advertisement. Clunky, outdated recruitment systems (not naming names) can also help. Scenario. Later it was found that a former employee of the Wiener Linien transport company stole the train for a joy-ride. Triano Williams, a former IT worker from the American College of Education refused to give the college’s Google account back. Sell yourself. Write sloppy job ads. Sometimes my boss would just leer at me, and the other partners started acting more sexually around me. 884 Posts . Neale was the director of the company and left his job on bad terms. You could fib about the salary, culture, management style or working hours. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. Oh and a team welcome lunch had also been arranged. The sexist job notice understandably sparked outrage from residents. A while ago, we answered the question: “How long should employee records be kept for after they have left the company?”. Halt the Stalking: You need to do something to put a halt to your former employer’s interference in your life. The estimated cost of the products he stole was £20,000. After getting fired British woman Kaylea Reid shared naked pictures of her boss on his wife’s company’s Facebook page. Video footage was also released and the caption reads that the boss will “learn the hard way.”. But what if you encounter an employee who is planning workplace revenge by putting your intimate pictures and text messages on social media, tagging your clients and family members too? Office revenge stories are very common these days and disgruntled employees don’t mind causing damage to their former employers. The girl, after being fired from Cane’s, took the entire thing to Twitter: “Canes fired me they lil sauce ain’t shit but mayo, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper & garlic powder.”. Williams also accused his boss of racial discrimination and told the college to pay him $200,000 for racial discrimination. It’s a great chance to show off your great taste in venues (coffee or wine! Reinterviewing With Your Former Boss. The rooms’ standard tariff ($159 – $499) got slashed and all the 3000 rooms were listed between the range of $12 to $59. A business can’t just rely on its product brand to succeed. I'm going to completely destroy my ex-boss's life. Pao famously lost the case—and was even ordered to pay back her former employer’s legal fees. The workers tore apart a home under construction with a chainsaw. Your employees (and potential employees) can be your best sales and marketing channel. Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes. And while you’re at it, don’t bother paying any statutory entitlements either! He also wrote “Gross Misconduct” in blood on the office wall. Despite their efforts to build the house, the employees did not shy away from destroying all they worked on because their boss allegedly didn’t pay their invoices. Title: Former employer trying to ruin my reputation/career. Here are workplace revenge stories of 15 employees and their partners in crime who were fired from their company and got revenge. It is believed that if you want to get your job back or want to work for the same company again, do it professionally. The thief was sacked from the company years before the incident took place. Copies of the job notice were found pasted on many electricity poles and trees in Balmain and Rozelle. The popular fast food chain Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers fired a female employee and invited trouble as the lady leaked the secret recipe details of one of their popular sauces. You just cannot permit anyone to do that to you and your loved ones. In isolation, use any of these steps to destroy your employer brand. Give employees an opportunity to retrieve personal property prior to leaving the workplace after being terminated. Ask candidates to ‘call for a confidential discussion or to learn more about this exciting opportunity’. However, when items are left behind, the employer must process them appropriately and not discard them. According to the company, the ex-employee’s revenge act caused Esselar a loss of more than £500,000. It’s amazing how much a fresh set of eyes from the outside will read into all this. People often badmouth a former employer in a couple of ways: in an exit interview at the former company or a job interview with a new one. The company found that the PayPal account associated with the eBay seller was Rust’s account. So, ignoring applicants and leaving them in limbo is a great way to get them offside. I am a new attorney; passed the bar right after graduation, and took a judicial clerkship with a prominent judge, and did a good job. Many are spread too thin, and will do anything to meet their numbers to make commission. A perfect way to destroy your employer brand. But for a wholesale, ‘smash and burn’ program, follow them one-by-one. So in case you were wondering, here are 20 simple ways to completely destroy your employer brand: When you’re advertising a new role, write the job ad really quickly just before you leave the office. Showing your professionalism by keeping discussions about a former employer … I worked at a firm for 9 months, and my boss was difficult. Current employee’s I-9 records must be maintained for their entire period of employment. Ignore all the advice in this guide on how to write better job ads. Here’s how you embed the virus: 1) Pretend like you are not pissed off at your old employer for throwing you out with the trash. In anger, he took a hammer and smashed up every room, causing the company a loss of £175,000. The duo even burned a CCTV camera, but fortunately there was one more camera that captured everything. The employer can only disclose information which the employee has specifically consented to have disclosed. Original Post: I'll try to keep this short and vague. 