Some spinach varieties to try: ‘Bloomsdale’: A commonly available variety. Growing spinach in containers is an easy crop to start with. Spinach generally has a far shorter picking season than silverbeet. The main difference between spinach varieties comes down to taste. Malabar Spinach (Basella alba) and New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonoides) are two heat-tolerant leafy greens that are similar to common spinach. Spinach tends to bolt and get bitter when temperatures soar, so harvest time is … It was the dark green, curly, non-baby kind, which stood up well to being cooked and kept its "body" reasonably well (technically called savoy spinach), and usually came either loose or in celo bags. The disease-resistant "Melody Hybrid," which matures in 42 days, and the heat-resistant "New Zealand," which takes 70 days, both require full sunlight. Avon spinach in our hoophouse October 25. 27 Days Select Packet $4.75 5,000 Seeds $6.20 10,000 Seeds $8.70 50,000 Seeds $39.50 100,000 Seeds $64.00 500,000 Seeds $280.00 1,000,000 Seeds $530.00 This highly nutritious longstanding spinach is a favorite across the country, and we are pleased to make it available to you again this season, now from Certified Organic seed! AAS. It's a good yielding, dependable home garden variety that is fairly resistant to bolting. Although spinach loses some nutrients when you saute it, you are likely to eat more cooked spinach than raw in a serving. Slow Germination in Spinach. Spinach tends to be a labor-light vegetable crop, but there are still a few important factors that determine the green’s success. There are lots of Bloomsdale spinach strains see others by searching for Bloomsdale. Spinach, Bloomsdale (100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO) Bloomsdale Spinach will produce heavy, glossy, dark green leaves. Basella (vine spinach) nutrition facts. Slow-bolting is not necessary the same as highly productive, however, and growers often look for trade-offs between rate of bolting and rate of growth/leaf formation. Strawberry Spinach Chenopodium capitatum (or Blitum capitatum) How to grow spinach. A fast-cropping winter green, spinach is ready to harvest about 10 to 12 weeks after sowing. However, it’s great for spring, fall and even winter in mild climates. Spinach is delicious steamed, fresh in salads, and in soups and casseroles. Bloomsdale is a classic savory spinach with thick leaves and a large yield. ‘Tyee’ can be planted in spring or fall, and is resistant to downy mildew. Favorites: Bloomsdale Longstanding, Indian Summer, Marathon, Oriental Giant, Red Cardinal, Space, Tyee . Good flavor and extreme cold tolerance makes this a great choice for the winter garden. The most common varieties of spinach grown are Bloomsdale and Winter Giant. In the United States, spinach is planted as a spring and fall crop. Spinach Spinacia oleracea. Minimum Seed Count: 250. Click this article to find out how to grow spinach in containers and the care of spinach in pots. Water spinach has a very mild sweet taste. It has been cultivated in Europe since the 1400s. Bloomsdale Spinach via Monstrueux De Viroflay Spinach. - Excellent flavor - Extremely easy to grow - Large, curly dark green leaves - Nice sweet taste How to Grow | Spinach is very hardy and can tolerate cold — in fact, it thrives in cold weather. Big leaves to 10 inches long, smooth and deep green in color. SOW SEEDS into beds 100mm apart for picking leaves regularly or 200mm apart to harvest mature plants. There are a couple of other spinach substitutes that are iffy, too, but taste is so subjective. We decided to drop “Bloomsdale Longstanding” because “Winter” is simply a better all-around spinach. Savoy: Avon 42 days Good heat tolerance. Almost anything that grows in a garden can be grown in a container. They have a substantial taste of the winter greens and their texture is also greener than the regular spinach varieties. Plant New Zealand spinach after danger of frost has passed. Some popular varieties of savoy spinach include Bloomsdale, Harmony, and Avon. Photo Pam Dawling. They’re broken into: Savory: Handles the cold well but requires regular leaf cleanings. (I do have some poking along in the garden, though, and hope to weigh-in on it soon.) Giant Winter and Bloomsdale Longstanding are the only OPs in the list. I understand NZ Spinach is not popular with alot of people, though I haven't tried it yet myself.

bloomsdale spinach vs spinach

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