The ultimate guide to banjo for beginners. If you have back problems or are of a slighter build, this might be something to take into account. Crafted with beautiful walnut and nickel plated hardware it has a great banjo sound for traditional Irish music. If you’re really desperate to get one of these, I would either order online – ready to use the returns process or buy from a store where you can inspect the banjo prior to purchase. Just arrived: Simply beautiful B&D Silver Bell No. At Normans we stock the most popular, affordable 5 string banjos including the bestselling Rocket Western Student Banjo. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment or shoot us an email. Key Features of the Koda 17 Fret Tenor... A Selection of Vintage Framus Banjos The first thing you need to consider is the style of banjo. The banjo is a stringed instrument that is commonly associated with country music but is also very common in Irish music. Try playing both and seeing which you prefer. Selections like the Washburn B9 Banjo Sunburst and the Rogue B30 Deluxe 30-Bracket Banjo offer a clean, crisp tone and great playability that will have you sounding straight outta Dixie. Please contact me at or call me on 0872569672 for more information. 99 Key Features  1 tenor banjo for sale in excellent condition. This Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo was made by Leedy in Chicago, USA in the 1930's. Ohana Ck-120buc Concert Scale Banjo Uke Ukulele Bag - Demo Banjolele. Dating from 1931-1932 all in very good condition, couple of age related marks on the drum head. Your email address will not be published. There are 2 styles of banjo, resonator and open back banjo. 20 Main Street South, Wedowee, AL 36278 10:00am - 5:00pm CST, M-F Please make an appt. Buying from one of those stores might leave you with a poorly sounding instrument that inhibits your desire to practice. Find great local deals on new & second-hand banjos for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. An incredibly evocative instrument, the banjo adds a unique character to any musical situation. It was made popular in the 1830's and featured a specialised, unique string which was shorter in design and allowed the banjo to be tuned to a higher, open pitch. Buying a banjo is an investment, and if well taken care of, can easily last the rest of your life. The first point that should be considered before buying a banjo is the music genre of the artist. SOLD The Koda is a resonator banjo which boasts 30 tension hooks to hold the head tightly giving an excellent traditional tone. Welcome to the World’s Largest Banjo Store. Powered by, Intermediate Scruggs Right Hand Technique. Banjo Accessories ... To Contact Us - Call 01524 410202 or email for more information ... Go Back to the Folk & … Deering Banjos ( Menzies Jamaican Mango Gourd Banjo $895.00 USD - New. The “Franconian Musical Instruments Manufacture Fred Wilfer” (FRAMUS) was founded on January 1st, 1946, in Erlangen, Germany. Legendary banjo maker, Tom Cussen builds critically & popularly acclaimed banjos using Irish Bacon & Day were highly regarded banjo makers producing some of the most beautiful and sought after tenor banjos in the... Key Points: The Vega Company was founded in 1889 and got into banjo making in 1904. Best Beginner Banjo 2020 Buying Guide. 2 Vintage Banjo, Clareen Oyster Banjo by Tom Cussen [SOLD], Framus Nashville 'Black Eagle' Vintage Banjo. A 5-string banjo has one short thread and four standard-length threads. Nowadays however, following a new wave of folk influenced contemporary music, the banjo has reached a far wider, more mainstream audience. If there are no local bluegrass stores, or the ones in your area don’t have the banjo you are looking for, try an online store like Janet Davis Music Store (, Elderly Instruments ( or ( On the other hand, when buying your first banjo, you don't want to purchase an inexpensive banjo that is difficult to play and sounds horrible. Tips for Buying the Best Banjo For Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Player. Koda 17 Fret Tenor Banjo  Open back banjos are generally for clawhammer platers. These three brands all have banjos for sale under $500 and are dedicated banjo manufacturers. Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers of new, used, and vintage fretted instruments.Learn more Costzon 5-String Banjo 24 Bracket with Geared 5th tuner and Mid-range Closed Handle, Include 420D Oxford Cloth Bag, One Strap, Wiper, 3 Picks for Beginners (41.5 IN) 4.3 out of 5 stars 120. SOLD OUT Buying used is also a pretty good option, but the question of set up comes into play. A great 5 string banjo for the price . There are a lot of good deals over at Banjo Hangout (, just make sure that you have someone to set up the banjo for you. Banjos, especially higher end ones, can be surprisingly heavy. Our teacher John breaks down all the considerations of what banjo a new player should buy? Not only do we have banjos for sale online & in-store but also provides banjo repairs, specialising in setting up Banjos, Mandolins, Concertinas and Fiddles. Remember, that is the ultimate goal. Determining “Your Sound” As there are many styles of banjo music, there are even more kinds of banjo sound which is determined partly by the banjo and partly by the player. There are a lot of things to look at when you buy your first banjo. This is by far the most popular tenor banjo for students and intermediate customers. All parts for the aforementioned instruments will be available on request: banjo repair parts, machine heads, bridges, heads, strings, cases, reeds, pads, straps etc. 2002 Gibson Mastertone RB-250 $2,275.00 USD - Used - Very Good Condition. I would say there are three tiers to banjos Entry Level $200-500 Middle Level $500-1500 High Level $1500+ If you are unsure of whether the banjo is the instrument for you, there are some music stores that let you rent banjos. Hurry! This tenor banjo from their top quality Nashville range is in pristine... Leedy Olympian Tenor Banjo The Oscar Schmidt line of banjos carry a Lifetime Warranty from a long time (1800's) American stringed instrument maker. All pre-owned items are rated and scored. 