of subjects in icse exceeds that of in cbse and one gets to learn more and much more in icse. These include the international recognition that comes after subscribing to IB. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone. When completing the IGCSE exams with passing grades, the IGCSE qualification is considered as a high school certificate. This is more expensive than CBSE or ISCE. However, the decision to pick the best school is also dependent on a major factor – the educational boards. We see on closer inspection that there is indeed a difference between IB, IGCSE, and CBSE I mainly in terms of pedagogy and methodology of education. We have tried to point out the major differences and also the questions that are asked by the parents and school promoters, accustomed to CBSE and ICSE, about the IB and IGCSE. The syllabus is application-based and has a certain weight assigned to assessments to be submitted by the students. It is a little difficult to find tutors for IGCSE. IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) This follows an international curriculum for class 9 and 10 and usually the foundation to the IB curriculum in many international schools for class 11 and 12. AIIMS Entrance examinations and NEET basically follow the CBSE syllabus and the questions are mainly from NCERT textbooks. I believe CBSE is poorly designed, and that if you possess good memory skills, you can easily complete CBSE with good results. It is also suited for students who want to pursue a degree abroad as it lays emphasis on Mathematics and Science. The other day i was in a discussion with my fellow professors, and guess what the topic was, “which board is best CBSE or ICSE/ISC. Hello, IGCSE board is being taken as an option by a large number of students nowadays in various international and other schools. The students have a lot of activities besides the regular classroom attending drill that engages them more intently with academics. After knowing the difference between CBSE and IGCSE, some more details, especially the pros and cons, will help parents make the decision. Not invited for Interview Cambridge Igcse vs gcse IGCSE's harder than GCSE's? The level of academics is higher in other parts of the world. Some say that the International schools are better versions of our best schools, few believe that the two are entirely different education systems. It is designed to help students gain good scores and also aims at being fair to students with different levels of intelligence. IGCSE is much better than ICSE as you get more choices in your subjects. It is a nationally recognised board, so coaching and guidance are easily accessible all over the country. The issue remains that the exam centered approach makes the change in teacher’s attitude hard to come by and especially when it is giving fairly ‘good results’. You are clearly mistaken. The curriculum is fixed and examination centered approach makes them analogous to the national boards. Another aspect to take note of is that the mode of instruction in ICSE is English-only, whereas, in CBSE, students are instructed in both Hindi and English, making it easier for students to grasp concepts, especially those who have difficulty understanding either of the two languages. So, are the assessment exams taken by the schools well calibrated and are the school grades objectively comparable globally? Students do not have enough subjects to choose from as compared to IGCSE. CBSE has also brought out The CBSE international (CBSE I). CBSE vs ICSE vs IB vs IGCSE – which school board is the best for my child? It follows an assessment-based approach to a certain extent to test the practical understanding of the student. In the Indian education system, ICSE and CBSE boards are governed by local authorities and are still extremely popular. It was formed in 1962. they will help students gain good quality elementary education required to pursue further studies without any impediments. So, now that you have seen a general overview of both the boards CBSE Vs ICSE, here we will now take a look at the various differences between these two boards. My GCSE MOCK RESULTS V ACTUAL RESULTS "C to A*" CBSE and ICSE are well grounded and are undergoing changes themselves, there are new avenues also opening for an interface between the two groups constituted by National and International education systems. CBSE is easy as a cake, at least till Grade 10. Administered by the University of Cambridge International Examinations, the IGSCE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme is recognised worldwide. It serves as a precursor for the International Baccalaureate Curriculum in Class 11 & Class 12. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education popularly known as ICSE is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination popularly known as CISCEwhich is a private board of school education in India. The experience of these students is very useful in understanding the difference between national and international education system. Learnings are aimed at developing young minds to be more analytical, creative and inquisitive. The points that come out in favor of international education programme of IB are--. The CBSE Board comes under the Central Government of India. Some say that the International schools are better versions of our best schools, few believe that national boards and international boards and programmes are entirely different education systems. All of the boards have their own uniqueness and they also have things in common. CBSE I is believed to have a global tilt and a proximity to the international curricula. Hi Chintan, your dilemma is shared by many parents. CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE. It lacks holistic development, application and evaluation though. Coming to the ICSE, it has a clear advantage over CBSE in areas of arts and humanities syllabi, language acquisition and emphasis of practicals in science. The curriculum is delivered both in English and Hindi across schools in India and is widely followed by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Group of Schools frequented by children working in government services and national banks. How to Choose the Right Board for Your Child? Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Let us see how IB and IGCSE fare in comparison to the CBSE and ICSE boards, which are the leading established school education systems being run by the best of Indian Schools. Do the career options in the country require the much publicized international perspective in education? I’ve studied ICSE during grade 9 and IGCSE during grade 10 after moving to Tokyo. Also,the no. At any rate, the change is significant enough to spark a series of comparisons between CBSE, ICSE and the international IB and IGCSE education. CBSE vs ICSE vs IGCSE/IB vs State Boards posted Jun 15, 2018, 6:30 AM by Prashant Bhattacharji [ updated Jun 15, 2018, 7:04 AM] This is a dilemma for several parents and students. CBSE has an extensive Science and Mathematics syllabus and conventional teaching methods coupled with laborious self –study produces good results. 