Birch is among a long list of alterative/depurative herbs, some of the more commonly used ones being Arctium lappa, Baptisia tinctoria, Chionanthus virginicus, Echinacea spp, Fraxinus excelsior, Galium aparine, Hydrastis canadensis, Iris versicolor, Larrea tridentata, Mahonia spp, Phytolacca decandra, Anemone pulsatilla, Rumex crispus, Sanguinaria canadensis, Sassafras variifolium, Scrophularia nodosa, Smilax spp, Stillingia sylvatica, Trifolium pratense, and Urtica dioica. Detailed instruction on how to take birch leaf medicines and who can use them can be found in the package leaflet that comes with the medicine. Your Price $36.90. 5. B. alba) Family: Betulaceae by Josef Brinckmann, Thomas Brendler INTRODUCTION The Betulaceae family includes an estimated 150 to 200 species of trees and shrubs,1 and, depending on the author, the Betula genus includes about … c. Ilex acquafolium GM} d. Zea mais GM} e. Myrtis communis EO 5 mL. Betula pubescens var. The Birch-Tree. d. … The simple leaves are alternate, singly or doubly serrate, feather-veined, petiolate and stipulate. Reported Uses. The results are those desired in the correction of faulty metabolism. Together with Quercus robur (oak) and Sequoiadendron gigantea (giant sequoia), it can be used for erectile dysfunction. Betula hybrida Blom. For dry extracts the solvent is then evaporated to obtain the extract. Birke, G. (Fam. Betula pubescens Ehrh., 1789: Nomi comuni Betulla pelosa Areale; Betula pubescens Ehrh., 1789 è una pianta della famiglia delle Betulaceae. The diuretic action of birch will accelerate the process of elimination through the kidneys. Betula pubescens has been used in traditional cultures of the Americas and parts of Europe throughout history.Its uses range from analgesic to treatment for dysentery and other diseases that prevail in each area. Birch is POSSIBLY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth or applied to the skin for short periods of time.. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: There is not enough reliable information about the safety of taking birch if you are pregnant or breast-feeding. From a traditional medicinal plant to a rational drug: understanding the clinically proven wouund healing efficacy of birch bark extract. Betula pubescens (syn. The leaves, bark, and buds of the tree are used to make medicine. B. tortuosa contained the most oil, followed by B. nana X B. pubescens, B. pubescens, B. nana, B. pendula and B. nana X B. pendula. Plant Profile: Birch (Betula Ssp). Leaf Properties & Uses: Triangular shaped leaves with toothed edges and short leaf stalk. It can also be frozen, or boiled down and canned, or it can be preserved with a percentage of alcohol and kept for later use. I often pair birch with other gemmos, tissue salts, or homeopathic remedies for optimal bone healing. Downy birch; Other Scientific Names. Tis Mal Crow says that the oils found in birch bark are very similar to those found in human skin, and when made into a water-based wash, soothes rough, itchy, and sensitive skin. Accessed February 15, 2014. Stai recensendo: Betula pubescens - Amenti Il tuo voto. Birch species are generally small to medium-sized trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate and boreal climates. Study of the betulin enriched birch bark extracts effects on human carcinoma cells and ear inflammation. The leaves and bark freed from the cork are used. Recensione. Essential oils are claimed to act against bladder infections, gout, neuralgias, rheumatism, and … Betula pendula Roth and/or Betula pubescens Ehrh. Non-wood uses of birch (Betula pendula) are described, including the collection of 'birch water', use of thin branches for brooms and baskets, use of leaves as tea, use of bark for flour, tannin extraction from bark, and use of bark as cover material for roofs and shoes. Crude extracts, fractions and phytochemical constituents isolated from Betula … Betula pubescens Synonyms. Culpeper says, “The juice of the leaves, while they are young, or the distilled water of them, or the water that comes from the tree being bored with an auger, and distilled afterwards; any of these being drunk for some days together is available to the stone in the kidneys and bladder.”4. It is hardy to zone (UK) 2. Downy birch; Other Scientific Names. If symptoms persist during treatment, a doctor or a qualified healthcare practitioner should be consulted. Moreover, the intended use does not require medical supervision. In spring, when the temperatures of the day are above freezing and the nights still wrapped in winter’s cold, the birch sap will begin to flow. They … Birch and folk-lore: The Lady of the forest. Robin DiPasquale, ND, RH (AHG) earned her degree in naturopathic medicine from Bastyr University in 1995 where, following graduation she became a member of the didactic and clinical faculty. The product is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in specified indication exclusively based upon long-standing use. or hybrids of both species . Vernacular Name. Bare branches silhouette against the sky, holding the sacred place of the birch lineage. English: Swamp birch; white birch; French: Bouleau pubescent; Local Common Names. Betula alba), commonly known as downy birch and also as moor birch, white birch, European white birch or hairy birch, is a species of deciduous tree, native and abundant throughout northern Europe and northern Asia, growing farther north than any other broadleaf tree.It is closely related to, and … The bud extract, the gemmo, will also act as a drainage remedy, a kidney drainage remedy with diuretic and inflammation-modulating actions, and a liver drainage remedy stimulating Kupffer cells, as well as modulating the immune system. The male catkins are the yang part of birch and provide stimulating general endocrine action. Vernacular Name. c. Vitex agnus castus MT 120 mL. ---History---The name is a very ancient one, probably derived from the Sanscrit bhurga, 'a tree whose bark is used for writing upon. Native Americans prepared a mushy paste by boiling and pounding the inner bark, so it could be spread on inflammatory skin conditions, ulcers, cuts, and wounds, where it would diminish swelling and prevent infection.10 The harvesting of the bark is best done when the sap is flowing and when the moon is close to full, for this is when the water is running and the tree is more willing to let go of its bark. R. Publisher MacDonald Year 1984 ISBN 0-356-10541-5 Description Publication Author Chiej. Latin name: Betula pubescens Synonyms: Betula alba Family: Betulaceae (Birch Family) Medicinal use of White Birch: Anti-inflammatory, cholagogue, diaphoretic. Retail Price; $36.90: Add to Compare. Composition and properties of birch syrup (Betula pubescens) Heikki Kallio , Tuija Teerinen , Seija Ahtonen , Meri Suihko , and Reino R. Linko J. Agric. It is a bitter - astringent tonic herb. Dosaggio Le gocce vanno diluite in acqua e grazie alla qualità dei nostri preparati sono sufficienti poche gocce. Birch leaf medicines should only be used in adults and adolescents above 12 years of age. They are grown all It is remarkable for its lightness, … Descrizione. The following databases may contain further information on this name. Consider birch in the early stages of renal disorders including albuminuria, nephritis, pyelitis, and polycystic kidney disease.8. English: Swamp birch; white birch; French: Bouleau pubescent; Local Common Names. Administered in small and continuous doses, alteratives improve the quality of the blood, increase appetite, promote digestion, and accelerate the process of elimination. Further information. Medicinal plants may constitute a good source of α-amylase and α-glucosidase inhibitors [9, 10]. The effect of cisplatin administration on certain trace elements homeostasis in rats and the protective effect of silver birch (Betula pendula) sap. The so called alteratives have been among the most useful of medicines in Eclectic therapy.7. Betulaceae. International Common Names. Preferred Common Name. Various parts of the tree are used in traditional medicine and the bark contains triterpenes, which have been shown to have medicinal properties. In fall, the flow of life is slowed, the birch leaves shrivel brown, lacking in the brilliant colors of her maple neighbors, and fall to the ground, often caught in the swirls of wind, carried far and wide. Betula grandifolia pubescens Kuzen. Weckesser S. Topical treatment of necrotising herpes zoster with betulin from birch bark. This means that, although there is insufficient evidence from clinical trials, the effectiveness of these herbal medicines is plausible and there is evidence that they have been used safely in this way for at least 30 years (including at least 15 years within the EU). In each and every form, the herb acts as an excellent tonic … Betula pendula, commonly known as silver birch, is a medium-sized deciduous tree, which is classified under Betulaceae family. Regel. Betulin as an antitumor agent tested in vitro on A431, HeLa and MCF7, and as an angiogenic inhibitor in vivo in the CAM assay. Betula pubescens Ehrh. Betula pubescens (syn. Birch leaf is the common name for the leaves of the tree Betula pendula Roth and/or Betula pubescens Ehrh. Birch tar is often used as an ingredient of ointments for psoriasis and eczema. It is in flower in April, and the seeds ripen from