The grigri is one the of reliable catchers all among belay. One team member payed out slack while the other ran the course clipping biners. The hand motions of a classic belay system remain the same: Both hands stay on the rope and arrest a fall by locking back on the free end of the rope. I had to hold on to the tail of the rope coming from the RIG with a lot of force to ensure there was no explosive detensioning. GearJunkie hits the road to get out of office for a new content series with Go RVing. Feeding slack with the Eddy is both better and worse than with the GriGri. However, I can say that the GRIGRI 2 and the I'D both outperformed the RIG in terms of releasing tension. Which one is right for you? You can also checkout the video of this test below (sorry for the length - ~20 minutes). This makes it easier to take up and play out slack while belaying a climber on lead. The expanded rope range of the GRIGRI + is beneficial to climbers who climb on the extreme widths of single ropes. I recorded how easy the handle was to reach with the embedded brake technique, how easy the initial pull on the handle was, how much of a jolt there was after the initial release of tension, and how fast the rope wanted to go through the brake. The GriGri+ also accommodates a wider range of rope diameters: from 8.5mm to 11mm, where the GriGri 2 works best on ropes 9.4 to 10.3mm. Top-rope mode aids taking up slack which helps provide for a more comfortable belay. It was smaller, lighter, and had a progressive descent control that allowed for a smoother lower than the original. The next test I did was a detensioning test. It’s been tested and used on millions of climbs in gyms, cracks, and crags worldwide. 1. Depending on what types of lines you do and what sort of tensions you typically use, either the GRIGRI 2 or the I'D are both great choices. The Grigri2 is primarily an improvement over its predecessor as climbing equipment technology and climber's needs evolve. Also the Click-up requires somewhat more strength to release and lower the climber. As a sidenote, the GriGri + seems like a real win for gyms that like to keep GriGri’s pre-rigged at each rope as many of the improvements are based on wear and safety. Paul and his team fused a belay device with the Stop, a self-braking descender made by Fernand Petzl in 1981. (We have had customers tell us they have a faulty Petzl GriGri because the spring no longer works - turns out the device is a Grillon). Better because you can pull the rope through the device faster than the with GriGri, making it easier to keep pace with a leader. It's bulkier than the Grigri 2; It's heavier than the Grigri 2; The possibility to choose between lead and top rope modes adds a new mechanical component, which should pretty much weaken the system; It has almost no ear to grab when using Petzl's recommended belay technique; On the other hand, the device has very clear advantages over its predecessor: The cam-assisted blocking function makes belaying more convenient when a climber is working a route or when catching a fall. GRIGRI 2 Review. In this video Tim S. takes a look at the GRIGRI 2 and the GRIGRI + to compare and contrast two of our favorite assisted braking belay devices! Designed for all users, the GRIGRI is a belay device with assisted blocking for belaying both in the gym and at the crag. Releasing tension with the GRIGRI 2 at the higher forces (~3,430 lbf) prooved to be slightly different. Controlling the speed of detensioning was easy as long as I held the tail tightly. All-in-all, Petzl descending devices are great tools for braking a pulley system. The biggest one is that it can use ropes down to 8.5mm safely, whereas the 2 was rated only down to 8.9mm ropes. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more Slack Science articles! The handle was not that difficult to access and the initial opening was very easy. The ATC-XP and the ATC-Guide have one major advantage over … Petzl developed the GRIGRI 2 two decades later to accommodate a wider range of rope diameters. how is paying out slack comparable, how about fast lowering, thick ropes with weird routes and even weirder draw placement, creating a lot of friction by themselves, when even ATC friction seems excessive? However, the rope jolted once the handle was opened. 