The ending of this episode is great and I love that Tina gets her revenge. Where is Long Pond Studio Located in Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' Movie? 796, This story has been shared 549 times. Since that early con, the Belcher children’s costumes have transitioned from deceitful to just plain brilliant. 500, This story has been shared 478 times. In the season four holiday special, a plan to go trick-or-treating as a Chinese dragon is foiled when the kids get trapped and tortured in their cardboard fort by one of Louise’s creepy, obsessive classmates. Tyrese Gibson and Jahzir Bruno Want the Same Thing from 'Christmas Chronicles 3': More Stunts! Bob's Burgers fans will go wild over this Adult Louise Costume From Bob's Burgers ($38). Her skills for turning stupid puns into actually hilarious costumes are unparalleled from her sand-witch and mommy mummy to her Mom-bie and her Nun of Your Business ensemble. While it's doubtful that Bob's Burgers Season 11 Episode 4 will go down in history as the show's best Halloween-themed episode, it succeeded in delivering lots of … On the night before Halloween, Louise confesses she has never been scared before. That last one may seem pretty cliche until you remember it involves a nine-year-old girl running around with scissors: Looking for something lighter but still obscure? Bob's Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company.The series centers on the Belcher family – parents Bob and Linda and their children Tina, Gene and Louise – who run a hamburger restaurant. This season five episode takes the award for the most burgers in any Halloween episode. What Time Will 'Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions' Be on Disney+? Who knows? For the series’ first Halloween Burger-of-the-Day, the restaurant offered customers “The Jack-O-Lentil Burger,” a play on the legume and the jack-o-lantern. It's not a party in 'Bob's Burgers' until Marshmallow shows up. On their way through the neighborhood, they pick up seaweed candy, packets of hot sauce, and fortune cookies before deciding to take the ferry to the island where the rich neighborhood gives out full-sized candy bars. The show was conceived by Bouchard after he developed Home Movies. Become your favorite quirky character this Halloween when you dress up as Tina Belcher! 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Videos 4 External links The basement storage space of the restaurant has a bug infestation and Bob has an exterminator called Marcus come to check it out. Our 22 Best Crock Pot and Slow-Cooker Recipes. It centers on the Belchers, a family consisting of parents Bob (H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) and their children Tina (), Gene (Eugene Mirman) and Louise (Kristen Schaal), who run a hamburger restaurant. 818, This story has been shared 796 times. The first Bob's Burger Halloween special will always have a special place in my heart with Teddy's infamous orange and black Halloween party, the Hell Hunt, and murder, it's a classic especially when getting in the mood for Halloween. Then naturally Louise (voiced by Kristen Schaal) is your muse. ... 2019 1:20 PM EDT ... Bob’s Burgers … Bob's wife, Linda, supports his dream but is becoming sick of the slow times, as the restaurant is constantly in danger of going out of business. There is also the "Kales From the Crypt Burger" which is a nod to the classic horror anthology TV series Tales from the Crypt, and finally the "Paranormal Pepper Jack-tivity Burger,” a reference to the Paranormal Activity films. Is that last one a Fruit of the Loom reference? 1,024, This story has been shared 955 times. Stream It Or Skip It: 'Black Beauty' on Disney+, in Which Kate Winslet Gives Voice To the Inner Thoughts of a Horse, Is 'Black Beauty' on Netflix? Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. With Halloween upon us and Bob’s Burgers on hiatus until Nov. 5, there are a lot of episodes to rewatch but which one is the creepiest? Save for Cher herself, literally nothing: But the true queen of Halloween is undoubtably Tina Belcher (voiced by Dan Mintz). Go ahead and don that Bob's Burgers costume with pride, but, please, add a twist so you don't look like the rest of the sheeple. Do you love darker pop culture deep cuts? The Neighborhood Is Very LGBTQ-Friendly. 851, This story has been shared 818 times. Includes the menu, user reviews, photos, and highest-rated dishes from Bob's Giant Burgers. In Bob’s Burgers latest Halloween episode, Linda joins the kids for trick-or-treating and ends up leading them into a terrifying encounter with a wolf reportedly stalking the neighborhood. The Belchers get in over their heads when they try to help Bob's personal hero, a renegade radio DJ, make a comeback. Fiona Apple contributed a song to the end credits of last night’s Bob’s Burgers. 549, This story has been shared 500 times. The episode, titled "The Wolf of Wharf Street," is essentially a split between Stephen King's Misery and pretty much every textbook werewolf cliche, only with more Bob … These officially licensed TV costumes will have you looking like you stepped right out of the show and are ready to flip some delicious patties. This costume includes a blue skirt with an official Bob's Burgers logo attached, a crewneck t-shirt, Tina's signature glasses and authentic wig that will have you looking like the smart, strong, sensual woman Tina describes herself as! If you’re in the market for a kickass Halloween costumer look no further than Bob’s Burgers. But this Halloween season you should do it. The 11 Best Streaming Service Bundles and Deals of 2020. This episode’s special burger was "The Cauliflower's Cumin from Inside the House Burger.” The vegetable and spice-inspired plate is a play on the horror movie trope "The call is coming from inside the house.” The “Store Next Door” in this episode’s opening credits was also called Johnny Razor’s Totally Normal Candy Store, a nod to the urban legend and product tampering scare of the 1980s about razors being stuck into children’s Halloween candy. Below, find 11 ways to make your Bob's Burgers costume stand out. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Rasta Imposta Costumes has the official license to sell this product. 478, This story has been shared 449 times. Bob's Burgers is an American animated television sitcom that premiered on the Fox network on January 9, 2011. In Bob’s Burgers latest Halloween episode, Linda joins the kids for trick-or-treating and ends up leading them into a terrifying encounter with a wolf reportedly stalking the neighborhood. 15,314, This story has been shared 3,141 times. After an exterminator tells people Bob’s restaurant is haunted, they get an influx of customers interested in dining with the spirit. "Tina and the Real Ghost" is the second episode in Season 5, being the sixty-ninth episode overall. Who Plays Young Doug Pierce in 'The Christmas Chronicles 2'? The Belchers are known for getting into shenanigans and this year was no different. However, Marcus claims the basement is haunted and refuses to … You can’t settle for any old costume. By Piya Sinha-Roy. Take in how well the trucker hat plays next to the sexy Judge Judy costume. Bob and Gene try to acquire a rare mushroom for a Burger of the Day; Tina thinks her new prescription glasses have given her a superpower. Original Air Date: 11/2/14 The Belcher family captures a ghost named Jeff in a shoebox and Tina becomes infatuated with him. ('Bob's Burgers'/FOX) A full list of the LGBTQ-friendly moments in Bob's Burgers would be long enough to occupy its own article, but it's fair to say that the nightlife around the Wonder Wharf (which has a bar called The Bear Trap) is welcoming to the LGBTQ community … Over Bob’s Burgers nine seasons Louise has dressed as the winking and warped Dragon with the Girl Tattoo, Javier Bardem’s character in No Country for Old Men, Ryan Gosling’s getaway driver in the hit 2011 movie Drive, and Edward Scissorhands. As a result, they end up delivering a number of burger specials including the Texas Chainsaw Massacre inspired "Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd Burger” and “The Human Polenta-pede Burger,” based on the horror film The Human Centipede. 449. 'Hillbilly Elegy' Cast Guide: Who Plays The Real Characters In The Netflix Movie? You can even see the tape on his construction paper hat. Stream It Or Skip It: 'The Beast' on Netflix, A One-Dimensional 'Taken' Clone. 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