Another good trick is to build in a place for fingerlings to escape to where the predators can't get them. I have caught bass in water 85 degrees and more, so I think the bass will do ok all year long in these temps. 2008). Channel catfish fry do not recruit well in ponds where significant numbers of adult largemouth bass exist. This is because goldfish and catfish eat different food stuffs and have different behaviors/ habits. At Alumni and Young Ponds, you can keep 2 catfish of any size per day, and can have 4 in your possession. It is best to release large Bass and keep smaller ones if your pond isn't overstocked with them. Catfish in general may not be as pretty, or fight such a spectacular fight as trout or bass, but the channel cat in particular can play a positive role in pond management program. When catfish begin reaching larger sizes and mature in age, then the small fish and game fish such as bass or even bluegill could become part of the farm owned channel catfish’s diet. If you have a 1/2-acre pond that you just want for a recreational fishery and want to be able to catch bluegills and bass out of it, then stocking catfish there is fine. Can the catfish and bass coexist and both do good or should I just have one or the other. This is also true in heavily stocked catfish ponds where there is almost more fish than a pond. I'm no expert at fish, but this is my best guess. This allows for bluegills to overpopulate, no bass should be taken out of the pond during the first two years of being stocked. PLEASE HELP Back in the day, in ponds smaller than an acre, bass stocking was discouraged. Some of the largest bass caught have been caught in ponds. Recently I saw a 2-3 foot long fish in very shallow water on a hot sunny day. 200. The key to stocking the catfish with bass is to put them in early such that they attain a size of 8 inches before the bass are added. This small lake was like a bathtub with no natural cover. Bluegill are a good food for the Bass, they do not compete with the Bass. “If a pond owner stocks 100, 2-inch channel catfish, in two years there will be 200-300 pounds of catfish in the pond,” he said. This overlap in dietary needs between species is not a problem when the population of crappie in a pond is low. Ponds that have fallen trees and grassy shorelines can be prime bass fishing areas. I am just trying to find out where I can purchase the bass for my pond. NOT Green Sunfish or other species of Sunfish. I imagine you should be okay. It was kind of startling seeing this wide gaping mouth come at you but I got used it. There is a large body of evidence that a 28%- protein diet provides essentially the same growth and feed efficiency as higher protein diets for pond-raised channel catfish (Li and Lovell 1992; Robinson and Li 1997; Robinson et al. I have albino catfish in my pond with my koi. However, blue catfish appear to require 32% protein for optimum growth (Li et al. Bluegill are the diet of choice for Bass. WHAT ECT? Bass in same pond as catfish.. Hi I am looking to catch some bass and the pond that I am trying to go to has catfish in the pond, as well as catfish. If you add catfish to the mix, you may prefer to use channel catfish as the big fish instead of bass – bass tend to be predators toward catfish in general, especially their young. This head start will allow you to harvest bass, bluegill and catfish from the same pond while maintaining a balanced and healthy system. I do not want to really fool with the catfish as I have heard they can poke you pretty badly, and I would like to avoid that. Channel catfish (4-6 inches) can be stocked at up to 100 fish per acre in a bass-bluegill pond without adversely affecting their production. We have a pond stalked with catfish and bass. I like that one better than my suggestion for a pallet. Information on Catfish vs Bass. 2004). Of course, I got my catfish at pet store. The fish pond is another important aspect of growing catfish because the type of pond shows the farmers niche. I do not know many ponds that do not have them. The habitat of both freshwater fish has been identified as a factor that influences their growth and general performance in the river. Avoid stocking fish during hot weather because high water temperatures add stress and increase the chances of losing fish. The diet of crappie is very similar to the diet of other desired pond species, such as bass and bream. Yes, that is the common stocking for good use of a pond. If the big fish can always find the little ones, you'll never get any kind of self sustainment going. I would much rather stock it with channel cat that are about 8-10" long. The flatheads tend to be more aggressive towards young bass. THE POND IS 20 FT. Now, as they use to say in the CB Radio days: "Kickerback". I