1st method requires at least a … Check out amazing deals on Filson duffels, vests, jackets, outerwear, and more. Petzl Grigri 2 vs. RIG vs. The GriGri 2 currently retails for around $80 – $120 (€70 – €105). I think combining the GRIGRI 2 with the SMC 3" Double PMP's and PMI 11mm ACCESS PRO makes for a very lightweight and super efficient pulley system. Any efforts to try and make it feed easier often tend to create extremely poor technique. The first test I did was I wanted to compare just how much tension I could get out of the tensioning system mentioned above using the three different brakes. From what I could tell, the improved features of the GRIGRI+ would benefit everyone, especially professionals, guides, and instructors. The handle was more difficult to access compared to the previous two brakes, but the initial opening was quite easy. Paul Petzl, son of founder Fernand Petzl and developer of the original GRIGRI in 1991, wanted to provide climbers with a more trustworthy system of belay. Subscribe to receive Balance Community news, events and exclusive promotions. Can't beat it on that but that's about it. The original (discontinued) GriGri uses a 1-to-1 (no progressive control). The GRIGRI 2 is made for ropes between 8.9mm and 11mm, and is optimized for ropes between 9.4 and 10.3mm. We split into teams of belayer/runner and ran to complete a ground-level course of quickdraws. 3. 2. learning to feed slack can be a challenge, and even after years of use it will never feed as smoothly as a cinch can. GriGri 2 vs GriGri new (2019) i am thinking what to get, what experiences do you have with that improved geometry petzl claims they honed out? Releasing tension with the I'D at 2,670 lbf was quite easy. It's very difficult to determine which brake is best overall as all three performed quite well. On this Friday's gear show w'are having a look at how to use a Petzl GriGri 2, it's safety features, and what to avoid doing with it. Enter before February 7th for your chance to win. Finally, the GRIGRI+ provides better control when feeding rope. Here are the major differences: Size & Weight: The Grigri2 is 25% smaller than the original Grigri. We got a chance to test the GRIGRI+ at Chris Sharma’s climbing gym in Barcelona, Spain, last month. This feature is for new users who are unfamiliar with the sensitivity of the device and professionals like firemen who use the device for self-rappel. I think combining the GRIGRI 2 with the SMC 3" Double PMP's and PMI 11mm ACCESS PRO makes for a very lightweight and super efficient pulley system. Sharing in-depth conversations between the world's adventurers, athletes, and outdoorspeople, The GearJunkie Podcast is your inside look into the outdoors industry. Like I said, when I'm using a … It's increased efficency and significantly easier releasing mechanism is more than enough to make up for the extra $65 in price. Compact and lightweight, the GRIGRI 2 will accompany you for many years, on climbs all over the world. GearJunkie may earn a small commission from affiliate links in this article. The most important factor to me is safety. It doesn't really do anything else and it's very heavy. They named the first device the GRIGRI after an African good luck charm. Grigri 1 is heavier than the cinch. The last bit of tensioning was absurdly difficult. Get a GRIGRI + for yourself here. They were rigged to simulate falls and test our skills in various type of fall arrests, and lowers, putting the GRIGRI through a full range of challenges one might encounter out on the rock. Newer Post →, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. It was quite a good experience. The camming spring is … I took the tension this high for each brake and then tested how easy and controllable detensioning was using the same methods as above. Which is better...the Petzl GRIGRI + or the Petzl GRIGRI 2? A GRIGRI (often styled as GriGri) is an assisted braking belay device manufactured by Petzl designed to help secure rock-climbing, rappelling, and rope-acrobatic activities.Its main characteristic is a clutch that assists in braking under a shock load.The success of this device has led to grigri becoming a common name for devices of this type. Rest assured, this is a newly updated model of the GriGri 2. Should you upgrade to the GRIGRI + if you already have the GRIGRI 2? Grigri 2 vs. Trango Cinch. I can also say that the GRIGRI 2 is a fantastic brake that is more than sufficient for most types of slacklines. The design of the handled camming mechanism enables exceptional descent control. The handle was very easy to access, but the initial opening prooved to be significantly more difficult than the GRIGRI 2. The extra price is worth it for those looking to get the most out of their belaying device. Getting to this tension was less difficult than the GRIGRI 2 and the RIG. The GRIGRI + can handle ropes between 8.5mm and 11mm in diameter, providing optimal performance