The United Arab Emirates on Sunday approved the establishment of a new national cybersecurity council, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Prime Minister and Vice-President and ruler of Dubai, said on Twitter. Many Local Cabinet members supported the principle of a CIL for preparation during the coming 4 years. [Operator Instructions] Please note, this event is being recorded. (if someone can tell me how that oxymoron works I … Along with Nike and Coca-Cola, tech giant Apple is also pushing to weaken some restrictions, the Washington Post reported last week.Coca-Cola "strictly prohibits any type of forced labor in our supply chain" and employs third-party auditors to enforce the policy, the company said in a statement to the Times. A Chicago man has been charged with murder after a fatal fight that began when he put his hands in Thanksgiving leftovers, authorities said. I want to wrap up with a few comments on the strength of our business fundamentals and illustrate why we believe we are particularly well-positioned to weather this crisis and come out on the other side even stronger as a company. “Initial x-rays did not show any obvious fracture,” but medical staff ordered a more detailed CT scan, his doctor, Kevin O’Connor, said in a statement. CIL is intended to supplement rather than replace other funding streams and is intended to promote development rather than hinder it. One pro-government anti-jihadist militia said the assailants tied up the labourers and slit their throats. While the entire world is reeling from this unprecedented crisis, you should know that we are well-positioned to weather this storm, continue supporting our thousands of restaurant owners around the world and be there for our guests as they need us. You can see their amazing efforts here: Tim Hortons, Guests ordering delivery through the Popeyes mobile app can access offers for free delivery and now have the ability to donate $1 to No Kid Hungry, a charitable organization committed to ending child hunger in America. Restaurant Brands International, Inc. (NYSE:QSR) Q3 2020 Earnings Conference Call October 27, 2020 8:30 AM ET. "At least 110 civilians were ruthlessly killed and many others were wounded in this attack," he added. The Trump team (and much of the GOP) is working backwards, desperately trying to find something, anything to support the president’s aggrieved feelings, rather than objectively considering the evidence and reacting as warranted.Almost nothing that the Trump team has alleged has withstood the slightest scrutiny. As a result, we now have approximately $2.5 billion of cash on hand. Louis Kealoha, who agreed to retire amid the wide-ranging federal investigation, is scheduled to be sentenced later Monday in a separate hearing. Since the first issues, Comunicaffe International acquired an extended audience of operators of the sector. Talk to us or make an online donation today. Eritrea, Africa’s most totalitarian state, has not commented on the strikes. TORONTO, Canada – Like so many others, I have been reflecting on what we have lived through for the past few weeks. "CISA did the right thing. Our value proposition is clear to our guests in normal times and we believe it is especially compelling during more challenging circumstances like the ones we currently face. On top of that, our business model has allowed us to maintain a strong balance sheet and we ended 2019 with ~$1.5 billion in cash. ¡Disfruta y regala un mundo GENIAL! In support of these initiatives, our in-house digital team has done great work to rapidly expand and enhance our online ordering platforms for all three brands. More details can be found here: Popeyes. And we will tackle them as a team, with a wide range of voices and perspectives that will make us stronger. José Cid co-founded Quarteto 1111, the first band to take a new approach to pop-rock music in Portugal, with a modern line-up and instrumentation.. Quarteto 1111 was the first symphonic rock band in Portugal. Restaurant Brands International CEO Jose Cil joins "Closing Bell" to discuss the meeting he had with President Trump. This was the Inter-House Coun-cil's last year. Inter-House Council Boren Chertkov, '60, Gomberg President Charles Sheffer,,'61,,Williams The idea of being a good person has come up a lot. "In 60 Minutes Overtime, Krebs explained why he set up the CISA "Rumor Control" site, and why he's especially proud of his explainer on the impossibility of hacking voting results.Krebs also said he isn't aware of anyone at the White House asking CISA to throw doubt on the integrity of the election, and he explained that his team frequently briefed everyone from local election officials to Cabinet agencies and the White House about CISA's efforts. Bush signed the ADA into law in a ceremony on the White House lawn on July 26, 1990. Since this crisis began, we have been working tirelessly with industry associations and federal and regional government officials in the United States and Canada to advocate for expanded support for all employees affected by the COVID-19 crisis. A weekend attack on farm workers in northeast Nigeria blamed on jihadists left at least 110 dead, the UN humanitarian coordinator in the country said on Sunday, the deadliest attack on civilians this year. The conflict began when Mr Abiy, last year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, announced that he was sending federal troops into Tigray in response to attacks by pro-TPLF forces on national army camps. At Tim Hortons we are also introducing enhanced ‘mobile pick up’ functionality on our app, and along with Popeyes and Burger King , we will soon launch safe operational procedures for ‘curbside takeout’ or ‘front door takeout.’ With this new feature, team members will walk orders out to guests who can’t access our drive-thrus, including truck drivers and guests arriving on foot. The cabinet of the UAE government also appointed Industry and Advanced Technology Minister and head of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Sultan al-Jaber as a special envoy for climate change. Kallon, citing "reports that several women may have been kidnapped", called for their immediate release. President Trump said the other day that he’d leave office if he loses the vote of the Electoral College on December 14.This is not the kind of assurance presidents of the United States typically need to make, but it was noteworthy given Trump’s disgraceful conduct since losing his bid for reelection to Joe Biden on November 3.Behind in almost all the major polls, Trump stormed within a hair’s breadth in the key battlegrounds of winning reelection, and his unexpectedly robust performance helped put Republicans in a strong position for the post-Trump-presidency era. Nearly every executive from Jose Cil, Will Guidara, Melvin Rodrigue, and Marvin Irby pushed to extend the PPP Program. Conservative judges have consistently rejected Trump's flailing legal appeals, and the justices are unlikely to have a different reaction.Trump’s most reprehensible tactic has been to attempt, somewhat shamefacedly, to get local Republican officials to block the certification of votes and state legislatures to appoint Trump electors in clear violation of the public will. The figures were hailed as a triumph for the “Swiss special way” by Swiss government doctors last week, and will be seen as evidence that regional tiers can work in the UK. When: Thursdays – 6:00 – 7:30pm Location: SafeHouse Center (4100 Clark Road, Ann Arbor, MI). Google Workspace es un lugar de trabajo integrado y fácil de usar. We are one of the largest franchisors of restaurant brands in the world and we take our responsibility to ensure the financial health of our restaurant owners very seriously, particularly during difficult times. The coffee chain had been slowly regaining ground after a massive sales decline in March due to COVID-19 restrictions, but that recovery appears to have stalled. Good morning, and welcome to the Restaurant Brands International Third Quarter 2020 Earnings Conference Call. Tim Hortons is struggling to claw its way back to pre-pandemic sales levels, blaming another tough quarter on the disappearance of morning commuters. Across our three brands, we are offering high-quality food that is reliably secure from a health standpoint and provides great everyday value to our guests. Tim Hortons is struggling to claw its way back to pre-pandemic sales levels, blaming another tough quarter on the disappearance of morning commuters. Support the CIL’s ability to bring needed services to people with disabilities during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Contact: Call HelpLine at (734-995-5444) for more information For female identified survivors of intimate partner domestic violence. We will remove this and make the changes needed. But both groups have been active in Borno State, their attacks having forced the postponement of locations in Borno State, which finally took place Saturday. 48108 Donations will be matched by Popeyes for a limited time. Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has declared military operations in the country’s northern Tigray region “completed’ and claimed that his federal forces had captured the crucial regional capital of Mekele. Be a hard-working, good person. In China, Burger King donated $1M RMB to the Red Cross to support frontline medical staff and has been providing free meal delivery to hospitals and to on-duty police officers. A wide range of voices and perspectives make us stronger. The evolution of our values couldn’t have come at a better time in our company’s history. In Italy, one of the hardest-hit regions in the world, Burger King has donated 8 tons of food to the Red Cross and donated meals to local hospitals. "I am outraged and horrified by the gruesome attack against civilians carried out by non-state armed groups in villages near Borno State capital Maiduguri," Edward Kallon said in a statement. Across all three of our iconic restaurant brands, Burger King, Tim Hortons and Popeyes, we have focused on the same five priorities during this crisis: Additionally, we are maintaining a strong balance sheet and thoughtfully managing our company’s liquidity so we can exit this crisis well-positioned to continue our journey of global growth with our dedicated partners around the world. At the White House roundtable organized to address such issues, attendees from the restaurant side included: ... Jose Cil, CEO of Restaurant Brands … Within reason, it is permissible for counties to have different procedures for handling ballots, and nothing forced some counties to permit voters to cure flawed absentee ballots and others to decline to do so.Not that it mattered. If we can, then have the courage to select that person to get the electors, because that person won the honest vote,” Giuliani said.