15. This infographic aims to give you a visual guide as to when you should destroy employee information. Wayne Crook, an ex-employee of Bristol Flying Centre, was sacked from the company in 2012. He got caught because when he remotely accessed the company’s systems, the IP address matched the one in his home. Assuming that she would be fired, Cooley decided to take revenge and erased all the company’s blueprints and drawings worth $2.5 million. The goal of any answer about a previous job should be to make yourself look good, not your previous position look bad. A. This one’s a tradeoff. Your role as an employer (of choice) is to ensure that the experience and feedback of employees past and present is just as powerful as the message you promote through your product or service. Traditional recruiters generally work across dozens of employers. Instead, you must pledge to yourself – and to those who love you – that you will not permit that to happen. According to Knight, the company fired him while all he wanted was to just fulfill his duties as the father to a 7 month old. If you are worried about what a former boss will say to a prospective employer, consider using a reference checking service as seen in publications like the Wall Street Journal. After all, what idiot would really want to destroy their employer brand!? I remember walking into my first day in a new job many years ago and nobody knew who I was. Your call. He did no work; I did it all without complaint, unless the work seemed unethical. They also put their lives at risk when one of the workers with the chainsaw dangerously reached above himself and sliced the wooden planks while standing at the bottom of the house. I'm going to completely destroy my ex-boss's life. You’ll take another good hit on your employer brand. Cash flow is king. Posted by u/[deleted] 5 years ago. If there's a chance you won't be able to work out your two weeks' notice, prepare for your departure beginning with organizing your current projects so you don't leave your work in a state of disarray. You never know how your employer will react when you resign from your job, although your employer’s past behavior when other employees have resigned, may give you a reasonable expectation. If you had a good work history and you have something valuable to offer the company in the future, interviewing with your former … There is very little George can do to "destroy" your career. A group of angry construction workers sought revenge on their boss in Australia. Chronic Emotional Invalidation. Spreading gossip about clients. The trick is to ask candidates to solve real business problems, masked as ‘case study questions’. The Dos and Don’ts of Personality Testing, How to Successfully Gather and Manage a Remote Team, How To Stay Connected While Working Remotely [Infographic]. The workplace jerks plan revenge on their boss, colleagues and even on the company assets. I continue to promote that company (by name) and personally refer people to them regularly even though I haven’t worked there in over 15 years. The media-sharing application has a huge user base in India, and people started giving negative reviews and ratings on iStore and on the Google Play Store. Whether it’s deliberate or just an oversight, they can destroy your employer brand on your behalf! The workplace revenge is either childish or simply illegal. When the revenge incident took place, culprits Abdul Shaikh was just 20-year old and his partner Nabi Nadaf was 19. From smashing the office with a hammer to giving away hotel rooms for free, you will get to read about some weird and frightening acts of workplace revenge by ex-employees. Please whitelist TheClever or disable your ad blocker to continue. 2) Maintain relationships with your old managers and HR. 23. After transmitting the malicious code, he sent a message to one of his co-workers. According to the results of a joint study conducted by Intermedia and Osterman Research, 89 percent of employees leave their jobs still retaining access, meaning a valid login and password, to at least one business application belonging to their former employers. Forget about the reality of daily life in your company. The video footage shows Shaikh pouring chemical on the office furniture and setting it on fire. Besides, who wants to appear professional to potential future employees anyway? And it’s not only GenYs. According to the college, they had to take the data and in May will know about the account’s status. noregrets [No Regrets] Jim Knight, a head chef was fired from a pub named The Plough in Oxfordshire, UK. Employees crave feedback. Never invite candidates into the office. According to reports, she was given a conditional discharge or suspended sentence for 6 months. She also noticed her boss’s phone number on the classified ad. The client wanted us to prepare a system to research new employers for these former employees, create falsified evidence that would make the new employer terminate the former employee. If this includes telling little white lies, then go for it! Coffee is for closers, so do anything to get candidates over the line. He stole and sold the products because he didn’t like the way his employers treated him. Every step you add in an application process is another opportunity to lose candidates. Ex-Employee Stole a Tram For A Joy-ride. You can also Learn about payroll using multimedia. This one’s actually surprisingly easy. When you’re advertising a new role, write the job