with ropes between 8.9mm and 10.5mm. On my first test with the GRIGRI 2, I was able to reach a tension of 2,434 lbf (1,106 kgf). Petzl made the GRIGRI+ with stainless steel wear plates to withstand high-intensity use. I had no issues accessing the handle at this force and the initial opening was no problem at all. Once the handle was opened, the rope wanted to fly through the RIG at a high speed. There has been a lot of discussion lately on the differences between the Petzl GRIGRI 2, Petzl RIG, and Petzl I'D in terms of efficiency loss and ease of detensioning. I then compared the max tension that I reached. While even the word GRIGRI has become synonymous with the term “auto belay device,” it’s important to note that for the last 15 years, Petzl has condemned the phrase “auto-locking” in favor of “assisted” braking device. The feature will be most interesting to gym rats and instructors who spend a lot of time working problems in a controlled environment. The handle was very easy to access, but the initial opening was very difficult. Next up were two dynamic belay stations with 75-kilogram dummies suspended above the climbing gym floor. The Grigri and the Click-up in the locked mode operate similar but it’s easier to pull the rope through the Grigri. Grigri 2 is about the same. Stainless steel wear plate. On my first test with the RIG, I was able to reach a tension of 2,604 lbf (1,183.6 kgf). This revolutionary belaying device, developed by Petzl in 1991, has gone through several iterations over the years (Grigri 2, Grigri +, and 2019’s GriGri) but has remained remarkably consistent in terms of purpose and performance. Grigri. With a group of climbing gym owners, guides, pro climbers, and journalists I tested the GRIGRI+ on three simulation stations, as well as top-rope and lead climbing in the gym. The GRIGRI 2 belay device with assisted braking is designed to facilitate belay maneuvers. Another improvement is the ability to switch between top-rope belay and lead climbing belay. After the GriGri 2 was ditched in favor of the newer GriGri, there are fewer differences than before between these two models. I also used the Elite Multiplier Kit to tension the line. Post by climb2core » Sun Mar 06, 2011 4:58 pm Currently have a grigri and I am consdering getting grigri 2 or the Cinch. The weight difference between the two is not much to notice. Peso, diseño, rango de cuerda... descubre las similitudes y las diferencias entre los aseguradores automáticos Petzl Grigri+ y Petzl Grigri 2. However, the rope jolted a lot on the initial opening, but it was quite easy to control the speed of detensioning. I used the same exact setup for each brake and then pulled as hard as I possibly could using each of the brakes. Filson apparel is rarely on sale, especially at this deep a discount. Which is better...the Petzl GRIGRI + or the Petzl GRIGRI 2? The GRIGRI 2 works equally well for lead climbing and top roping. It takes smaller ropes; taking skinny ropes from 8.9mm up to 11mm – the old Grigri was certified to take 9.7mm to 11mm ropes. If you’re a climber of any kind, at any level, you’ve probably seen the world’s most popular assisted-braking belay device, the Petzl GRIGRI. However, I can say that the GRIGRI 2 and the I'D both outperformed the RIG in terms of releasing tension. This reinforces that human beings still operate the device and must keep both hands on the rope at all times. In fact, the GriGri 2 has been shown to be as much as 25% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor. Even experienced climbers struggled to pay out slack fast enough, but it was a good exercise in what was possible with the GRIGRI+. The first exercise was a “slack race” that tested how well the GRIGRI+ played out slack. Once the handle opening, the rope had the tendency to want to go through the brake very quickly. Several new features set the 2017 upgrade apart from the best-selling GRIGRI 2, namely the added “anti-panic” function on the release handle, and the ability to switch from top-rope mode to lead mode. There was no initial jolting of the rope and I was able to control the release speed quite easily. But perhaps the most noteworthy upgrade is the “anti-panic” feature. I also think that if you are wanting a stronger and more efficient brake, that you should spring for the I'D over the RIG. If the user pulls too hard on the handle, the anti-panic function brakes and stops the descent. The point of these exercises was to demonstrate just how important it is to be on your game: Even with an assisted belay device like the GRIGRI, both hands stay on the rope with slack carefully managed