Heat and coat wok with a tablespoon of corn oil. This dish is a great alternative for people who wants a curry dish without the meat. Vegetable curry consists of vegetables like string beans, squash, Baguio beans, chayote and spices cooked in coconut milk and curry powder. Begin by slicing the Baguio beans about an inch long and then rinsing them well. Then saute ground beef for 4 minutes and add the garlic. The easiest way for me to put dinner together in thirty minutes or less is to stir fry vegetables. So in celebration of World Vegetarian Day which was October 1 st (thanks to my friend Nonna for the reminder), I cooked Adobong Sitaw, a classic Filipino dish.. Adobong Sitaw (say “seeh-taw) is simply long green beans, sliced and sautéed in an adobo-flavored sauce of garlic, vinegar and soy sauce.

baguio beans recipe without meat

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