“In history, I swear to God, you will be heroes,” he said. At the same time, our marketing teams have quickly pivoted to redirect our substantial marketing efforts to focus on the importance and safety of our mobile app, delivery and drive-thru channels, in addition to other major health and safety measures like contactless payments. If you are new to the domestic violence supp… House and Senate lawmakers begin efforts to rework Paycheck Protection Program so businesses can have more flexibility. Due to an almost complete communications black out in Tigray, it was impossible to independently verify his statement. Over the last 10 years, we have rapidly evolved as a company with the acquisition of the Burger King brand in 2010, Tim Hortons in 2014 and Popeyes in 2017. We have also encouraged our restaurant owners to use this difficult time to invest in their team members for the long term and have been heartened to see so many do so. The latest annual destruction is a substantial increase from the 7,536 square kilometers that were deforested in 2018, the year before Mr Bolsonaro took office. Twitter. The ruling Communist Party has placed Uyghurs in so-called reeducation camps that attempt to erase their attachment to Islam, and has also embarked on a campaign of forced sterilization of Uyghur women.Numerous global supply chains are based in Xinjiang, including for cotton and coal, and China has employed forced Uyghur labor for various factories. It is full of already-debunked claims and crackpot conspiracy theories about Dominion voting systems. The violence centred on the village of Koshobe near the Borno state capital Maiduguri, with assailants targeting farm workers harvesting rice fields. Restaurant Brands International, Inc. (NYSE:QSR) Q3 2020 Earnings Conference Call October 27, 2020 8:30 AM ET. "I'm not a public servant anymore, but I feel I still got some public service left in me," Krebs told Scott Pelley, explaining why he's speaking out publicly. All participants will be in listen-only mode. Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest surged to a 12-year high in 2020, official government data showed on Monday, with destruction soaring since President Jair Bolsonaro took office and weakened environmental enforcement. Japanese intelligence officials told a US expert that Kim Jong Un received a trial COVID-19 vaccine from China within the last few weeks. And finally, I am thankful that we are guided by such a thoughtful leadership team and business partners who have proven to be the very best of hard-working, good people in all of their advice and decision making. The announcement on Saturday night came just hours before at least six rockets from northern Tigray hit Eritrea, according to diplomats, suggesting the prime minister's claims were premature. The attack, in a state gripped by a jihadist insurgency for more than 10 years, took place the same day as long-delayed local elections in the state. The consequences for missing the target are not laid out in the law but could leave the government open to lawsuits. Come Visit Us. Dozens of Tim Hortons restaurant owners have stepped up to do the same in their communities. But the president can’t stand to admit that he lost and so has insisted since the wee hours of Election Night that he really won -- and won “by a lot.”There are legitimate issues to consider after the 2020 vote about the security of mail-in ballots and the process of counting votes (some jurisdictions, bizarrely, take weeks to complete their initial count), but make no mistake: The chief driver of the post-election contention of the past several weeks is the petulant refusal of one man to accept the verdict of the American people. Alongside these initiatives, we know that capital expenditures for new restaurants, remodels and significant equipment deployments often constitute the largest near-term cash outlay for our restaurant owners. Vive con comodidad: Este favorito podría hacerte sentir cómodo y lujoso. ¡Empezar a invertir en las principales acciones! Thousands have died in the conflict so far, with tens of thousands of refugees streaming across the border into Sudan. Each day we strive to make a difference, both through the actions we take directly with our corporate employees in our offices and restaurants, as well as through our initiatives to support all of the team members who work for our thousands of restaurant owners around the world. While environmentalists blamed the government for the rise, federal officials hailed the figures as a sign of progress in fighting deforestation, as the increase was far lower than the 34 per cent increase recorded in 2019. "Rural communities in Borno State are facing untold hardships," he added, calling for more to be done to protect them and to head off what he said was a looming food crisis there. Kallon, in his statement, said: "The incident is the most violent direct attack against innocent civilians this year. I want to start by emphasizing how exceptionally proud I am of all our teams that have been working around the clock to support our guests, our restaurant owners and our team members. Therefore, we are pausing obligations for all of these programs until we have greater visibility into the severity and duration of this crisis, which will create significant relief on our restaurant owners’ cash flow. Dunkin’ is decking the halls with amazing prizes for the Perks o... Homesick and Dunkin’ bring back limited-edition candles with a s... Accademia del Caffè Espresso, Nora Smahelova: «Our goal is to improve the coffee sector», Griin raises $2m, led by New York-based circular economy investor, Closed Loop Partners, East Asia′s café brands prove resilient: 13 out of 17 markets achieved growth in 2020. Kyle Dennis took a leap of faith and decided to invest his savings of $15K in the stock market — $2.8M later, he owes his success to these strategies. He failed to acknowledge that President-elect Joe Biden will be bringing his Democratic administration to the White House in less than two months.While boosted unemployment insurance expired with the CARES Act at the end of July, unemployment benefits for some Americans may disappear altogether if a new bill isn't passed soon. Similarly, at Burger King and Popeyes in North America, we are providing paid sick leave for up to 14 days to team members in corporate-owned restaurants