July to August. Click here for photos of Betula pubescens. Harvey Wickes Felter, one of the Eclectic physicians, wrote this defining description of alteratives: …believed to act in a quiet and unexplainable manner, so as to modify disordered processes of nutrition. or hybrids of both species. Consigliamo: as well as hybrids of both species, folium Based on Article 16d(1), Article 16f and Article 16h of Directive 2001/83/EC as amended (traditional use) Final Herbal substance(s) (binomial scientific name of This disease also affects Betula pubescens and in 2000 was reported at many of the sites planted with birch in Scotland during the 1990s.In the United States, the wood is attacked by the bronze birch borer (Agrilus anxius), an insect pest to which it has no natural resistance. Due to the tree’s small size and rather poor timber, the wood is mostly used for pulp and fuelwood. Botanical name: Betula. Herbal medicines containing birch leaf preparations are usually available as herbal tea or in solid and liquid forms to be taken by mouth. Birch is quite a common allergen , so if you are allergic to any type of pollen, strictly, yes, strictly abstain from this herb. Dr Christopher says it is a cholagogue, and Matthew Wood writes about the use of the bitter resin of the boiled buds for gallbladder stagnation.5,6. Their leaves are somewhat smaller. Betula pubescens Synonyms. Deu. While different species can bring similar medicine, Betula verrucosa, the silver birch, is used more in pediatrics and for flexibility of articulations, while Betula pubescens, the white birch, works with the endocrine system and the strengthening of the skeletal system. Medicinally used plant parts (drug) The leaves and bark freed from the cork are used. B. pubescens is darker, and has downy instead of warted twigs. In winter, the birch tree stands among the frozen landscape, her white bark trunks reaching toward the heavens. Connected with Freya, the Lady of the Forest. ... Encyclopaedia of Medicinal Plants. Betula alba L. Betula borysthenica ; Betula odorata Bechst. For the past 8 years, she has served at Bastyr as department chair of botanical medicine, teaching and administering to both the naturopathic program and the bachelor of science in herbal sciences program. The bark is diuretic and laxative. The fruit is a … Published 2015 Format: PDF Online viewing (for only €30 per year, you can view online all the monographs) SUMMARY: The herbal monograph selects and summarises scientific studies and textbooks regarding efficacy, dosage and safety supporting the therapeutic uses of birch leaf. ; Betula pubescens Ehrh. )—Various parts of this tree have been applied to medicinal uses.The young shoots and leaves secrete a resinous substance, having acid properties, which, combined with alkalies, is said to produce the effects of a tonic laxative. : ... Read more about Medicinal Plants Used by the Cree Indians, Hudson's Bay Territory. International Common Names. Common birch, European birch, downy birch, hairy birch, white birch. Betula pendula. Side effects that have been reported with birch leaf medicines include diarrhoea, feeling or being sick, and allergic reactions such as itching, rash and stuffy and runny nose. Stay on the safe side and avoid use… Come si usa. Birch is a plant belonging to the Betulaceae family, with an unmistakable pale trunk. This summary is not intended to provide practical advice on how to use medicines containing birch leaf. The HMPC concluded that, on the basis of its long-standing use, birch leaf medicines can be used in minor problems affecting the urinary tract (structures that carry urine) to increase the production of urine, in order to achieve flushing of the urinary tract. For the thin skin of elderly, birch is given to prevent injuries and keep the skin toned.11. b. Sequoia gigantea GM 120 mL. Sacred Earth Web site. Description. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 2018 , 50 , 474-481. c. Vitex agnus castus MT 120 mL. Description. Birch leaf preparations are obtained by powdering or comminuting (reducing into tiny p ieces) the dried leaf, or as dry or liquid extracts. Betulin (bark): Betulin or birch camphor, present in the bark (10-15%), is one of the most important active principles of the plant. Well-established use Traditional use Traditional herbal medicinal product to increase the amount of urine to achieve flushing of the urinary tract. È un albero che può raggiungere i 25m di altezza. In decoction or syrup it forms an excellent tonic to restore the tone of the bowels, after an attack of dysentery. The tree is also known as the Giving Tree , for its sap, leaves, bark, shoots, twigs and buds, all the parts can