ad really quickly just before … At the end of year, ignore this advice to conduct regular performance reviews. Report any threats made by the ex-employee, and contact the proper authorities if a visibly angry former employee shows up at your company or business. Defamation is one of those things that almost anyone can sue anyone for as long as there is just cause, and that includes an employer suing an ex-employee. Alternatively, a one-click apply process (eg via LinkedIn) probably has the opposite effect. If you’re lucky, you might even end up breaking the law! According to the workers, they weren’t paid, so they decided to take a chainsaw and damage the property. Asking your team to do a bit of overtime every now and then is one thing. My manager wasn’t there and hadn’t even told anybody I was starting. When fired from job, some sacked employees easily forget and move on. All candidates expect a response. For bonus points, be completely vague about the role, or how you’ll make the selection. Don’t bother proof reading it, or running a spell check. The tram driver stopped the tram at Rodaun station as it was the last stop. You can check her tweets (@JanniAreYouOkay) as she didn’t even bother deleting them. They’ll probably think you’re a recruiter just fishing for names to add to a database. ), and that you’ve probably got something to hide back in the office. The tram driver stopped the tram at Rodaun station as it … Our favourite approach here is to avoid a giving candidates a specific job description, and tell them that you’ll ‘tailor the role around the best candidate’. There’s no better way to turn large numbers of applicants away at the gate, than carelessly discriminating against gender, age or race. Richard Neale, one of the members who built the computer firm Esselar, took his revenge on his company after he had to leave his job in 2013. A few years later I walked into my first day at another company and everyone in the office welcomed me by name. According to Reid, her former boss took advantage of her because he was her manager at work. It turns out anyone who applies has an interest in where they’re up to in the process. He locked the tram and went on a toilet break. Nothing screams ‘I’m in control’ like keeping people waiting for meetings. The video shows how the construction workers ripped off the timber and the pipes. Reid ignored the company’s requests to take down the images, but later the images were removed. As soon as the words reached the Indian media, outraged Indians started a campaign to uninstall Snapchat from their devices. After turning off the electricity on the route, the department was able to bring the tram back. If you can only do one thing to destroy your employer brand, make it this one. Failure to retain I-9 records for the appropriate amount of time can lead to fines and penalties. The man didn’t have a criminal record and was released after some time. Cooley was soon arrested and police charged her with $1,000. This was not the first time when Marriott Hotel’s system got hacked. Avoid any structure or process altogether, and make sure you completely confuse your candidate while you’re at it. You can hurt your employer brand, but get free strategic advice at the same time. Police was clueless about how he got the vehicle keys. You cannot – if just for the sake of your wife and other loved ones – permit your former employer to “destroy” you, as you wrote. An ex-employee circulated a sexist and incorrect job notice and pasted it everywhere. In a tight job market, all possibilities for employment should be explored -- including reinterviewing with a former boss. “Snapchat is for rich people, don’t want to expand in poor countries like India and Spain,” said CEO Evan Spiegel according to a lawsuit filed by the company’s former manager. Then he went on posting and dropped a second tweet, “Unfortunately he wanted to have a weekend off this month and Christmas Day this year for family commitments so we thought we’d sack him.”. I've been trying to take the high road and just move on with my life, but I have heard they are still trashing me. Pick up the phone or drop a letter in the mail to invite them to discuss any concerns they had with the termination process, using empathy. He also said that he will be organizing a “free coffee day” for women as a part of his damage control moves. The college then tried to reset the login credentials and even contacted Google, but they were referred to Williams instead. Don’t walk the floor with your team, and rely on email for all communication. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Zippia, Inc. It’s like a free consulting session! Less than three months later I was gone. The front desk is a mess, and your office isn’t much better. The Google cloud-based account held access to many emails. Legislative source Section 24 of the Canada Labour Standards Regulations identifies the required records to be kept on file for inspection by an Inspector under the Canada Labour Code. A former employee is also entitled to make a subject access request in respect of the data held about them by their former employer. • Yes. But to really harm your employer brand, keep them back every night or on weekends. According to the hotel this ex-employee’s revenge resulted in a loss of more than $50,000. Why not just save all the hassle by avoiding the topic altogether? In response, the girl revealed more details about the sauce with exact quantity of its ingredients. Strangely, this also applies for candidates, who’ve taken time out to come to your office. Employer responsibilities - The payroll steps. To recap: You can destroy a former employee’s