Image Source. In the wild, mink are small, discreet, and most often nocturnal, and they live in close proximity to water. The third Amazon river animal is the electric Eel. 6. The most dangerous animals and exceptional fauna and flora species that live in Europe includes European pond turtle,Italian wolf,European badger,Red deer,European mink and … The European Wilderness Society is the only Pan-European, non-profit, non-government organisation, which identifies, designates, stewards and promotes Europe’s last Wilderness. It won’t kill a healthy person, but it will knock a person down or cause a … Being limited to Fair Isle, it is an extremely rare species and the population is tiny, maybe 10 to 50 pairs. The weight of the badger is 15-29 lbs in spring but tends to grow up to 37 lbs in the months before winter in preparation for hibernation. Wolves are another species of animals that were mostly hunted out in the early 1900’s. The European badger is native to some parts of West Asia and almost all of Europe. This list may not reflect recent changes (). By some estimates, this region is home to one-tenth of the world's animal species. A subspecies of wren found only on Fair Isle, Shetland, Scotland. That’s similar to the effects of a stun gun or a TASER. It is a European member of the Mustelidae or weasel family and is typical of freshwater otters. They breed only on boulder beaches on the island. It is a well-built and agile animal that features black and white fur which may sometimes be gray or brown. The Amazon River basin, which includes the Amazon Rainforest, covers almost three million square miles and overlaps the boundaries of nine countries: Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. The European otter is the most widely distributed otter species being widely spread […] European Badger . Europe and its surrounding areas have many exceptional animals,birds and reptiles with unique methods of staying and hunting. It is hard to believe, but an electric eel can produce a jolt of electricity of up to 600 volts. In appearance, it’s darker and larger than mainland wren species, though not as large as its cousin, the Shetland Wren. The European mink and the American mink are both valued for their luxurious fur. Endangered British Mammals – European Otter The European Otter (Lutra lutra) is also known as the Eurasian River Otter, Common Otter and Old World Otter. Later on, they made their way back to being a part of the wildlife of France from the Italian Alps, and are now mostly found in the French Alps, due to the fact that there is plenty of prey available and that they can live in peaceful coexistence with the other wildlife animals in the region. Pages in category "Freshwater fish of Europe" The following 196 pages are in this category, out of 196 total. Mink, either of two species of the weasel family native to the Northern Hemisphere.

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