14 day money back guarantee from the day you receive the item. No one wants to practice on a bad sounding banjo, practicing on a high quality banjo can actually be lots of fun. It can be very difficult for the novice. 2 in excellent condition. The quoted price includes a lifetime warranty, email progress pictures of your banjo being built and a hard shell case. This Oyster model is in superb condition and ready to play. You are buying the banjo for your own enjoyment, not for anyone else. Other banjos will hit this price point (Fender, Morgan Monroe, Oscar Schmitt, Rover, Washburn) but either they don’t offer high end banjos, or they don’t have the reputation of the below three. If you are unsure of whether the banjo is the instrument for you, there are some music stores that let you rent banjos. Covid 19: Normal service has resumed! With a wide range of stringed instruments, Oscar Schimdt is one of the most … We have a B&D Silver Bell No. Banjos can weigh up to 12 pounds, which can be a lot after a few hours. I would highly recommend this if you are on the fence. 1 Vintage Banjo, Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. ×. Go to next slide - Best Selling. There are many banjos on the market, ranging from $150 to $10,000. Our new 4-string Celt Tenor Banjo (17 Fret) is imported and set up by McNeela Music. Buy online or at your local store today! The Banjo was generally only found in Bluegrass or Country bands. Renting is how I first started playing banjos, and it let me try it out before making a final decision. I ordered a Vega Tenor Banjo in September of 2020, Mr. Mondello not only fixed the banjo up(New frets, cleaning up the finish, setting up the nut & tailpiece) to a level far exceeding my expectations, he sent photos of the whole process along the … The McNeela 5-String Banjo 1 Tenor Banjo This is all about the feel. Some of the things you need to pay attention are: Style of Banjo. Wren Concertina - The Wren 30 Button Anglo Concertina, The Cygnet Irish Rosewood Flute with Foam Lined Box, The Celt Banjo by McNeela (17 Fret) with Premium Gig Bag [SOLD OUT], The Celt Banjo by McNeela (19 Fret) with Premium Gig Bag, Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. Due to its performance and ease of play this is by far the most popular tenor banjo amongst our traditional Irish music students and intermediate customers.   They are now selling the new OB series through Amazon and have lowered their prices, which now puts them among my top choices for beginning banjo players. If it feels good, go for it, if it doesn’t, it probably won’t later on. Tanglewood Guitars UK premier dealership. "banjo" - Second Hand Other String Instruments, Buy and Sell in the UK and Ireland We found 17 'banjo' adverts for you in 'other string instruments', in the UK and Ireland Navigate to the first search result item Follow this Search Will pack in a sturdier box for transit. These three are great resources and will make sure your instrument is properly set up before it leaves the store. If you can’t play the banjo in person, most manufacturers have sound clips on their website. Banjos are certainly on the rise, but they are not quite as mass produced as say, an acoustic guitar. Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. Comes with a free case. Gold Tone ( Buying your first “professional” or “step up” banjo will make more sense if you “map out” your wants and needs. Yep, for almost 20 years we’ve worked with beginners and professional banjo players to provide the best selection of banjos, banjo parts, and banjo accessories. A great service and very fast delivery . Frank Converse 5 string $895.00 USD - Used - Excellent Condition Most of our banjos are displayed here but we have even more instore. 99. Note how the neck feels in your left hand, and how your right hand drapes over the head. FREE Shipping. Required fields are marked *, Email any of your banjo related questions to, Copyright © 2020 Banjo For Beginners | As I said earlier, buying a banjo is an investment, any money you spend at the front end will probably pay itself back with years of enjoyment. This is suggested as the best beginner banjo due to its popular design, playability and tradition. Our new Celt 4-string tenor banjo (19 Fret) is made by... Vegavox II Vintage Banjo I would say there are three tiers to banjos, Entry Level $200-500 Buy a beginner banjo that you can afford. Banjo. If you are sure you want to buy, set a price that you are comfortable paying before looking at the market, and adjust if needed. The all new McNeela 5-String Banjo is perfect for Bluegrass and Old-Timey/Country music as the 5th string is essential for the handling and syncopation. Banjos from the worlds official No1 worldwide dealer for Deering and Gold Tone. This is the "Bridge" 19 fret banjo which has a mahogany back. There are several factors that you need to focus on when buying a banjo. Their banjos quickly became one of the most popular models amongst... SOLD Middle Level $500-1500 Also, if you have any questions, you know who to go to. Andy Perkins aka Andybanjo is the Uk's leading banjo seller / builder / repairer / expert dealing in all types of banjos - tenor banjo , 5 string banjo , plectrum banjo , ukulele banjo as well as related instruments ... Enquire closely into costs before buying a used banjo that "just needs a bit of fixing up". Browse UK's largest on-line banjo catalogue; 5-string, tenor, plectrum, ukulele, mandolin, guitar & other types; also parts, accessories, repairs & set-ups There are four, five and six string banjos. Recording King ( I will go no further than Norman,s musical instruments . I would highly recommend this if you are on the fence. 4 out of 5 stars. New. There are few tenor banjos as well regarded or as beautiful in their simplicity as the Jazz Age Bacon & Day Silver Bell... Bacon & Day Silver Bell No. 2 Tenor Banjo 1. Whether you're a long time player or just getting started pickin' and grinnin', Reverb's got a banjo that's right for you, from brand new Gold Tones and Deerings to vintage Washburn banjos.

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