I-9 records one year from the date of termination or three years from the date of hire, whichever is later. In India, a Pune-based BPO sacked an office boy because he and his friend was found guilty of harassing the female employees. Brown was sentenced to 21 months in jail and he was also ordered to pay $77,200. The Aviva system was hacked the night when Esselar was demonstrating their services during an event. Employers can take practical and legal steps to prevent current or former employees from using their confidential information. And keep in mind that many of your employees are going to be annoyed by what this former employee is doing, and she'll end up discrediting herself in the eyes of a lot of people. Marriott Hotels fired the man in August 2016, and according to the company he was ordered to stay away from the company’s computer system. Later his company found the missing products on the e-commerce website and verified by making a purchase. In these cases, the employer must prove that the employee has said something that she knew to be false that harmed the employer's reputation. After all, it’s only your employer brand on the line. The cafe owner Andrew McNamara told a local news publisher that he took down all the posters he could find. Again, as an employer … Neale hacked the phones of Aviva’s 900 employees and badly damaged the company’s reputation. People who insult, embarrass and ridicule their boss in public. The former employer also claimed that Michael had diverted orders to Robert's companies to help finance this new, competing venture. “We’d like to inform you that we’ve just fired our head chef.”. noregrets. Lennon Ray Brown, who was working as a contractor and later full-time employee at Citibank, had a talk with one his senior colleagues. The course material for the college’s 2,000 students was also stored in that account. The smartest way to seek revenge on a company is to plant a virus, a human virus that spreads uncontrollably until departments shut down. In the fake job notice, he mentioned that the cafe needs a waitress that could just “as easily be in bikini on beach spinning heads.”. • An employer can give reference information regarding a former employee within the public body without that employee’s consent under section 40(1)(x) of the Act. If anything, just give them a few bits of feedback in the back of a cab after a meeting or down at the pub. Large companies typically have policies regarding the disclosure of former employee information, but some may not. When her tweets went viral, she was asked to prove her claims. His first tweet was “We’d like to inform you that we’ve just fired our head chef.” Then he went on posting and dropped a second tweet, “Unfortunately he wanted to have a weekend off this month and Christmas Day this year for family commitments so we thought we’d sack him.”, Knight didn’t stop there and dropped one more tweet, “We don’t care that he has a 7 1/2 month old baby daughter.”. But they can also kill your brand quite literally at the push of a button, whether through social media or sites like InsideTrack or Glassdoor. Disgruntled employee Graham Rust served a healthcare company for 24 years, and one day he realized that his bosses are not paying attention to his efforts. advertisement. Since the talks were about his poor performance, angry Brown injected a code in the company’s Global Control Centre routers. Former employee Juan Rodriguez allegedly hacked into the Marriott hotels reservation system and changed the hotel room tariff. He was upset as his company allegedly declined his requests for a weekend off and Christmas Day leave. As tempting as it is to … The next day she found out that the company didn’t intend to sack her. Williams was fired in April 2016 because he refused to relocate to Indianapolis. In this world, there’s not much space for harmless employee revenge. After the incident, the college filed a case against him and the court issued a judgment against Williams. Keep the door to your office closed, or work from home. The interviewer is trying to gauge your skills and professionalism, not the virtues or vices of your previous boss. It brought a lot of problem to his employer. Be as invisible as possible, and you’ll harm not only your employer brand, but your personal one. Keep them waiting long enough, and they might just walk straight out the door to a different job offer – perhaps even with a competitor. Don't presume that your former employer won't disclose the reason why your job ended. They also put their lives at risk when one of the workers with the chainsaw dangerously reached above himself and sliced the wooden planks while standing at the bottom of the house. As a result of trying to get revenge on the company, he was ordered to pay $248,350. After checking the CCTV footage, it was found that both of them were responsible for burning the office furniture. Interim relief available to employers to seek and destroy confidential data misused by former employees 18 Jul 2016 The High Court has recently ordered the inspection and imaging of a former employee’s personal computer and electronic devices (and those belonging to his new employer), to ensure that any of his former employer’s confidential information is removed. Candidates come in to meet you, and your receptionist looks totally disinterested, or is on a personal call. PS, take all of these steps with a grain of salt. As a result of this workplace revenge, the Cane’s had to start damage control and the company released a statement saying that only a few managers know the actual recipe and the girl was not among them. Can former employees access their