at all times. A GriGri 2 uses a 2-to-1 progressive control. ← Older Post Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the Grigri. Petzl GriGri 2 od 1 724 Kč - Na … The Grigri is extremely comfortable for sport climbing belaying. Which one is right for you? Petzl makes some legitimate upgrades to this iconic belay device for 2017. Všechny informace o produktu Petzl GriGri 2, porovnání cen z internetových obchodů, hodnocení a recenze Petzl GriGri 2. The anti-panic handle and the toggle switch between top-rope and lead modes are only present on the +. ATCs—ATCs come in two main varieties, as well. Re: Grigri 2 vs. Trango Cinch Post by caribe » Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:00 am 2nd method does not require a large device. The new lead mode on the GRIGRI+ does make it easier to pay out rope to your climber, but this movement takes practice to become smooth and efficient. The GRIGRI+ builds on Petzl’s safety legacy with features that make the device easier for all climbers to use. Chris G wrote: If you are using a grigri/microtrax on a single line the GriGri MUST be the primary. The compatibility between the GRIGRI and the rope used is dependent on more than just the rope's diameter. You're right. Releasing tension with the RIG at 2,604 lbf was much harder than the GRIGRI 2. Also, I would like to continue comparing other parts of the pulley system to find out which components are of the most importance within the tenstioning system. Petzl also engraved diagrams for rope installation on the interior and exterior of the device. The takeaway? The GRIGRI 2 is lighter weighing in at 185 grams, which is a rather noticeable 40 grams lighter than the old one. Differences Compared to the Standard GriGri. If the microtrax is the primary and it fails, it will slide down the rope onto the cam of the GriGri and prevent the GriGi from engaging. I was looking for insight from people with personal experiences with both. The 2019 GRIGRI does not have this function. That concludes this comparison test between the braking devices offered in the shop. Other features include a 3-to-1 "progressive control" mechanism when lowering the climber. It’s also more expensive. In the future, I would like to compare these results with the use of other braking devices such as the CMC MPD and Edelrid Eddy. The Petzl GriGri cam is spring-loaded, while the Grillon cam hangs loose. Belaying a second off an anchor – 1:0. Despite the innovations of the GRIGRI+, the GRIGRI 2 is still lighter (170 grams vs. 200 grams) and cheaper ($99 vs. $150). The GRIGRI 2's design allows for excellent descent control. There’s also a few bells and whistles that serious users of the iconic device will be eager to test. The sprung versus un-sprung cam on these two devices is a vitally important difference. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to comment below. So, what I have done is I have done an in-depth test using these three brakes to see exactly what the differences were in these two areas. At the max tension I was able to reach with each brake, I tested to see just how easy and controllable releasing tension was. The GRIGRI + has a selector knob which can be switched between top-rope and lead modes. Once I was able to access the handle, releasing tension was just as easy as the lower tension test. Releasing tension with the I'D at the higher forces (3,530 lbf) prooved to be quite easy. Description Hand motions are the same as with classic belay I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, to learn about the new device and put it through the wringer. It prevents someone from sliding down the rope in a free fall. legitimate upgrades to this iconic belay device, First Ascent Of Infamous ‘Nipple Route’ Thwarted By Love, ‘Brothers Of Climbing’ Group Spreads Message Of Inclusivity. © Copyright 2020 GearJunkie, All Rights Reserved, 5 Cyber Monday Deals for the Hunter & Angler, The Best Cross-Country Skis and How to Choose Them, Dick's 'Public Lands' Concept Sets Sights on Serious Gear Shoppers, Season Pass for Gear: Gearo Launches Worldwide Rental Subscription, Luno Life Luno Air Mattress 2.0 Extends Your Car's Sleeping Space, Review: Wahoo's First GPS Smartwatch, the Do-It-All ELEMNT RIVAL, Canadian Teen Sends Grueling V14 Test Piece in Squamish, Meaningful Miles: Tracksmith Running on Coping, Running Through 2020, What It Means to Be a XC Skier: A Rap Confessional, Pressure Release: Olympic Snowboarder Savors Quiet Backcountry Pow, The Uninvited II: All-Girls Snowboard Movie Shows the Industry Who's Boss, Don't Miss These Amazon Cyber Monday Deals, Rare Deals: Save 