If that is the case, it is possible that few Megs started diving to deeper depths away from competition. There are no "official" sightings on record. It’s impossible to know for sure, and because shark skeletons are made of cartilage, not bone, we have no megalodon bones to reference for bite marks. If only a small population of megalodon had already it evolved to hunt and live at great depths, when the rest went extinct this small population may have survived. Fendouzhe, which has made multiple dives in recent days, had earlier this month set a national record of 10,909 meters for manned deep-sea diving after landing in the deepest known point of the trench, Challenger Deep, just shy of the 10,927-meter world record set by an American explorer in 2019. Megalodon would have long made itself known, as this creature would be massive and ocean life would be acting very cautious and terrified of this thing. What's the best explanation that accounts for the facts, which are: C megalodon disappears from the fossil record completely around 2.6 Ma; stories and legends and accounts of gigantic sharks are told by some people, written in fiction and nonfiction, used in mockumentaries (and some dubious documentaries, like MonsterQuest)? The Blue Whale was discovered in September 1692, by Sibbald, who found a stranded blue whale in the Firth of Forth —a male 24 m (78 ft)-long—which had "black, horny plates" and "two large apertures approaching a pyramid in shape". Search. For meg to still be still alive, it would have had to adapt to colder temperatures, a different breeding pattern, and greatly different food sources. Megalodon sighted in Mariana Trench. Nevertheless, it is intriguing to imagine these two prehistoric hunters squaring off in the ancient ocean. Only a handful of people have ever visited the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a crescent-shaped depression in the Earth's crust that is deeper than Mount Everest is high and more than 1,600 miles long. Megalodon really did exist. The mission on November 10 beamed up the world's first live video from Challenger Deep. By Misslelauncherexpert, Matt Martyniuk [GFDL or CC BY-SA 4.0-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commo. We should be finding fresh teeth, like we do for C megalodon's distant relative, the white shark. Further, one of the large cetaceans that lives in the depths is the sperm whale. During his four-hour excursion, Vescovo spotted a plethora of new sea creatures — as well as plastic waste. There are a few theories. Do Megalodon sightings prove the prehistoric shark is still alive today? Truthfully, the answer to this question is simply common sense: NO IT IS NOT ALIVE. It's unlikely that the vast majority of these sharks would have been able to adapt to a major shortage in their food supply. It's clear that the teeth and jaws were made for destruction. In the trailer the shark looks much bigger than current megalodon size estimates, though everything I read says its 70-75 ft which is on the high side but in the ballpark. Fendouzhe, China's third deep-sea manned submersible, is observing "the many species and the distribution of living things on the seabed", scientists on board told CCTV. What bothers me the most about all of this is that people would rather spend time fantasizing about things that do not exist when there are all manner of fantastic and mysterious and weird things that DO exist. Despite its impressive size, it remained unknown until 1976. Mashun Lawful. It has been observed that great whites can survive for more than 2 months on whale carcasses. However, there is an abundance of fossilized teeth, and a few fossilized vertebrae. The footage, reportedly shot by Japanese marine biologists, shows the behemoth illuminated in the vanishing blackness. If Whites supposedly don't get this big, what could it be? This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. One reason we know this is because of fossil teeth and vertebrae left behind. There is more than enough mystery to them to satisfy a curious, hungry mind. The asteroid or comet was at least 10 kilometres in diameter with an explosive force of approximately 100 Teratons (100,000,000 Megatons). The maximum known depth is 10,994 metres, although there have been reports of 11,035 metres. Any way you look at it, Megalodon was a really huge shark. Just for fun, here are a handful of stories that suggest megalodon is still alive: All of these sightings and stories are interesting, but are they really enough to suggest that this massive shark is still alive? And the fact that it leaves the fossil record completely cannot be explained if this massive fish were still predating in the oceans. It fed on whales, seals and other large mammals. This left Megheads (okay, fine — they’re not actually called that, but they will be soon) wondering about a possible sequel. The largest megalodon teeth are over seven inches long, where a great white tooth is between two and three inches long. While there isn't a lot of food options down there, I feel that an occasional Sperm Whale or a couple of squids may help a meg survive. That's one thing that we do not need. How Big Was the Megalodon Shark? Won't be long now..... Due to the drastic reduction in oxygen it is possible that megalodon still exist but is significantly smaller then it used to be. This article mentions it but its now mostly accepted they were NOT related to great whites. China live-streamed footage of its new manned submersible parked at the bottom of the Mariana Trench on Friday, part of a historic mission into the deepest underwater valley on the planet. Last updated 31st march 2020 But we do know eyewitness testimony is unreliable. A massive, 60-foot predator hunting whales close to shore would surely be well-known, not to mention widely feared. “There’s no food for it down there, and no other shark species are known to thrive that deep. Answer: The megalodon shark was an apex predator, meaning it was at the top of the food chain. YES YES YES! The megalodon shark went extinct millions of years ago. Megalodon was alive after the asetroid or comet that killed the dinosaurs occurred somewhere between 65 million or 66 million years ago. Under Carcharocles it would have been the last remaining species of big-toothed sharks. Did scientist find a Megalodon? In fact, megalodon didn’t even live at the time of the dinosaurs. Megalodon could easily have adapted to deep sea life and survived in fewer numbers. I wanted to say that my last post was too dismissive. If meg were still alive today, we would see wounds made by these tremendous teeth the bodies of whales that escaped megalodon encounters with lives, just as we see scars made by great whites on the bodies of living seals. the megalodon is still alive in the bermuda triangle, i vote on the possibility of the megalodon in the deep after all we have discovered more of the moon then our oceans. If we continue to kill off the animals that we have on this planet right now, nature will develop new ones and personally I do not want to see 65 to 70 foot creatures walking the Earth or swimming through the ocean again. I think the megalodon is real I have been studying it for a while now and have looked at loads of sightings and the odds are of megalodon being alive still are pretty high. Personally, I doubt if this ever gets answered by anyone but this is my belief on the idea of megalodon existing or ever coming back to show itself to anyone, nature has an incredibly strange way of fixing itself. cryptid (author) from USA on August 26, 2016: Hi Prateek. The megalodon, one of the most powerful predators. it really helped me understand more about the shark. Theoretically, the megalodon shark either couldn’t adapt to the colder climate, the food issues, or both. It's based on the novel by Steve Altman. We know so little about the ocean and it's creatures that there is a great chance. It lived from 23 to 2.6 MYA. They also did not and could not live in the trench. And with all the technology we have and all the ships and sonar and submarines on the water....SOMEONE WOULD HAVE SEEN IT AND RECORDED IT ON VIDEO; by video I mean REAL evidence instead of all those bullsh*t photoshopped and misidentified sharks the kids see on youtube now. So, anyone who says something cannot exist any more need to become a Crypto Marine Biologist and or Oceanographer and either prove or disprove if something exists. Has the appearance of a white, but, much, much bigger! Yeah I was disapointed when I found out sbout the picture being a hoax the person goes into depth about and showing the original photo without the tail and fin in it and also the emblems and insignias on the boat were added or changed or altered also ...sorry to bear the bad news .

megalodon found in mariana trench 2020

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