Fix problems with CD or DVD drives that can’t read or write media. If this does not work, you will have to use a laser eye kit. Select 'EJECT' and it should open with ease. This time I've had (like some of you guys) to run the command several times. Solution. Bought an external drive now! Most problems are caused by a dirty lens though, so a simple cleaning may do the trick. If you own your car for a long time, you will likely be faced with the task of fixing or replacing the player in your car at some point. Sometimes, when a car is cold enough, and both the player and CD are cold, the CD player will not be able to warm the disk, and will tell you to eject the CD. after 2 hours and a whole lot of frustration I opened Terminal and entered a new command this - drutil tray eject - as suggested. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our … Determine which drive icon will not slide out and RIGHT click on the icon. While the system offers a number of specialized features, it is not without its faults and is prone to losing CDs if they get stuck in the player. When the temperature returns to normal, the CD should play.. Lubricate the moving parts with silicone grease to aid operation. also the cd plays fine on my in windows media player.. ===== Since your CD plays on your computer and not in your car I can only guess that it may be an MP3 CD (which would be a Data disk) and not an Audio (Music) CD. The road is very rough. (I'm out of canned air.) If there's a belt, check that it is still attached and tight. 10 Key Tips for Social Distancing at Thanksgiving, How Not to Spread Germs During the Holidays (Easy Tips), Holiday Travel Tips for Safe & Stress-Free Traveling, 23 Creative Thanksgiving Family Traditions, Is the problem related to the volume or quality of the sound? It is a crucial part of any portable CD player. To start off with the troubleshooting process, you need to first remove the case of the CD player. Press and hold the mouse or trackpad button down when you power it on and keep holding it down. You may have a broken belt or bad motor in your cd player. Using either an air compressor with an air gun attachment or a toothpick, try to remove dirt and grime from the gears and other moving parts. Apply silicone grease to moving parts. It could be affected by dust, and this can cause the device not to spin well or even cause an error in reading a disc. CD Player Messages CHECK DISC:If this message displays and/or the CD ejects, it could be for one of the following reasons:. Still nothing came out. This can be infuriating because you can see that there is a disc, however, the CD / DVD player cannot. The player is actually made up of just a few mechanical parts that can break, and repairing those parts is sometimes surprisingly simple. #3: Player Cannot Read Any CD. I was actually quite surprised it took only this. I have tried cleaning both the cd and the cd lens. Do hope it works for everyone else. Portable CD Player Small CD Player for Car Portable HiFi Lossless CD Discman Compact Disc Personal Walkman Player Shockproof Anti-Skip with Aux Cable in-line Control 3.7 out of 5 … 2.2, 2.4, 2.5, or 2.6 GHz Core 2 Duo processor. The player turns on and the radio works fine, but every cd spins for a moment and then gets the "no disc" rejection. However, there will be times when there are mechanical failures. The Compact Disc (CD) player will not accept the disc or the disc keeps being ejected. PS: Hope this didn’t enter twice as I had to sign up before I could comment ;-). You will need to remove the unit from the dash, open it up, and locate the lens. A box drops down . It didn't even show up on my desktop. i have a pretty old macbook but i feel like at least something should solve this problem! If Nissan will not repair my car the closest Infiniti dealer is 2 hours away! You'll need to open the dash to access the unit (see your owner's manual or an auto repair manual for your car). It may also be possible to unplug the CD player, or remove the fuse, to see if that may perhaps reset the unit. @doreen4479, There are sometines screws on the top of the unit that are to be taken out before installing. 11/27/2016 by CD player will not accept the CDs? Before you decide to open up the player and attempt more invasive repairs, try some of these more basic troubleshooting tips to figure out how to fix a car CD player: If you've explored all of the possibilities listed above and you're still having difficulty, you may need to explore how to fix a car CD player using a more advanced approach. If you can open the CD door and see the lens by shining a flashlight inside, you can clean it by inserting a long Q-tip moistened with pure isopropyl alcohol. This is the time when it is looking for a disc. This will cause the player to act as though it isn't working. Carefully unscrew … I tried every to take apart and visually inspect my iMac nada good idea. All Rights Reserved. Before repair, try disconnecting one of the battery terminals for several minutes then reconnect. @josietriestech. It did this before, and fixed itself somehow, but it's not budging now. Thereafter you need to reboot in order to insert a disc. I can insert the Dvd but it pushes back out instead of running it in.. 10/28/2016 by When cold accepts cd and plays once warmed ejects cd and u can't insert another Nothing came out. Usually the only way to remedy this issue is to replace the unit. each time it made a different noise but after i typed it twenty or so times it stopped and still wouldn't let me put the DVD in. If your stereo has a "force eject" feature, it should spit out the CD Press the “Play” button on the CD player to initiate the cleaning process. That Ford CD 6 Disc Changer is apparently > operating in such a tight space and at very high temperatures causing > troubles with any homemade CDs that have labels on matter > how tight and professional the paper label. If you find that your CD is still stuck even after attempting the above methods, you may … Examine the drawer mechanism for loose