4. The question remains that if the Indian students who have studied in CBSE and ICSE boards in their early school years or sometimes as long as class X will ever become the beneficiaries of this much-publicized continuum. IGCSE vs CBSE – Which School Board is Better For Your Child, Advantages and Disadvantages of Boarding School, Importance of Preschool Education for Kid, School Admission Interview Questions and Answers for Parents, HSG Test – Preparation, Procedure and Side Effects, 7th Month of Pregnancy – Symptoms, Body Changes & Care, What Your Body Temperature Tells You About Your Health. Adjusting from CBSE to IB Fallacy in Conditional Offer GCSE 2020 going to be easier or harder? IGCSE compared to new GCSE grades: No evidence that Cambridge IGCSEs are graded more leniently than reformed GCSEs, researcher Tom Benton finds. CBSE Vs ICSE: Indian education sector is being governed by two major boards providing quality education and are widely recognized and accepted boards all over country.The choice of choosing a right board makes a significant difference in child’s growth and future. Will they leave enough time for the students to compete with the students from ICSE and CBSE in competitive examinations? A Digital Thermometer Is Your Best... As informed earlier, the CBSE board is a great option for parents with transferable jobs. Do the expenses that are incurred by the parents by getting their children IB education act as a deterrent for many? There are views suggesting that as IB and IGCSE, that have been adopted fairly recently, are in “experimental stages”. Cons: Greater focus on practical learning than CBSE , but not as much as IB or IGCSE. Students can choose from Science, Commerce or Humanities depending on their career aspirations. i am little confuse which board is better for my daughter. Yes, the Marines are again harder. CBSE is good for the students who keep on migrating within the country due to parent’s job transfers or any other reasons. Now having taken both exam boards, I have come to the conclusion that CIE is DEFINATELY harder than Edexcel, at least in the Mathematics Subject. Extracurricular activities are not as encouraged. The syllabus being slightly more tougher than what the CBSE curriculum offers, one should also understand that it grooms you … ICSE vs CBSE is the topic that most of the parents search for. All rights reserved. The teachers act more as facilitators than deliverers of subjects to help students strike the right chord and make a choice. CBSE and ICSE are two very different boards of education catering to the academic sector in India. IGCSE qualifications have traditionally been perceived by some people as “harder” than GCSEs because the final results were solely based on the end-of-course examinations, rather than offering the opportunity for students to complete coursework to … In addition, IGCSE is a flexible and comprehensive course that encourage critical thinking and other beneficial skills. I have heard lot of stories that of you want your child to pursue education in India than ib board is not so good. The course is very demanding and intensive as it requires students to submit an assessment in relation to every topic covered all through the year. The key differences between IGCSE education and CBSE education in India is elucidated in detail in this article. Recommended Read: Changing Your Board in Class 11? The emphasis on language acquisition also gives them an edge over CBSE, and to a lesser extent, over ICSE. Hi Nikhil, you are completely justified in taking time and seeking consultation on the subject. they have opted for IB Diploma Programme instead of opting for ICSE certificate examination. There is no particular reason why IB students cannot fare better in Indian competitive exams given their good subject knowledge. The questions asked about the international education systems are generally regarding its suitability in the Indian educational context. International students can pursue an education in India through this board. For us, it was just a topic of discussion, but later i realize that there are some students who struggle a lot to pick the best one out of these two boards. Advantages and Disadvantages of Boarding School I think the IB is generally perceived to be harder, though not many people have done both, so can't compare them. The syllabus is suited for the parents who have transferable jobs in India and for students who aspire to take the IIT-JEE exams, NIT and AIIMS examinations. Difference between CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Board By Sqoolz HQ. English is the only medium of delivery, and the compulsory aspect of each subject is to gain a global perspective and learn global research. School promoters and parents have to scrutinize the curricula comparatively to check the compatibility of the international educational programmes with Indian schools. The ICSE Board focuses on a student’s overall growth, so it provides a balanced curric… A Digital Thermometer Is Your Best Friend! There are many Government and private schools in India that come under the CBSE Board. The CBSE and IGCSE curriculum may be different, but the education provided by both the boards is robust and solid. CBSE education. When it comes to studies, you do think about so many things but the important thing that most of the pare Being parents, you want the premium for your children. ICSE vs CBSE is the topic that most of the parents search for. Hi, Mandava, we wrote the article above just to address this question. 