Chaos Lord. Now in my last article I mentioned that there is a unit in the chaos codex that can generate an insane number of attacks. Traditionally, the play has been to run Lords Discordant as Flawless Host, where the Legion Trait combines nicely with the Aura of Discord ability to give the Lord Discordant extra attacks on every hit roll of a 5+, with 3 extra attacks for the Warlord using the Ultimate Confidence trait. Legion: The Flawless Host Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Soulforged Pack + HQ + Lord Discordant on Helstalker [9 PL, 170pts]: Baleflamer, Mark of Slaanesh, Mecha-serpents, Ultimate Confidence, Warlord Helstalker: Techno-virus injector Lord Discordant on Helstalker [9 PL, 170pts]: Baleflamer, Mark of Slaanesh Helstalker: Techno-virus injector Their gene-seed was once free from Chaos taint, and the rigid mental training of their former incarnation as the Loyalist Space Marines known as the Shining Blades gave the Chapter an unshakeable faith in its own abilities. Ended: Apr 19, 2020. That unit is the Lord Discordant. Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines Arch-Lord Discordant Flawless Host 1- Painted | eBay Adam, from TFG Radio, back with another article to help with the information overload that is competitive 40K. Price: US $119.95. Lucius the Eternal. You will receive Arch-Lord Discordant, painted for Flawless Host Chaos Space Marine Army. The Flawless Host keyword is used in following Chaos Space Marines datasheets: HQ. Discordant. Master of Executions. Yesterday I played a game with a flawless host daemon Prince with ultimate confidence and +2 to hit vs my custodes opponent. Finally, we get to the true hero of the Character update. Sorcerer. The amount of hits was absurd. Details about Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines Arch-Lord Discordant Flawless Host 2- Painted See original listing. CSM Supreme Command (The Flawless Host, Soulforged Pack) 3 x Lord Discordant on Helstalker (Baleflamer, Slaanesh, Techno-virus injector) CSM Spearhead (The Purge) Sorcerer with Jump Pack (Bolt pistol, Force sword, Nurgle) 3 x Hellforged Deredeo Dreadnought (Butcher cannon array, Greater havoc launcher, Nurgle, Twin heavy bolter) 2 x Heldrake (Baleflamer, Heldrake claws, Nurgle) I was thinking the exact same thing. Flawless Host These get “Death to the False Emperor” in melee against everyone, and double dip against Imperium. This week – the Chaos Marine buzzsaw – the Lord Discordant. Dark Apostle. Legion: The Flawless Host-HQ-Lord Discordant [9pl, 180pts] Mark of Slaanesh, Baleflamer, Warlord trait – Master of the Soulforges, Relic – Mecha-Serpants (-2 CP) Lord Discordant [9pl, 180pts] Mark of Slaanesh, Baleflamer-Elites-Greater Possessed [4pl, 70pts] – Mark of Slaanesh Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour. The Purge doesn’t need it as the Lord Discordant does more for you. The Flawless Host is a Chaos Space Marine warband in the service of Slaanesh.The Flawless Host believe they are the embodiment of justice and purity. Lord Discordant on Helstalker. as shown in pictures. Warhammer 40K Chaos Space Marines Arch-Lord Discordant Flawless Host 2- Painted: Condition: Used. The biggest issue I have with the Lord Discordant is keeping him alive turn one. Fabius Bile. All Flawless Hosts have access to the Death to the Imperfect ability which allows an extra attack on a hit roll of 6+ (which is a 5+ for the Lord Discordant thanks to Aura of Discord). Daemon Prince. Master of Possession. Warpsmith. Sorcerer in Terminator Armour.

flawless host lord discordant

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