be put to use for medicinal purposes. Results. The elixir of life is given freely by the birch. Betulae folium Betula pendula Roth. Although quite similar to silver birch (Betula pendula), downy birch is distinguished by its hairy leaves and shoots. She is an anusara-influenced yoga instructor, teaching the flow of yoga from the heart. Parere. Food Chem. Hence, the HMPC conclusions on the use of birch leaf medicines are based on their long-standing use. Betulinic acid is a triterpene isolated from the bark of Betula pubescens (Pisha et al., 1995) (Fig. Homeopathic uses are based on the Materia Medica and are not supported by clinical trials. Birch brings modulation of inflammation, alterative/depurative cleansing action, as well as bone regeneration through stimulation of osteoblastic activity (the gemmo remedy) – all significant applications for joint health. They must also not be used in patient with conditions where a reduced fluid intake is recommended (such as severe heart or kidney disease). Betulinic acid has been demonstrated to kill several cancer types including melanoma (Cichewicz & Kouzi, 2004; Pisha et al., 1995). It is a glycoside with anti-inflammatory, antirheumatic and antiseptic properties. Common birch, European birch, downy birch, hairy birch, white birch. The plant is native to Europe where it typically occurs in wood margins, heaths, hills and slopes, and its distribution extends into Siberia, Asia Minor, especially in northern Turkey, to the Caucasus and … Betula alba torfacea Custor. The young leaves and leaf buds are harvested in the spring and dried for later use. Betula pendula is a deciduous Tree growing to 20 m (65ft) by 10 m (32ft) at a fast rate. Betula alba pumila L. Betula alba rhombifolia (Tausch) Regel. Betula pubescens Ehrh. 16370. It is noted for attracting wildlife. Engl. Modern Research of Birch | Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs The wind will tug at her delicate branches, breaking off bits and pieces, leaving them strewn on the frozen landscape. Betula pubescens GM} b. Viscum album GM} equal parts to make 480 mL. The birch tree (Betula spp) has deep roots in cultural history. Bark is not the only part of the birch that is useful for skin. window.addEventListener(‘LPLeadboxesReady’,function(){LPLeadboxes.addDelayedLeadbox(‘3WkyQsfbWiBakKktFPNbaV’,{delay:’15s’,views:0,dontShowFor:’1d’,domain:’’});}); The Medicine of The Birch Tree: Beyond Depurative,,, Copyright Naturopathic Doctor News & Review, All Rights Reserved © 2015, Theme Options > General Settings > API Integrations, Neuronal Improvement by Manipulating Mitochondria, Plant Immune Systems May be Very Similar to Our Own, Empathy; A More Complicated Virtuous Stance Than You Might Think, Integrating East and West: Unique Agents for Respiratory Health, Mitigating Skin Conditions: Targeting the Cutaneous Microbiome, Psoriasis: Resolution Using Naturopathic Intervention, Homeopathy for Autism and Gastrointestinal Distress, Pediatric Probiotics: Impact on the Development of a Normal Immune System, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment Pearls for Renal Disease, Food as Medicine Everyday ONLINE – Fall 2020. The HMPC conclusions on the use of birch leaf medicines to increase the production of urine are based on their 'traditional use' in minor urinary tract problems. Birch leaf preparations are obtained by powdering or comminuting (reducing into tiny pieces) the dried leaf, or as dry or liquid extracts. Good for dandruff, cradle cap in children, or a psoriatic or seborrheic dry, flaky, itchy scalp. are traditionally … The fresh leaves and buds can be steeped in boiling water to make a medicinal tea. Custom tincture #2, 3 mL twice per day for adreno-gonadotropic imbalances: a. Quercus pedunculata GM 120 mL. Her branches sway in the light breeze, while graciously giving shade to the earth beneath her branches. A decoction of the leaves and bark is used for bathing skin eruptions. In this time, when skin is so easily damaged by the UV radiation from the sun, turning to one of the tree medicines, that of the feminine birch tree, can facilitate healing while also connecting us back to the rhythm of the cycles. Although over a hundred Betula species are found distributed globally, about 7 different species of Betula have been documented for their traditional uses. As with all sap, it has a tendency to ferment easily, so must be used in the early spring or preserved in some way. Preferred Common Name. For males, the catkin extract can be used in delayed puberty and during andropause, where it stimulates activity of the testes.12, Birch bark has been used historically in traditional herbal medicine to accelerate wound healing. Often called the “mother tree” because it was the first to grow as the Ice Age retreated, it represents fertility.1 Considered sacred by many cultures, birch has been thought of as “the way shower” because her bright, white bark illuminates the way in the night forest. “ Birch” means : “ a tree whose bark is used for writing on”. As the earth warms, the buds bulge, the catkins appear, and her leaves slowly open. The alterative/depurative actions of the sap will benefit skin conditions by taking the burden of elimination off the skin, allowing liver and kidneys to take up the charge. Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) Assessment report on Betula pendula Roth and/or Betula pubescens Ehrh. In this time, she will spread seeds, brown flecks cloaking the white snow encircling the ground area around the tree. English common name of herbal substance: Birch Leaf Status: F: Final positive opinion adopted Date added to the inventory: 23/11/2005 Date added to priority list: 23/11/2005 Outcome of European Assessment: Community herbal monograph Betula pubescens has been used in traditional cultures of the Americas and parts of Europe throughout history.Its uses range from analgesic to treatment for dysentery and other … Betula alba pubescens (Ehrh.) B. verrucosa), and B. pubescens (syn. Betula pendula, B. pubescens, B. lenta Birch has a multitude of historical uses but is less familiar for its undoubted medicinal properties. Birch Betula lenta, B. papyrifera, B. pendula (syn. Key words: birch species (Betula costata, B. pendula, B. platyphylla, B. pubescens), birch tar and Chaga, living tissues, distribution, sap exudation and tapping Introduction: a brief survey of traditional uses White birch species (Betula spp.) Their leaves are somewhat smaller. Birch is one of the quintessentially feminine trees of ancient European cultures, as well as Native American traditions.2 Birch is called “the Lady of the Forest” in Russian folklore. Accessed February 15, 2014. The moor birch is used medically (Betula pubescens Ehrh.). 9 Certainly, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis would benefit … Used in warm infusion wherever a stimulating diaphoretic is required; also in diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera infantum, etc. WHITE BIRCH – BETULA PUBESCENS. Amounts were highest in early summer. An infusion of the leaves is used in the treatment of gout, dropsy and rheumatism, and is recommended as a reliable solvent of kidney stones. Although over a hundred Betula species are found distributed globally, about 7 different species of Betula have been documented for their traditional uses. Betula insularis V.N.Vassil. pumila (L.) Govaerts: Accepted: WCSP: 2012-03-23: 12: The Plant List does not attempt to include all infraspecific taxa. Ebeling S, Naumann K, Pollok S, et al. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. are traditionally important trees for Russian peoples. The birch bark is only used industrially for the production of extracts. Betula alba. The gemmo of Betula verrucosa, the silver birch, is useful in pediatrics, being less strong in its actions than Betula pubescens/alba, white birch.9 White birch works the endocrine glands, stimulating the reproductive glands for males and females. Betulinol (leaves and bark) Results. Birch is a tree. The product is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in the specified indication exclusively based upon long-standing use. Although there are few clinical studies, including a study in 15 patients with urinary tract infections which suggested a positive effect on the urinary infection, data are too limited to be used as evidence. She loves plants, is published nationally and internationally, and teaches throughout the U.S. and in Italy on plant medicine. Latin name of the genus: Betula Latin name of herbal substance: Betulae folium Botanical name of plant: Betula pendula Roth / Betula pubescens Ehrh. Dehelean CA, Feflea S, Molnar J, et al. Key words: birch species (Betula costata, B. pendula, B. platyphylla, B. pubescens), birch tar and Chaga, living tissues, distribution, sap exudation and tapping Introduction: a brief survey of traditional uses White birch species (Betula spp.) Riepilogo. Nickname. They are used over a period of 2 to 4 weeks. The bark of B. utilis is widely used in Ayurveda and Unani system of medicine, in the treatment of various ailments and diseases such as skin disinfectant, diseases of the blood and the ear, convulsions, wound healing, bronchitis, leprosy etc. Betula japonica (Miq.) This is a summary of the scientific conclusions reached by the Committee on Herbal Medicinal Products (HMPC) on the medicinal uses