22 votes, 23 comments. ICSE vs CBSE: CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) are the two well-known and popular boards in India.Every parent has gone through this stage of deciding Which Board will be good for their child or Which one will provide them a better education. Those who want to appear for Common Entrance tests can take this route. Most parents are now familiar with education systems around the world and want to equip their children with the right skills and expertise to make a living in future. However, the decision to pick the best school is also dependent on a major factor – the educational boards. The IB curriculum is customized to the need of the target students and teachers are much more engaged in framing such curriculum. This also makes it one of the most preferred education board by parents. But, the primary mode of assessment is examination, wherein the students are assessed on the basis of their ability to memorise, recall and write the concepts. Is Igcse harder than ICSE? 6 Beautiful Snowflake Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids, Balanitis in Children – Causes, Signs, and Treatment, Cute Tea Party Ideas for Kids and Ways You Can Organise One, How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs at Home – Your Stepwise Guide, 25 of the Best Kids Movies on Netflix Your Child Will Love, 10 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy (Despite Hearing All the Horror Stories), Hair Loss in Babies: What’s Normal and What’s Not. Several things need to be kept in mind. https://www.mindler.com/blog/indian-board-differences-cbse-cicse-ib-cambridge Now, there are some quite particular reasons for deciding to shift from ICSE to IB. The choice of the board parents choose for their children can make a significant impact on the knowledge the child gains. Can they really be comfortable with playing a major part in curriculum design? Some of ICSE students have made a transition to IB at class XII level i.e. With the wide range of options to choose from- CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge, and IB; it has become a virtual marketplace out there, making the choice somewhat overwhelming. 6 Questions to Help You Decide Everything you need to start a school in India! When compared to the national education boards IGCSE and IB appear to have an advantage as they have an international orientation in addition to the ingredients for subject knowledge building. however, the latitude IB offers to the students in terms of choice of subjects and streams, gives it an edge over Cambridge. They follow a structure that encourages knowledge-oriented learning. Some say that the International schools are better versions of our best schools, few believe that national boards and international boards and programmes are entirely different education systems. Parenting.Firstcry.com accepts no liability for any errors, omissions or misrepresentations. Is it equally easy for the teachers of the IB schools to adapt to such big a change in their role? It is also equivalent to the CBSE, ICSE and GCSE boards. they will help students gain good quality elementary education required to pursue further studies without any impediments. The teachers share their experiences with other IB teachers around the world and are better placed to reinvent their teaching styles. In CBSE, stress is given on NCERT textbooks, whereas in IGCSE, the textbooks are different. IB candidates who do not get 7's perform as well as top students from other national curriculum. Research published by Education DataLab, based on information from the National Pupil Database, shows that iGCSEs are “not graded quite as severely” as reformed GCSEs, making it easier for pupils to reach top grades. Students get to choose from a wide variety of subjects. Now that you have understood CBSE vs ICSE in detail, let us go through the basic differences between CBSE, ICSE, and IGCSE boards. It aims at helping candidates gain an inquisitive approach to all subjects to delve deeper and gain an understanding of the subject on their own. Cambridge programmes have a designed curriculum and assessment is rigorous which is central to the programme. I know in general, difficulty will differ from … Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. Analyzing both the boards, on the basis of their pros and cons will help the students as well as the parents to … More number of subjects compared to CBSE. The syllabus being slightly more tougher than what the CBSE curriculum offers, one should also understand that it grooms you … IGCSE has a class X equivalent certificate examination conducting body incorporated within it. It has been seen that students have developed a genuine interest in subjects in which they were not originally interested thanks to the teaching methodology which makes them more receptive. Although we can say that these ICSE schools are better in terms of infrastructure and educational facilities not to mention extracurricular activities but that cannot be taken as a difference as CBSE inherently does not restricts infrastructure development etc. CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) Pros. I personally have taken IGCSE, so I don't really know that much about SPM. IGCSE's offer the best foundation for Diploma programmes. IGCSE stands for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education and is run by the Cambridge … You can consult a academic counselor to understand the spectrum of your daughter’s abilities and aptitudes and then help her decide. The revised NCERT books, especially those of social sciences, have been designed to make classes more interactive and chapters have been designed thematically to bring out imaginative faculty in children. The board evaluates students on their ability to memorise and recall concepts in examinations to strengthen learning. The best thing is to consider your daughter’s interests and aptitude, and of course her future goals. In icse, there is a huge syllabus for the students to complete. The syllabus is comprehensive and is said that it inculcates an affinity to learning and discipline required for higher studies. Do they have necessary skills for the job? Your use of this site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use. Importance of Preschool Education for Kid It is considered a very tough and rigorous curriculum where assessments are designed to evaluate the overall knowledge of the child in addition to written examinations. Worried About Your Child’s Health? In the UK, Cambridge IGCSE is accepted as equivalent to GCSE. There are a lot of factors to consider before reaching at a verdict on which of these is better. The certification provided has international as well as national recognition. Read on to find out the unique and salient features of the boards to make an informed decision in tandem with the aspirations that you have for your child. So, in this article we have discussed all the major differences between these two boards. Let us analyze how IB and IGCSE stand in comparison to the CBSE and ICSE boards, which are the leading established school education systems being run by the best of Indian Schools. CBSE vs ICSE vs IB vs IGCSE – which school board is the best for my child? For sponsorships, bigger companies prefer the IB and its programmes, as it attracts the global talent they seek. Picking a curriculum is quite a task for parents nowadays. One size does not fit all. And, here are the pros and cons of the IGCSE board: The CBSE and IGCSE curriculum may be different, but the education provided by both the boards is robust and solid.

igcse vs cbse which is harder

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