personnel files? their boss allegedly didn’t pay their invoices. “If they step over the line and make false comments that damage their former boss’ or employer’s reputations, they may be liable for damages under … But when the college contacted Williams, he referred them to his lawyer. Instead, only conduct interviews in cafés, hotel lobbies or even bars. (This company doesn’t even appear on my resume). Source:,, Save the contents of a former employee's mailbox. Whenever possible, take a direct approach with former employees who post derogatory comments on social networks. One client had a "hit list" of former employees which went back about 5 years. The company fired the man and in return, the duo set the BPO on fire. I still tell this story nearly 25 years later (usually including the company name!). Questions about your previous job are more about you than about your former employer. Make loud, public statements about actions or initiatives you plan to take based on staff feedback. I stayed with that company for nearly 7 years. A former employee smashed the office windows, toilet seats, computer monitors, and the sinks with a hammer because he was sacked. Close. He also damaged many vehicles in anger. Your employer brand will never recover! Build a public profile that matches what you want, rather than what actually happens. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 7, 2010. Finally the man decided to set up his own online business by stealing and selling products from his company on eBay. The company used to provide security network for Aviva, a multinational insurance company. What are you waiting for? They don’t work for you any more, so just say whatever you think about them (focusing on the negative!). He revealed that he knows the employee who did this and due to all the problems created by an ex-employee, the cafe suffered business loss. You don't need a reference anytime soon. Crook was charged with burglary and criminal damage and was sentenced to jail for 20 months. Now that’s efficient outsourcing. Neale was jailed for 18 months and his act of revenge damaged the company’s relations with other clients as well. Knight planned his epic workplace revenge through the company’s Twitter account, which he already had access to, and started shaming his company. I work in a small town and one of my former bosses has it out for me. As a result, Esselar lost the deal and Aviva ended its relationship with the company. This could range from posting something on social media all the way to telling a lie about the company to a … Many smaller employers don't have a policy at all or aren't aware of or concerned about legal liability issues. Nice work! While this seems smart and flexible (qualities that might help your employer brand), the lack of clarity actually has the opposite effect. The company said that despite obtaining an alternative employment, he took revenge against the company. It is important to understand each step, to ensure you are not assessed penalties and interest or suffer other consequences. But Those who tried her recipe claim that what she revealed was accurate. Crook was sacked from his job soon after he moved an aircraft in a hanger without the company’s permission. Needy huh!? These are the people who obstruct a company’s goals. Supply a box or other container for the items so that they can be taken out of the building in one trip. There are two ways you can save the contents of the former employee's mailbox: Add the former employee's email address to your version of Outlook 2013 or 2016, and then export the data to a .pst file. The duo began sexting and according to the girl’s lawyer, Page was providing her with a shoulder to cry on since the girl was dealing with loneliness. The advertisement was published by the company owner Steven Hutchins for his wife’s firm. He wrote that there’s nothing personal in his act, but he wants the upper management to listen because employees like him are not being treated well. After all the drama, Knight announced from his own Twitter account that he got a better job offer. But a former employee who takes physical action can put your employees in danger. They also have strict KPIs and big targets. These steps will help you understand your responsibilities and how payroll works. But delivering it properly is painful and time consuming. So I worked for this guy for a week and it was very Unethical. Some anonymous hackers from India also claimed that they leaked the data of 1.7 million Snapchat users on the dark web and put the company in trouble. Politely ask them to remove the offending posts. Invalidation is an attempt by others to control how you feel about … Contact the Former Employee. Rodriquez was finally found guilty and was charged for his criminal activity. Knight didn’t stop there and dropped one more tweet, “We don’t care that he has a 7 1/2 month old baby daughter.”. She was also ordered to pay a surcharge fee of $32 to the victim. The company managed to keep the recipe secret for years as it was considered its winning formula over the competitors. Social media can kill an Employment Brand - and ruin a company. After coming back he found that the train was missing. I suggest you retain the services of an attorney for two simple – hopefully inexpensive – tasks: (1) To send your former employer a “cease and desist” letter, and (2) To be available to you if the stalking continues. Employer responsibility Employers must keep payroll and other employment records for at least 36 months. Rust told the judge that he didn’t do this for money.

how to destroy a former employer

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