Kerry Hill Architects. Principal Architect. The entrance lobby of Aman Tokyo on the 33 rd floor is what we’d describe … The Amanemu Resort in Ise Shima National Park, Japan is a fascinating hotel project by Kerry Hill.The Australian architect, recently passed away, was an expert in hotel design in tropical Asia, dedicating a big part of his life studying and applying the architectural traditions of the East.. Contractor. If the essentially modern buildings designed by the Australian architect Kerry Hill, who died on 26 August aged 75, share a defining characteristic, it is surely the sensitivity they show to their surroundings. Hill completed numerous hotel and resort projects across Asia. The architectural concept was deliberately contemporary, with subtle references to traditional design motifs of Hokkaido’s indigenous people, the Ainu. Aman Tokyo is one of several he designed for high-end hotel brand Aman. Kerry Hill designed in total of nine of the currently 32 Aman resorts including two in Sri Lanka, one in China, one in Cambodia and one in Shima, 300 km southeast of Tokyo. Designed by the late Kerry Hill to complement its pristine natural setting, the property epitomises Aman’s devotion to detail while embodying the renowned thoughtfulness of Japanese hospitality. Hill founded his studio, Kerry Hill … Set in Shanghai, amidst a flourishing forest of ancient camphor trees, stands Amanyangyun, a picturesque retreat embodying the essence of Chinese spirituality, introspection and beauty. Aman Resorts.

kerry hill aman resorts

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