To the red people: Yes you could watch girls. @AnduRo He Is Invisible. He's right being invincible is better than being invisible if ur invisible u won't have friends, *lights turn on* |Random Person| : Wtf Who's there ? If I'm gonna die at the same age I'd rather have fun while I'm alive. With our breakthrough technology, our products offer better visibility without compromising safety and security.. Making Your Lifestyle More Affordable With Breakthrough Technology “At the root of India’s brave fight against COVID-19 is the hard work of the medical community and our corona warriors. If you were invincible, you could just walk into the Pentagon, gather info, and get out. These two words have different meanings. About Immortal Invincible. In both cases, you would be mortal and die at the same age. if you were invisible you could become invincible and have a lot of fun plus no school or work. The invisible church … Being invisible would make you invincible if you were in a deathly situation, you could just make yourself invisible and nothing will happen, you will be invincible and invisible!! Invisible: No one can see you Invincible: Can't be defeated Examples of invisible: She said that she was invisible He believed that no one could see him and that he has invisible Examples of invincible: The king said to everyone that he was invincible No one could beat him because he was invincible :) escape in first day I use this power for justise, jumping off buildings and being like captain america, Captain America gets hurt he just heals really fast. Already invisible to most people, would not recommend. and i want to be seen while being it. Being invisible = scaring the crap out of people while they play Amnesia. It says I die at the same age. I chose red, but that was way too funny not to agree with. No warning means no pain. Invisibility would further my ninja career. To all the blue people who said we would be invisible all the time: Read the goddamn description!!! Invincible is a 2006 American sports drama film directed by Ericson Core.It is based on the true story of Vince Papale (Mark Wahlberg), who played for the Philadelphia Eagles from 1976 to 1978 with the help of his coach, Dick Vermeil (Greg Kinnear).The film was released in the United States on August 25, 2006. @Rikujin if you're invincible you can still be seen, you're invincible doesn't mean you're any stronger, or you dont feel pain, you just cant be killed, what a horrible, horrible life, in both cares you would want the other, if your invincible the government will want to capture you and lock you up experimenting on you everyday, they would shoot you all day with experimental weapons and test torture techniques and what not, being invisible you can i dont know get shot or something, and is it invisible to infrared as well? This is known as transparency, and is seen in many naturally occurring materials (although no naturally occurring material is 100% transparent). Now while I still may feel it while invincible. If I were invisible I could watch attractive people bathe... c: Nope! We need money to operate the site, and almost all of it comes from our online advertising. imperceptible to the mind; as, differences invisible to most observers. For the best answers, search on this site You would still give off heat, and show up on infrared displays, which I'm sure the pentagon would have a few of as well ;). it doesnt mean your immortal if your invincible... read! Not A Romanian Gypsy, @Ruth2012: "Be on the look out for this woman" Holds up pic of a blank piece of paper, AnduRo let me say what i say because its better FUCK BAG PERVERTS GET OFF THE STREETS AND WATCH PEOPLE WHO ARE WANTED TO BE SHWON NAKED LIKE IN PORNS. Invisibility is the state of an object that cannot be seen. I would get crazy if no one sees me. The term is often used in fantasy/science fiction, where objects cannot be seen by magical or technological means; however, its effects can also be demonstrated in the real world, particularly in physics and perceptual psychology classes. so getting stabbed would not wound you. 2.if you woul'd be invincible when the earth would be destroyed you will be single in the space and .... yeah you will go crazy, @Dansatoru This is the 2nd time I see you making a retarted comment so let me take a breath.. READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION YOU DUMB FUCKING FAGGOT. 0. id have the starman theme playing in my pocket all day everyday for the rest of my life. no. As a noun invincible is someone or something that cannot be defeated, destroyed or killed. 0. Not necessarily. Demise learn to read "Invisibility can be turned on and off at will.". Bet a rich man you can jump off a skyscraper and live. You can puch a nuke by being immortal, it would explode. @tiki Invincible doesn't necessarily mean unstoppable. People that say invisible are only using it to sneak into girl's restrooms. How does that change my day to day lifestyle. If I was invisible, I could invisibly push my friend and her crush together with out them knowing it was me. *Punch* "That didn't hurt.". Would give it a 3/10. You're welcome. Invincible doesn't mean you don't feel pain, retard. WHAT NOW? Invisible means that you cannot see it while invincible means that cannot kill it. Incapable of being seen; not perceptible by vision; not visible. It would involve your day to day lifestyle by saving your life. An invisible person or thing; specifically, God, the Supreme Being. The son of Hercules is pitted against a ruthless desert warrior. yeah you will end up in space for ..... forever, Dan just say "yeah you will end up in space .... forever because for forever makes no sense. I'm with Sam! Fair enough, just go up and slap them like "just let it happen", Yes. Invisible Grill has been on the Singapore market for the past five years. Since objects can be seen by light in the visible spectrum from a source reflecting off their surfaces and hitting the viewer's eye, the most natural form of invisibility (whether real or fictional) is an object that neither reflects nor absorbs light (that is, it allows light to pass through it). Just because your invisible doesn't mean people (like the government) can't see you with infrared goggles or know your identity from fingerprints you left. Lunatic. 2 0. like all you're going to be doing with powers is fire fights. For example, invisibility depends on the eyes of the observer and/or the instruments used. Yeah? I chose the wrong one :(. 'Invisible Vs Invincible' PM Modi remarked that while the virus may be an 'invisible enemy', the country's medical workers were 'invincible'. wait, what about your clothes? In addition, why would I ever need to punch a nuke? If your invisible rob a bank, people can still overpower you and throw you in jail, it's not like OMG day invisible persons wait you cant i just escaped, true but A u could trip alarms, B get hurt and scream and they find u, and C they would see u holding the bags and be like FLOATIN BAGS, SHOOT THEM BECAUSE WE REDNECKS SHOOT SUSPICIOUS THINGS, Ye I can I hit da air a lot in stead of meh target, Just like Sanji, my dream is to peep girls bathrooms. Or if you were invincible you could go into boxing and win tons of cash. It honestly sounds like a blast to me. But our warriors, medical workers are invincible. As adjectives the difference between invincible and indestructible is that invincible is impossible to defeat, destroy or kill while indestructible is not destructible; incapable of decomposition or of being destroyed; invincible. Views: 1,276. Zinc Oxide is a mineral reflector that creates a physical, reflective barrier on the surface of your skin.

invisible vs invincible

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