Curing the Chicago Brick Oven is really easy in comparison to other brick ovens. Conclusion. How do I cure my oven? The curing process for a wood-burning oven varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. What else will I need to do to start using my Chicago Brick Oven? This quick tutorial shows how to place your CBO-750 during assembly. CBO-750 Assembly Overview. Other ovens might take three days to a week in order to be cured properly but this one here takes one whole day. The oven must be installed on a foundation with a covering (dome or shelter) that will give it a finished look and protect it from the elements. Below is a great method for curing your oven. Curing Your Chicago Brick Oven Curing your oven simply means starting several small temperature fires over time to allow all moisture to leave the brick.

chicago brick oven curing

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