SUN. Weeping Silver Burch or Betula Utilis Pendula. Betula Pendula, to give it its full botanical name, is a highly-decorative deciduous tree that can be used to add interest both to large lawns and small gardens. Hardy to -50°F Maximum Elevation: 6,000 Feet Leaf miners cause excessive defoliation on the tree, causing the branches to drop their leaves long before the usual winter drop. Dwarf shrub with finely textured, bright green leaves on weeping branches. The diamond-shaped foliage of Betula Summer Cascade (pictured here) turns to warm golden hues in autumn. It typically thrives in Full Sun and has a 1-2 Feet growth rate per year. Betula pendula Youngii (Weeping Birch) | J Parker Dutch Bulbs Betula pendula Youngii is an elegant weeping alternative to teh Silver Birch. The weeping birch tree is a variety of the European white birch. An important part of the care of weeping silver birch trees is keeping the soil evenly moist. Weeping Birch Trees - Which Weeping Birch Varieties to Choose Some of the most common diseases affecting trees in the birch family are fungal, such as rust and leaf spot. The cut will stimulate growth from the side shoots and nodes below it, so it’s best to cut just above a node or side shoot. Weeping … It isn’t a low-maintenance tree, but it well worth the time you put into it. This attractive birch is grafted to a set height. In 10 years it will be about 2' x 3'. Ideally, weeping birch trees should be grown in areas where there is plenty of sunlight and in well-drained but moist soil. If the long shoots make landscaping tasks, such as mowing, difficult, you can cut them back to the desired length. The tree will grow 40 to 50 feet (12-15 m.) tall, and will look awkward in a small yard. Expected size for this striking cultivar is 8 metres in height and 2 metres in width. Birch trees (Betula spp.) Find out more about this lovely tree and weeping silver birch care in this article. The canopy will spread 25 to 30 feet (7.5-9 m.), and it should not be crowded by structures or other trees. Weeping cherry trees originally come from Japan, but today they can be cultivated in almost any climate. This weeping tree won the RHS Award of Garden Merit, a sure sign of its outstanding qualities. Compact, Betula nigra 'Little King' or Fox Valley River Birch, is a particularly handsome river birch prized for its attractive peeling bark. Although each may have their own needs and preferences, Weeping Birch varieties all have very similar requirements when it comes to their care. Larix gmelinii 'Romberg Park' is a dwarf Larch that grows about 3 inches per year in a globe shape. Several dwarf forms are also in cultivation. Injuries create entry points for insects and disease. This elegant tree is the smallest of all weeping birch tree varieties we have for sale. Dwarf. If the soil in the area isn’t naturally moist, install drip irrigation under the mulch. Pruning cuts bleed an abundance of sap if you wait until spring. 79. Bright white bark and long, downward growing shoots at the ends of the branches create an effect unmatched by other landscape trees. Smallest of the cultivars, topping out at 15 feet or 5 meters. This weeping birch variety (Latin name Betula Pendula Crispa) is at its best when the deeply lobed foliage turns to vibrant golden-yellow hues in the autumn. … When it comes to specimen trees, weeping birch trees are one of the most popular choices. Ideal for small gardens. Cut back to healthy wood. They differ in size and the color of blossoms which can be either pink or white. The naturally slender habit makes this variety even more attractive: with an approximate height of 20 metres, this weeping birch has a 4 to 6-metre spread. MAPLE. campus: northwest corner of Memorial Union Quad Many homeowners take full advantage of the year-round eye appeal and line their driveway and fence with these aesthetic and unique trees. Weeping Cherry - Snow Fountain. $14.87 $ 14. The yellow birch has a bark… Size: Varies by species & cultivar. Weeping silver birch (Betula pendula) is a European species that is well suited to North American locations with mild summers and cold winters. Royal Frost Birch. We give this old favorite a twist—literally—by shaping it into an artistic serpentine form. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Its hallmark peeling bark provides year-round interest and makes a splendid addition to winter gardens. Due to its imposing size of 20 metres this cultivar achieves in maturity and its structural form, this elegant tree is often used to add architectural value to large gardens and estates. Includes Betula nigra 'BNMTF' Dura Heat™, Betula nigra 'Cully' Heritage™, Betula papyrifera - Paper Birch, Betula pendula 'Dalecarlica' - Cut-leaf Birch, Betula pendula 'Fastigiata', Betula pendula - Silver Birch, Betula platyphylla 'Fargo' Dakota Pinnacle™, Betula platyphylla var. The umbrella-shaped habit makes this lovely Silver Birch variety stand out, mainly when planted on a spacious lawn. Oregon State Univ. The mushroom or dome-shaped habit of Betula Pendula Youngii an eye-catching addition for a large lawn. A dwarf Variety that will only reach heights of 10 feet. As well as their slender form, Birch trees let the sunlight through with their airy foliage and many have gorgeous bark, catkins and autumn colour. Young’s Weeping Birch is a form of Silver Birch, a wide-ranging small tree native throughout Northern Europe. The fast-growing Summer Cascade River Birch will paint a restful … These Birch tree have been selected for their small or slender habit, making them well suited to smaller gardens or for limited areas in larger gardens. A multi-stemmed variety will create an impact and are well-suited to small gardens without room for multiple trees, while a weeping variety with have the spread without the height. DOGWOOD. Sugar Maple. Betula nigra, commonly called river birch, is a vigorous, fast-growing, medium-sized, Missouri native deciduous tree which occurs on floodplains, swampy bottomlands and along streams throughout the State.In cultivation, it can be trained as either a single trunk or multi-trunked tree. Latin name – Betula Pendula Tristis. Naturally occurring in various areas across Europe and Asia (including Siberia), weeping birch trees are fully hardy in the United Kingdom. Maybe the most memorable of all weeping birch tree varieties, this unique tree earned its best known for the gnarled, twisted branches that feather out into a spidery form (hence the name). Prairiefire Crabapple. add interesting architectural form to your garden landscape. Weeping Cherry Tree Types. ‘Boyd’s Dwarf’ katsura – Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Boyd’s dwarf’, aptly named because it will rarely exceed 12 feet (4 meters). The weeping birch tree is commonly affected by two pests, the birch leafminer and the bronze birch borer. Golden fall foliage. Birch Tree Lifespan: How Long Do Birch Trees Live, Types Of Weeping Trees: Common Weeping Trees For Landscaping, Use Of Paper Birch: Information And Tips On Growing Paper Birch Trees, Seed Gift Ideas: Giving Seeds To Gardeners, Plant Donation Info: Giving Away Plants To Others, Easy Garden Gifts: Choosing Gifts For New Gardeners, Claret Ash Care – Information On Claret Ash Growing Conditions, Epsom Salt Lawn Care: Tips On Using Epsom Salt On Grass, Fungus Control When Seed Starting: Tips On Controlling Fungus In Seed Trays, Ants In Container Plants: Help, I Have Ants In My Houseplants, Recipes From The Garden: Pressure Cooking Root Vegetables, Gratitude For The Garden – Being Grateful For Each Growing Season, 7 Reasons To Do Your Garden Shopping Locally, Thankful Beyond Words – What Represents Gratefulness In My Garden. $3.79 $ 3. This one of our showier weeping birch tree varieties, prized for its distinctive purple foliage. Ornamental Trees North Tonawanda NY. With a stunning pendulous habit and showy bark, weeping birch tree varieties make a lovely focus of interest in the garden. Also grown as a top grafted patio tree. FREE Shipping. Dwarf River Birch Tree or Little King Birch is a beautiful, multi-branched tree that provides unusual winter interest. Sign up for our newsletter. Its ornamental bark is white and has a peeling habit. This cultivar has won the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. It has a beautiful weeping habit that makes it a beautiful feature tree. Most weeping birch varieties will put up with almost any conditions and manage to thrive in the most unlikely places. Left: Spider Alley Birch Right: Silver Birch Fastigiata JoesBoth of these ornamental weeping birch trees are ideal for small gardens. This tree's characteristic asymmetric branch structure makes it an interesting addition to small garden areas. Always mow so that any sticks or debris caught by the mower blades will be thrown away from the tree instead of toward it to prevent trunk injuries. These weeping birch varieties will not grow over 8 metres in height and circa 3 metres in width, which makes them just the right size for a small garden. The rhythmic swaying of its gracefully weeping foliage is nothing short of music to your ears. 87. Given 20 years it could be 4' x 6'. Autumn Blaze Maple. Prune in late winter before the tree breaks dormancy. The light canopy of these trees makes beautiful filtered shade during hot summer days, but maybe it is the wintertime when these trees truly stand out in the landscape: the bare weeping branches and the recognizable bark make a striking scene. This is another fastigiated cultivar from our collection of weeping birch trees, popular for its