would also throw in some short sections of clay pipe (various diameters) for the catfish to spawn in. While channel catfish are scavengers, there are some species of catfish that have predatory tendencies. In other words, about half the bass caught in the pond MANAGING A BASS/BLUEGILL/CATFISH POND Everyone gets along fine with no problems. This head start will allow you to harvest bass, bluegill and catfish from the same pond while maintaining a balanced and healthy system. Stock 25 largemouth bass per acre during the initial stocking of the pond (bass are dominant predators in farm ponds and will feed on any catfish fry present). There can be up to a 4" size difference in Bass the same age just due to the individual Bass growth rate. Catfish may spawn in such ponds, but adult bass consume most, if not all, catfish fry and fingerlings. Bass and catfish have a similar diet. population because catfish reproduce in the pond. I don't see a bass heavy 1/2 acre pond as being half full or half empty. If you have the good cover you say you should be ok on predation by the bass. This will allow the catfish to be large enough to avoid predation by the bass. WHAT SIZE? I STOCKED IT IN DECEMBER WITH 100 CHANNEL CATFISH AND 100 COPPERNOSE. Larger catfish prey on the limited baitfish in the pond and reduce the food available for preferred species like bass. Good info on stocking ponds can be found at your local Extension service or through Tx Parks and Wildlife or Tx A&M University. Since catfish are bottom feeders, they are constantly stirring up the bottom of the pond. However, if your primary objective for the pond is to grow big bass and big bluegills, then I don’t advise putting catfish in the pond. like tony said if their smaller the bass'll be realllllly happy. This is why many owners of the fish pond do not introduce adult flathead catfish in ponds where young bass fish are living. Yes they are! Hatcheries, nurseries […] However, the smaller bass can fall prey to an adult catfish. After all, we've been building ponds and fish stocking them for as long as there have been farms in this country. Black bass are top predator fish and they hunt by ambush. “That is more than a third of the carrying capacity of most 1-acre ponds. the pond is about 25 to 30 ft. deep and has lots of good cover. Bass can grow to weigh as much as 70 pounds. The pond has too many bass for the amount of food present, so they all grow very slowly and die before reaching a larger size. i've raised catfish/bass in ponds much smaller than your 2 acres. Old stumps work, too. It seemed too big to be a bass. BUT HOW MANY? There seems to be 5 of them, about 18 inches long, and they’re most fun in the evening when they jump up for bugs (although they’re not much to look at, being about the same muddy brown as the bottom of the pond). How to build your catfish pond Here is how to build your catfish pond. I missed the clay pipe suggestion earlier. Pond managers are using this time to prepare their ponds for the coming spring. "Raising Bigger Better Catfish in Your Pond", Tips with Bob Lusk, including which feeds are best. But if you want larger bass, you have a problem. DEEP AT ONE END. I would much rather stock it with channel cat that are about 8-10" long. WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO DO IS STOCK SOME BASS. Can the catfish and bass coexist and both do good or should I just have one or the other. Sunfish have larger mouths, more agressive, grow larger, and love to eat Bass Fry. We are unable to catch any catfish and thinking they mabe died off. Thus, advanced fingerling channel catfish must be periodically stocked to maintain catfish fisheries in ponds with bass. The key to stocking the catfish with bass is to put them in early such that they attain a size of 8 inches before the bass are added. Channel catfish are a very popular food fish, dominating aquaculture in west Alabama and Mississippi. This saves time and will produce bass over 3 pounds by the third season. Several years ago I was thrilled to discover catfish cruising around in our pond. There are also other fish species present, like sunfish, smallmouth bass and carp. For a pond owner, keeping tabs and understanding what’s taking place in the environment of your pond is key to staying ahead of the game. Recommendations for smaller new ponds with little or no management, were to stock 3-5 pounds of fathead minnows per acre, with 50-200 channel catfish and 250-500 hybrid sunfish as an option. Your idea has some merit but he already has a bass pond and wants a catfish pond. Natural Organic Management and Techniques. I don't like the idea of a bunch of big blues in a water hole that size. At the same ponds, you can This will allow the catfish to be large enough to avoid predation by the bass. Everyone is about the same size and last summer I noticed while handfeeding my koi that the catfish wanted to handfed also. They are very easy to cook and have a mild flavor that makes them so popular in a growing number of restaurants. Pond First and biggest places you should think about in the pond space The pond should be seen if it will have an afternoon sunshine. 