Products with missing accessories or packaging, as well as products no longer in original condition, can still be exchanged or returned, with replacement costs and/or product devaluation taken into consideration. I've handled this guitar personally and yes, she's a lightweight for sure. Infusing the esteemed semi-hollow design with Fender’s latest innovations, the American Elite Telecaster Thinline is for the 21st-century guitarist who embraces innovation in … sustain & feel. A modern “C”-shape at the nut, the profile morphs along the length of the neck to a modern “D”-shaped profile at the updated neck heel, providing plenty of comfortable support for fret hand antics. Some think the semi-hollow body electric guitar exists for the reason of weight reduction. Classic extreme Tele cut & twang, plus Strat quack . I can't find one to try out. Some have a very desirable weight of 6.8lbs (3kg) while others chunk out to 8.4lbs (3.8kg.) A lot of guitarists pass on certain guitars simply because they're too heavy. or Best Offer. To help facilitate the return process, please ensure that: St. John's Music1570 Church AvenueWinnipeg, MB R2X 1G8, Head Office   1570 Church Avenue   Winnipeg, MB   R2X 1G8. Telecaster 59 results Featured. That's no good. Fender American Elite Telecaster deals. A heavy guitar feels bad both seated and standing. Any product exchanged or returned after 30 days will be subject to a restocking charge. And I'm certain there are some that even bust over 9lbs. THE BOTTOM LINE: The Fender American Elite Telecaster Thinline merges classic styling, modern design enhancements and refined tweaks, all of which provide the utmost level of performance and playability in this super-charged Tele. Free shipping. 12 watching #1-825 Telecaster Body, US MADE, Unfinished, RED ASH BURL veneer ... 2014 USA Fender American Vintage Reissue series 52 Tele Telecaster body AVRI. Includes a redesigned Elite Molded Case with TSA locks to provide increased protection for your cherished instrument. The truss rod wheel is positioned at the butt end of the neck for easy accessibility when adjusting neck relief.Fender is renowned for head-turning style, and this guitar is no different—from the lightweight, highly resonant Thinline semi-hollowbody design to the black chrome headstock logo and large pearloid fret markers this instrument will dazzle the audience with elegant style. Fender Electric Guitar American Eilte Telecaster® Thinline, You have contacted us to let us know of the return by emailing us at, Product(s) is/are in original packaging and condition, All accessories and/or manuals/literature are included, Original shipping carton or alternate box is used for secure shipment of merchandise, Computer software/Products with accompanying software that has been registered. Bridge And Neck Pickups, Position 3. That knob "colors" the sound in a way that's subtle, unique and cool. Add To Cart. The new Elite Suspension Bridge with three intonatable brass saddles is a unique design engineered specifically for the Thinline Telecaster—a screwless mount increases the vibration transfer, driving the top for nearly endless sustain and lively response. 3 Strat pickups. SQUIER. When standing, the guitar strap pull hurts one or both shoulders and possibly the back too. If you plan to change string gauges, you may need to adjust the specs somewhat to compensate for the changes in string sizes. Most of these guitars are just 6.5lbs (2.9kg,) and mine is definitely one of the lighter ones, which I very much appreciate. In the world of mass produced solid-body electric guitars, that's just the way things are. Designed by German luthier Roger Rossmeisl in 1968, it was introduced in 1969 and updated in 1972 by replacing the standard Telecaster pickups with a pair of Fender Wide Range humbucking pickups, bullet truss-rod and 3-bolt neck.. Some (possibly many) of them come dangerously close to 9lbs (4kg. • Fender’s new Noiseless pickups dazzle at blending dead-quiet operation with powerful twangy tones. ARTIST. Infusing the esteemed semi-hollow design with Fender’s latest innovations, the American Elite Telecaster Thinline is for the 21st-century guitarist who embraces innovation in both instrument design and their own playing. It will appeal to guitarists in many styles, but it’s especially suitable for players reared on sleek, modern, hard-rock guitars, and the slim, shapely neck will delight speed demons. The Fender American Elite Telecaster Thinline brings a smorgasbord of innovations to one of the best-known instruments produced by a company known for innovation. In all Elite models – the American Elite Stratocaster, American Elite Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker, American Elite Telecaster and American Elite Telecaster Thinline – Fender exclusively implemented all-new fourth generation Noiseless pickups. This guitar typically has a weight of under 7lbs (3.2kg.). The Fender American Elite Telecaster meets and exceeds the challenge of improving upon one of the most legendary instruments ever produced with an array of Many guitars bust over 8lbs (3.6kg) in weight. The Blueshawk is one of the best guitars Epiphone has ever made, and is another one of those "if I had the cash I'd buy it right now" axes for sure. It is a Telecaster with body cavities. $1,999.00 2 colors Compare. Fender introduces the American Special Series Telecaster guitar, which puts everything you want in an affordable U.S.-made instrument within your reach. ), This isn't to say all smaller electric guitars are heavy. So how does the semi-hollow version impact on tone? The Thinline uses the lighter vintage style instead of modern sealed, and that shaves off a few ounces. LP rounded type of neck 71' Fender Tele = Solid Ash, Heavy as a Les Paul The Fender Telecaster, colloquially known as the Tele / ˈ t ɛ l i /, is the world's first commercially successful solid-body electric guitar.Its simple yet effective design and revolutionary sound broke ground and set trends in electric guitar manufacturing and popular music. ... AMERICAN ELITE. From the tones, the playability to some of the coolest new Fender finishes we have seen, there is a lot to like. With a classic build and tones that bring back memories of the 60's and 70's but with a modern feel this is a remake for the modern player. But it's not lighter. And as I've mentioned before, photos do not do this guitar justice. New locking short-post tuning machines provide increased break angle at the synthetic bone nut for buzz-free performances. DELUXE. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. $649.99. The fixed bridge with no vibrato (which in this case means no Bigsby system) also keeps the weight down significantly. american elite thinline telecaster® (0114312xxx) page 2 of 6 oct 26, 2015 - pr4305 - rev. Genuine and amazingly flexible Thinline tone, our latest technologies and classic Fender style work in harmony to create an easy-playing instrument you won’t want to put down.The foundation of the American Elite Series sound, the new fourth generation Noiseless pickups, combine authentic, vintage-style sound with hum-free performance. ... Name aside, the range is trimmed to just four guitars: the Strat and Tele, an HSS Shawbucker Strat and a thinline Tele. 011431762 American Eilte Telecaster® Thinline, Maple Fingerboard, Mystic Ice Blue. There may be delays due to the current global situation. An example of this is a guitar I already own, the Squier Vintage Modified '72 Telecaster Thinline. Create a free account to save loved products and articles.

fender american elite telecaster thinline weight

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