It is bitter apple that prevents chewing and biting on your furniture and anything in your house that your pets tend to tear up. Vet’s Best Bitter Cherry Spray is a great smelling way to stop chewing. This spray is perfectly suited for puppies; which is not something that you can say about every spray on the market. However, this dog chewing deterrent is a pretty great tool for training adult dogs. This is one of the most effective and humane ways to get your dog to stop chewing on stuff. You probably have lots of accessories for your dog anyway, and ways that you can for example, setting up a dog gate to keep them from dangerous areas or installing a dog camera so that you can see them when you’re not there prevents them from tearing up your house in some ways. oz (236ml), Dog Spray - Anti Chew Spray Deterrent for Dogs, No Chew Pet Corrector Bitter Spray for Dogs, OUT! Your dog is not going to continue chewing if they hate the flavor of whatever it is they are biting, and this bitter apple spray is the perfect solution for that. Mat - Indoor Pet Training Sonic Repellent for Dogs and Cats, K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Small Dogs 2-Pack, 4-10 Pounds, Pet Scratch Protector w/Custom-Cut Knife - Door Guard + Wood, Wall & Furniture Shield for Dog & Cat Scratching Deterrent, Defender & Repellent w/Super Sticky Self-Adhesive Backing by PROTECTO, Furhaven Pet - Water-Repellent Low-Profile Dog Kennel Pad & Orthopedic Quilted Crate Mat for Dogs & Cats - Multiple Styles, Sizes, & Colors, K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Large Dogs 4-Pack, 21-55 Pounds, Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed 43”x26”, Waterproof, Washable,Large Size, Durable,Water Resistant, Portable and Camping Travel Pet Mat, Nutri-Vet Probiotic Dog Supplements|Grass Guard Max with Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes, NYI Dog Chew Toys Dinosaur Dental Toy for Strong Chewers Baking Soda Infused, Lewondr Durable Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, Solid Tire Design Tough Safe Non-Toxic Rubber Dog Teeth Cleaning Toy Medium & Large Breed Chew Toy for Playing Interaction Training, WEST PAW Zogoflex Rumpus Dog Chew Toy – Floatable Toy for Dogs, Aggressive Chewers – Puppy Chewing Toys for Catch, Fetch – Recyclable, Dishwasher-Safe, Non-Toxic, Made in USA, West Paw Zogoflex Echo Zwig Squeezy Dog Fetching Stick – Bouncy, Hollow, Squishy Interactive Toy for Puppies, Large Dogs – Floatable Stick, Lightweight Chewy Toy for Catch/Fetch – Made in USA, Tasty Oral Care Treats That Your Dog Will Love. Please realize, however, that successful treatment for destructive chewing will require more than just the use of deterrents. $14. Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs, Dog Training Spray to Stop Barking and Unwanted behaviours, Pet Deterrent and Training Spray, 50 ml 4.2 out of 5 stars 10,472 £7.16 - £19.99 Formulated to be safe for use on anything in the home. This DIY Dog Deterrent Spray can help stop indoor accidents and keep your dogs from urinating in your home. Pour into a spray bottle. evitaochel. A deterrent can help with training, but only as part of a training regimen -- it's not a miracle cure for all destructive chewing. That’s exactly what this anti-chew dog spray provides. Spray the deterrent on all objects that you don’t want your dog to chew. In other words, you have to teach your dog what is appropriate chew on and what is not. This bitter apple spray is for dogs and cats, and it is a potent chew deterrent that will help with lots of different surfaces. Premium Pet No Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats is 100% pet-safe and non-toxic. Reapply the deterrent every day for two to four weeks. Bitter Spray: Lemon Juice. Ideal for new puppy training and correcting teething behavior. There are some situations in which dogs do not respond to standard chew sprays, and you have to up the strength of your solution if you want it to be effective. PETSVV- Dogs Anti-Chew Spray Deterrent . This spray deterrent is truly safe for the dogs as well as other pets, and even for you and your belongings too. 3. Depending upon how many dogs you have and how long it takes them to learn, you may go through anywhere from part of an 8-ounce bottle to a full 16-ounce bottle, but you probably will not need more than that because the taste is so strong that they will stop biting immediately. Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray for Dogs & Puppies, 6. It is also alcohol free. Rocco & Roxie Supply Professional Strength Stain and Odor Eliminator, Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor and Stain Remover for Dogs and Cat Urine, Spot Carpet Cleaner for Small Animal. Pets Are Kids Too Anti Chew Dog Training Spray is highly concentrated and extremely bitter. You need to spray only items that are prohibited that you know that your dog normally chews on. Alcohol free formula is safe to use on dog’s skin, fur, and bandages, along with household items. Can be used around the house to deter pet licking and chewing, or in the garden to prevent wildlife from eating plants and flowers. You can make your own anti-chew dog sprays if you are careful, but you should be aware that there are plenty of things to be aware of and make certain that you have done your research to determine your anti-chew dog spray is perfectly safe for your dog. Alcohol free formula is safe to use on common chew targets like furniture, clothing, rugs, plants, flooring, and more. This spray is 100% non-toxic and is made from a blend of … Follow the online 14-day training program (at your own pace) that they provide with the spray, and learn the tried and tested methods for teaching your dog to stop chewing once and for all! It is a highly concentrated formula that is designed to do more with less. The bottom line is that there are plenty of things that you have to keep in mind when you’re buying anti-chew dog spray. Let’s take a look first at five of the top anti-chew sprays that are currently on the market. Mustard Oil. 1. LED Ultrasonic Dog Repeller and Trainer Device . Fooey! This fall, we added a new addition to our family. Anti Chew Dog Training Spray: No Chew Bitter Spray and Pet Deterrent for Dogs and Cats - Behavior Correction to Stop Chewing and Licking - Safe for Furniture, Paws and Bandages - 8 Oz 3.2 out of 5 stars 845 Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. C&G No Chew Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs – Stop Dog Chewing Deterrent – Alcohol Free Anti Chew Repellent Formula for Puppies Cats Horses and … Made in the USA, by an Arizona-based company, from high quality ingredients. Anti-chew sprays can be an amazing training tool if you use them properly, and there are lots of different flavors out there to choose from so you will be able to find a taste for your dog finds unpalatable. Vinegar and Lime Juice Dogs hate the smell of vinegar. Finally, add 20 drops of orange essential oil. PRO Anti-Chew Spray For Dogs & Puppies. The bitter apple leaves behind an unpleasant taste on your curious dog’s tongue which will make them think twice before trying to nibble your prized possessions. A bottle of anti-chew spray contains a bad-tasting but harmless liquid. This is the extreme form of the standard liquid which means that it is twice as strong as the other anti-chew sprays that we have discussed. Available in easy to use pump spray or trigger spray. Combine two parts apple cider vinegar with one part regular white vinegar in a spray bottle, shake well and apply it on the furniture your dog likes to chew. This is a blend of natural bitter flavors with lemon and it makes an awful taste that your dog will hate and will cause them to stop chewing on whatever area this is sprayed on immediately. Nash (that cutie you see above), had just turned a year old, and we really felt like he needed a friend to play with. Bodhi Dog Not Here! That speaks to just how well this product works that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind it with such a guarantee. With the Critter Ridder® ready-to-use spray, one application lasts up to 30 days! Apple cider vinegar spray. These sprays often come in a different form of applicant for cats because the hissing sound that an aerosol spray makes can be problematic for some cats. For example, you can make bitter taste out of particular citrus fruits that are used in standard dog anti-chew sprays like lemon. It works to deter puppies, adult dogs, and even cats. However, you have to know your dog. It is also saves on furniture and all of the other items in your house. Manufactured in the USA, following cGMP compliance guidelines. The first one is preemptive, meaning that you spray the area where you know your dog is going to chew with a bitter liquid before they begin chewing. The more negative reinforcement of that you can give your dogs about biting particular objects or surfaces, the easier it will be to deter them from this behavior. For example, many people use citrus in order to create a bitter taste of dogs will not like. It lasts longer than some of the other formulas out there because it does not evaporate as quickly after spraying. Emmy’s Best Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Bitter Spray, 7. Place your spicy chewing deterrent in a spray bottle and spritz it on anything you don't want your dog mangling with her mandibles. While it may take time to train them and let them know it is not the thing to do, you can actually have the best dog deterrent spray to help. Made in the USA at an FDA and NASC approved facility. Corrective behavior such as tapping them on the head with an rolled up newspaper or saying “bad dog” in a loud voice – or using another noise correction tool – can be ineffective. Safe for pets and children alike. Formula is alcohol-, fragrance-, odor-, and dye-free, pH balanced, and non-caustic. Safe enough to apply directly to pet’s body and household items. Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs is a clear, non-sticky spray to stop chewing and gnawing. You can’t get mad at them for chewing, but you can teach them what they are allowed to chew and what they are not allowed to chew. Lambert Kay. This repellant spray is perfect for other people’s misbehaving dogs that bother you. Grannick's Bitter Apple dog repellent spray discourages fur biting and hair chewing, and it discourages licking and chewing on furniture or fabrics where applied. Emmy’s Best Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Bitter Spray is a safe, alcohol free way to stop dog chewing. Alcohol free formula uses natural preservative blends and a natural bittering agent. One thing that you may want to consider is that there are two basic types of anti-chew sprays. We will review each of these sprays one by one to see which meet your needs the best. Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent for Dogs, 32 oz, PetCords Anti Chew Pet Repellent Spray, All-Natural Anti Chew Remedy, Spray for Dogs & Puppies Cats & Kittens - Training Treatment & Powerful Anti Chew Spray - Alcohol Free & Non Toxic, Made in USA, Carhartt Durable Canvas Dog Bed, Premium Pet Bed With Water-Repellent Coating, 3-in-1 Cat & Kitten Training Aid with Bitter | 8 oz Cat Repellent Spray for Indoor and Outdoor Use | Anti Scratch Furniture Protector | Establish Boundaries & Keep Cat Off | Made in The USA, Flea Away All Natural Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Repellent for Dogs and Cats, 100 Chewable Tablets, SunGrow Anti-Chew Spray, Deters Chewing and Biting by Dogs, Cats, Ferrets & Rabbits, Alcohol-Free & Veterinary-Approved Formula, Protects Your Home & Furniture from Damage, Anti Chew Spray for Dogs - Dog and Puppy Training Spray Double Strength Bitter Taste Deterrent- No Alcohol, Suitable for Furniture, Clothes, Carpet, Phone Chargers, Cables etc - by Amate Pets, Harbor's Dog Repellent and Training Aid for Puppies and Dogs - 4 oz | Puppy Training Spray | Dog Training Spray | Dog Repellent for Furniture | Dog Repellent for Plant, FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Small Dog, 5-22 Pounds, 3 Doses), CapAction Oral Flea Treatment Small Dog, 6ct, WEST PAW Zogoflex Hurley Dog Bone Chew Toy – Floatable Pet Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Catch, Fetch – Bright-Colored Bones for Dogs – Recyclable, Dishwasher-Safe, Non-Toxic, Made in USA, TriNova No Chew Spray - Made in USA, Anti Chew Ultra Bitter Spray Deterrent for Pets, Dogs & Puppies, Cinnamon Scented, Discourages Chewing, West Paw Zogoflex Tux Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy – Interactive Chewing Toys for Dogs – Dog Games for Aggressive Chewers, Fetch, Catch – Holds Kibble, Treats, Made in USA, Hipat Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, 13 Inch Large Solid Rubber Chew Toy with Soft Massaging Surface for Tooth Cleaning, Interactive Dog Tug Toy, ADVANTUS CORPORATION Advantus Flea Soft Chews for Small Dogs 4-22 Pounds, 30 count, Arm & Hammer Super Treadz Gator & Gorilla Chew Toy for Dogs | Best Dental Dog Chew Toy | Reduces Plaque & Tartar Buildup Without Brushing, PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent - Citronella Dog Repellent Spray – Ranges up to 10 ft - 2.4 oz / 71 mL - Protect Yourself and Your Pets, JOEJOY Anti Bark Device, Rechargeable Dog Barking Deterrent, Adjustable Ultrasonic Safe Training Handheld Dog Repeller Repellent 16.4ft Remote Control for Small Medium Large Dogs, NaturVet – Off Limits Training Spray – Deters Pets From Desired Areas – Unique Combination of Herbal Extracts Pets Find Unpleasant – 32 oz, Petmate Indigo Dog House Pad Moisture Repellent Vinyl, FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Small Dog, 5-22 Pounds, 6 Doses), K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Large Dogs 2-Pack, 21-55 Pounds, FRONTLINE Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Dogs (Large Dog, 45-88 Pounds, 6 Doses), Grannick's Bitter Apple for Dogs Spray Bottle, 16 Ounces, K9 Advantix II Flea and Tick Prevention for Extra-Large Dogs 4-Pack, Over 55 Pounds, Best Friends by Sheri Bundle Savings - The Original Calming Shag Donut Cuddler Dog Bed in Small 23"" x 23"" and Pet Throw Blanket in 30"" x 40"", Taupe, Mardili Cat&Dog reppllent Outdoor/Indoor Spike scat mat, Garden Scat Mats,Set of 8. 2 SABRE Dog Spray – Protector Dog Deterrent This dog deterrent spray comes in two styles and sizes – the bigger size is made with a belt clip, while the … is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Natural enzymatic, lemon-scented formula. That gives you plenty of spray to apply to any part of the house that your dog normally chews. Reapply the deterrent every day for two to four weeks to be sure your dog will no longer bother with the objects. Garlic and Chili Pepper. Unlike the DIY dog repellent solutions previously mentioned, this treatment is designed for use on the lawn. Humane way to stop chewing habits and teething behavior. Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray for Dogs, 4. Dogs hate the smell of citronella, and trainers often use the oil in both collar and spray form to break aggressive ... 2. Has a deterrent taste but a pleasant smell, so your house doesn’t smell like lemon or sour apple. This liquid is so bitter that will taste it once and they will turn away from it. A spray and some gentle instruction can even mitigate puppy teething behavior. Eco-friendly formulation is non-toxic and safe for you and your pet. Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray with Bittran II for Dogs, 15. It is also extremely concentrated and long-lasting, so you will be able to use just a single bottle to prevent your pets from chewing up things you don’t want them to. Pets Are Kids Too Anti Chew Dog Training Spray, 8. Dog repellent sprays are used as training tools to stop unwanted behavior like urine marking or chewing as well as a protective aid against dog aggression. Buddy’s Essential No Chew Spray For Dogs and Cats is perfect for deterring chewing, biting and licking. Use this spray to discourage your dog from chewing or licking things he shouldn’t, such as drywall, furniture or electrical wires. Although you can make it yourself, it is possible to add ingredients that will trigger dog’s allergies or contain things that are not healthy for them. It can be used on cushions, curtains, rugs, shoes, furniture, and more. In addition, this is perfect for dogs that are suffering from wounds and have a tendency to bite or nip at those wounds, because it contains soothing tea tree oil so that you can spray it on tender skin that is hurting. A similar, but just as effective, alternative to bitter apple spray also uses vinegar, which dogs generally hate the taste of. Many pet owners find that they have dogs that just simply chew on everything and have to go with indestructible dog beds, a reinforced or metal dog bowl, or an outdoor dog kennel or electronic pet door to give their dog some exercise; or various other accessories to prevent their dogs from acting out. Obviously, for many dogs, the type of anti-chew dog spray that sprays a bitter liquid is a better choice. 4. PROS: Most users were pleased with this spray as a chew deterrent for their pets. Citronella Oil. It is made from grapefruit skin extract and a special herbal component. Perfume Preventative Cologne and perfume smell lovely, but if you've ever accidentally gotten a squirt of some in your mouth you know that the taste isn't as pleasant as the scent. You might also hear anti-chew sprays referred to as a no-bite spray or dog deterrent or even bitter apple spray. Premium Pet No Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats, 13. It is a vet-approved wound spray that can help with hot spot healing. NaturVet – Bitter Yuck – No Chew Spray is a water based formula. For example, dogs that have an allergy will still be able to benefit from these anti-spray devices because they will not be allergic to the ingredients that are used to make them. If you preemptively spray everything in your house, then your dog is not going to know what you want and will have a very hard time correcting their behavior. The best idea is to purchase your anti-chew dog spray online where you can have lots of different choices from anti-chew sprays that you know have already been vetted and tested and are perfectly safe for your dogs and other services. With the bitter apples taste that will let your pet know in no uncertain terms not to chew on that object and no odor, this is definitely the perfect spray for anyone looking for a great deal. Buddy’s Essential No Chew Spray For Dogs and Cats, Try an Alternative to Anti-Chew Spray First, Rocco & Roxie No Chew Extreme Bitter Spray for Dogs, Emmy's Best PRO Anti Chew Spray For Dogs & Puppies, Emmy’s Best PRO Anti Chew Spray for Dogs & Puppies, Emmy’s Best Stop The Chew 3X Strength Anti Chew Bitter Spray, Pets Are Kids Too Anti Chew Dog Training Spray, Premium Pet No Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats, Tomlyn Hot Spot Spray with Bittran II for Dogs, Gerrard Lariett Aromatherapy Pet Care Bitter Apple Spray for Dogs, Vet Recommended – Bitter Lemon Spray for Dogs, Primo Pup Bitter Spray Taste Deterrent for Dogs, Buddy’s Essential No Chew Spray For Dogs and Cats, 18 Best Electronic Dog Doors (Reviews Updated 2020), 5 Best Dog Crates for Neapolitan Mastiffs (Reviews Updated 2020), 5 Best Dog Crates for Bullmatians (Reviews Updated 2020), 5 Best Dog Beds for Havanese (Review Updated 2020), 5 Best Dog Crates for Cane Corsos (Reviews Updated 2020). Vet’s Best Bitter Cherry Spray is a great smelling way to stop chewing. 