narrow, erect habit. This is an excellent option if you want something that looks a bit different from the rest. Pictured here is the showy peeling bark of River Birch Summer Cascade variety, ideal for adding texture to a winter garden. Although all weeping birch trees we offer look lovely in large, open spaces, some varieties are more suited for big gardens, mainly due to their own imposing size that ranges from 10 to 30 metres in height. Deciduous Tree. Full Sun to Part Shade. Weeping Birch varieties vary in size and the colour of the foliage, which means that there is an ideal match for every landscape. ‘Glowball’ katsura – Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Glowball’, tops out at 10-12 feet or 3-4 meters. A mature Betula Pendula tree displays the lovely drooping branches tpyical of weeping birch trees. They aren't particularly vigorous, so are ideal for small gardens and beside ponds or stream. Shop 10.25-gallon weeping european white birch feature tree in pot (l14552) in the trees section of The soil should never dry out. Weeping silver birch (Betula pendula) is a European species that is well suited to North American locations with mild summers and cold winters. Chrimson King Maple. Once full grown they can reach a height of 40-50 Feet and 20-35 Feet in spread. A mature Betula Pendula tree displays the lovely drooping branches tpyical of weeping birch trees. With its narrow form (50 centimetres in width), this is one of those weeping birch trees that are suited for large and small spaces alike. The weeping birch tree is susceptible to two types of insect infestations: birch leaf miner and bronze birch borer. Small or Dwarf Weeping Trees for Landscaping (With Pictures) $1.30 shipping. As a sure sign of its reliable performance, Swedish Birch received the RHS Award of Garden Merit. If you have limited space in your garden and need an attractive tree that will not overpower other plants in your garden but still attract attention, a weeping birch is an ideal candidate. CRABAPPLE. Sign up to get all the latest gardening tips! The Weeping White Birch Tree (Spring Only) grows well in USDA Hardiness Zones 2-7. If you are looking for a stately weeping birch to provide architectural value and multiple seasons of interest to your garden, here are some of our top choices. Plant a weeping silver birch in an area where it is in scale with the rest of the landscape and where it has room to spread to its mature size. Feel free to contact our team of experts on live chat or send us an email. The first sign of this infestation occurs with small yellow spots on the leaves. The unusual weeping branches will touch the floor almost like the shape of an umbrella, but can be Weeping White Birch, (Silver Birch), Betula pendula alba, 150 Tree Seeds (Fast) 4.0 out of 5 stars 2. Used as a solitary focal point in garden designs. Weeping Birch Trees – Which Variety to Choose? The tree is susceptible to fungal diseases for which there is no cure, but you may be able to keep them at bay by pruning out diseased twigs and branches. Summer cascade river birch. Strong central leader with a rounded form and graceful weeping branches. Sugartyme Crabapple. In the US, the Dwarf weeping cherry tree is by far the most common. All weeping birch varieties have good autumn colour and produce decorative catkins, ensuring that these impressive cultivars offer interests throughout all seasons of the year. LINDEN. The narrow form of Silver Birch Tristis is what makes this weeping birch tree particularly appealing. Spring Flowering Trees for UK Gardens: 10 Showiest Varieties, Best Trees for Wet Areas and Planting Near Water, Amelanchier – a Perfect Specimen Tree for Small Gardens, Why Everyone Should Grow Lagerstroemia or Crape Myrtle, Front Garden Ideas And Why Front Gardens Matter. Sun Valley Maple. The Young's Weeping Birch is a variety of European white birch. Birch Leaf Turning Yellow in Summer. japonica 'Whitespire', Betula 'Penci-2' - Royal Frost ™, Betula utilis var. TYPE. Do you have more questions? This weeping form was discovered during the 19th Century in England and has been a hit ever since. A UK native, the statuesque Silver Birch is the largest of all weeping birch tree varieties we have for sale. It has small leaves that are bright green and turn a brilliant yellow in autumn. A thick layer of mulch around the base of the tree will help hold moisture in. Latin name – Betula Alba Spider Alley. From trees, shrubs, flowers, bagged fertilizer, bulk topsoil, stone and mulches we supply all your garden and landscape needs. CHERRY (KWANZAAN FLOWERING /WEEPING) Kwanzaan Flowering Cherry. With a slow growth rate, this vibrant cultivar will add a bit of colour in a small garden.

dwarf weeping birch

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