Module 2 - Basic DC Theory This module describes the basic concepts of direct current (DC) electrical circuits and discusses the associated terminology. Generator Types Various types of alternating current generators are utilized today; however, they all perform the same basic function. University of KwaZulu-Natal. In fact, the same dc machine can be used interchangeably as a generator or as a motor. Volume 2 of 4 Module 3 - DC Circuits This module introduces the rules associated with the reactive components of inductance and capacitance and how they affect DC circuits. The resulting stator magnetic field is shown in Fig. DC-Generator 2 - Lecture notes 2. Course. This document is highly rated by Electrical Engineering (EE) students and has been viewed 12764 times. The types discussed in the following paragraphs are typical of the more predominant ones in use. Rotating Armature Generator In the rotating armature AC generator as illust rated in Figure 1, the stator provides a 3.3: The phase voltage of the generator is just the sum of its internal generated voltage and its armature reaction voltages. • For a DC MOTOR, the efficiency is the electrical output power divided by the mechanical input power, or • For a DC GENERATOR, the efficiency is the electrical output power divided by the mechanical input power, or • Note that the efficiency of a DC machine will vary with … LECTURE NOTES ON ELECTRICAL MACHINES-II Fig. EE3010 ElectricalDevicesand Machines LECTURENO6 Introduction To DC Machinery Fundamentals DC … DC MACHINES AND TRANSFORMERS LECTURE NOTES Dr. P Sridhar Professor & Head Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering P MABU HUSSAIN Assistant Professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING (Autonomous) Dundigal – 500043, Hyderabad View Notes - Lecture Notes on DC Machines.pdf from EE 3010 at Nanyang Technological University. CHAP # TOPICS; 1: Electromagnetic Forces (PDF) 2: Magnetic Circuit Basics (PDF) 3: Eddy Currents, Surface Impedances and Loss Mechanisms (PDF) 4: Elementary Synchronous Machine Models (PDF) 5: Winding Inductances (PDF) 6: DC (Commutator) and Permanent Magnet Machiness (PDF) 7: Permanent Magnet "Brushless DC" Motors (PDF) 8 Lecture Notes Elements of Electrical Machines 12 Figure 2.3 : Torque in DC Motor Figure 4 : Current Flow in DC Motor Constructionally, there is no basic difference between a dc generator and motor. DC-Generator 2 - Lecture notes 2. University. Electrical Machine 1 (ENEL3MA) Uploaded by. In a separately excited DC generator, the field winding is excited by an external independent source. Module 4 - Batteries There are generally three most important characteristic of DC generator: Magnetic or Open Circuit Characteristic of Separately Excited DC Generator The curve which gives the relation between field current (I f) and the generated voltage (E 0) in … Lecture Note ... Part 1 Direct current generator By Suthipong Thanasansakorn 1/6/2010 Southeast Asia Fishery development center Training Department Thailand . Induced voltage in a DC generator: E = B L v (Faraday’s Law) For a DC generator, this equation can be manipulated to give: Eo = C n Φ / 60 Eo = voltage between the brushes (V) N = speed of rotation (rpm) Φ = flux per pole (Wb) C = total number of conductors on the armature* *The number of conductors equals the number of slots (coils) times the 3 DC GENERATOR The direct current (DC) generator (Dynamo) is only used for special application or local power generation. The basic construction of a dc 1. slip rings link the rotor’s field winding to an external dc source 2. dc generator exciter • a dc generator is built on the same shaft as the ac generator’s rotor • a commutator rectifies the current that is sent to the field winding • Low speed, large hydro-generators may have more than one hundred poles. Nov 21, 2020 - Chapter 3 - DC Machines (Part - 1) - Notes, Electrical Machines, Electrical Engineering | EduRev Notes is made by best teachers of Electrical Engineering (EE). 3.2d, compared to the field predicted by the cylindrical rotor theory. Course notes files.

dc generator lecture notes pdf

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