Tabasco is so versatile, I use it on eggs I use it in pasta sauces I use it in spinach and artichoke dip, it is the best! I don’t care too much for their green pepper sauce … Milder than original. Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce Review. Found this Tabasco sauce to be more tangy per ml compared to the Mama Africa's one. View info, ingredients, and peppers used in this chile / chilli sauce. Give bite to a variety of veggies. I found this "Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce" to be like vinegar. There’s a reason they sell Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce by the gallon. October 12, 2020 October 2, 2020. Milder than our Original Red, it's perfect for when you really want to pour it on. Everyone from your grandma to your kids can try this and will be happy with … Give bite to a variety of veggies. Top off nachos, tacos and enchiladas for true south-of-the-border taste. Milder than our original red, Tabasco brand Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce is perfect for when you really want to pour it on. Liked Mama Africa's Jalapeno Sauce, 125ml more which I found to have more organic taste and thicker. This is my favorite pepper sauce. Top off nachos, tacos, enchiladas and all our favorite Mexican dishes. Get the best of every bite. When you want flavor, reach for Tabasco\u00AE brand Green Jalape\u00F1o Pepper Sauce. Reviews of TABASCO® Green Jalapeno Pepper Sauce by McIlhenny Company. It’s tangy and mild, and you can put this bad boy on everything! Tabasco\u00AE, this is the genuine article.Get the best of every bite.

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