who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or have been asked by the restaurant manager or a medical professional to self-isolate. The Telus Tower is an office building at 630 René Lévesque Boulevard West in Montreal.It was built for Canadian Industries Limited from 1960 to 1962, given the name CIL House.Designed by architect Gordon Bunshaft from the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill with local architects Greenspoon, Freedlander and Dunne, it stands 135.6 m (445 ft) and 34 storeys tall. Advocating for a more inclusive community for all. Neither the president's statement nor Sunday's from the UN mentioned either Boko Haram or rival group ISWAP by name. In many markets around the world, including North America, we are advancing cash payments and rebates to restaurant owners so that they have this much needed cash when they need it the most—right now. Summary: Jose Cil is 51 years old and was born on 07/06/1969. We have provided support that we believe puts us in the highest rank of our franchisor peer set and we will continue to assist our restaurant owners for as long as this crisis endures. In a rather elementary error, this compares the number of mail-ballots requested in the primary to the number of ballots counted in the general. The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which passed the House 406-3 in September and is currently under consideration in the Senate, would ban imports of good from Xinjiang unless U.S. customs officials could verify that the goods were not produced using forced labor.However, multinational companies are lobbying against the legislation, saying that while they do not support use of forced labor, the bill could have a detrimental impact on their supply chains. The plan—which doesn’t require a clever name, according to Cil—focuses on elevating the quality of the brand’s core values, innovating for growth, and continuing to invest in modernization. Some of the measures we have taken include sanitizing all high contact surfaces with increased frequency and making hand sanitizer available for team members and guests. It noted that the suit contained no evidence that Trump and Biden ballots or observers were treated differently, let alone evidence of fraud. Thank you for your feedback. The US embassy in the Eritrean capital Asmara reported early Sunday “six explosions” caused by rockets from Tigray region had occurred in the city “at about 10:13 pm” on Saturday night. Kallon said the assailants - "armed men on motorcycles" - also targeted other communities in the area. In early March, just as COVID-19 was beginning to escalate, we decided to postpone our two-day global senior leadership meeting until a later date. View Details. In support of these initiatives, our in-house digital team has done great work to rapidly expand and enhance our online ordering platforms for all three brands. It is thought that forces loyal to the powerful regional government, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF), may have tactically retreated into the nearby mountains days ago to avoid heavy clashes. Rather than ordering a general lockdown, Switzerland allowed regions to decide their own measures and only the worst-hit imposed tough restrictions. "Pelosi also doesn't have quite the negotiating power she had before the 2020 election given that Democrats ended up losing seats in the House, McConnell added. They made the point that this wouldn't require any more funding and Steve Mnuchin asked to clarify the amount would be the same whether the period to spend the money was June 30th or October 31st which was confirmed by the panel. We have deployed stringent cleaning and hygiene standards at all restaurants and have continuously enhanced them so that our restaurants are some of the safest places for guests to get food during this crisis. These dates are chosen to coincide with the Amazon's dry season, when there is less cloud cover to interfere with the calculations. "The Iranians are going to be in a position where they have to retaliate. La Navidad llegó a LEGO®. These are just three of our values that I have personally relied on to guide the many decisions that we have taken in the past few weeks: The typical format to do this would be a ‘press release,’ but given the extraordinary circumstances, it felt more fitting to share with you our thoughts as a company in an open letter. “The votes have been tabulated, all 15 counties have certified their results.”Also on Monday, Giuliani and other members of Trump’s legal team attended a scheduled hearing with the Arizona State Legislature on the integrity of the 2020 election.Trump’s team continued to push a number of unproven claims of election fraud at the hearing and called on Republican state legislators to appoint pro-Trump electors in defiance of the popular vote.“What is the right count, or how can we get as close to the right count as possible? Globally, Burger King has our largest footprint with over 18,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories and we are all very proud of the community contributions that our restaurant owners have made around the world. “If you can’t make a determination, then don’t certify.”Wisconsin is expected to certify its election results for Biden on Monday as well. And when we have struggled with difficult decisions, in the end it has always come down to simply doing what you would expect a good person to do. Details of this terrific work can be found here: Burger King, Tim Hortons has deployed coffee trucks throughout Canada to offer free coffee and donuts to health care workers and first responders at hospitals, health care centers and COVID-19 test facilities.

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