or broken parts. I would recommend replacing the drive rather than trying to repair it, but it may be worthwhile removing the superdrive to take a physical look to make sure nothing has sneaked its way inside. NOTE - If your car stereo requires a CODE, have this number ready when reconnecting. So: no disk in drive, drive unplugged: I gently tapped the drive on the desk with the opening DOWN about five times. To force eject a disk that is stuck, open TERMINAL in the UTILITIES folder of Applications inside FINDER. In order for a disc to show up on your desktop, there must be one inside the slot. If you can get the end of a Q-tip under the lens and you can lift it up slightly, insert another alcohol-moistened swab underneath and clean off the turning mirror (looks like glass) under the lens. :), 09/19/2015 by Dawishes DaGamer. I tried this 30 + times but it didn't work. This may move the mechanism to it's fully open position for you. Terms — Feels mechanical, like some part of the eject mechanism is stuck on eject and not going back in??? Can You Fit a Full Size Mattress in a Minivan? GAHHH! Note that you may have to do it several times, up to 20 Ive heard. Clean the objective lens and spindle. If it doesn't, the the problem is the disc and you'll need to look into cleaning or repairing the disc so that it can play normally again. Don't be afraid to tackle the repair work yourself. When you insert a disc, is the CD display blank? When I push the eject button on the top left nothing is ejected. Unplug the power cord of the DVD player from the electrical outlet. It is very hot. Here is from my Owners Manual (2013). Open the bottom of the player and remove the optical deck. You will have to remove it from the dash, open it up, and run it to see what's happening, just be sure to keep your fingers clear and don't disconnect the power since it may have anti-theft deterrent which will … I have a HP 'puter with a 'Tower' ,. My workaround: quit iTunes before ejecting a disc. Important: The above mentioned article contains related links which tells you how to modify the registry. > single Ford CD player. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. My Macbook Pro will not accept a disc (either DVD or CD) in the slot. Please help us improve. this is happening to me too! Run this command no parentheses (drutil eject disk) but if there is NO DISK and you can't push a disk in, put in (drutil eject tray). Nicholas Houllis, Gabriel Mattos Examine all gears and observe the electric motors for any burn marks or damage. If you own a vehicle, then knowing how to fix a car CD player is important knowledge to have. Insert the CD lens cleaner disc into the CD player. For me, 2-4 usually works. If it tends to stick while moving up or down, or it doesn't remain flat with the deck while being moved around - this is a sign of a mechanical failure and that the entire unit may need to be replaced. Not just remove the drive. OK so I was driving my car last night, comin home from work, music was playin, no problem, shut my car off. I can't put a disc in, there is something blocking me from putting one in, right at the front, and there isn't a disc in it - i have tried rebooting, restarting, ejecting (even though there isn't a disc in it), etc. If the speakers look fine, another issue that could affect sound is the quality of the connections behind the head unit of your system. This is commonly caused by dirty or damaged tracks on the disc. I find this is due to iTunes failing to unmount the disc or something, even after it successfully ejects it. Most CD players, computer CD-drives included, have to spin the disk until it’s above a certain temperature. EXP~~ A drive, B drive, C drive etc etc. so i tried the terminal thing and i just typed drutil tray eject a bajillion times. Cd player doesnt read my cd. try turn off cd player.wait for one minute.turn cd player back on play cd again then try reject it that couple times.turning on and off cd player waiting minute will recalibrate it.if this dont work go by bmw dealership close to closing hrs when mechanic not busy one will remove cd for you. After cleaning, next check the movement of the lens itself. 20 seconds later I was free at last. The tray mechanism is stuck. If the door is noisy, you can also put a drop of electric motor oil inside the electric motors to quiet them. I have an external drive that has the above problem. You may try running the Fixit and check if it helps. Q: My new Honda does not come with any sort of CD player option, and it isn’t available as an add-on. Make sure the CD player is turned on and that the car stereo works using the radio. @gbrlmtts. I would recommend everyone to try my hint before replacing it. The restart iTunes. Bose are the only ones who service their units and as such, you would need to contact them at the link below to obtain an RMA# XXXXX service: If you are unable to push the disc in at all then it certainly does sound like a mechanical issue. Not just remove the drive. © 2020 iFixit — Licensed under Creative Commons — Privacy — The CD player lens is highly optical in resolution with the ability to read the disc. I went out this morning and got in my car, and all of a sudden it is saying "Disc Read Error". I can't find out much information anywhere else. Sometimes the wrong answer gets accepted. I swabbed the lens with rubbing alcohol and blew the dust out with cold air from my blow dryer. So I did it again. It sounds as though the mechanism that stops you from inserting a disc when another disc is present has come loose. NOTE: If an issue also exists with... Press the EJECT button to ensure a disc is not already inserted. Why wasn't this page useful? To clean you need to do the following step-wisely 1. 09/21/2017 by Out popped the unreadable disc. It worked for me so... Just in case... :), 09/10/2015 by Press your CD player's power and eject buttons down at the same time, holding them for about ten seconds.

car cd player will not accept disc

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