50% on Select Filson Goods on Black Friday, Standout Deals From Competitive Cyclist's Cyber Sale. Support us! Grigri definition is or talisman, amulet, capable spell, or. The Smart Alpine is a multitalented little thing you can use the same for sport climbing, multipitch climbing, rappelling (self … Are the additional features of the GRIGRI PLUS worth the extra money and weight? I added a few multipliers to the setup in order to be able to reach tensions above 3,500 lbf. The design of the newer Grigri is more ergonomic and fits the hand better. The GRIGRI+ is optimized for rope sizes 8.9 to 10.5 mm, or all single-rope diameters common among gym climbers and guides. NordicTrack wants to give you $7,500 toward your Adventure Resolution. Learn how to live, work, and play — and stay connected! Petzl was rolling out the GRIGRI+ at Sharma Climbing, one of the world’s foremost indoor climbing gyms. The GriGri 2 has more of an on/off lowering where the GriGri + actually has an improved camming mechanism where you can attain more control while lowering and regulate speed of descent. But now, the third iteration is also called the GriGri, causing confusion for some. The anti-panic feature in the Plus is the major difference in the Plus versus the GRIGRI 2. The rope's texture, sheath treatments on new ropes, moisture, the state of wear, and ice play an important role in the performance of your GRIGRI, in belaying, and also in descending. I had an extremely hard time accessing the handle at this high of a tension. — anywhere your wheels can roll. Despite the innovations of the GRIGRI+, the GRIGRI 2 is still lighter (170 grams vs. 200 grams) and cheaper ($99 vs. $150). And yes, Petzl-sponsored athlete and climbing legend Chris Sharma was there to climb and chat with us. Meet Petzl’s newest member of the GRIGRI family, the GRIGRI+. I also think that if you are wanting a stronger and more eff… The GRIGRI+ will be available at retail in April for $150. I think with the newly redesigned GRIGRI, the handle is much more sturdy and a lot more controllable. Anyone who has an older model of the GRIGRI can surely notice wear in that area. I can also say that the GRIGRI 2 is a fantastic brake that is more than sufficient for most types of slacklines. Releasing tension with the RIG at the higher forces (~3,460 lbf) prooved to be quite difficult. Releasing tension with the GRIGRI 2 at 2,434 lbf was very easy and controllable. Here is my quick, raw and unedited comparison of the two Petzl belay devices. You've just added this product to the cart: Start typing to see products you are looking for. It it also 20% lighter. I'D As A Slackline Pulley System Brake, An in-depth look at the differences between the three Petzl brakes that we offer in the shop. I had to hold on to the tail with a great deal of force to ensure a controllable detensioning. If a belayer pulls back too hard on the lowering handle (release), the descent stops. I setup an 82 ft. long slackline using the RAGEline and a 5:1 pulley system with the SMC 3" Double PMP's with an embedded brake using PMI 11mm ACCESS PRO static rope. On my first test with the I'D, I was able to reach a tension of 2,670 lbf (1,213.6 kgf). There are plenty of other auto-locking and assisted-braking devices, although Petzl is probably the best known. It's very difficult to determine which brake is best overall as all three performed quite well. There are a few main differences. 5. GriGri 2 25th Anniversary Edition. The Grigri 2 can fail as well but it’s in my opinion less likely to happen. This is noticeable for those who have been using the GRIGRI for a long time. The rope had zero tendency to come flying through the brake, even with minimal force placed on the tail. But worse because when you do pull too fast, the cam locks in place and won't let you feed anymore until you man… From next-gen tech to ingenious innovation, our weekly peek at emerging products examines the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Getting to this tension was slightly less difficult compared to the GRIGRI 2, but still quite the chore. What's better, the GriGri 2 or GriGri + ?WeighMyRack Blog. Starting at roughly 1,800 lbf, I really started to notice the friction caused by the GRIGRI. Differences Between GriGri and Old GriGri 2 The original was called simply the GriGri. Alternatives include the Trango Vergo, the CAMP USA Matik, the Edelrid Eddy, and the Mammut Bionic Alpine Belay Device. Honestly doesnt make a difference to me at all. The last test I did was a high tension detensioning test.

grigri vs grigri 2

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