1. Best Dog Repellent Spray Overall: PetSafe SprayShield Animal Deterrent Dog repellents are made with any number of ingredients, some of which can be painful or harmful to the dog. Setting up an automatic dog feeder can make sure they have food when they are hungry. It uses lemon and grape seed extract to deter chewing, and natural cherry flavor to enhance the smell. The Sentry Stop That! It uses all natural and plant based ingredients. Read how we support our site through affiliate commissions at no cost to you. Chewing Deterrent. Some people are curious about whether or not they can make their own sprays instead of buying them. When it comes to deciding who makes thedog deterrent spray or who the dog deterrent spray are, there are a selection of world-renowned companies that you can rely on The good news is, we’ve tested tons of these increasingly popular true dog deterrent spray, and found the best of the best. Stain-proof formula will not leave residues on household items, plants, or clothes. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector. Citrus is a very good bitter taste in concentrate, and it is true that not many dogs will react badly to this particular bitter taste. Deter cord-chewing, biting, digging, scratching and other unwanted behaviors safely with bitter-tasting no-chew sprays, cord protectors, no-dig powders and more. Inexpensive and water-based formula can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes with a 14 day companion training program. But you can also keep them from chewing with an anti-chew spray that uses noise to distract your dog from chewing on that spot in the first place. Easy, mess-free spray bottle for simple application. 1. There are even various home remedies to stop your dog from chewing on furniture. This includes plants, your furniture, clothing and even human skin. Formulated for “extra strength and extra safety” and contains no harmful ingredients. Can be used on anything in your home, as well as outdoor items like landscaping wood, patio furniture, plants, and trees. I contains Bittran II, a bitter apple agent that deters licking and chewing. Use common sense when applying a spray… This is by far the most extensive category in this guide that covers various dog barking deterrents like whistles and horns, a few ultrasonic devices that will keep neighboring dogs at bay, and an organic spray that will teach your dogs to avoid certain parts of the house or prevent unwanted behaviour like chewing on shoes. Can be applied directly to hot spots, skin, fur, wood, drapes, plants, and more. While it is possible to make your own sprays, there are certain things that you want to keep in mind. CONS: Some owners report their pets being undeterred or even liking the taste of the spray. You can also add lemon. 5. It uses a chemical-free, additive-free, natural formula to provide an odor-free stop to chewing. In addition, using this type of device around a nervous dog that already has anxiety problems can exacerbate those problems and make it even more difficult for them to get over their issues. Let your homemade chewing spray sit for a full 24 hours then strain it through a square of cheesecloth. Sometimes, dog chewing deterrents help to stop a dog from chewing. If you make the same things yourself, you may save a few bucks, but you may inadvertently include ingredients that will trigger your dog’s allergies. Primo Pup Bitter Spray Taste Deterrent for Dogs, 24. Most dogs find the taste of the spray so unpleasant, they will quickly stop chewing on surfaces so as to avoid the nasty flavour. You also do not want to spray your dog directly with the anti-chew spray no matter the flavor, nor do you want to use the noise dog anti-chew sprays near your dog’s ears because you could damage their hearing. Chewing can be annoying, but remember – there are many things you can do to help redirect your dog’s chewing or humanely train him to leave certain items alone! It is alcohol free and has a non-stinging formula that can be applied directly to dog’s skin, fur, or bandages. EQyss Chew Proof It Spray is safe for surfaces, and is non-staining. Dog Product Picker is for dog owners looking for the latest tips, tricks, and product reviews. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Pet Corrector Spray for Dogs, Dog Training Spray to Stop Barking and Unwanted behaviours, Pet Deterrent and Training Spray, 50 ml 4.2 out of 5 stars 10,165 £11.91 £ 11 . Bitter Cherry Chew Deterrent is a great no-chew spray for dogs. Contains no synthetic polymers, harsh soaps or detergents. This... 2. You can also use things like cayenne peppers, vinegar and other bitter or unattractive sensor tastes to keep your dog from chewing. Noise based spray should never be used with young puppies who are already sensitive to noise and whose ear muscles may not have formed completely. Dogs will be dogs, and chewing is one of their passions. The best dog repellent spray may be a general correcting spray or it could be specifically formulated for one thing. It uses lemon and grapeseed extract to deter chewing, and natural cherry flavor to enhance the smell. Safe enough to be applied directly to your pet’s skin or fur, to prevent licking or hot spots. This means that it will not