Availability: In Stock Price: £29.99 If you are searching for an absolutely stunning focal point in your landscape, you need to look at this best-selling tree form Chinese Blue Wisteria (Wisteria sinensis).. Usually, Wisteria is a fast-growing vine. Wisteria vines, for the most part, are not for the wimpy gardener.About 99.9% of the plants sold are Japanese wisteria (Wisteria floribunda) and Chinese wisteria (Wisteria sinensis)—thuggish Asian imports that frequently escape managed gardens.They climb the tallest trees, spread at light speed, and their muscular, twining stems can bend iron, crush an arbor, or throttle small trees to death. Vigoro 3.5 lb. Garden arch or small pergola: For most home gardeners, they are best planted either on a very strong support, such as a sturdy garden arch or small pergola, or trained in the form of a tree. Now, you get unique lavender blooms nearly anywhere. Royal Purple is the darkest purple of all single-flowering wisterias! Its gorgeous growth is full and lush but can be pruned for a clean, neat shape. USDA Zone ? East (18) South (18) West (18) Soil type . Grows 6-8 ft. tall. Multi-Buy Offer Pick-n-Mix-Climbing Plants/Shrubs, Artificial Hanging Baskets & Trailing Plants, SunPatiens� Vigorous Red x 6 Jumbo Plug Plants, SunPatiens� V. Orange...... X 6 Jumbo Plug Plants, SunPatiens� Vig Magenta X 6 Jumbo Plug Plants, SunPatiens� Vig White .......X 6 Jumbo Plug Plants, SunPatiens� Vig Lavender X 6 Jumbo Plug Plant, SunPatiens� C. Blush Pink X 6 Jumbo Plug Plan, SunPatiens� Com. Can be trained as small tree. Wisteria Plants are available for sale from the following nurseries. Wisteria flower buds can be damaged by hard spring frosts so choose a sheltered position. A remarkable cultivar of our native Kentucky Wisteria, 'Blue Moon' is cold-hardy to -40 degrees Fahrenheit with no loss of flowering ability and reblooms to assure you of fragrant flowers for months. 9. White Japanese Wisteria Wisteria floribunda 'Issai Perfect' Sku #7667. NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time. Light Needs. MyLowes Sign In. Best when trained on an arbor, trellis or fence to allow a full view of the spectacular pendulous flower clusters. Wisteria floribunda Royal Purple (Wisteria Royal Purple) * Full sun to part shade * Zone 6-9 * 30 ft tall Produces loads of sweetly perfumed elongated deep violet flower racemes 16 to 24 inches long!!! This elegant climber is a cottage garden classic, earning its RHS AGM through sheer flower power and superb garden performance. Home. Twining, woody vine prized for its huge (15 to 18 in.) It will need regular feeding for the best results. grape-like clusters of very fragrant white flowers. JASMINE PLANTS (Photos 7 & 8). Plant at the same level they are supplied in the pots and water well to settle the area. It is self-twining, meaning it doesn’t need complex tying and it will also climb into a large tree, which is its natural pattern of growth. Please keep in mind the plant will need to be purchased in season if it is to arrive with flowers as shown in picture two. Where you are not growing wisteria, cement the posts for extra support. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Wisteria are vigorous, twining vines with wide landscape usage where space permits and gardeners are committed to keeping them in bounds. Not so with Blue Moon Wisteria (Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'). Our Nursery is located in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside and we specialise in the production of quality Birch (Betula) and Wisteria varieties as well as providing a comprehensive selection of other plants for your garden.. Propagation Service We are able to graft plants, if there is a special variety you wish to reproduce and can provide us with suitable marerial. Older Wisteria Vines can be quite heavy, so it is important to have supports in place for the vines, such as a trellis or building supports. Get it as soon as Fri, Dec 4. Almost 3 acres with beautiful mature oak trees, this lot … Diversity in residential styles has likewise been injected into the Bradenton homes for sale in this development. A stunning climbing plant, wisteria will smother a building, fence or trellis with attractive foliage during the growing season and gorgeous plumes of flowers in the summer.Choose from our wide choice of wisteria at excellent prices. Wisteria vines will work their way into any crook or cranny they can reach, so it’s advised to not plant them too near to your home. Chinese wisteria can take up to 20 years to mature enough to produce flowers. … 2m Mature Wisteria Plant | 10L Pot | Wisteria sinensis. If you'd like to be the first to know about exclusive offers and news, sign up here. Product Details. Fragrant Purple Flowers in Tree Form! Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. Vigorous, quick-growing, and tirelessly floriferous, this Wisteria produces large, showy, lilac-blue flowers held in foot-long racemes like enormous clusters of grapes. White X 6 Jumbo Plug Plants, SunPatiens� Com Magenta X 6 Jumbo Plug Plants. How to grow wisteria. Lowe's Home Improvement Wishlist My Lists. Full sun. DIGGING DOG NURSERY PO Box 471 Albion CA 95410 - phone (707) 937-1130 A spectacular selection of hard to find perennials, … Venusta White Wisteria-WHERE TO BUY THIS VARIETY-Highly fragrant white flowers that open all at once during leafout. But these little flowering trees are wonderful as a single specimen accent … The Purple Wisteria Tree has both. Full sun, little summer water when established. Wisteria is known to grow to colossal heights in warm climates in the south, but practically everyone can own this lavender beauty in tree form. Among their attributes are hardiness, vigor, longevity and the ability to climb high. Once established you will only need to water in dry periods. Wisteria floribunda 'Royal Purple' Flowers at a young age, sweetly scented. Light Needs. Spectacular Blue Moon Wisteria Vine Plant 1-2' Tall Potted Plant Fragrant Flowers Attracts Hummingbirds 2-3 Year Old Plants, in dormancy. Herons Bonsai selection of Flowering & fruiting Bonsai Tree For sale | Flowering Wisteria in large and extra large sizes| Buy Now From Herons Bonsai | Welcome to www.herons.co.uk. Pruning: The Wisteria can be pruned back after flowering although this may not be necessary every year. With wisteria, you'll need to set up supports prior to planting. Now the famously fresh, wispy florals are available in tree form! Note: Plant wisteria with caution! If possible place it near a seating area or walkway, so you can fully appreciate the fragrant blooms, and provide a sturdy support for it to climb over. The foliage emerges soon after the flowers, and often has an initial bronze flush, which fades as the leaves mature. Showy, large clusters of sweetly fragrant purple flowers in spring are followed by large, compound, dark green leaves on vigorous twining stems.

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