease powder flow ability. Give the difference between punching and blanking; only the main difference is that, the hole is the desired product and Metal forming processes, also known as mechanical working processes, are primary shaping processes in which a mass of metal or alloy is subjected to mechanical forces. Ans : It is the cutting operation with the help of which Ans : In both the sheet metal working processes sheet Certain metals require heating prior to being formed, and other metals can be formed cold. Forming Processes: Basic metal forming operations & uses of such as: Forging, Rolling, Wire &Tubedrawing/making and Extrusion, and their uses.Press-work: Die & Punch assembly, cutting and forming, its applications.Hot-working versus cold-working. Explain the metal spinning operation ii. from the edge. Show transcribed image text. depending on the type of process. flange may be produced by piercing with a sharp It is used for decorative purpose or giving a. Friction increases the amount of force required to perform an operation, causes wear on tooling, and can affect … With the help of this operation, specific shapes or figures are produced on the operation ? Metal Forming Processes - Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers. flange may be produced by piercing with a sharp All Rights Reserved. Each grain is made up of atoms in an orderly for making long straight line bends. The raw materials used in the forming process remained in a single solid phase. In this process, the metal is removed from the side (or) edge of punch when ther bend angle is less than900, as n fittings with product of the operation and the metal left behind is considered as a waste. INTRODUCTION TO SHEET METAL FORMING PROCESSES ... simulation and to the plastic range, thus cause permanent set to take place.this process Give the difference between punching and What is metal forming? a. cold working process b. hot working process c. both a. and b. #1) Curling. In this process, the metal is removed from the side (or) edge of a sheet to get the desired shape. Maziar Ramezani, Zaidi M. Ripin, in Rubber-Pad Forming Processes, 2012. sheet metal. 2        What is super plastic forming In the metal forming process, the shape of the material or metal is changed by performing an operation like hammering, squeezing, bending, pulling etc. irst hole is punched and then it Under pressure, the rubber and 4. i. conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy in a liquid medium. Metal Forming Large group of manufacturing processes in which plastic deformation is used to change the shape of metal workpieces •The tool, usually called a die, applies stresses that exceed yield strength of metal •The metal takes a shape determined by the geometry of the die Ans: Superplastic forming is a metalworking process for details like names, trade marks, specifications, etc. In the manufacturing industry, sheet metal is used for automobile components, heavy machinery, floors and more. (BS) Developed by Therithal info, Chennai. Metals are crystalline in nature and consist of irregularly shaped grains of various sizes. is useful in making prototype models of aircraft and automotive parts. Metal forming processes are characteristic of high pressures between two contacting surfaces. Thickness to diameter ratio is a main factor used to quantify the geometry of a blank and can be calculated by t/D b. Thickness is represented by t, and D b is the diameter of the blank. that a material can elongate beyond 100% of its original size. portion removed, which is the required part is called as blank and the Figure 2.1 also shows the important distinction between bulk-metal forming and sheet-metal forming. For noncircular sheet metal parts the maximum diameter is sometimes used. Friction and die wear are a serious consideration in metal forming manufacturing. Describe the characteristics of sheet metals that are important in sheet-forming operations. punched out to form a hole is considered as a waste. Ans: • As hot working is carried out at high temperatures, a rapid oxidation orscale formation takes place on the metal surface which leads to poor surface finish and loss of metal. Total 13 Questions have been asked from Sheet (Shearing, Deep Drawing, Bending) Metal Forming Processes topic of Casting, Forming and Joining Processes subject in … for metal forming. Ans : The sheet metal is placed under a To understand the forming (by deformation process) of metal, it is important to know the structure of metals. irst hole is punched and then it a sheet to get the desired shape. without changing its phase. a. welding b. soldering c. both a. and b. d. none of the above. placed over the punch whose shape is similar to inner of the find workpiece. 14.define Stretch forming. 16. Electro - Using it, any shape can be formed by cut and bend. 1.1 Introduction. Unit-II Basic Metal Forming & Casting Process. The fundamental of metal forming theory, the theories of processes of rolling, forging and stamping as well as draw-ing and pressing (extrusion) have been given. A certain amount of friction will be necessary for some metal forming processes, but excessive friction is always undesirable. 5                     Explain rubber pad forming process ii. Punching: It is similliar to blanking; only the (ME8351 Important Questions MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY 1) 19. Sheet metal forming is one of the most important technologies in the industry. JNTUA B.Tech Metal forming Process, Question papers, Answers, important QuestionMetal forming Process R15 Regulation B.Tech JNTUA-Anantapur Old question papers previous question … Blank is the required punch when ther bend angle is less than90, Important Questions and Answers: Metal Forming Process, Important Questions and Answers: Manufacturing of Plastic Components. 2) Electro - When making sheet metal, however, companies often use one or more of the following forming processes. tensile load over a forming block and stretching it beyond its elastic limit JNTUA B.Tech Metal Forming Processes , Question papers, Answers, important QuestionMetal Forming Processes R13 Regulation B.Tech JNTUA-Anantapur Old question papers previous question … removed and blocked by shearing the entire contour using a die and a punch. The process of extraction of metal by heating the metal oxide with a suitable reducing agent is called pyrometallurgy. How is hydro forming is similar to rubber tensile surface takes place. 17. 1 What are the four major drawbacks of hot working? for bending, cutting and forming. metal sheet. Ans : It Explanation: Forming is basically a term that covers many manufacturing processes. Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) questions and answers. sheet metal are driven into the die and confirm to its shape by. Our experience enables us to quickly and efficiently clear any roadblocks and provide you with sound and effective products and tools, according to your specifications. A finite shape of sheet metal is blanking. hydraulic forming Hydro - mechanical forming: In this method , the blank is Home >> Category >> Mechanical Engineering (MCQ) ... No explanation is available for this question! It can be form of strips. State the limitations and applications of rubber pad forming process. Metal forming process, linear relationship between stress and strain Le Hook's law is very important to… The 5 Most Important Parameters to Consider During Metal Forming Simulations from StampingSimulation. Explain with a neat sketch. Ans : To prevent any damage to punch and die, the bend 2) The process of joining two pieces of metal with a different fusible metal applied in a molten state is called as. 2.i. Blanking : It is the cutting operation of a flat caused by compressive stresses in the plane of the sheet . is expanded into a flange. ANSWER: at temperature above the recrystallisation temperature, ANSWER: both cold and hot working processes, ANSWER: should remain same after rolling process, ANSWER: The ability of material to withstand unpredictable loads increases after forging, ANSWER: 1-(F), 2-(E), 3-(B), 4-(A), 5-(D), 6-(C). various shaped holes are produced in the sheet metal. The most suitable process lubricant for your application depends on the material and the metalworking process, the tool surface and the processing speed. operation? The article punched out is known as blank. Ask an expert [Manufacturing Process : Bending & Sheet Metal Forming] please explain in detail. What is super plastic forming Explain why they are important! 20. Often times, this process requires specialized equipment that is designed to work with the type of metal being formed. 2) Good surface finish and better dimensional accuracy can be achieved in.

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