trigger your pet’s allergies or your allergies, and it will not damage anything that you spray it on. While we love the citrus scent, dogs surprisingly dislike it. hi my dog keeps chewing on my blinds when i go to work i have a camera that i can keep an eye on her but i cant watch all the time.i tried a spray from pet shop it didnt seem to work but i will try this spay any more tips that could But unlike with orange peels, sprinkling Get Away in the front yard will not create an eyesore. But for an even better dog repellent, make your own spray using garlic and chili pepper. It’s a spray deterrent formulated to discourage your dog from chewing whatever it has been sprayed on. They are only going to be effective if you use them as part of a larger program that teaches your dog not to bite or chew the items around the house that they are not supposed to. Hemp Dog Calming Aid: You need a dog house and dog bed because your dog has learned to use a den for sleeping in the dog house can model that. To make a spray, use about 2 tablespoons of crushed hot pepper powder to 10 cups of water. 3. Bodhi Dog New Bitter 2 in 1 No Chew & Hot Spot Spray | All Natural Anti-Chew Remedy | Safe for S… You can apply this easily with no mess because it comes in an easy to use spray bottle which sprays the area that you want to protect with a light layer of the bitter liquid that your pet will taste immediately. This is another one of those tools that you need. 2. After letting your dog taste the deterrent, spray or rub it on all objects you don’t want him to chew or lick. Place your spicy chewing deterrent in a spray bottle and spritz it on anything you don't want your dog mangling with her mandibles. In no time, they’ll steer clear of anything you’ve sprayed. They will simply stop chewing on that particular spot. This is perfect for pets who have an extreme compulsion to chew or lick; such as pets that are recovering from injuries and have bandages on their wounds that need to be left alone. Primo Pup Bitter Spray Taste Deterrent for Dogs is vet-formulated specifically for use with dogs. Remember, your dog is not acting out or exhibiting bad behavior, they are simply being a dog, and you just need to steer them in the right direction so that they know what they can chew on and what they cannot. Super bitter formula will minimize chewing on anything it is applied to. This is an extremely useful feature, because it doesn’t just teach you how to use the spray, it teaches you other techniques as well that will communicate to your dog what you want so that the message has the best chance of getting through. NaturVet – Bitter Yuck – No Chew Spray, 9. There are a few reasons why you might need spray to prevent dog from chewing. It is non-staining, and can be used freely around the house. Easy to use by simply spraying the item or area you need left alone. Some of the best no chew spray products work in a variety of ways. Yuck! You can spray it on furniture, flooring, shoes, clothing, plants and anything else that your dog tends to chew on. 3. The spray is intended for discouraging dogs from chewing and gnawing the furniture, shoes or hair. Grannick's Bitter Apple dog repellent spray discourages fur biting and hair chewing, and it discourages licking and chewing on furniture or fabrics where applied. Dog repellents help keep your pet and your home safe. Bitter Spray: Lemon Juice A similar, but just as effective, alternative to bitter apple spray also uses vinegar, which dogs generally hate the taste of. Just like citrus, dogs hate bitter apple. Pet No Chew Deterrent Spray Dog Puppy Stop Biting Chewing Licking Puppy 500 ml £5.68 Free postage Only 1 left. However, making your own spray at home will cost just pennies, and you can create a concentration of your choosing. Please realize, however, that successful treatment for destructive chewing will require more than just Uses a human grade bittering agent that is free of propylene glycol. Many of them are These sprays discourage your pet from chewing on carpets, curtains and furniture with a naturally unpleasant taste. Mix the oil with water and spray it all over the area you do not want your dog to visit. All you do is open up the packaging and spray the liquid with the nozzle pointing forward just once over an area that your dog normally chews; if you do this once a day for several days, then your dog is going to get the idea that that particular area is off limits. This dog repellent comes in both granule and spray form. Liquid Dog Repellents. Use this spray to discourage your dog from chewing or licking things he shouldn’t, such as drywall, furniture or electrical wires. That is the best way to teach your dog how to behave. However, there are other alternatives as well. Unlike some dog repellent sprays, the Pet Corrector doesn’t use smell to stop... 3. 13 of the Most Effective DIY Dog Repellent Recipes.

dog deterrent spray for chewing

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