100: 1-3 in. Plan on stocking from mid-October through December. Not in a hurry to include koi. Catfish do not occupy the same habitat or space as bass or bluegill. Catfish and Bass are two common freshwater fish found in many parts of North America. When it’s warmer, we stock channel catfish. I want to put mostly largemouth bass in my pond but will probably also put a few catfish and/or crappie and bluegill. ... We use specifically sized baitfish and bass so we can stock your pond with both at the same time. Ponds with an established bass population can be stocked with larger catfish fingerlings; however, survival may be lower. they work very well together. A good, balanced Nebraska pond will contain about 250 pounds of bluegills and 50 pounds of bass (one-fifth the weight of bluegill) per surface acre of water. You also should add Bluegill. Greg, I have a problem with bass crowded ponds. These types of catfish will compete with bass for the resources in your pond. Catfish generally become sexually mature at 3 or 4 years of age and will spawn in most ponds. Young Ponds with rainbow trout. One idea I've read is to put an oak pallet on the bottom and either tie it down or cover it with enough rocks to keep if from floating. the pond is about 25 to 30 ft. deep and has lots of good cover. Could this fish have been 06-17-2015, 06:22 PM. Once you have found adequate landed space, provided a good source of water the next logical step is the pond. The Solution Other popular choices for farm ponds include smallmouth bass, striped bass, rainbow trout, walleye, yellow perch, northern pike and black and white crappie. ©2020 ‐ Hatch Accelerator Holding Limited, 7/8 Liberty Street, Cork, T12T85H, Ireland, Hatch Accelerator Holding Ltd, 7/8 Liberty St, Cork, T12 T85H, Ireland; CRO 617308. Adult size is considered 12" to 30" in length. Go ahead and laugh at this but I saw a fishing show years ago where they were trying to establish cover for black bass to hide behind. View unanswered posts | View active topics, Board index » Natural Organic Management and Techniques » Farming & Ranching, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest, I have a 2 acre pond with plenty of bass and crappie . If your pond's focus is bass and bluegill, but you would like to have access to some catfish, consider a combination of the three. Please call me if you want someone to cull the larger bass out for you free of charge. small fish pond at home diy koi sieve edging with pump large outdoor water plants for goldfish solar pumps rechargeable battery backup vacuum stream ideas easy can live in Don't forget to address an artist if you are not sure of the electricity. HELLO, I HAVE A SMALL 1 ACRE POND THAT I COMPLETLY DRAINED A YEAR AGO. Can I keep the fish I catch? [/b]. My family went fishing a few times at a lake about that size (2 acres), and it was stocked with bass, catfish, and other fish. MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Many landowners would like to fish for crappie in their ponds and small lakes, but crappie can cause major problems in smaller waters. I remove all sunfish (good fertilizer for your plants or compost pile) I catch in my two ponds. This fish stocking plan includes bass, crappie, and catfish. Pond owners and other fishermen over harvest bass during the first season of being stocked. About 45 to 60 percent of the bass larger than 8 inches should be larger than 12 inches. No part of this site may be reproduced without permission. I have a 2 acre pond with plenty of bass and crappie . That gives the young a chance to get away and grow to a size where they can defend themselves with speed and size. Nocturnal by nature, catfish tend to hover near the bottom, hiding, or searching for food. Usually in ponds with bass, no catfish survive because of predation but if no predators, like bass, are present then over-population often occurs. Largemouth Bass. If you don't harvest the bass in a pond after they are 2 years old, it is almost certain to become bass-crowded leading to slow growth rates. Even though blue catfish feed the same way as the channel catfish, using its barbels … US - Fall and winter are fast approaching. Bass Fishing Ponds. The farm pond is something of an American institution. the trick is to use the bigger fingerlings as you said you were.

catfish and bass in the same pond

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