of birch leaf. Coleridge speaks of it as the 'Lady of the Woods.' PLANTS - Homeopathic and Medicinal Uses from a Botanical Family Perspective Reading excerpt PLANTS ... Betula pendula 24 Betula pubescens 24 Bidens bipinnata 20.5 Bidens pilosa 20.5 Bistorta bistortoides 111 Bistorta ofÞcinalis 111 Bituminaria bituminosa 56 … Amini S, Viera MH, Valins W, Berman B. Nonsurgical innovations in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers. The Magical Buffet: Where Spirituality, Politics, and Pop Culture Collide. Information on the use and licensing of birch leaf medicines in EU Member States should be obtained from the relevant national authorities. The inner bark is bitter and astringent, it is used in treating intermittent fevers. Betula pubescens Ehrh. 4.2. Betula pendula Roth / Betula pubescens Ehrh. Dr DiPasquale is a clinical associate professor in the department of biobehavioral nursing and health systems at the University of Washington in the CAM certificate program. 4.2. Betula alba tortuosa (Ledeb.) Il tronco è … Phytochemical research on Betula species has led to the isolation of triterpenoids, diarylheptanoids, phenylbutanoids, lignans, phenolics and flavonoids. Medicinally used plant parts . Posology and method of administration Well … Together with Vaccinium vitis-idaea (cowberry) and Rubus idaeus (raspberry), it is useful for female sexual arousal disorder. Related to bone health, consider using birch gemmo with issues that require remineralization, like growth delays or growing pain, rickets, osteoporosis, broken bones, and tooth decay. Betula Pendula: Compounds with Phytotherapy Applications Vlad Caius Alexandru LASC, Bianca Roxana POPESCU*, Ioan SARAC and Monica BUTNARIU University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Romania Abstract Betula is a genus of some 50 species distributed throughout the northern temperate region. Invia recensione. Betula hippolyti Sukaczev. Birch species are generally small to medium-sized trees or shrubs, mostly of northern temperate and boreal climates. Birch is used for joint pain, kidney stones, bladder stones, urinary tract infections (UTIs), and other … Called the Cosmic World Tree, birch trees were used as “sky ladders” in Lapland and Siberia to travel, while in trance, to the sky world – the world of spirits and gods. Please click on any button to follow a link to that database. This monograph is intended to serve as a guide to industry for the preparation of Product Licence Applications (PLAs) and labels for natural health product market authorization. Birch leaf medicines must not be used in patients who are hypersensitive (allergic) to birch leaf or birch pollen. The taxa most commonly used have been Betula pendula, B. pubescens, and Acer platanoides, but scattered data on the use of several other taxa are presented. Betula pubescens GM} b. Viscum album GM} equal parts to make 480 mL. Birch is widely used as a natural remedy for its healing properties, especially the The United Kingdom (UK) withdrew from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 and is no longer an EU Member State. or hybrids of both species. Betula alba L. Betula borysthenica ; Betula odorata Bechst. The simple leaves are alternate, singly or doubly serrate, feather-veined, petiolate and stipulate. A Reflection Of Birch Trees Through The Seasons. The leaves for medicinal use are obtained either from trees that have been cultivated or found in the wild. Birch, however, stands out strongly among this noble group of alteratives/depuratives for its ability to gently and thoroughly move the sap of the human body – the blood flow – as the sap in the birch tree flows during the spring, the time of the wood element, that of the liver. B. pubescens was often planted on wet sites for the uptake of surplus water. b. Sequoia gigantea GM 120 mL. Results of qualitative and quantitative analyses (using TLC and GLC) of oil from leaves collected in the summers of 1976-79 in northern Finland. Studies show, if a person is sensitive to Celery, Mugwort, or Wild Carrot, he/she you may also be sensitive to Birch. This herbal drug by definition […] 5. Betula.Betula alba L. Paper, Canoe or European White Birch.Bouleau, Fr. The HMPC conclusions are taken into account by EU Member States when evaluating applications for the licensing of herbal medicines containing birch leaf. c. Ilex acquafolium GM} d. Zea mais GM} e. Myrtis communis EO 5 mL. In Germany, a tea of the birch leaves was used to cleanse the blood, muscles, and joints… a non-irritant diuretic that removes waste products without inflaming the kidneys (wood).

betula pubescens medicinal uses

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